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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Overnighter (Summary)

Good morning & Happy Tuesday to y'all!! :D Last night on the live feeds, there wasn't too much of anything going on. The game is at one of those theres-nothing-to-do points in the game.

Before I get to the Overnighter happenings, I wanted to share the newest alliance chart, courtesy of @89razorskate20 on Twitter:
One addition that should be made on the chart is that Elissa/Judd now have a Final 2 deal together. That happened yesterday afternoon.

The Overnighter:

Howard is still leaving on Thursday & I don't see that changing. Amanda has switched targets from Howard to Judd, of all people. So instead of hearing...

Amanda: "Blah blah...Howard...blah blah blah, get him out."

You will now be hearing..

Amanda: "Blah blah...Judd...blah blah blah, get him out."

..for the next however many weeks until Judds head is served on a silver platter.

So why Judd? Well, she thinks that Judd wants her out, she thinks he's playing everyone for Jury Votes, & she also thinks he's the MVP this week & was last week. (**BB, can we please get rid of this stupid MVP twist now?)

Howard/Spencer are still hoping to flip the votes this week, but it's just not gonna happen. Too many people on the "save Amanda" bandwagon for that to happen. At least this week, that is.

In other news, Aaryn/Elissa seem to have mend fences with each other and are becoming friends in the house. Yes, you read that right. lol ;)

That's pretty much it. Nothing really happened, no game changing convos. Just a lot of paranoia & plans for the upcoming weeks of who should get evicted & when.

**And that's it for The Overnighter! I have to go to work but fear not BB addicts, I will be home around 10am BBT when the HG's should be starting to wake up for the day. See ya then with the Morning Post! :D

Stay tuned...
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Maria Gree said...

Glad Elissa is mending fences with someone, anyone! She needs to at least be fake friendly with some of these people .......HG's what is the holdup with getting that annoying Amanda off my TV screen each week? Gosh! Pleeeeeeze

Anonymous said...

Isn't Elissa and Judd now in a final two deal as well? (they pinky swore)

Luke and Leah Pounders said...

So rumor going around twitter is that last night on feeds Aaryn said that she wanted Kaitlyn to go first because she wanted Jeremy for herself. I CANNOT stand Aaryn. She is going to be so embarrassed when she gets out of that house... Or maybe she won't. Ugh!

Rebecca McCamish said...

Howard should be going home. His social game is so bad that Spencer of all people has to give him advice on how to socialize with other human beings. That's right. Howard has to take lessons in being a human from Spencer, the walking misogynistic Hitler lover. Yes, I went there.

This is how bad Howard's game is. Not only is he getting advice from Spencer on how to be human, he is refusing that advice because he thinks it somehow compromises him as a person. In this one thing, I'm going to back Spencer up. Howard: you got no game. Go home. No comps, no social, no alliances except Mr. Pornography... Really? This is the guy everyone wants to keep in the house over Amanda?

At least she's getting things done. And Spencer certainly deserves to be there more than Howard does. I can't say I've seen anyone more willfully obstinate in my life.

"Hey, Howard! This is the Clue Phone! Dr. Will called and said he wants to give his money back to pay CBS to evict you for being the world's biggest wet blanket with muscles! He thinks he can help you get bigger pec implants, though! Give him a call when you get out of the house... this week!"

Anonymous said...

Judd really needs to get moving and make some alliances! Of the 11 mentioned he's only in 7 of them! Maybe that's why he's suddenly gotten high on Amanda's radar isn't that what got Howard and Spencer a lot of heat.


Michelle said...

Of course she wants Judd out now b/c she realizes he is playing the game! I really hope NO ONE will jump on the "Get Judd Evicted" train! He and Andy are becoming my favorites! I think Amanda is playing the game and the only reason I would want her to stick around, is to see what happens when She and Helen are put up against one another since they both think they run the house!

James said...

i hope they get rid of that MVP twist too, it just means that each week someone 'doesn't get blood on their hands' and it's too tempting. At this rate, Aaryn and GM will make it to the final 3

kkilloh said...

I thought I liked Amanda, she seemed relatable. But, she is getting on my nerves lately... acting like she runs the entire house yet she hasn't won a single competition. Also, I think I really like Judd so I don't like her targeting him. This is a weird group of houseguests because I am having a hard time finding someone I absolutely adore and cheer for 100%. I like McCrae but as of lately, I'm not liking Amanda so yeah.

Angela Foster said...

I love Amanda.. she's hilarious BUT SHE'S GOT TO GO. She is so annoying. She thinks she runs the house (which hate to say it, but everybody does listen to her). She's kind of being a spoiled brat, wanting her way or no way. Poor Howard.. lol, I kind of hope the HG see it very soon, but they're all being played. If they don't watch out, she could win this thing! Thanks for this blog! It's amazing :)

Kim M said...

I'm sure there is no way for it to happen but I'd love it if both Amanda and Howard could stay this week and Candice went home.

But between Howard and Amanda, I'm glad it is looking like Amanda will be safe this week.

rigs said...

Talk about annoying, GM and Candice must go before Amanda and so should Spencer. Amanda is a heavenly voice compared to GM and Candice. Amanda has every reason to be wary of Judd. I think he will be the first turncoat. After that, let the fireworks begin.

James said...

Completely agree with Rebecca McCarnish. I think the actual edited show on TV has been extremely kind to Spencer

Essence Howard-Watford said...

So sick of people thinking you have to be this immoral person to play big brother. So since Howard won't compromise his integrity he "deserves" to go home? The only people in the house that "deserve" to go home are Aaryn, Gina Marie, and Spencer because of their immoral behavior. Now as far as game play goes, Amanda should be going home because she's the biggest threat at this point plus it would shake up the house and make the game more exciting. As it is, we're being taken back to high school!

baileysays said...

looking past all the racial slurs that GM said, she is actually in a really good position in the house. She's not smart to the stay the least but I can tell she is starting to put the pieces together about what's going on in the house. She can tell Andy is a rat and that Judd is up to some shit too. She knows that Helen and Amanda are running the entire house. She knows her ass is disposable so linking up with Spencer is her best bet. Since Amanda is going bat-shit crazy over people "wanting her out" there are now much bigger targets in the house than GM. She might slide all the way to the end!

AmiLrn said...

I agree with kkilloh about it being a weird cast this year because I can't really latch onto a player that I root for 100% either and that's unusual for me.

robere11 said...

Is the rest of the world sick of these people being in control cause I am. I want Amanda, Helen, and Andy or mc crea all on the block next week BOOM it's getting boring someone please change the game

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