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Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Saturday, y'all! Last night was rather uneventful in the house & truth be told, everything kind of hinges on 2 things today: Who will be the 3rd nom that America picked & (2) Who will win the POV. After we learn of both, that should make things rather interesting today/tonight on the live feeds.

According to the blogs poll on the right side, Amanda is the person y'all voted for to be the 3rd nom. If that is anything close to being accurate with the CBS votes, then expect some drama to ensure today for sure! Amanda will not like being up on the block, while Helen/Candice will be smiling from ear to ear & might try to get her out this week. Could be a rather interesting day in the BB house!

Okay, let me go gather up the overnight happenings & I'll start to post them below! :D

**You can watch everything posted below on the Flashback Feeds, which comes with your live feeds pass!

9:36pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

Andy: "All the GUYS, hangin' OUT!"
McCrae: "People are gonna think we're in an alliance before too long." (*lol)

Amanda comes out & sets a pot of burned slop outside. She's trying to make a jam out of raisins & then mix it with slop & sugar to make slop cookies. (**They turned out really good, according to some HG's later on.)

9:55pm BBT:
HOH Room

Earlier in the night, Elissa told McCranda that she thinks Andy won MVP this week. They asked Andy shortly after that & Andy said no. In the HOH room, Andy makes jokes about him supposedly being MVP this week.

Andy: "I"m just gonna drop hints like 'I feel really safe this week! It's nice to have this power!'"
All: *laughs*

McCrae adds to Andy's joking...
McCrae: "I feel like I got new inner strength!" (*lol)

They wonder if Elissa has it this week or maybe Howard. Aaryn mentions how the other side is gunning for Amanda.

Aaryn: "Is Amanda scared (about possibly going up)?"
McCrae: "No."

10:13pm BBT:
Talk then turns to about the Have Nots comps.

Judd: "ManTheyReallyGoAllOutOnThoseHaveNotComps."
McCrae: "What'd you say?"
Judd: "They really go all out on those comps."

Fishies for a moment..feeds come back...
Judd: "I wanted to sleep during it, it was so boring & stupid."
Aaryn laughs.

Amanda enters.
Judd said that Candice told him they lost the Have Nots comp because of Amanda.

*This whole convo is worth the look on Flashback Feeds, it's hilarious & everyone is laughing.

11:27pm BBT:

Out of nowhere, Howard tells everyone in the kitchen that he has something serious to say. At first, they think he's kidding but then starts talking...

Howard: "Regardless of what happens, it's a game. I haven't said anything bad about anybody, especially when it comes to a personal level. I respect everybody to the fullest. What's worth more than winning this game to me, is my witness....and when that's picked at or said not real, & I haven't said or acted in a way that makes that questionable?  That makes it even harder."

This is on-going, if you'd like to flashback to it. Howard goes on to say that he's not gonna campaign against the 3rd nominee and that he's glad Aaryn gave him the chance to play for veto & he's gonna fight for it. 

Nothing much happened for the rest of the night, other than:

*McCrae/Amanda/Judd/Andy/Jessie don't really know what Howard's speech is about & what he meant by he has "bigger fish to fry". Amanda wants to ask Howard what he meant by that.

*Andy thinks America is MVP this week.

*Aaryn mentioned how production seems to want Howard to stick around, which leads her to think that the POV Comp today will be rigged in his favor.

**And that's about it! Last night lacked game talk & entertainment, but I expect lots of game talk today! The HG's are waking up right now & getting ready for the day. I'll be starting the Morning post just as soon as my coffee kicks in & once the HG's start being a little more productive (other than brushing their teeth lol). ;) Check back shortly! :D

Stay tuned...
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Sarah Terwilliger said...

McCrae said last night on BBAD (to Judd I think? ) that Amanda isn't worried about being put up by the MVP because they have the votes to get rid of Howard this week. And if Howard wins veto, it will be Spencer or the renom (Candice) going home.

And Aaryn told Jessie that (long-term ) Aa is part of the final 7 with the "couples" Mc/Am, Helen/Andy, and Judd/Jess. She called them "jelled" not showmances.

The HGs came in playing so hard from the start. they are chilling like they should have in the beginning and it seems like a lot of people are bored with that. But I like the game they are playing now. Hated all the bickering and mean girl crap.


Anonymous said...

This MVP vote should be very interesting as you can't judge much off last weeks. As Julie said Aryan overwhelmingly won last weeks vote and now all those votes will be up for grabs with everyone knowing she's ineligible being HOH. So really whoever the majority of those people vote for should be the nom. Not sure how much stock to put in online polls since only an incredibly small % of BB viewers follow online. My money would be on GM since she finished 3rd last week and I'd guess a lot of those Aryan votes from last week will go to her this week.


Shannon said...

I don't get the Amanda-hate. I'm hoping since it's mostly cbs only viewers voting that it will be GM again. I love Amanda. I think it's unfair she get the bossy/b**** label just bc she is a girl. LOTS of good players have used her tactic of getting others to do their dirty work for them, (Dan/Chill-town/etc.) If she goes up, I hope the Goof Troop doesn't turn on her.

Chris L said...

The self righteousness that spews off of Howard is disgusting. We get it you are a man of faith, stop talking about it every 5 mins. It's a game dude, do what you have to do to win to make your life better. Stop making everything into some morality impasse that you have to conquer. The lying, the cheating, the back stabbing, its what you signed up for.

Essence Howard-Watford said...

