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Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Overnighter

Gooooood morning, everyone! Happy Sunday!!! :D Today is my "Summer Sunday", where I go back out into the world and get some sunshine & relax. It's my "day off" for the week, though I'll be back tonight for the Sunday Night BB show at 8pm EST. So I'm gonna do the Overnighter & then I'll see y'all back here tonight for the show!

Just to catch everyone up to speed before getting to the Overnighter:
*Elissa is this weeks MVP. She nominated Spencer.

*McCrae lied to the HG's and told them he was MVP, because they wanted Elissa to put up Howard but didn't want blood on her hands. Well, even after McCrae told everyone he's MVP, Elissa still didn't put up Howard (she put up Spencer) and now it's starting to backfire on him.

*Helen, this weeks HOH, nominated Kaitlin/Aaryn for eviction, though her plan is to backdoor Jeremy this week if Kaitlin uses the POV to remove herself from the block. (**Note: she does plan on using it.)

*GinaMarie is still in mourning over Nick being evicted on Thursday. (Interesting enough, Nick stated in post-BB interviews that his feelings for GM were" genuine". Who would've thunk it.)

*Helen/Elissa both claimed yesterday that production doesn't want Howard to go home, and that's why neither of them put Howard up.

*Canadians: as of about 3 days ago, y'all can now get the live feeds!!! I am sooo happy for you guys & gals that have been wanting to get'em all season long!

Okay, let's get to the Overnighter! :D

**You can watch everything posted below on the Flashback Feeds, which comes with your live feeds subscription!

7:00pm BBT:
Cam 2

Kaitlin is telling Andy that she's gonna use the veto but that she wants Andy to get Helen to put up Howard in her place, instead of Jeremy. Andy agrees about Howard going up instead of Jeremy, and says that he thinks Howard is using his religion in the game. Kaitlin mentions how she thinks Howard is just using Candice. Kaitlin plans to talk to Helen about putting up Howard instead of Jeremy, and Andy seems to be on board with getting Howard out before Jeremy. Kaitlin just wants Jeremy to at least make it to jury. She also mentions that Jeremy is gunning for Spencer/Howard, so it'd be worth it to keep him.

7:17pm BBT:
HOH Room
Cam 3

Helen is (fake?) crying to Kaitlin saying it's going against her (H) moral code to put up Jeremy but she has to put him up because the house wants him gone. Kaitlin is throwing Howard under the bus, saying he's using his religion, Spencer/Howard are liars & working together, using Candice, etc. Kaitlin said she'll use the veto no matter what to take herself down, though.

7:41pm BBT:

Aaryn is still delusional while talking to Spencer, saying she's not racist & blaming people calling her a racist because she has "blonde hair & blue eyes".

Meanwhile, back upstairs...

7:47pm BBT:
Helen/Kaitlin's talk ends, saying that they all 3 of them (Andy/Kait/Helen) have each others back in the game. Kaitlin leaves. Andy/Helen talk.
Helen tells Andy that it'll be great to pull in Kaitlin and have her on their side, because she can help them take out people that are currently on their side. (**Brilliant!)

Back downstairs...

7:48pm BBT:
Kaitlin is crying, telling Jeremy that there's no way that Jeremy's not gonna get backdoored.

Jeremy: "Don't be upset, I'm walking outta here with my head held high!"
Kaitlin said she (Helen) wants to talk to him at some point to see what he has to say.
Jeremy is surprisingly calm, and calming Kaitlin down, giving her kisses on the forehead, etc.

Jeremy: "Don't cry, baby. It's a game."
Kaitlin: "I'm gonna be alone now."
Jeremy: "I'll be here in spirit. You bring home the check."

Kaitlin tells Jeremy that it was his cocky attitude that's getting himself kicked out.

8pm BBT:
GM still crying about Nick being gone.

8:06pm BBT:
HOH Room

Helen is telling Jeremy that the whole wants him out, though they have a 2nd HG (Howard) that they want out as well, but they want Jeremy out more. Helen tells Jeremy that she respects his competitiveness.

8:13pm BBT:
Helen tells Andy that Jeremy has to go this week, and if Amanda wants Howard out, then she (A) can win HOH and take him out. She agrees that Howard needs to go, but she wants to get Jeremy out this week.

Elissa walks in & talks game with Helen/Andy.

All 3 agree that Jeremy needs to go this week, but they need to make deals with Kaitlin to bring her over to their side.

8:35pm BBT:
Lounge Room

Andy fills McCrae/Amanda in on the convos with Helen/Kaitlin. Andy wants Howard gone, he can't be trusted. Amanda told Andy that Aaryn knows that McCrae isn't this weeks MVP. Amanda comments that Helen needs to stop talking to so many HG's because she's doing too much damage (regarding game play, who she wants out, making promises, etc.) Andy told Amanda/McCrae that he's totally with them (Mc/A), but also trusts Helen. Amanda doesn't trust Helen.

