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Monday, July 1, 2013

The Overnighter

Happy Monday & Happy Canada Day to all the Canadians out there!! :D

Last night, we had our first fight of the season! If you wanna watch that for yourself on the live feeds, go to 12:20am, Cam 1. The fight was because Jeremy drank wine that he wasn't supposed to. I'll post about it in the Overnighter.

Let me go gather up the details of the overnight happenings and I'll start posting.

Without going into details (though you live feeders will agree, I'm sure, especially if you've watched a lot of the feeds yesterday), my 2 least favorite people in the house are Aaryn & GinaMarie. The judgement (and comments) they make about others, is inexcusable. This is just my opinion, though I'm sure most of you would agree. With that being said, I refuse to cover in detail all of their negativity. But just wanted y'all to know I'm aware & I don't side with them on their opinions.

For those of you wanting to know who my favorite HG's are at this point (I get asked that often), they are:
Helen, Howard, Spencer (game play wise only), Elissa, Judd & McCrae. What are some of your favorites? Let me know in the comment section below! :)

Moving on...

11:28pm BBT:
Cam 2
Retro Bedroom
Jeremy, David & Aaryn were talking in (what I'm calling) the retro bedroom. Talk was about Elissa. Jeremy said that he was cool with Elissa and then he heard her talking smack on him today, so now she can "s**k his n***".

Aaryn: "She called me fake today. Like, really?"
Jeremy: "Did Micheal Jackson do (her) nose? Because like, they look the exact same."
Aaryn: "Dr. Will could fix it."
Jeremy: "Dr. Will would need a whole state of doctors to fix that face. She sounds like a hyena, she's stupid as sh*t, and I hope she walks through this door and tries to confront me."

Aaryn found Jeremy to be hilarious, as David was rather non-responsive to any of the comments from Jeremy. There's more in this convo, but I'm moving on with the rest of the Overnighter.

11:57pm BBT:
Cam 3
Retro Bedroom
Jeremy/Kaitlin & David/Aaryn ..then Andy.
Andy walked in & told everyone that it's almost midnight and that's when they're gonna start drinking the booze BB gave them at around 10:45pm BBT last night. The plan was for everyone to wait until Midnight so that the Have Nots could drink with everyone.

12:01am BBT:
Cam 4
Kitchen Area
Elissa: "Where's the wine?"

The Have Nots then celebrate that they are no longer Have Nots and can eat anything and drink alcohol.
Elissa: "Does anyone know where the alcohol is?"

No response.

12:05am BBT: It's hard to make out who said what, but it becomes clear that they know Jeremy took the wine. They just said "whatever" and proceeded with eating pizza.

Kaitlin was upset because of Jeremy drinking all of the red wine, and apparently went to her bed to cry.
Jeremy, however, was drunk in the backyard having a good ol' time.

12:11am BBT:
Hot Tub

Jessie is telling Jeremy that Kaitlin is upset and that she's had a rough day. She mentions how Kaitlin has said she wishes she could leave the BB house. Jessie chalks it up to cabin fever.

Jessie: "You should go talk to her, Jeremy."
Jeremy: "Let he cry it out. She can cry it out. She was mad because I opened up the red wine."

Meanwhile inside..
Judd checks up on Kaitlin, who thanks him & says how sweet he is. He offers her his ear if she ever wants to talk. (**gotta love Judd! :) )

12:22am BBT:
Cam 1
Jeremy: "Hey, hey guys...just so y'all aren't rude to anybody else, I was the one who popped the red wine and drank it. Umm, (inaudiable)...I'm not gonna be considerate if y'all aren't gonna be considerate. I see y'all muggin', and talkin' sh*t all the time, I'm not gonna wait on y'all if you're gonna be a**holes, so..if y'all have a problem, come to me 'cause none of these other people, besides me, drank that sh*t. And I drank the sh*t out of it. And I feel great and I don't give a f**k! But if y'all have problems, come to me! I'll talk to y'all right up in the grill."

(lol @ Elissa laughing..I love this screenshot)

Jeremy: "Nobody else drank, but me. And I'm not tryin' to be mean, I'm not tryin' to bully, but y'all can't go around talkin' sh*t and..y'all can't expect me to be nice if y'all ain't gonna be nice." 

