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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Afternoon in the BB House

Good afternoon & welcome to the afternoon post!! Today has been a nice mixture of game talk & down time. If you haven't yet checked out the The Overnighter or Morning in the BB House , then ya might want to & get all caught up! There was a lot of drama last night on the live feeds.

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Currently on the live feeds...

1:19pm BBT:
Lounge Room
Amanda/Candice had a talk in the lounge room. Amanda (lied) and said she's not targeting Howard and has not been saying about trying to get Howard out & that she wants her name to stay out of their (H/C) mouths. Candice said she just wants to make it to jury with "Howie". Amanda said that she won't gun after them until she has to. They both made a truce and shook on it. (**Amanda later told Andy that she doesn't plan on honoring the truce deal.)

1:44pm BBT:

Amanda has been feeling ill. She blames it on her nicotene patch that she had on while smoking. She goes into the bathroom (from sitting outside with McCrae, smoking) to throw up in the bathroom sink.

2:30pm BBT:
HG's get put on inside lockdown.  (*If they stay locked inside all day, then that's a great sign that there'll be an endurance comp tomorrow!! w0

2:50pm BBT:

Elissa: "I really hope it's endurance..."

They talk about how when they came out of the HOH lockdown yesterday, there were a lot of baby rubber duckies in the pool , beach balls, amongst other things missing/appearing & wonder if that'll have anything to do with the HOH comp.

Elissa talks about Rachel saying that being on BB was really emotional for her. The 4 of them start talking about crying. Just then, Candice walks by...

Judd: "Have you cried in the house, Candice?"
Candice: "Mm hmm!" (she goes into the back bedroom)
Judd: "I know Andy has."
Amanda: "I feel like I cry every other day."

Amanda (to McCrae): "You haven't cried.."
McCrae: "I think once I get my letter from home, I'll break down probably."
Amanda: "Don't, because then I'll break down."

McCrae said that he's emotional. Judd, however, is not.

The subject ends up switching to the comps they've done so far & how hard they've been this year.

3:37pm BBT:

Amanda/McCrae are talking about they fell in love with each other & how Amanda had a boyfriend before coming into the house now her life is different because she met & fell in love with McCrae.

Amanda: "Why are you smiling at me?"
McCrae: "Because I like looking at you."

Amanda's scared that McCrae is playing her. He assures he's not.

They start talking about Candice.

Meanwhile, in the Lounge Room...

Candice is tweezing Howard's eyebrows. 

Back in the bedroom...

Elissa/Amanda/Andy are going over days of the events in the BB house (in case they need to know it for the HOH comp). Talk then turns to comps in general.

McCrae has rejoined the bedroom group.

**Okay guys & gals, I'll be back in an hour to open the chat room for tonights BB episode!! :D Enjoy the live feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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AmandaHater said...

Howard tells a lie about the Moving Company and is never forgiven BUT Amanda can continue to lie to everyone. Hmm. Theres a word for that.

James said...

The conversation late last night with Elissa and Helen (broken up at 1:30 to about 2am) is really very different from the way Helen recollects the conversation to her other alliance members this am. The actual convo was really very polite and there was certainly no threats. Helen suggested that Elissa try to smooth things over and that some of the alliance members were upset. She agrees with Elissa that they try to put it to rest and that is what Helen was trying to do today. So Helen this am spoke with Andy, Judd, Am and others and made it sound like she was coming down hard on Elissa and that Elissa was then sorry and is now in line. It wasn't that way at all. I think Helen always try to hide how close she is with Elissa around others and purposely criticizes her to hide that fact. I do think that Helen was pretty successful in putting the alliance's worries to rest to some degree although not totally. If El cools down I do think it will blow over in the next week.

Helen absolutely needs El in jury. She can 100% get her jury vote or 100% beat Elissa in a F2. There really is no loyalty in the house stronger than El is to Helen (not as much vise versa) except maybe Candice to Howard.

Helen certainly has her faults in this game and can't keep her mouth closed, but I have to say she is playing a very good social game. I would not want to be sitting next to her in F2. Let's just see if others realize that because she is good had hiding the the closeness of her relationships (El, Aa, Spenc, How, Cand).



It's pretty academic because Elissa doomed herself yesterday, because she showed among other things that no one can safely confide in her.
When I see houseguests grooming each other it reminds me of the nature shows when groups of chimpanzees sit around and pick nits off each other, except they don't eat them, I think.

cballz79 said...

Ohh, I get it Craig!! Because they are both black, right??
Unbelievable.. Who monitors these posts???

Anonymous said...


I think Amanda and McCrae are more loyal to each other than Helen/Elissa and Howard/Candice combined. Since the MC was broken up early in the game in large part because of how close they got to each other you never really see Amanda or McCrae making moves in the house that don't involve the other. While you do see that with Helen and definitely see with Howard.


Jamie said...

i monitor them.

i dont think it was a racial comment. at least, i didn't take it as that. its a characteristic he was referring to. if it was meant as anything but that, i'd like to know so i can delete the comment.

James said...


Yes I agree that Am/McC are very close and out in the open. But sometimes El cares more about Hel than she does herself in this game. When they were on the block together after noms, El basically told Hel that she would give her POV if she won and Hel cut her off and said don't say that or I will cry. Hel knows that El is not as gung ho about being here as others but very much supports Hel. She is always hiding the closeness of their relationship to others, but they have a very genuine friendship when alone. El is gold to Hel's game and she knows she needs to keep her. She just needs to keep El tame, which is not always easy to do.

