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Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Sunday to y'all!! :D Today is my "Summer Sunday", my 1 day a week where I take the afternoon off. So I'll do the Overnighter & then I'll see y'all back here tonight for the Sunday BB show at 8pm EST.

Yesterday was a crazy day on the live feeds!! After Amanda was placed on the block for the MVP nom, things just spiraled from there. Amanda had some freak out moments, McCrae was trying to calm her down all afternoon pre-veto comp, Judd was not being himself due to nicotine withdrawals, and add the paranoia of a few HG's thinking that Howard is the MVP + them thinking that someone in the house has a "special power", and it was just utter chaos!

Spencer won the veto & will be taking himself off the block. Aaryn will then be placing Candice up on the block as the replacement nom. The Veto Ceremony takes places tomorrow afternoon. 

Okay, so as if stands right now, Howard is most definitely going home. But, as I say all the time, this is Big Brother and anything can happen. Despite Candice campaigning for her "Howie" to stay and trying to gather up the votes to keep him safe, Howard's days in the house are numbered.

Let's take a look at what happened overnight!

**You can watch everything posted below on the Flashback Feeds, which comes with your live feeds pass!

11:35pm BBT:
Lounge Room

Helen: "I'm gonna try (to get the votes for Howard to stay) but it's gonna be hard because they want him out BAD! Jessie (does) too. I don't care what (Jessie's) telling you. They all do."
Candice: "Ok."
Helen: "I'll try. I'll try.

Candice: "Last week, everybody wanted Amanda out and now she's on the block, and nobody wants her out."

They go back & forth...Candice thinks it's possible to get the votes, Helen does not.

Candice thinks she can get Helen/Spencer/Elissa for votes to get Amanda out & would need 2 more to secure the votes. Helen tells Candice that Jessie will do whatever Judd wants her to do & there's no way that Jessie would vote Amanda out.

Candice: "It's clear that you, Elissa, Amanda & McCrae are all running stuff and.."
Helen: "NO WE'RE NOT!!
Candice: "Y'all are in control over every person that leaves this is what it is."

Helen gets up & storms out.
11:46pm BBT:
Helen goes outside & smokes (!!) with Jessie in the corner of the backyard. A production guy came on the loudspeaker telling Helen she can't smoke anywhere except for the patio.


12:02am BBT:

Helen is telling Jessie how Candice said Elissa/Helen/McCrae/Amanda are "running the house".

Helen: "It's a win-win situation for everybody, except for Candice."

Helen said that Candice was "bullying" her, trying to get her to save Howard. She also said how this week is not the week to flip votes.

Helen: "If she wants to win HOH and get Amanda out, so be it."

12:33am BBT:
HOH Room
Helen starts to tell a mixture of the truth & lies about her convo with Candice. She said that Candice "bullied" her, "threatened" to come after her/Elissa/McCrae/Amanda if they didn't vote for Howard to stay.

Helen: "I told her that it was impossible (to get the votes), Howard has wronged me from day 1, and I was like 'I really can't do that'." (**she told Candice she'd "try" to get the votes, but told Jessie she's not gonna try & only told Candice that so that she would leave her alone.)

GM enters.
Helen tells GM about her talk with Candice & how she (C) said she'd gun after Helen/Elissa/Amanda/McCrae.

GinaMarie: "Her & what army?"

12:40am BBT:
Lounge Room

Elissa: "How ya feelin', Howard?"
Howard: "It's just a game. Just a game. I'm not gone until I'm gone."

Candice starts crying...

Candice: "If you're not (working) with Amanda & McCrae, then it appears that you are & you're not with me. And that means I've been loyal to y'all, but y'all have not been loyal to me. And that hurts me, Elissa!"

Elissa: "I don't have any pull with them, Candice. Do you realize that?"

Candice starts saying how she's upset that (without directly saying it, but said) by keeping Aaryn & making a 2 week deal with someone who has said offensive remarks, while Howard has to leave just because he's made secret alliances.

Candice: "You know how many secret alliances there are? A LOT! A lot!"
Elissa: "Well tell me."
Candice: "To me, it seems like y'all are protecting Amanda & McCrae. I don't understand that."

Elissa starts saying that Howard swore on the bible, Howard said he didn't.
Elissa: "Ever Aaryn & Jeremy said you swore on the bible about being in (the moving company) alliance, so..."

