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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Elissa's Meltdown (Afternoon Post Pt 2)

Today at aroun 3pm BBT, Elissa had a conversation with Andy/McCrae/Amanda that sparked a meltdown from Elissa. Here's what happened.

**You can watch this on Flashback, which is included with your Live Feeds pass (which is now just $10/month!)

3:11pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

Elissa: "Howard asked me to talk and I said no. And then Spencer touched my back & I was so grossed out. I was like, please don't ever touch me again."
Amanda: "Did you hear how he told Judd that me and McCrae talk sh*t on Judd all the time?"

Elissa: "Nuh uh!"
Amanda: "That aggravates me because it's personal. It's such a lie."

Elissa: "We have to win HOH next week. We have to."

Talk turns to MVP. Amanda thinks Howard is MVP.
Elissa: "It's starting to make me really angry that (Howard's) swearing on the bible and that he's like, using his religious stuff. I'm a religious person but I don't use that as like, a strategy. It's a part of my daily life."
Andy: "Shhh!"
Elissa: "What, you don't think I do, Andy?"
Andy: "No, it's just that you're being loud."
Elissa: "You were rolling your eyes...
Andy: *dumbfounded*

Elissa: "It's something I do everyday and I don't give a crap what anyone thinks, like..I really don't care what any of you think because like, that's my life. Like, I go to bible study everyday, I don't care what you do..."
Andy: "Oh yea, for sure!"
Elissa: "..I don't go around and preach to people, and I don't think it's funny to make fun of it either.."
Amanda: "No.."
Elissa: "And I don't appreciate you, McCrae, laughing about it."
Amanda: "What a minute, what?"
Andy: "Oh my god, I was just laughing because you were talking loud."
Elissa: "Well it's not funny, because like it's part of my daily..."
Andy: "No no no no..I wasn't making fun of you at all! I was just trying to like.."
Elissa: "Well I don't think it's funny and I don't appreciate it. This is me. I don't put on a show for you guys. I just want to be clear that I don't care what any of you guys think."

Elissa keeps saying the same things over & over again. Judd is now on the couch, too.

Elissa gets up & walks into the house.
3:23pm BBT:
McCrae/Andy try to explain to Elissa that she took it the wrong way and that they'd never think religion is funny.

Andy: "Howard is in a secret alliance with GM & Kaitlin and you were just like talking really loud about Howard using his religion and they were right there. (McCrae was laughing at ME because I was discretely.."
Elissa: "I don't go around telling people that I pray and.."
McCrae: "It has nothing to do with that! I SWEAR to you!"

Jessie comes in & whispers to them to go talk someone else more private like the HOH room or Have Not room because everyone can hear them.

McCrae/Elissa talk in one of the bedrooms.
Elissa: "It's not something we take lightly and like.."
McCrae: "We don't take it lightly, either!"

They go round & round again. McCrae/Andy are trying to tell her it was a big misunderstanding. Elissa said that Howard using his religion is "appalling" to her & how she respects every ones religion.

Judd comes in.

Judd: "Spencer's tryin' to use the religion thing now, too."
Elissa: "Mm hm. I think it's serious, like..I defintley like, don't try to impress people..I literally do a bible study everyday, and I'm not even doing it here as much as I do in my regular life."
McCrae: "Just know that I'd never ever wanna hurt you!"
Elissa: 'I'd never use that as my strategy. I just don't want you to think that we poked fun at you."
Elissa: "That's just #1 in my life, my family, my faith.."

They tell her for the millionth time that Andy was just trying to shhhh her because she was being loud and McCrae was laughing at Andy, not Elissa.

BB calls for an HOH lockdown. All HG's go upstairs in the HOH room.

4:19pm BBT:
Elissa goes into the HOH bathroom where Amanda is. (She's in the shower, tweezing her bikini line.)

Elissa: "Oh my god, I can't handle it."
Elissa starts all over again.
Elissa: "I know (Andy) was laughing at me."
Amanda starts to tell her that's not what he was laughing about.

Elissa: "I don't even wanna hear it. He's gonna say that, obviously." 
Amanda: "Who, Andy?"

Elissa: "Yea. Like, don't flatter yourself, you mean nothing to me."
Amanda: "Don't worry about it."
Elissa: "Like, nothing. It's so rude & offensive."
Amanda: "Everyone knows you're a good christian."
Elissa: "I don't CARE what they THINK!"
Amanda: "I'm talking about don't use that as part of your game..don't worry about Andy."
Elissa: "I'm gonna go talk to production because that's just so offensive & rude. Like, I should not have to be subjected to defamatory..." (fishies on the feeds)

Elissa: "Everything that has happened in my life is because I'm a good person. And I know who I am and I don't care at all what they think. It's just like, so stupid. Like, how stupid do you look for making fun of someones religion." (**Face-palm.)

