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Friday, July 5, 2013

The Overnighter

Gooood morning, and HAPPY FRIDAY to y'all!! :D I hope everyone had a great 4th of July yesterday. I had a blast hanging with family, eating some grilled goodies, having a couple of drinks, and lighting off some fireworks in the alley. Good times!

Okay, so yesterday was supposed to be the Nominations Ceremony, but due to it being the 4th of July, they postponed them until today. Also, the HG's had a 4th of July party yesterday and even the Have Not's got to eat! 

Okay, let me get a little caffiene in me (I'm already in the process of) and I will start the Overnighter!

*Aaryn & Co. want Elissa out this week and that's their goal.
*The HG's had a 4th of July Party yesterday at 8pm BBT. (The feeds went to trivia for the 1 hr the party was going on.)
*The Have Not's were allowed to eat normally during the 4th of July Party.

*During the party,  Jessie flirted with McCrae & asked to be in an alliance with him once Amanda is gone. This made Amanda upset and cry.

*Also during the party, Jessie went off on Elissa. Jessie accused Elissa of spreading rumors that Jessie & Judd are in a showmance.

*9:26pm BBT: The HG's watched fireworks on the living room TV.

*9:48pm BBT:

Jessie was crying because she "needs love" (??) and Judd said he loved her & they'll be friends after the game is over, too. Jessie went on to say that everyday, the HOH crew upstairs has a new issue with her & it's making them question her & she's "sick of it".

Jessie: "Either be with me or against me, pick a f**king side." (re: Aaryn & Co.)

Judd calmed her down. (*I love Judd. Such a sweetie.)

*10:06pm BBT:

McCrae/Amanda talk about letting Jessie implode on herself & that they (McC/Am) aren't targets this week, so they should be fine.

*10:52pm BBT: Jeremy told McCrae that this weeks target is Elissa and that he (McC) is safe this week.

*11:17pm BBT:

Kaitlin is worried that Elissa will be MVP again and nominate her for eviction. She then said they Andy/GinaMarie should go after those who took David out.

*11:19pm BBT:
Jeremy saying it should be a "landside vote" for Elissa to go home this week. They talk about how Amanda almost got herself nominated but Aaryn/Amanda now bonded over their dislike for Jessie.

11:47pm BBT:
HOH Room
Jessie went up to the HOH room angry & wanted to clear the air. Apparantly, Jessie/Candice were singing "shady f**ks" when they were around Kaitlin. Jessie said she's never said anything bad about any of them. Kaitlin said Candice has been singing that song all night to everybody, so she didn't take offense to it.

After that, Aaryn/GM/Jeremy/Kaitlin shunned Jessie because she wasn't bashing Elissa like everyone else and said that Elissa is a "good person". This ticked Aaryn off.

12:42am BBT:
HOH Room
Jeremy/Kaitlin were making out with Nick still in the room, so he left and gave them privacy. They then started to do...well, I'm guess it's their form of flirting?? He was grabbing her hair really hard and then putting his hands around her neck.

 GinaMarie opened up the HOH door, Jeremy got up and shut the door, jumped back into bed and his face landed on Kaitlins elbow.

Jeremy: "Almost knocked a tooth out!"
Kaitlin: (giggling/kissing him)
Jeremy: "(If that happened), I wouldn't be handsome no more. My face would be a zero."
They continue to smooch.

4:45am BBT:

McCrae/Amanda got in some private "cuddle time" on the hammock last night on the hammock. (**I'm starting to warm up to their showmance. It was an odd match up for me at first, but startin' to dig them being together now.)

And that's it for The Overnighter! Sorry it took me so long, I wanted to cover everything from yesterday & throughout the night. It seems that Helen/Elissa will be Aaryn's nominations today, but we'll find out for sure later on! Starting a new post shortly! :D

Stay tuned...
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AuntCookie said...

Am I the only one disturbed by they way Jeremy is treating Kaitlin? Why on earth is she letting him man handle her like he does is beyond me.

Jamie said...

i would've got kicked out for punching him if he tried that crap with me. that is totally unacceptable. that boy has issues, in my opinion.

BamaGirl said...

I also see a lot of red flags in Jeremy's behavior.

Dana Lynn said...

I wouldn't have punched him, but he would have lost a set of family jewels!!! ;)

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