Candice defends Howard saying he didn't.
This convo is worth the look on flashback. I gotta move on with the Overnighter.

1:10am BBT:

Elissa talks to McCrae/Amanda and tells them about her convo with Candice. They can't believe she's campaigning for Howard to stay when she's going up on the block as the re-nom. Elissa makes a remark about Howard leaving the convo between him/Candice/Elissa when Candice was crying & said that her (E) husband would never have left her alone crying & Howard shouldn't have done that if he truly cares about Candice.

1:19am BBT:
Lounge Room

Howard tells Elissa he left Candice crying because he was frustrated about the things she (C) was telling him because a lot of it was news to him. 

Elissa leaves a minute later. Candice continues to cry, Howard stayed with her.

1:23am BBT:
Howard thanks Candice for defending him and he said he was sorry for walking out on her while she was crying.

1:31am BBT:
Howard/Candice still talking. Candice mentions that she thinks Helen is running the house and doesn't believe that Helen doesn't have any control over Jessie/Andy voting.

1:39am BBT:
Howard/Candice are still kinda fighting about the whole 'leaving the room' thing.

2:01am BBT:

Helen/Elissa talk in the cockpit bedroom. They know this is not the week to get Amanda out, so Howard will be going home.

3:27am BBT:

Howard/Spencer talk. Spencer tells Howard that the only way he could stay if he (H) campaigned because trying to get Amanda out is just not an option, nobody will do it. Spencer tells Howard to mend fences with Amanda/McCrae, that's his only option & to have Candice go instead of him. Spencer doesn't want Howard to go because he's the "only person he trusts" in the house.

**And that's it for The Overnighter!! :D I'll see y'all back here tonight at 8pm EST for the Sunday Night BB Episode! Until then, enjoy the live feeds today!!

Stay tuned...
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Dee said...

Candice is very smart. She spoke the truth to Helen; she, Elissa and McCranda are running the house. Howard has left such a bad taste in everyone's mouth that he will be Candice's downfall. I wish she would have pushed "Girl Power" like she was doing before she got close to Howard. Once Howard leaves, she will not have anyone. Unfortunately it looks like her time is running out fast. Such a shame; I really like Candice.

Anonymous said...

Helen is definitely right it's too soon for them to turn on Amanda and vote her out. If they do that the other side is still 3 strong plus McCrae would be livid and most likely flip over. After that GM wouldn't be too difficult to pick up and the sides are now 5 to 5 with Aryan the swing in the middle. Whereas if they get rid of Howard the other side is completely crippled as Candice and Spencer have no connection or relationship outside of both being tight with Howard. And if Candice is gonna work with anyone in that house once Howard is gone it'll be Helen and Elissa.


Anonymous said...

Oh the drama!! What will Candice do without Howard?

Ste ven said...

I watched After Dark last night and Helen and Elissa were talking and Helen definitely put out the possibility of this is the chance to get Amanda out; she might never be nominated again. But shes afraid of McRae. It is funny how all these people, especially this season, have fallen into these showmances so quickly. They fall in love quicker than the Bachelor show. Its really weird. I didnt know viewers hate Amanda that much. Im not a Candice fan though. Im thinking if they keep MVP for next week (it probably will stay until the jury time because then there will be too few house guests), they will let the viewers vote again. I almost want them to return to the old format to see if Elissa would get it again or someone else. The fact that neither Elissa or GM went up helps the HGs think its someone else. But they thought it was HOward last week and why would he have put GM up? They HAVE to split up GM and Amanda at some point and why not do it now. It would be a BIG Move that would change the dynamics of the house and then they could just deny who voted. As Helen said, they can easily get the votes to do it if they want to. It would be smart move. Jessie is a floater - you do forget she's even in the house. Andy is off everyone's radar - hes just the gay best friend who is unthreatening and lucky theres almost never 2 gays so the gays dont get a chance for a showmance. I wish next year theyd have like 3 (attractive and NON stereotypical ) gay men, 2 or 3 lesbians, and do something where the straights would be in the minority...It would be interesting to see, esp if theyre not stereotypes. I think Steven Daigle was the closest they got but he ended up being a major gay porn star. I just hate they always do the stereotypical femme guy - they need people who you wouldnt guess were gay.
Which reminds me, remember several seasons ago a guy (think he was a gay guy) just withdrew for some unknown reason..Was that ever figured out cuz I dont remember ever finding out why he left without explanation.
Its funny how they all think theres a coup de tat. That was actually the most ridiculous producer intervention I had ever seen. It was really the most unfair game play just to get the outcome they (and viewers) wanted.
But as always BB is so predictable...same challenges, same formats. I wish maybe theyd do a Pandora's Box or Double elimination NOW before HGs expect it. They know to expect it later in the season. For God sake to something to surprise the HGs a little bit more. Theyre not expecting double elim this week or next so they cant plan ahead for it. Make them scramble and earn their money. Pandoras is also a bit silly because has anyone ever not opened it? All we need is rachel in the house ugh

