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Monday, July 22, 2013

The Overnighter

Good morning ladies & gents & Happy Monday to ya!! Sorry for the late start today, I'm just having one of those "soooo not feeling it today" kind of days. I'm sure y'all can relate. lol :P

Okay, so as I posted yesterday, Judd is now out of his 24 hrs of Solitary Confinement. Some other things that happend in the house last night was that McCrae/Amanda went on a BB date, and McCrae proposed to her with a faux wedding ring. They're not planning a BB wedding in the house. (**Flashbacks of Brendon/Rachel quickly cross my mind.)

Today is the Veto Ceremony where Elissa, POV winner, will take herself off the block and then America's next choice for a nominee will be put up in her place. Who will it be? My money is on either GM or Amanda, but really could be just about anybody. We'll see!

Okay, let me go gather up the Overnighter & I'll start posting it! :D

**You can watch everything posted below on the Flashback Feeds, which comes with your live feeds subscription!

8:30pm BBT:
HOH Room
Amanda & McCrae's Date
Judd/Aaryn served them dinner.

McCrae: "Thank you!"
Aaryn: "We'll be back up shortly to take your dessert orders."

8:55pm BBT:
McCrae turns on the tv screen in the HOH room and reads to her what's on the table..

McCrae: "Will you.. be.. my big brother wife?"
He gets down on one knee & proposes.

McCrae: "Will you be my wife?"
Amanda: "This is so cute!! Yes..." *smooch*
They head out of the HOH room to go look at the flowers on the dining room table...

Amanda: "I'm ENGAGED!!"

9:23pm BBT:
HOH Room

3 of the 4 Goof Troop alliance talk.
McCrae mentions that even though he doesn't trust Aaryn, Amanda does for some reason and so maybe they can get her to work with them at some point (assuming she doesn't go home this week). They start talking about their side alliances...McCrae mentions that him/Amanda are working with Howard/Spencer but that Howard never mentions Candice. Andy is worried that Spencer/Howard/Candice could pick up Kaitlin and form another 4 person alliance.

Elissa joins. Game talk stops.
They all talk about how GM is upset over McCrae/Amanda's BB engagement & that she's jealous it wasn't her & Nick.

Andy: "GM is so ridiculous."

9:36pm BBT:
Judd/McCrae/Andy are now talking alone again. They talk about who should go home this week, no matter who the 3rd nom is.

Judd: "I'd rather Kaitlin go this week than Aaryn."

11:10pm BBT:
Elissa tells Judd she wants Aaryn out, as Judd wants Kaitlin gone because she's the bigger threat & Aaryn will always be a target in the house.

11:26pm BBT:
Judd tells Aaryn he doesn't think she'll go home, he's fighting for her to stay, so lay low, be nice to Elissa because "she'll be voting this week" and to have a fake convo with her, etc. (**Judd wants Kaitlin gone and wants Elissa to vote Kaitlin out over Aaryn.)

**Flashback is being wonky. Since I can't access flashback right now (anytime after midnight & times are off for me, anybody else??), I'll just post some times of highlights in case y'all wanna see them later.

12:07am BBT:
Judd dressed up as "The Ghost of Nick" and made GM cry. He felt really bad about it and talked to her for awhile afterwards.

1:17am BBT:
Amanda thinks Elissa nom'ed herself for eviction & is MVP.

1:40am BBT:
McCrae told Amanda that if she goes home, he'd gun after everyone who voted her out. (*McCrae has been worried that Amanda will be the 3rd nom & possibly go home.)

1:52am BBT:
The HG's found a cockroach outside. Spencer threw it on Aaryn & said it was "hysterical".

2:58am BBT:
McCrae told Amanda that he thinks the next HOH comp could be endurance and that Aaryn would do well in a comp like that, so they need to let Aaryn know they're keeping her safe & working with her before the comp.

3:03am BBT:
Judd/GM/Aaryn were talking about Amanda/McCrae taking over his HOH room while he was in solitary confinement. Judd said that neither of them asked him & that Amanda never visited him (J) like the other HG's did. (McCrae, however, did.) GM can't believe they didn't ask him & just took over his room.

3:44am BBT:
Spencer mentioned that his girlfriends parents don't like him & hopes that they start to like him after seeing him on the show. (**don't count on it, buddy. lol)

**And that's it for The Overnighter! So it was short but sweet today. The HG's are up & today is Veto Ceremony day, so I'm starting the morning post right now! :D

Stay tuned...
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DirkKouglas said...

To me the clock seems to be off by about 2 hours, it should be reading 9:15 am and its saying its 7:08 am, never seen a house guest up at 7am unless they pulled an all nighter.

Also, Judd is confusing me, I thought he was in that other alliance that Howard/Spencer formed with Kaitlyn and he is wanting her out? Or is he just trying to cover his bases with his noms so he will be in good with which ever one stays?

DirkKouglas said...
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Razldazlrr said...

well, i don't like Aaryn but Spencer throws a cockroach on her - what is he? in junior high school???

Pretty rude of MCC and Amanda to take over Judd's room without asking - I bet those two are going to regret they played this game later on

I agree that Kaitlin is a much bigger threat than Aaryn, Aaryn will always be disliked. I'm betting Kaitlin can be a strong competitor and "work it" with Jeremy gone

Razldazlrr said...

Good lord - is Spencer crazy? why would the gf parents like him more? Can you imagine if they find out things he said that weren't aired?

Jamie said...

Thanks Dirk! OKay, so its off a little bit & just not me. lol :P thanks for letting me know!

raz: LOL @ is spencer crazy

Unknown said...

I think Judd may be playing GM, Howard, Spencer and Kaitlin. Amanda did visit Judd. I watched the whole thing. She even went into detail about Elissa and the events that happened the night before. Judd was being very sympathetic with Amanda and said that Candice was just as inconsiderate, taking his blanket he set by the solitary room right before he went in. He and McCrea had a few convos yesterday about Amanda laying low and to stop pushing game play. Personally, I would like to see him move away from Elissa especially. I supported her in the beginning, but she has been acting so full of herself! What is up with the Reilys?! She and Rachel are different, but they both have major insecurity issues. She wanted to make sure that Amanda didn't share anything with the diary room because she want to go into the ministry and she has a family, lol! This isn't the first time I have heard this btw.

Robin Jackson said...

I think he is playing both sides to cover himself. Do t forget he hasn't told Amanda, McCrae, or Andy about the alliance with kaitlyn and GM. I think the only reason Amanda and McCrae know about the one with Andy is be wise Andy told it. Judd is probably waive ring on which group to go with. He seems to be getting tired of Amanda. She was still whispering and scheming after McRae told her to cool it. Granted it wasn't as much, but Judd very quickly got up and left the room. It's going to be interesting to see the MVP replacement nomination. I think that will determine what happens next.

AmiLrn said...

Haven't read your other updates yet but in case you missed it, they are totally planning a BB wedding. Elisa is coordinating, Candice is making the dress, Howard it the minister. Elissa and Judd are matron of honor and best man respectively.

Rebecca McCamish said...

Amanda very much did visit Judd while she was taking nail polish off of her nails and getting ready to bake cupcakes. She asked him about his confinement, and they discussed how Amanda had to apologize to Elissa after Elissa called her a stripper. So yes, Amanda did talk to Judd. Don't take Judd's word for it in front of his "side alliance."

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