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Monday, July 8, 2013

Afternoon in the BB House (Updated)

Happy Monday to y'all! Today is the Veto Ceremony, where Jeremy will take himself off the block and Elissa's renom (most likely Nick) will be going up in his place, making this weeks eviction nominations Elissa/Helen/Nick. As it stands right now, Elissa doesn't have enough votes to stay. However, we are a few days away from the live eviction show on Thursday..which is a lifetime in the BB house! So anything can happen.

Since I was wrapping up the Overnighter while the morning happenings were going down, I'll get us quickly caught up to speed.

Morning Notes:
*Elissa spoiled Survivor results this morning. She said the show is pre-taped. I know there's a ton of you Survivor fans out there, so I won't spoil anything. But I will confirm that Hayden from BB is on the next season. (I covered that rumor months ago, this is just confirmation that it's true.) If you want the spoiler yourself, use the Flashback Feeds & go to 8:43am BBT Cam 4.

*Amanda told Elissa she's voting for her to stay no matter what. Elissa said she's putting Nick up.

*Jeremy/Howard talked this morning. Jeremy wants Amanda out next week because she's so smart. Howard agreed & added that she's close to figuring out the Moving Company Alliance.

*Jer/Howard talked about the possibility of maybe getting rid of McCrae and bringing in Aaryn in his place in The Moving Company alliance. (**wowzers.) They chalk this up to McCrae being too involved with Amanda.

11:00am BBT:
Feeds on trivia!! It's Veto Ceremony time! :D

11:39am BBT:
Feeds are back!

Jeremy took himself off the block.
Nick is the MVP Replacement Nom.
11:45am BBT:
Amanda is telling Canice that the girls need to stick together & that Candice's vote is really important this week (to save Elissa). Candice agrees.

12:10pm BBT:
Spencer/McCrae (then Howard/Jeremy)

Spencer tells McCrae that Amanda makes the Moving Company alliance nervous & may need to go soon. Spencer brings up the idea to do an alliance of 4: Howard/Spencer/Amanda/McCrae, then merge with Jeremy's group of 5 (Jeremy, Aaryn, GM, Kaitin & Nick), to form a 9 person group. 

Jeremy is nervous that doing that would expose the MC alliance. Spencer tells Jeremy that it'd be 5 guys vs 4 girls & they (the boys) could get the girls out. Howard said he likes the numbers & will go with whatever they decide, but he's not sure how it'd all work short-term. McCrae said he's nervous that if he pushes the idea too hard with Amanda (to join their side), then she might get suspicious. Spencer also thinks that the odds are better for one of them in a group of 9 to get MVP.

12:43pm BBT:
Elissa is close by doing yoga, as Jeremy is loudly talking about how everyone goes up on the block and "not everybody can stay". He adds that him being on the block only guaranteed him to play in the veto. (He knows Elissa can hear all of this.)

12:46pm BBT:
Lounge Room

Non-game talking. Current talk is about obesity.

2:29pm BBT:
Backyard Couch
Jeremy & McCrae talk about getting Amanda on-board (with McCrae & co. & with voting Elissa out).

McCrae: "I gotta get Amanda on board."
Jeremy: "I thought she was already on board?"
McCrae: "I don't know, like, she hears that Candice thing and freaks out.."
Jeremy: "You need to tell her, say listen, Candice is just bombin' right now & trying to get Jeremy out of the house and throwin' him under the bus! You can't believe everything everybody says, you gotta believe me, you gotta believe Jeremy and Jeremy's gonna play for us and you'll just have to wait n' see!"
McCrae: "And I"m gonna tell her that you swore on your mom and that you like offered something as collateral. What do you have?"
Jeremy: "I don't really have anything."
McCrae: "Do you have like a ring or somethin'?"
Jeremy: "A what?"
McCrae: "A ring?..but you don't have to give it to me.."
Jeremy: "Yea I do, I have my cherokee pinky ring. :
McCrae: "I'm gonna work that in today."

3:19pm BBT:

'Obsessive-over-Nick' GinaMarie is giggling with excitement that Nick tapped her on her butt today. She thinks there's hope for them. Kaitlin teases and says maybe they'll get to 2nd base soon.

Talk then turns to Candice. GM said that Candice is fake and "acts white". Kaitlin said Candice needs to  "turn up the blackness". (**wow.)

3:24pm BBT:
Jeremy/Kaitlin are having cuddle time in the pool.

3:29pm BBT:
Meanwhile, inside...
Nick/GM/Helen/Jessie are talking about an adult store, which ironically GM sold lingerie to.

Spencer goes outside and joins the two love birds (J/K) in the pool.

