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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

HOH Endurance Comp!!

We have ourselves an HOH endurance comp!! :D This is a 'fill-it-up' endurance/physical comp that's gonna take awhile!

To watch tonights HOH comp, ya gotta get the 

They're $26.99 for the ENTIRE SEASON and oh so worth it!! You'll be able to watch tonights comp, plus all other HOH endurance comps, and 24/7 live feeds for the next 3 months!

"BB Barbeque"
Since the HG's are playing in pairs, the winning pair will get to decide which of them gets HOH.

6:33pm BBT:
Feeds are on!!!!
6:34pm BBT:

*Nick/Judd have a bigger scooper, which means they could catch up pretty fast.
*Andy/Elissa are half-way done.
*Amanda/Kaitlin are almost half-way

6:41pm BBT:
Judd/Nick are quickly catching up!
 *Howard took a hard fall a little bit ago.
*Aaryn/Jeremy & Andy/Elissa are neck-and-neck.

6:50pm BBT:
A look at the jugs..
GinaMarie keeps yelling at Candice to hurry up.
Looks like Elissa/Andy might be slightly in the lead now!

6:58pm BBT:
*Andy/Elissa seem to be still in the lead...
Jeremy: "I got that ball, baby! I GOT THAT BALL, BABY!!"

Jeremy/Aaryn won, now they have to decide which of them to be the HOH for the week. (Hence, why the feeds are on trivia at the moment.)

Winner of the HOH Comp is:

She's wearing the HOH key around her neck.

Elissa, Helen, Candice & Andy are Have Not's this week.
Okay guys & gals, I'll be back in the morning with the Overnighter! Until then, enjoy the live feeds!!!

Stay tuned...
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beautifuldespair said...

Can you tell who the teams are?

Kiley said...

Hi Jamie! I look forward to spending yet another season with you! I was going to get the live feeds but I'm not wasting the money on this cast. At least not yet. :) Once again, your blog pulls me through. I will be refreshing like crazy tonight! Thanks for all your hard work this season in advance! :)

Christine Miller said...

Hi Jamie, great blog! I've been a big fan of the blog for years. This is the first year I got the feeds. My chat name is carolina if you'd kindly send me an invite :)


Erica Iles said...

Of course Jeremy and Aaryn would win. That's how it always works, right? Ugh :(

Nancy said...

I can't see Jeremy giving it to Aryn

Dannielle Burciaga said...

I know what you mean Erica! I was really hoping Andy and Elissa would pull through. Jeremy and Aaryn rub me the wrong way. They are not my favorite players in the house. Gonna be an interesting week though. I hope they get a little drunk on power and act out. Hoping for some self-sabotage.

(Note for Jamie: GREAT BLOG! I have been popping in daily. First time poster. Thank you for all that you do!)

Sara said...

In guessing Jeremy will take it since he is cocky like that. He came here to win.

Knock knock - it's cancer! said...

At 6:49 on the feeds it showed Aaryn and Jeremy switch cups... they should be DQ'ed since Julie said they had to pour not switch cups. Anyone else saw this??

Knock knock - it's cancer! said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jennifer Pinkney said...

Hi Jamie! I've been a Big Brother fan for years. I just want to say your blog is great! Thanks for the updates because I'm addicted :-)
Thanks again,

hummingbrd said...

Hi Jamie ,
WOW ! This house is on Fire tonight ...
In my opinion I think Rachel's sister is getting a bad wrap. She seems cool what do u think about her so far Jamie?
This is so good & it just started LOL .Thanks for All U do for us

michaelnsync said...

I saw the switch BB rig. Elissa/Andy should of Won. There is clear cheating involved with Aayrn/Jeremy

michaelnsync said...

Clear as day cheating on Jeremy and Aayrn team. Elissa and Andy should of won. Not fair

Jamie F. said...

I am not sure why Elissa is so it just b/c she is rachel's sister? I am not saying the girl is perfect, but if they could see things from our perspective, they would see they are blaming all the wrong people...I guess that's why its Big Brother!! Thanks, Jamie, for a great job as usual!! You rock.

Kern's Kreations said...

Great as always Jamie. Year in and year out, your blog is the best!
My thoughts so far - not a fan of Aaryn. Other than that, I'm still reserving judgment.
Keep up the good work.

Christina said...

On the news here after tonight's show, both Aaryn and GinaMarie's companies have said they have fired each of these women for things they have said on this show (the live feeds).

Anonymous said...

I think it was a really dumb move on Jeremy's part to let Aryan have the HOH with the new MVP twist in play. In past seasons it was usually wise strategy to throw an HOH to a weaker alliance member if possible this way you'd be safe this week and still get to play in the next HOH. However with the MVP twist safety is not just determined by the HOH. The MVP is extremely likely to be Elisa or someone else from the other side of the house making Jeremy the most likely 3rd nominee especially with Aryan safe from being chosen.


Aaron said...

Cheaters, they should be disqualified. Shame. They should be docked one way or another, on the positive side though im sure we will see some true colors fly and hopefully the house targets Jeremy, I love the moving Co but Jeremy is definitely a weak link there voted against that alliances target. Hopefully he doesnt sabatoge the moving Co hoping Mccrae gets MVP will be a interesting week. Thank you Jamie ! Been following you for years :-)

TerBerry5 said...

That Aaryn is the worst evil little b in the history of BB. There have been lots of liars and lots of egomaniacs but this girl takes the cake. I hope she gets knocked down a whole whole bunch. I'm sure she's all smug about HOH, but I just KNOW anything she does will backfire on her. Karma is a powerful force.

Rhonda Howerton said...

I've been watching BB since the first season. It seems to me that the cast has gotten progressively extremely self oriented, brazen with the hook ups with total strangers in front of all of america, and less apologetic for the hate comments, etc. I wonder if this is a reflection of society as a whole, or simply the casting of the group.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm curious... can anyone tell me how the have nots were picked? I find it odd that the Asian, the bi-racial, and the gay are all have nots and Aaryn is the HOH... makes you go Huuummmm

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me how the Have Nots were selected this week? I find it a little ironic that the Asian, bi-racial, and gay house guests are Have Nots while Aaryn is the HOH... makes you go huuummmm

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