Kaitlin is seen on Cam 3 walking into the bedroom, away from Jeremy's speech.
Elissa: "Is he drunk?" (laughs)
Jeremy: "I'm here to play, so if you wanna put me up, then put me up! Let's go!"

Jeremy walks back outside, but not before calling Amanda out for knowing he took the wine & then lying about it.

12:29am BBT:
Cams 1 & 2
Backyard/Hot Tub
Jeremy/Howard/Aaryn/Andy/Judd/Spencer..then Amanda
Amanda comes out yelling at Jeremy.

Amanda is saying that all she said was for people to check other peoples teeth to see who took the red wine. She said she thinks it's messed up that Jeremy took the wine, but didn't say it at the time.

Amanda: "I just thought it was a little defamation on my character.."

Amanda is worried that she'll become a target through all of this nonsense.
Amanda starts to cry. Jessie gets up and hugs her. She calms down.

Jeremy & Amanda hug it out. (12:34am BBT)
Meanwhile, inside, Kaitlin is telling Elissa & Co. that she plans on talking with Jeremy.

12:41am BBT:
Cam 3

Kaitlin starts laying into Jeremy in the living room, then go back to one of the bedrooms to talk more.

Kaitlin: "David you can come here for this."
David goes into the bedroom as well.

Kaitlin: "What were you thinking?? That was the more irrational thing you could of done! What are you doing??"
Jeremy: "I'm sorry!"
Kaitlin: "You're NOT sorry, you're sitting here laughing about it!"
Jeremy: "You're confronting me like crazy! What am I supposed to do? What is one thing that they've done to be inconsiderate?" (re: Jeremy telling everyone earlier that they're inconsiderate.)
Jeremy: " sh*t, mean mug.."
Kaitlin: "You do all of that, too! One of our friends (David) is on the block and he's probably gonna go home now because of your inconsiderate behavior."
Kaitlin: "You think you're gonna win HOH next week, when you have 1/16 of a chance of winning a True or False (comp). And you're probably gonna go home now, next week!"
Jeremy: "We'll see."
Kaitlin: "Quit being cocky, for one minute and come back to reality. Why are you bringing us all down with you? Like, what are you thinking??"

Kaitlin continues to lay into him.
She said that Jeremy made a big scene for "no reason". Jeremy said he can't take it back, so what's the point in talking about it...he can't do anything about it. Kaitlin tells him to think before doing something like that again.

Kaitlin: "You completely overreacted and made a fool out of ALL OF US! You are such an inconsiderate person, it literally shakes me to my bones."

This is ongoing but I must press forward.

At around 1:05am BBT, Helen is crying because of Jeremy confronting everyone earlier about the wine. Jeremy talks with her and apologizes. Helen accepts.

1:23am BBT:
Cam 2
HOH Room
Andy said that it's great that people are shooting themselves in the foot. They all agree that they want Aaryn out of the house because she's drama. Judd tells them how Aaryn snapped on him earlier by the hot tub for no reason. They talk about how mean she is and how they can't for her to go. Amanda also brings up how Jessie can't be trusted because of a convo she had with Jessie earlier, got straight back to Aaryn.

A few minutes later (1:26am BBT), Amanda cried because the men outside didn't stick up for her during her fight with Jeremy. Judd hugged her and said he was sorry. Andy hugged her as well.

Meanwhile, downstairs..

Jessie is telling Aaryn that she doesn't care if people know that her loyalty lies with Aaryn.

Around 2:30am BBT, Jeremy/Kaitlin have a talk, a hashing out of sorts. Jeremy promises that he'll never blow up like that again. He also said that he's cocky on the outside, but humble on the inside. (**I find that hard to believe, but ok.) He also said he wants to go to the end with Kaitlin. (*i also find that hard to believe. lol)

Okay, that's it for The Overnighter! My brain is officially shut off at this point. Maybe I should have some breakfast & fuel up on coffee. I'll be back for the morning report soon! :) (As of 1pm EST, they're still sleeping, with the exception of Helen.)

Stay tuned...
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Trevor said...

I don't even want to give Aaryn and Gina Marie the dignity of saying i dislike them. They are HORRIBLE people and should be kicked off the show.

My favs are Helen, Howard, Spencer, and Andy.

Jen said...

Is there a special power that someone can use to swap David going home for Aaryn or Jeremy going home? I still don't think David has a clue about BB but at least he doesn't have a poison mouth.