@Shannon My dislike for Amanda has nothing to do with her being a woman. I'm a woman. Her "pushiness" to get out people I'm rooting for is my reasoning. Howard and Candice seem like the only ones unwilling to be followers. Everyone else follows whatever power there is in the house at the time - LAME. This is why casting based on youth and looks is a recipe for disaster.

I really wanna see the power shift in the house and see the "comfortable" house guests start to scramble! Everyone's acting like sheep except Amanda and Howard.

enb said...

The same can be said about other houseguest too. Not just howard.

Essence Howard-Watford said...

@Chris - Sorry that other people's faith bothers you. However, Christians know that professing is a big part of our faith. The bible teaches us to be in the world and not of it. I'm not one who believes that we should shove our beliefs down anyone's throats. Likewise, I don't think it's right for the un-faithful to belittle us for staying true to our beliefs. We don't have to cower in the corner to appease people like you. Your attack on Howard's character is exactly what he was talking about. If you're uncomfortable by his walk with God maybe you should consider WHY you're so uncomfortable.

You're right about one thing, it is a game. His religion shouldn't be used against him in the game. I also don't think his religion should be a part of his game play because I doubt God gives to cents about this game.

Chris L said...

@Essence Howard-Watford Others people faith doesn't bother me, it's when people use something so personal as religion to manipulate people, is where I have the problem. I have the same gripes with Dan. I also had a problem when Shelly kept using her daughter. You can play the game any way you want, but when you purposely use something as fragile and personal as religion to fuel your game, that where you cross the line. If that makes me an ahole, and religion hater so be it. But I am comfortable with who I am, and the way I live my life. If Howard was so comfortable with his faith, why is he questioning every move in his game. If the moves he makes are meant to not harm anyone, then his conscious and faith should be cleared.

Leah MossyCouture said...

The whole thing that is so irritating about howard's faith is not his beliefs at all. Everyone is free to believe what they want. What is irritating is that he uses it to get..what? sympathy? Empathy? To get the hg to think "oh that Howard is a good man. A man of god." So they don't vote him out? If anything is made him a target because the few times he actually participates in a conversation, it comes back around to his religion. This is why i feel that religion is the worst thing for humanity. And christianity says you have to constantly declare your beliefs? That's absurd. One would think the only "person" that needs to know what you believe is the god of your choice, not everyone you come into contact with. And furthermore, i don't need to hear about fairy tales when science is fucking awesome. Religion was invented to sedate the free thinkers and the leaders of society so the actual "men in power" can control them. Ie. "the opiate of the masses"

rigs said...

Essence, while the Bible teaches us to be in the world and not of it, Jesus said that when you pray, do so in the closet, do not boast of your faith and do not wear it on your sleeve, so to speak. If you have to profess your faith, it is not working very well for you. Jesus was in the world and of the world. He was a man of faith and he was a political revolutionary. According to Roman law, crucifixion was reserved for seditionists and he was crucified for acts of sedition.

Doing "works" to be seen is counterproductive. Howard, and others, like to be seen as Christians and use it in this world as if it was of this world. We humans are of this world and no amount of praying can change that. We are of it and in it.

His religion, IMO, is his "bigger fish to fry" and I hope he is evicted. BB15 is a game of this world and in this world. It should not be used to proclaim your faith to millions of viewers and use the viewers as potential "converts". In the end it is counterproductive.


@Leah MossyCouture :
Religion is "the opiate of the masses" is from Karl Marx, the father of Communism, the 'philosophy' responsible for more than a hundred million deaths last century, which doesn't say much for the 'free-thinkers' and leaders of society.
Religion has it's place, but in this game, if you use it as a club, putting yourself above others because you think you are a superior person, you need to go.

rigs said...

Just because Karl Marx said religion is the opiate of the people does not mean there is no truth to it. Besides, what Marx envisioned and what resulted is akin to what Jesus envisioned and what resulted. Besides, the 100 million figure is highly disputed and pales in comparison to other groups/systems like the European conquest of the Americas or the number killed in the name of God, etc.

And what is with all the Amanda bashing? It must have more to do with the "blood sport" side of BB. Everyone loves to see a train wreck.


"Besides, the 100 million figure is highly disputed and pales in comparison to other groups/systems like the European conquest of the Americas or the number killed in the name of God, etc."

As Stalin said, "A single death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic". So much for science. European colonization of the Americas is ridiculous, because there was no where near enough population in the Americas, same for those 'killed in the name of religion'.
Go Amanda.

UnionGrl said...

Gosh we're literate bunch. You guys are wicked smart. I'm just a simple fan and I'm with the group that doesn't get the Amanda hating. So she's a little loud and maybe a touch pushy, she's also funny and smart. I hope she stays.

SusieQ said...

So it's like u have your favs like everyone does! I love Amanda, Mcrae, Judd, Andy, Aka: Gooftroop! My kids watched that on Disney!! Lol. Luv this game!! Who picked that name, makes me feel old! Haha

SusieQ said...

I commend Howard for wanting to live his life as a Christian! At the same time I do not think Big Brother is a game where religion or Christianity really would play a part, although good morals and values make for kinder people.....but this is not why we watch Big Brother!! We love the secret alliances, the scheming, and competiveness of the game!! Also the showmances are great too!!! It's a game! Lets have fun and stay tuned!!! Love it!!!

Leah MossyCouture said...

Couldn't have said it better.

Cassi said...

Agree, not everyone hates Amanda!

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