4:25pm BBT:
HG's were just told by BB that this weeks eviction is on Thursday. (They thought it was gonna be on Weds like last week). FYI, the new schedule for the rest of the season is: Sun/Weds/Thursday (live eviction day).

5:15pm BBT:
HG's are on inside lockdown. (They could possibly be getting a visit from a past BB houseguest tonight.)

**Hey guys & gals, I was gonna post an evening post, but instead I'll be back in the morning with The Overnighter. Some new developments include Aaryn/GinaMarie are "done" with Kaitlin & Jeremy. Aaryn wants Kaitlin gone. GinaMarie thinks Jeremy is a "douchebag". Aaryn said she's tired of Jeremy acting as if he's HOH and both Jer/Kaitlin acting like their "queen & king" of the house. This should be interesting! ;) hehe I'll be back in the morning, so until then, enjoy the feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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Erica Iles said...

I think if Elissa would have put up Kaitlyn as the renom instead of Nick, Kaitlyn would have been going home. Now I believe Elissa is for sure leaving. Think about it, who would vote to keep Kaitlyn? Uhm, I think almost all of the MC would have voted her out to "free up Jeremy" and Jer himself may have voted her out so he could have a go at Aaryn! I think the only votes that Kaitlyn would have to keep her is Aaryn and GM. I don't understand putting up Nick. Just don't get it. I really like Elissa but maybe this will help me understand Rachel some, to get far in this game you've apparently gotta be a huge pain in the dang booty to get anywhere. With that being said Aaryn or Jeremy will probably win this season lol.

David Morch said...

I feel like this year we dont have anyone yet that we like. Everyone seems to be saying that they like Elissa but i really think that it is just due to the fact that we really dislike Aaryn and Jeremy so much and that is who the main feud is between right now. We dont ever see clips of howard or judd because they are just sitting back right now. I think if we had people that we could actually cheer for then i think a lot less people would be liking Elissa at this point. Elissa thinks that she is getting MVP because she is sisters with Rachel Reilly which may have a bit to do with it but who she really should be thanking for MVP is up in that HOH room.

Anonymous said...


I think Elissa's line of thinking in putting up Nick was the same as it was last week in putting up David in putting up a physical male threat against 2 females and hope the house decides to take the guy out. While putting up Kaitlin instead would've greatly increased her chances from the none she has now I'm not sure if it would've changed her ultimate fate. I believe the MC has decided to appease Jeremy and take Elissa out this week. If they had wanted to get Kaitlin out they would've made it clear to Elissa that's who she should put up like they did with David last week. The fact they didn't leads me to believe they would've still voted Elissa out although she would've at least had a fighting chance for some minds to change.


Dannielle Burciaga said...

I can relate to what your saying Erica!! I don't understand why she would put up Nick. Who is going to vote that guy out?? I don't watch the feeds but it just doesn't make any sense to me. Nick wanted to keep her around. Why would she put up someone that could potentially give her a vote to STAY instead of putting up someone she KNOWS will vote to kick her out. I think with this move, she is gone. I dont see how she can manage to turn the house against nick - I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Whomp whomp. :/

Trevor said...

Terrible move by Elissa. I was rooting for you girl but this move is silly and makes it a certainty that you are going home.

Razldazlrr said...

I didn't get putting up nick either, when they are going to be up against her. Some of the women are smarter than all of the men put together (except maybe Nick) you know? what is up with Nick? maybe he is gay - I can't imagine any of these women flirting with him would be in his league out of the house.
I miss the days when they got to drink lots, that's when you saw their true selves really come out! LOL

Jamie said...

totally agree with y'all. she should've put up Kaitlin, in my opinion. at this point, its looking like Elissa is a goner this week.

dannyb said...

I think jeremy has put the mc alliance in a bad spot by going so hard at ellisa. The plan was to use her for awhile. He made himself a target and now mc alliance has to do damage control and are making everyone suspicious of them(spencer, howard, mccrae, nick) also the eviction votes are going to be funny this week. Ellisa goes home and the house will be pointing fingers. America will probably give mvp to helen and if that little group (andy,candice,helen,judd ) can get hoh the mc alliance is trouble.

dtv said...

how would elissa knnw about survivor already? ok, its pre-taped, but how did she find out? I love your blog. big BB fan & been following you for the last few seasons. Can't stand Jeremy & Aaryn & the more i read these posts the more I want them gone.

Anonymous said...

how stupid can you be to put Nick up? Elissa has certainly sealed her own fate! And why is no one talking about the fact that Kaityn and Jeremy slept together last night? she seems pretty pathetic. just saying

Anonymous said...