Anonymous said...

I just don't get it. The question Candice should be asking the others "So who are you going to vote for to win--Amanda or McCrea? Because you know once me and/or Howard is gone their is no way to stop them from being the final two." Or she could go with the "So which jury position do you think Amanda will allow you to have?" Either of these questions will start will start people thinking. And could be followed with conversation about how no one is really playing their own game because they are afraid and what a shame that is.

Kelleigh said...

Man, I have never seen so many people let one woman run the house and not question it one bit! Amanda has a strong personality but there is strength in numbers. I would like to see a surprise move by breaking up the strongest alliance in the house, McCranda. Big Brother 101, sheesh!

Jef Rosen said...

Jamie, I love it when you fact check HG on the spot, but generally you objectively report exactly what is said without giving the true/false stamp. I understand that there are too many lies to go fact checking everything, but if you are able to occasionally put a *true* or *false* tag next to statements that would be really cool.

Like the whole did he or didn't he swear on the bible conversation. This whole time I thought he did indeed swear on it. But now I cant remember seeing him doing it. Would be fantastic to have a *true* or *false* tag on that one (and others)...

Natasha Corrigan said...

I say let them vote out 2 out of 3 on the block! Last minute so they don't have time to figure out what the majority will do...

Revis615 said...

Someone needs to make a big move at some point to flip the house & change the dynamic. Seems no one has the smarts or courage right now. This is the high school season b/c nobody can keep a secret about anything and they play follow the leader. This game won't be interesting until they turn on Amanda b/ then we'd see her panic and how McC responds. That's why America will keep voting for her b/ she's running the house and manipulating the game. Fans see her running the house and know her being on the block brings drama and entertainment for us. McCranda will be final 2 if they don't get them out by jury. Mark my words

Revis615 said...

They definitely need to come up with another twist to shake the game up because its just not interesting. I hated Dan last year but at least it was very entertaining and kept me interested. These Hg's are clueless and seem to be following the lead of Helen, Amanda, and McC. Too many floaters and not enough strong players so you get a one sided game where everyone's just following. It sucks

mellie said...

I know this would never happen but I wish mccrae would go up in spencers place and the house finally sees that Amanda is running everything. I really like her but I think until she is gone no one else will play the game. This whole house junk is dull.

michael duffy said...

I get that you probably dont realize alot being in the house but it is hard to belive they dont realize what is going on with amanda. I agree that production needs to sttart doing things a little different. Its starting to get old.

Rebecca McCamish said...

Why is it that people think Dr. Will is an utter genius for running TWO seasons of BB without winning a comp and pulling everyone's strings... But a woman does it, and whoa! All the sudden we have a power-hungry control freak in the house? Misogyny, anyone? Look it up in the dictionary.

Amanda is playing the Dr. Will game. It's just that Dr. Will's showmance was a heterosexual-life-partner-mance with Boogie. Will pulled the strings, and the House danced.

But oh, god forbid if a woman should have power and run the game... the heavens will fall and there will be ANARCHY!



If Amanda stays this week I think she and McCrae should float the rumor that she was the MVP and nominated herself for the purpose of testing their alliance's loyalty. This might blow some minds,and it would be fun to see people's reactions. If people think she already runs the house this might cement that in the other houseguest's minds. It might make them think a bit before tangling with her. Or not. Just a thought.

Razldazlrr said...

Not always, but a lot of times these showmances kill their games (exception Jordan/Jeff). I don't think they socialize enough and get to know all the other players. After Jeremy left Kaitlin only had a week to try to play her game, and it was too late. The same will probably be true of Candice.
And why would you care if Mcc and amanda are running the game if it's not affecting you?
I had hoped Spencer would be the one going home - ugh - ......

prettygirl said...