Elissa: "Like, that's pathetic! (Andy) makes me feel like I can't even read my bible....I've never been around people with total lack of etiquette..I'm gonna go talk to (production) after this because this is ridiculous."

Elissa goes on & on.
Amanda told Judd/McCrae about everything Elissa said.
Amanda: "She's crazy."

Definitely worth the look at on Flashback on the live feeds.

Stay tuned...
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jayne said...

Wow, although my husband does not watch BB with me, he has had a huge crush on Elissa (her looks.) Can't wait to tell him about her neurotic episode. Hope they show some of it during the live show! Thanx my BB Blogger Hero for keeping me addicted. Have a wonderful night!

Jef Rosen said...

Where is Kern's Creations? I want to hear what you think about this.

Last time I said that Howard is using his religion in the game you didn't like it because you thought I was judging him.

Well, here it is from Elissa's mouth:
Elissa: "It's starting to make me really angry that (Howard's) swearing on the bible and that he's like, using his religious stuff. I'm a religious person but I don't use that as like, a strategy. It's a part of my daily life."

Weird meltdown though re Andy. Maybe she is trying to make him look intolerant or maybe she is just very insecure about this or maybe Andy has said things in the house about religion (in his interview I remember him saying he doesn't like the bible or something). Not sure what that is all about...

Anonymous said...

WOW and Elissa's meltdown continues. She just went and spilled the plan to evict Kaitlin to Kaitlin.


Debbie Sutterfield said...

O M G !! You know, I really wanted to give Elissa a chance. But she's on the same level as GM being bat sh*t crazy. Holy crap! Wth?! I am a christian, and I am offended by what she did. She was "not throwing religion up in anyone's face" BY throwing religion up in everyone's face. And I can't take the way she "umms" and "mmms" so much when she's trying to speak. You wanna yell "just say the sentence quickly and concisely for once"! I hope she gets picked off next week. Too many crazy peeps up in that house...


Elissa is revealing herself as even more of a neurotic nutjob than her sister. And she has a lot of nerve commenting the other night about Amanda looking like a hooker. Elissa looks like a hooker all day. I've never seen a woman walk around with so much clown makeup on, she looks freakish. She's also extremely selfish, insecure, and judgemental.

dannyb said...

Ellisa has to be in the house to screw with the houses plans or she is the worst player ever. She is just bizarre. The only reason she is still in the house is because everyone has worked to keep her. But i don't think she even realizes it. And it appears the house thinks production helped her win the POV.

Chelle Wilson said...

Hi! 2 things, 1 I give up I really wanted to like elissa but I just cant if she doesnt go soon Il be surprised! 2 Gina marie ate cookie dough on after dark? Didnt think they could eat eggs or butter on slop. Isnt she a have not?

Razldazlrr said...

I wonder if BB asked Elissa to be on the show because of Brenchel. She really just does not seem to want to be there. I would not be surprised if she quit. Has there been Bible stuff going on behind the scenes with her and Andy? (maybe people didn't make a mistake and meant to make her the third nomination LOL)
And why would she tell Kaitlin?

Queen Mel said...

She is one crazy bird...I wanted to give her a chance as well but she is just a different crazy than Rachel...I swear if she says "like" between words one more time I'm going to claw out my own eyes....

AlwaysLumi said...

They are all crazy this year. If you think Elissa's meltdown was bad just wait until you hear about Amanda's...WOW!

Erica Iles said...

I went and watched the Elissa meltdown and the whole time I kept thinking, "what is wrong with this chick?"
This is my first time using the feeds and I don't have a computer, just a cell phone and I can't really get flashback feeds just watch from a highlight...anybody know if you can get flashbacks with a cell phone?

Angela Foster said...

I love Elissa but she didn't listent to Andy. I don't think Andy/McCrae would have made fun of her. Oh no..

rigs said...

As I've said before, Elissa needed MVP to level the playing field in the beginning and that we should just allow her to lose the game by herself. The playing field is now level, she is on even footing and she is melting down all by herself. It is easy to see why some people need religion so badly. We saw Howard's tortured mine dealing with racism and his religion and now we see why Elissa needs religion so badly. So, it is best just to take note of "dependencies" and not confront them directly. The other HGs who understand this will be able to use that to their advantage.

Polar41 said...

What Amanda breakdown? I read ahead but perhaps I missed it? Very curious for details!

good atheist said...

"Amen" lol. BB needs to have an open Atheist/secularist on the show. Call me BB

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