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Monday, July 8, 2013

The Overnighter

Good morning/afternoon, everyone!! So sorry for the delay, I slept in today by with that being said, who has 2 thumbs & is gonna be doing cliffnotes today? This gal!! ;) lol Houseguests are already up & at'em this morning, so I'm gonna make this quick.

While you wait, you can watch former BB houseugest, Wil Heuser do Part 2 of his BB Saga on YouTube.

The Overnighter:

*Aaryn told GinaMarie that she doesn't like Jeremy/Kaitlin being so close because she never gets to talk game with Jeremy anymore.

*Aaryn told GM that if they got Kaitlin out, Aaryn/GM/Nick/Jeremy could "run the house". Aaryn's concern is that if Kaitlin was on the block & Jeremy won POV, that she (A) would go up as a replacement nom. She knows Jeremy would work hard to keep Kaitlin in the game & Aaryn would end up going up.

*GM told Nick about her convo with Aaryn (about wanting Kaitlin out).

*Jessie made a comment about Amanda being Jewish and how "Jews have money". (**wow.)

*Seems that Elissa's replacement MVP nom is/will be Nick. (Not sure if she put in her vote yet.)

*Aaryn/GM/Jeremy talked last night. Aaryn brought up the concern of Jer/Kaitlin. Jeremy said to not doubt him.

*Aaryn/Jeremy got into a little argument (11:00pm BBT) about Kaitlin. Jeremy walked out of the HOH room.

*Amanda was walking around in nothing but underwear, a hat, heels, and bandaids on her ta-tas. (11:04pm BBT). 

*Flashback: 11:16pm BBT Cam 3. Amanda/Jessie/Aaryn/GinaMarie are in the backyard, showing off in skimpy outfits for the guys.

*Helen jokingly joined in. (lol)
*GM was in a flirty outfit and walked towards Nick, who was not interested. lol "I'm just here for class!" He showed no interest in her.

*Candice/Helen/Elissa think they have 6 votes to evict Nick. All 3 of them agree that they don't trust Spencer anymore and want Howard to not be as close to Spencer as he is.

*Helen told Howard the plan of evicting Nick this week. Howard lied and said that GM/Howard/Spencer would vote Nick out. She seems to believe him.

*Elissa/Nick talk (1am BBT). Elissa told Nick that she feels betrayed by him. Nick asked her to make a deal with him to keep him off the block this week. Elissa refused and walked away.

*Nick told GM that he's gonna be the replacement nom. GM cries.

*Tension between Amanda/McCrae is still there. (McCrae wants Elissa out, Amanda doesn't. This has been causing conflict between them.)

*Amanda confronted Spencer (3am BBT) about throwing her name out there as a possible MVP renom. Spencer denied it & said he's loyal to McCrae, and by thus by association, her (A) as well. (This convo is worth the flashback.)

*Amanda tried (again) to get McCrae to keep Elissa, but he's not buying it.

*Howard/Spencer see now that McCrae can't keep Amanda "controlled" and that's a problem.

*Amanda told McCrae that she's voting to keep Elissa & that McCrae can vote however he wants. She also told McCrae that she can't trust Jeremy and will never be in an alliance with him. She doesn't understand why so many people in the house are doing what Jeremy wants them to do.

*Judd told Amanda that he likes Elissa and will be keeping her.

*Judd said he wants him/McCrae/Amanda to be the Final 3.

*McCrae told Judd/Amanda that they NEED TO KEEP Elissa. (Not sure if he's being sincere or not. We'll find out when the votes come down on Thursday.)

Okie dokie, that's it for The Overnighter! Starting a morning/afternoon post shortly! :D

Stay tuned...
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Kingboo985 said...

Do you have a pic of aaryn from last night when Amanda was walking around topless

Vicky P said...

Now would be a great time for aaryn to actually use her brain and make a deal with elissa. If she could guarantee elissa's safety, she could have elissa put up kaitlin as replacement nom and get her outta there... Just a thought... Also, is it just me or are these house guests extra skanky, conceited, and childish this season??? Ugh, its sickening!

April Gamble said...

Can u say NASTY! Is this pron or BB?? These are some trashy desperate girls on this season!!! I hope Elissa stays! Her and Helen seem to have a little class. The rest are pitiful!!!!

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