Candice needs to convince Helen to convince Aaryn to put Mccrae on Spencers place stead of Candice. That way Candice,Helen,Alissa,Judd n Spencer can vote out Amanda. Wouldn't matter how Andy,Jessie or Ginamarie vote Amanda will have 5 votes against her n get evicted! Better now than later! She can easily get to the top manipulating people.

prettygirl said...

Candice needs to convince Helen to convince Aaryn to put Mccrae on Spencers place stead of Candice. That way Candice,Helen,Alissa,Judd n Spencer can vote out Amanda. Wouldn't matter how Andy,Jessie or Ginamarie vote Amanda will have 5 votes against her n get evicted! Better now than later! She can easily get to the top manipulating people.

Brooke Elliott said...

Where is jessie?

Jamie said...

LOL @ Where's Jessie ...she's around. :P


Amanda was the MVP choice only because Kaitlin was evicted last week and Aaryn is HOH, therefore ineligible. Aaryn will no doubt regain her crown next week and go up as America's choice, unless they kill the MVP gimmick.

Jamie said...

i wish they'd get rid of the mvp thing. it so stupid. nice try to get things going, but it's weighing the season down, in my opinion. wish they'd just stick to the formula for 1 returning BB alumni, no relatives of bb alumni, new cast that vary in ages (not all 20'somethings), no MVP crap. just the original bb formula.

wishful thinking on my part perhaps lol

enb said...

I think howard and candice should just cut their losses and go home. They have no chance, when people you thought was on your side are bashing you with the enemy you are S.O.L. So they should leave now, and don't give those gutless cowards the chance to evict them. Its a no win situation.

Andy Tatnall said...

I think the MVP twist would have worked if they hadn't put a relative of a past winner in the house at the same time. How the producers could not have seen it coming that Elissa would win it all the time, I can't imagine.

Michelle said...

Best Big Brother Blog! I think it's too early to flip on your own alliance when there are still so many people to get out! Also, someone will eventually put up McCranda! I love how people just assume everyone will do what else everyone wants. Someone will win HOH...Aaryn had to play it safe this week bc she knows she's on everyone's radar to get voted out. By doing what the majority wants and playing nice, she can buy herself some more time in the house. Doesn't matter most of America doesn't like her, she did the right thing this weekend. Also even if she nominated who she wanted it would have been Candice and Elissa. Eventually the alliance will have to turn on each other. People need to cool their jets! McCranda will get broken up but this alliance is smart and waiting till only 1 or 2 other people are left that they can control. We still have at least 2 or 3 more eviction before we see real game play. But who knows Spencer or GM could win HOH and who knows who they would put up!

Michelle said...

Best Big Brother Blog! Thank you for stating what has happened and not necessarily favoring anyone. I have been reading this blog since the beginning of the season and have actually been a BB fan since Season 1! LOL! I do not subscribe to the live feeds and have never read the blogs bc I really enjoy watching the show and never wanted anything spoiled for me. This season was totally different. As soon as a friend mentioned everything that was going on with the mean girls I started reading and now I check daily! Thanks Jamie!

robere11 said...

I can't stand Amanda why is everybody up her butt? I want her on the block every week


Thank you Jamie for this blog. It has really enhanced my interest and understanding in the game since I started following your blog about 4-5 seasons ago. Add BBAD on TVGN, and I've got it bad.

Nancy said...

I don't think it's a matter of woman vs man with regard to Amanda vs Will. Will was charming. I wouldn't use that to describe Amanda.

jayne said...


jayne said...

wow, perfect strategy Craig...i like it!


Nobody has the guts to actually pull off Dr. Will's strategy. He told people on the first day that everything he says is a lie. Who else could pull that off?

jayne said...

i'm with you on that Jamie

Christina Van Ness said...


Debbie said...

I agree completely.

Charisma gets you far in life. Will at least had a social game.

Rae Sanni said...

My dislike for Amanda is not misogyny. It's her racism (go look it up, she's glorious at being a racist) and her hypocrisy. She's awful, and not as fun or charismatic as Dr. Will.

Kayla said...

Will was not going around gunning for people. Two totally different game plays. Will threw competitions. Amanda loses them.

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