Jennifer Scott said...

Howard is my favorite house guest. He seems super real and nice. Plus I think he's by far the hottest guy in the house. For some reason, none of the ladies in the BB house recognize his hotness. But if I were in that house I would! I do notice that he hardly ever goes shirtless, but I wish that he would. LOL.

Heat said...

No mention of Amanda and McCrae hooking up ?

Jamie said...

There was too much to cover as it is. What do you mean by "hooked up"? Time stamp?

Dana Lynn said...

I wish they would boot the "girls" (b/c I can't honestly call them women)! My favorites are Elissa, Andy, and McC.

brett said...

any word if spencer is gay. I have a feeling. but I don't want watch the live feeds. sny insight?

DiamondEye SevenRecords said...

there's more offensive houseguests besides aaryn and ginamarie. i watched all day yesterday. counted 7 people that made racist remarks. if this was bbuk, those people would be out the door. they used to let racism slide on bbuk until the government got involved and they were shut down for a season (celeb bbuk5 scandal). the r-word comments are getting old too (remember when adam bb9 said that and was crucified by the viewers, but now it's ok?) and andy has been taking plenty of ish for being gay. it's ridiculous.

also, if anyone is interested i'm on chat most of the day at babyxdeja. look for sevense7en.

DiamondEye SevenRecords said...

@jen "David has a clue about BB but at least he doesn't have a poison mouth." yesterday aaryn and david were talking about how dirty david's bed was, he said it was dirty because "black candice" slept in it. he's just as bad.

Kim M said...


I think Heat is referring to Amanda apparently getting "hand-y" at around 5:30am BBT on the 29th (I think that would be the right flashback).

And then at about 1:10am on June 30th, Amanda and McCrae were talking after just having had sex in the HOH bed. The feeds were not on them when the actual deed took place, so this is speculation based on their conversation.

porkypeg said...

I have to admit, I am having a very difficult time this year! I depended on BB Afterdark to keep me connected as well as you Jamie! I never missed a minute! The live feeds are very hard for me to keep straight and I just can't get everyone's name straight yet! I am very disappointed with with with CBS and BB at the moment but I refuse to give up!

I am a die hard Big Brother fan!!! Go Jamie and Because You're Addicted!

JON GROSSE said...

I'm hoping that the "real" game will start soon! This is like watching a bad teen movie with the cattiness of the girls. The super muchoness of the guys is too much.

I agree that I like Elissa, Howard, Helen also. I think that some of the others might actually start to behave themselves when some of the negative players leave.

I can not watch BBAD on TVGN. Nothing was said about commercials every 10 minutes and plus the editing of conversation. I miss SHO2 for BBAD! It was a bad decision on production's part.

The other issue is the type of cast they have this year. It seems that production wanted to cater to the young guys this year and not the fan base. There are other people beyond the 18 to 25 group that are the real fans of this show! Most of the players don't know what BB is about except for McCrae.

I think that the cast needed more diversity this year. I am an avid BB fan for over 5 years. I'm hoping things change soon. My way of staying connected is with this blog for the most part right now.

If someone from CBS production reads the blog and other sites hopefully they'll realize that they missed the mark this year.

Great job Jaime on the blog. I don't want to comment on the racism and character assassination only that it is not fair. This is a game after all.

weeping willow 2000 said...

I agree with you Jamie my faves are Elissa, McCrae, Spencer, Judd, Helen ,and Howard the rest can follow eachother out of the bb house.

kelsey said...

I agree with your favs. Also elissa, judd, Spencer,mccrae,Howard and Helen

kelsey said...

I mainly cant stand aaryn, jeremy and kaitlin

Skyler_bb said...

My favorite was David even though he was really dumb he seemed the most trustworthy because no one seems to be trusted now. But since he is gone my favorites would probably be Mccrae, Amanda, and Judd. I'm like obesses with bb but this season everyone is making mad. Now with the whole Aaryn thing, she was one of my favorites but now I don't know. She is mean but I think some are over reacting and sending too much hate. I don't really like her but I don't hate her. Also I kind of like Andy and Nick but I can't trust them there like everywhere!

Skyler_bb said...

Oh and what I also forgot to say was that I loved David&Aaryn's showmance. But I honestly think Aaryn was better when David was around...

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