Candice is nuts over Howard and can't think strait.

While Am/McC are very close, I really don't think it will last and both are very much playing for themseleves. They will take each other to the end but would much rather win themselves than keep the showmance going. Just my opinion.


JChism said...

I don't see how anyone can read Craig's post above and take it in any way as a remark against blacks.

Jamie said...

thank you, jchism.

Roxanneroxanne said...

Jamie did you hear Amanda last night saying that she wanted to sharpen a butter knife and KILL Candice with it?!?!?!?!?

Natasha Corrigan said...

Don't doubt Jamie! She seems so kind as she didn't even detail the house guests racism... I am pretty sure the ONLY one that made that racist and disgusting was cballz. I think his comment was the only one uncalled for!

Jamie said...

thanks natasha. :) the last thing i want is to offend anyone. glad it wasn't just me. xo

Debbie Sutterfield said...

Not at all. There have been many grooming sessions between hg's. Aryan tweezed Kaitlin, Amanda picks at McCrae, and then Candice tweezed Howard. The only mammal besides humans that can pick and groom each other is our closest relative. And they do groom each other quite a bit. If there were any racial implications behind that comment, I didn't see it. If so, then shame.

Debbie Sutterfield said...

Thank you Jamie. My feelings exactly...

Debbie Sutterfield said...

Could Amanda possibly be pregnant? She keeps talking about making a baby with McCrae while in the BB house, so....? That would be interesting, but not very fun if she gets morning sickness. Plus, she would need medical attention that couldn't be postponed until she got evicted.

Anonymous said...


The thought of that comment being racist never even crossed my mind until it was mentioned and I went back noticed the pic of the grooming just so happened to be of Candice and Howard. However I think and certainly hope that was just a coincidence as HGs groom each other all the time like that every season and I assume that's what CRAIG MARSHALL was referring to in a total general sense not just that specific instance. Hopefully cballz79 was just being a little hypersensitive given the terrible tone this season has taken early on with several HGs.


rigs said...

Jamie, I agree, the comment was not racist. While chimps have black hair, their faces range in color from pale pink to black just like humans. The common characteristic is grooming. Primates do groom each other as do humans. Besides, most of the "nit picking" is being done by the white HGs. Even more important is that it is a female thing. If you go around looking for racism you will find it even when it doesn't exist. Howard gets it. Even when you think you are being attacked, let it pass right on by because you might be wrong.

Anonymous said...


I guess you were only judging the strength of the relationships 1 way in which I see your point in the current standing of those ties. However as far as those paying longterm dividends I don't put as much stock in them as I don't see them anywhere near as stable as a strong 2 way partnership. Perhaps Howard can keep the wool pulled over Candice's eyes the entire time but with the way people talk inside that house it's not too hard to imagine her finding out about some of the deals he's been making behind her back that don't include her and weakening that bond.

As for Elissa saying she'd use POV on Helen actions speak louder than words. Many people have said they'd do something like that but to the best of my knowledge only 2 ever have and they both involved preexisting relationships outside of the house. Evel Dick did it to save his daughter in S8 and Brendon used it to save his then fiance Rachel in S13. For 1 woman to actually go through with doing that for another woman she just met a couple weeks ago I just didn't see that ever happening. And the fact that the thought even crossed her mind to say that to Helen speaks more to how little interest Elissa has in staying in that house much longer. This fact has continued to be demonstrated by what a loose canon she's been lately as the worst that can happen is she gets evicted which I believe she'd welcome. That's not the kind of player I'd want to be attached to and depending on longterm in this game.


laserkat said...

I am grossed out by all the HGs grooming each other, of which the first I saw was Aaryn plucking Kaitlin's brows. I did not think the comparison of H & C grooming was meant as a racial slur but my husband (who is black) has made me understand why that comparison is so sensitive because I was not raised in an environment where you heard such remarks. I think you do an awesome job Jamie so please keep up the good work.

Chelle Wilson said...

That never crossed my mind that Craigs comment had anything to do with race. Sad that anyone would receive ot that way.


Like so many you are projecting what you think on others. I watch BBAD and people (mostly women) are always picking at each other's hair. Or tweezing. So far nobody wants to mess with Spencer's beard. Leave it to you to instantly go racial. I don't know what wildlfe shows you are watching.

Razldazlrr said...

jamie - I didn't think it was racist either - geez - people are sensitive!

Kim M said...

@AmandaHater -

But Amanda isn't upset that Howard lied about the moving company. That was pretty much just Helen. Amanda is just targeting him because he is a strong player and because he's talked about needing to get her out (because Howard thinks she has too much influence over McCrae).

Kim M said...

@JChism -

I didn't take it that way at all! And Howard/Candice haven't been the only ones grooming each other. Amanda was tweezing Elissa's eyebrows in the HOH bathroom the other day and I'm sure there have been other instances as well. It happens every season! I swear - I think the Aaryn/GM comments are making everyone so sensitive this season!

Kim M said...

@Debbie -

Even if she was pregnant (which I'd doubt but who knows!), she really wouldn't need medical attention while in the BB house. Most doctors won't even schedule a first appointment until you are somewhere between 8-12 weeks along, from what I understand. And it wouldn't be a big deal if that didn't happen for an extra week or two.

Sarah A said...

Can someone explain to me WHY the HG's seem to hate Candice so much?? I watch the feeds fairly frequently and it seems like she has been a target for some really ugly talk since the beginning, and it only seems to be getting worse. Please shed some light on this!!

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