I think Elissa's line of thinking in putting up Nick was the same as it was last week in putting up David in putting up a physical male threat against 2 females and hope the house decides to take the guy out. While putting up Kaitlin instead would've greatly increased her chances from the none she has now I'm not sure if it would've changed her ultimate fate. I believe the MC has decided to appease Jeremy and take Elissa out this week. If they had wanted to get Kaitlin out they would've made it clear to Elissa that's who she should put up like they did with David last week. The fact they didn't leads me to believe they would've still voted Elissa out although she would've at least had a fighting chance for some minds to change.


Shoba13 said...

@ Brian. I agree with you, however, if they go with their (I believe) Helen's theory that the guys are in an alliance all the would have to do is put doubt in the other hg's mind. Just saying. But the again this may be the dumbest group I've seen so far so it may not work.

Thanks Jamie for keeping me up to speed while I'm on Vacay!

Mary O'Brien said...

The only point of putting Nick up as replacement is if Elissa and Helen get in Aaryn's ear that it was Nicks idea to get David out last week.

Doesn't Aaryn already know that Nick lied about who he voted to evict last week?

I am waiting to see if they take that road.

Gross said...

She didn't want to waste her nom on a useless player like kaitlyn, that's why she put up Nick. She sees him more of a threat.

What she didn't he's protected too much numbers-wise.

I love Cinderlissa, but I think she'll be happier at home.

Erica Iles said...

But I'm sure that if Candice has almost found out about the MC and she's been talking to Helen about it Helen probably mentioned it to Elissa at one point. Also, didnt Nick try and talk to Elissa about something the other night and she wouldn't give him any of her time? Maybe that could have been the talk she needed to wake her butt up and get with the program.
Oh well, if she's practically handing her ticket home over that easy she deserves to who will I root for?

Ellyson said...

Question: I just got the feeds for the first time tonight. How do I go back to a certain day/time to review something? Thanks!

AlwaysLumi said...

I am not ready to count Elissa out just yet. I can see her train of thought behind putting up Nick. Just like Dan, Boogie, Dr. Will and Evil Dick before him, it is most often a good manipulator who wins the game in the end. Nick plays a good mental game and if Elissa can get everyone not in the MC paranoid enough about Nick, she just may pull it off this week.

I also think that sometimes production can ask leading questions in the diary room that can change the direction of the game. Elissa is probably the most liked player this year and if BB didn't think she stood a chance against Nick, I think they would have attempted to steer her in a different direction nomination wise.

We also can't forget about this BB vet who is coming into the house with news for the houseguests. I wouldn't be surprised if it was something that helps keep Elissa safe this week.

Laura>Castro said...

This is a little off topic, but does anyone else find it funny that all the letters in Aaryn's name spell Aryan?

king sif said...

I would love to see judd/andy/amanda/helen/ elissa/candice work togather! They could get mvp everyweek! And they have the numbers

king sif said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jamie said...

Flashback feeds=the calendar icon beside the "LIVE" sign. :)

Erica Iles said...

Good thinking AlwaysLumi!
You give me hope for Elissa lol

Robert Wirtzberger said...

GoodBye Elissa! Not Sure Why She Continues To WIn MVP? Although If She Sticks Around Then The Tides Might Turn In Her Favor.

Christal Cole said...

Yes, makes you wonder if that was deliberlate or not!

JChism said...

I could not be more disgusted by the racial and homophobic remarks made by some of these houseguests. Where did CBS get this pond scum from? "Jews have money, Helen needs to make rice, Candice's bed is dirty because she's black, Candice tries to act white"???? Seriously???? It is outrageous that CBS is making money off of these despicable people. CBS needs to shake up that house by replacing Aaryn, Jessie, Kaitlin, GM and Spencer with some fresh faces...ones who didn't make the final cut. They need to do some damage control sooner than later before it is too late. I for one will be done with this show if no action is taken by CBS to eradicate the cancer in the house. The ratings are already at an all-time low.

Razldazlrr said...

Some of these people sure are mean and racist for as young as they are. I wonder what the people outside think that knew them as the "sweet" beauty queens

JChism said...

CBS needs to consider the possibility that one of these racist, homophobic idiots could very well win the half million. Then what CBS? How are you going to justify that to America? It's bound to come out in the media. Do something! Be proactive! Just like they got rid of that jerk who started the fight early in the season last year....get rid of these A**HOLES!! They do not deserve the notoriety or being rewarded for being racist homophobes.

Kim Sturgis said...

What happened to the Tuesday night episode on CBS ? Never aired Anyone know?

pokerchamp55 said...

Its back to normal sun. Wed. Thurs. ( live eviction night)

pokerchamp55 said...

It is back to normal now. Sun. Wed. & Thurs.

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