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Monday, July 15, 2013

Morning in the BB House

The houseguests were woken up BB around 8:30am BBT this morning to start getting ready for the Veto Ceremony today. Kaitlin is still slated to use the veto to take herself off the block, and Helen will be putting up Jeremy...making the noms this week Jeremy/Aaryn/Spencer. The plan is to still get Jeremy out this week, and he knows it.

Let's see what's going on inside the BB house! :D

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9:44am BBT:
HOH Room

Helen is telling Kaitlin to "work with us", Andy/Helen/Elissa, and "do this for us" (take yourself off the block) and they will keep her safe.

Helen: "I wish you all the luck in this game, because I owe. I owe you. I have your back."
Kaitlin: "Thanks."

Helen tells Kaitlin to try to feel good about using the veto on herself, as much as she can. She also tells Kaitlin that she's not gonna make a big deal out of putting Jeremy up as the replacement nom, she's simply gonna say "Jeremy, please take your seat."

Helen reminds Kaitlin that if Jeremy is "the one" for her, then he'll be there for her after the game.

*Note: Helen is wearing Judd's infamous bear shirt, with a clip on the back to make it fit her better. lol Cute.

9:50am BBT:
HOH Room
Helen is telling Candice that they need to put Kaitlin "on a pedestal" for this week and partially next week, and that she (K) was the 1 person that Helen didn't want to win POV and she ended up winning, and if Kaitlin didn't use the POV, then her HOH would of "went up in flames".

Helen tells Candice that people in the house wanted Howard & Aaryn out but that she (H) didn't feel comfortable doing that & that Kaitlin was the "easier option" for her. (**Before, she blamed production for not wanting Howard to go home, but now is telling Candice that she simply didn't want to put Howard up.)

She then starts Jeremy immature he is, how much crap he's talked, how he's "just not a nice person", etc.

Candice warns Helen that Aaryn/Kaitlin are still "clique'ed up" together, and just wanted her (H) to know that.

Helen: "That's interesting. But (Kaitlin) told me that she was gonna be nice to Aaryn until she walks out the door. She already knows that Aaryn's next (out the door)."
Candice: "Ok."

Candice goes on to say that GM is "milking the Nick thing". She said it's impossible to feel that strongly for someone after only a few weeks with someone.  Talk turns to Aaryn. Candice thinks that if Aaryn won HOH, she'd for sure gun for her (C). 

Candice mentions the songs that BB played this morning for their Wake Up songs: one was "Must of Been Love" by Roxette...she sings the lyric "It must have been love, but it's over now..", she then laughs that it was played for GM. Candice said another song was "Poison" by Bel Biv Devoe called "(That girl is) Poison" and how she thinks it was meant for her & Howard. lol

10:07am BBT:
Trivia on the feeds! Time for the Veto Ceremony! Feeds will be back in about 1 hour. :)

10:57am BBT:
Kaitlin used the veto to take herself off the block.
Jeremy is the replacement nom.

Helen is celebrating in the Lounge Room with Andy/Judd/Spencer/Amanda.

Helen: "Bye bye, Jeremy!"

11:00am BBT:
Storage Room

Amanda is saying that she doesn't like Helen promising everyone safety and making deals that even include Elissa, without Elissa's consent. Elissa agrees "100%" with Amanda. (**Helen definitley has a case of HOH-itis this week.)

11:05am BBT:
Jeremy is on the hunt for his Kennith Cole cologne. Kaitlin said she put it on the counter in the bathroom, but it's nowhere to be found. Jeremy goes up to the HOH room where Candice/GM/Jessie are and asks them if they've seen it, they haven't.

11:12am BBT:
HOH Room

GM is talking about Nick, again, saying that nobody saw their connection but they had one. She mentions that he cried to her before he was even put on the block, etc. They all start talking about the Moving Co. alliance.

11:23am BBT:

Helen/Jessie are talking in the HOH bathroom about being loyal to their group, Spencer was just a pawn, Jeremy's going home, the Moving Company alliance, Jessie is safe with their current alliance even if Kaitlin wins HOH next week (which Jessie is nervous about), etc. Jessie is also nervous that some HG's seem to be kissing Jeremy's butt, but Helen reassures her that Jer is going home this week. Helen is talking a mile a minute, its hard enough trying to figure out what she's saying, let alone transcribe it. lol I...I just can't anymore. *head-desk*

11:41am BBT:
Backyard Couch

Andy/Jeremy/Aaryn/McCrae are talking non-game...current topic is bands in High School and what instruments they can play. Jeremy can play 1 song on the piano, but that's it. Topic swithes to Disney's "Fantasia". Andy loves "Fantasia" and "Fantasia 2000".

11:43am BBT: Kaitlin & Jessie joins BY couch crew.

Current topic: the movie "Stand By Me" and how it reminds them of back-in-the-day summers of building tree forts, going outside to play all day & going back home when it got dark out. (**Ahhh...the good ol' days of summer as a kid.)

11:46am BBT:
Helen/Howard are both running laps in the backyard.

**Bloggy break for this gal! I'll start the afternoon post a little bit after Noon BBT. :)

Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...

It is absolutely insane to me that Helen feels it necessary to kowtow to Kaitlin and put her on a pedestal and keep her safe in future weeks cause Kaitlin is going to use the POV on herself and take herself off the block. It's not like Kaitlin is using it to take someone else off the block at Helen's request. Kaitlin is using it to save herself how does Helen feel she owes her much if anything


Debbie Sutterfield said...

I really like Helen. However, she's quite a bit over the top this week. While watching her sometimes I think, "No Helen! What are you doing?!". Although she's made some bad moves, she's still my favorite and think she's still in a good position.

So, did Howie and Candice really do the deed? I wonder what her Mom thinks. I sure wouldn't want my family to watch me even though I wouldn't be doing anything "controversial". It's just weird. I probably wouldn't do it, although you never really know until you're given the option.

Razldazlrr said...

Let's hope nothing changes - Jeremy will be gone and we won't even have to watch him in jury house. I like people that mix things up and don't just play the sidelines but he is a bully and mean. Glad to see it didn't work.

Gross said...

Omg totally agree Brian.

Helen is bat sh*t crazy.

Gross said...

Actually, Brian.... I think Helen thinks she's making a HUGE enemy out of she "puts her on a pedestal" so if she wins hoh ... Helen won't go up.

I hope she does win hoh and put her up. *popcorn*

James said...

I have very mixed feelings about Helen. I love her and I hate her, not to mention that she is totally hot IMO. It's strange, I don't know if I have ever felt this way about a HG before. I just hope she comes back to earth next week.


paulamac said...

I personally would like to see Aaryn go home this week. I feel that she has been the bigger influence on J & K and even though they choose to act like a jackhole with her, I think without her, they may have been a little different and not so jerk-i-fied! My hope is when Aaryn leaves, CBS allows Julie to show her all the BS, jacked up, hurtful and slanderous comments she has made. I see her and I want to puke. Interesting tv - sure, but not all that interesting at her level of maliciousness. She better watch it when she leaves...people now are crazy and will drop you at the smallest hint of anything. I fear for her, but hey, she made her bed, she has to lay in it.

dannyb said...

I think Helen wants to use Kailyn to help get some of her side out in the future. As much as Helen bashed the moving company for there deeds i believe she is doing the same thing but is trying not to show it. Time will show if she can keep it up.

Adi Bouskila said...

HOHitis my word xD

safeharbour said...

As much as I like Helen, a whole house full of Helens would be terrible for BB. Just imagine everyone singing songs around the campfire every night getting each other's ice cream .......

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