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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Afternoon in the BB House

The live feeds have been pretty interesting starting at around 12:30pm Cam 1. Amanda/Spencer went round & round clearing the air & getting pretty heated at times.

Amanda called Spencer out for being in an alliance that tried to get her out. Spencer blames Amanda for putting Spencer up on the block. Amanda called her a "bully". Spencer told her to "shut up" & that he's not gonna kiss her butt.
Amanda mentions that they could get Candice to go home if he (S)  is willing to work with them instead of against them. Spencer then called her a bully, they then start talking in circles.

1:25pm BBT:

The Spencer/Amanda argument is still going on.

Spencer: "We can work together, Amanda but.."
Amanda: "I know you think you have the votes to get me out."
Spencer: "No I don't! I want Candice out."

Amanda is calling him out on the info she already knows, which is Spencer's plan to get Amanda out (that nobody is falling for.)

Spencer: "I know you don't believe me,'s just that simple."
Amanda: "I don't win any comps, I may be strategic and socially, but I'm 1 person. And if you were to fip the house, I know what you're trying to're sitting there telling me there is no plan, but i know there is. I know that there is. That's fine. But you can still change (the target) to Candice. I'm fine with either one of them going. The whole point of this convo is that I wanna stay, and I know you don't wanna be low-man on the totem pole."
Spencer: "I want Candice gone. I gotta get Howard in that same mindset with me."

1:31pm BBT:
Talk continues.

Amanda: "By trying to save Howard, you're hurting yourself."
Spencer: "I know, I know."

Spencer said he's been trying to get Howard to wanna get Candice out, but Howard has been saying to vote him out over Candice and he (S) doesn't know why.

Amanda tells him to stop the plan of trying to get her (A) out, and to switch it to Candice.

Amanda: "I admire your loyalty to Howard and I'm not even saying to campaign against him..let him fight for himself. Ok? Because him being here, will only hurt you. Him being gone, will only help you."

Spencer: "I. Want. Candice. Out. But Howard will leave, and I know that'll help me."

Amanda: "If you help me, I'll help you."
Spencer: "I AM helping you, Amanda!"

Amanda wants so desperately for Spencer to admit to his plan of getting her out this week. He's not budging.
Spencer: "If you tell me you can trust me after this week, then we'll see."

Spencer: "Just drop it. Howard's going home. That's all there is to it."

1:38pm BBT:
McCrae rejoins Amanda/Spencer on the couch.

Spencer: "I'm gonna vote Candice out this week, I can't vote (Howard out)."

Amanda said that there shouldn't be any votes for her (A) then on Thursday and then she'll have no reason to not trust him (S). (**This whole convo was more of a "stop coming after me" plea from Amanda. She's been a paranoid mess since being put on the block.)

Candice joins them. Talk stops, for now.
BB: "Aaryn, please report to the HOH room." (**HOH blog & picture time.)

1:45pm BBT:
Lounge Room
Amanda walks in on J/J/H/A talking and joins them.

Amanda: "I just wanted to instill fear in him & have him switch his target to Candice." (**But by doing so, she totally threw Judd/Andy under the bus by telling Spencer that she knows about the plan.)

Judd/Jessie leave.

1:51pm BBT:
Andy tells Amanda about how he talked to Judd this morning & how Judd didn't want him to tell Spencer about voting Howard out until after the votes are done.

Andy: "(Judd) doesn't want Spencer to know!"
Amanda: "Because (Judd) wants to flip the house (and vote me out)!" (**Not true.)

Candice joins. Game talk stops.

1:56pm BBT:

Howard/Spencer have a quick chat. He told Howard that Amanda knows about the plan (to get Amanda out) and to just deny it if he gets asked. Spencer said they'll talk more later after his nap.

2:37pm BBT:

Andy/Amanda are talking about bored they are and how long the stretch is to wait for Thursday. Judd comes out and joins them.

Judd (to Amanda): "Is your sister hot?"
Amanda: "Yea she's pretty."
Judd: "You gonna hook me up?"
Amanda: "She's had the same boyfriend for 7 yrs."

Stay tuned...
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Kern's Kreations said...

I want so badly to like Amanda, but my girl is overplaying so much. Wish she'd just sit back and chill. I'm with Jeff...McRae has a good shot to win this thing if he can keep Amanda on edge and in the house. lol.

Random World said...

Oh my gosh, Amanda! SHUT UUPPP. That's how I'm feeling right now.

Anonymous said...

Well Amanda only necessarily threw at least 1 person under the bus and she obviously doesn't care anymore if that's Judd. I wonder if this is part 1 of a strategy in case Spencer wins HOH to get him to put Judd up for them so they don't have to do it. Perhaps if Spencer wins she'll then tell him I knew all about your plan last week cause Judd is a rat playing both sides of the house.


Renee said...

*Sigh* I want to like Amanda and Helen but they aren't making it easy. The way they both speak to people just rubs me the wrong way. Helen telling Spenser she wants to help his dream come true by making it to Jury??? Are you kidding me? Ok maybe I missed something (hopefully I did) because I didn't hear what specifically she said. But I have heard her say this in the past.

Amanda is now quoting Jeremy "I have ears all over the place" The two of these women have let the power they currently have in the game go to their heads.

I really don't understand the purpose of Judd's plan but I truly hope he wants to flip the house. I'm over the doof troop.

McCrae should ask everyone to vote Amanda out!

I wonder what these people will have to talk about once Candice is evicted.

Jef Rosen said...

Kern and Brian-
I think Amanda made one of the biggest blunders in this game by replacing Judd with Aaryn. This could easily explode back on her and spell the end of the gooftroop.

Rebecca McCamish said...


I'm not a Candice fan, but she did a GREAT THING.

Cassi said...

I'm screaming the same thing! She's ruining everything just trust Mcrae!

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