9:07pm BBT:
Line of the night...
Judd: "Hey Big Brother, we'd be just fine with tic tac toe for the next veto." (*lol)

11:28pm BBT:

Jeremy, sounding defeated & accepting of his fate in the game, said he's glad he got to play BB and that Kaitlin stole a piece of his heart.

Candice can be heard in the background talking (in the backyard) talking a trip she took to Africa.

GinaMarie: "She talks about is Africa all day. Then why don't you go back there & live there, please."

11:39pm BBT:
GinaMarie is still crying about Nick being gone. Judd walks over to her and puts his arm around her..

Judd: "You alright? ...want me to get your some water?"

He gives her a hug.
 GinaMarie: "I don't know what to do with myself."
 Judd: "We'll do something fun tomorrow."

1:08am BBT:
Lounge Room
Amanda still wonders why Helen or Elissa didn't put up Howard. Andy said to still trust Helen & that she had Andy up there for all the HOH meetings, which he tells Mc/Am about. Andy states that he's more worried about Jeremy than Howard. Andy also told Mc/Am that if he won HOH, he'd never put up McCrae/Amanda/ Helen/Elissa/Judd. Amanda brings up that he could nominate Jessie, but Andy is hesitant.

1:31am BBT:

Howard: "How is Jeremy being backdoored?"
Helen: "Kaitlin is taking herself off the block.."
Howard: "To me, that's not really getting backdoored, she's saving herself in the game."
Candice: "No, we're backdooring HIM, she comes off, (Jeremy) goes up."
Helen: "Backdoor in Big Brother means you don't get to play in veto."
Howard: "Oh, ok."
Helen: "It's a term in Big Brother."
Howard: "Ok, ok."

Spencer walks over & they all talk.

Helen is telling them (Candice/Howard/Spencer) that they need to keep Kaitlin safe for a few weeks because by her using the veto & getting Jeremy out, she's doing the house a huge favor, which also means that them (Spencer/Howard) aren't going home. (**This is Helen planting the seeds to keep Kaitlin safe so that she can have Kaitlin work with her and eventually get some of the players from her side out of the house down the road.)

Spencer worries that Jeremy is telling Kaitlin sweet-nothings just to get her to not use the veto on herself, thus saving himself (Jer) this week & so Aaryn will go home this week instead.

Helen: "Aaryn's not going, Kaitlin (would be) going! Aaryn will stay."

2:07am BBT:
Cam 1

Howard/Spencer talk game.

Spencer said that Helen made a deal today: Helen would protect Howard/Spencer, if they (H/S) protected her (Helen) & Elissa. They talk about forming an alliance (with various HG's) but don't know if Helen would be interested in joining an alliance without Elissa.

They talk about forming an alliance that would consist of: 

..with a "wildcard" that could either be Elissa or someone else (they got interrupted by Andy).

**And that it's for The Overnighter!! The rest of the night consisted of a few HG's complaining about GinaMarie still crying over Nick being gone, as if he died.

The houseguests were woken up this at 10:30am BBT and are getting ready for the day.

If you wanna watch all the game talking & scheming, then ya gotta get the live feeds!! Haven't you ever wanted to be a fly on the wall & listen/watch other people live & backstab each other? Now you can! lol ;) Seriously though, the feeds are soooo worth it! $26.99 for 24/7 entertainment for the entire season + Endurance HOH Comps + Flashback feeds to see what you missed. You won't regret it, I promise!! Still unsure? They come with a 2 day FREE trial to see what you've been missing out on! Give'em a whirl & see what the live feeds are all about!! :D

I'll be back tonight with a new top post, until then, enjoy the feeds!!!

Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...

I think Aryan is really onto something. It's not her that's racist it's everybody else in the house that's reverse racist against her. It really is the simplest explanation if you think about it. After all it is good looking straight white girls with blonde hair and blue eyes that are the most discriminated against in this country. The only thing that could make it worse were if she were man then forget about it no one has it tougher.


UnionGrl said...

Let Jer's dilemma be a lesson to BB players to come. When you start to bully and boss you get tossed out.

Has anyone else by me noticed how in almost every picture of Aaryn she has a snotty, petulant look on her puss? Just wondering.

gigicatz said...

They say admitting you have a problem is half the battle.

I truly hope when Aaryn sees the clips of her own words, and the reactions to them, she rethinks her definition of a racist. If she does, IMO, she will end up the real winner of this season.


hummingbrd said...

Hey Jamie , Happy Summer Sunday 2U (U deserve it)!
Wow this week was eventful~ I like this new MVP part of BB15.
U have a great day today & thanks for everything you do for all BB15 addicts!

Jef Rosen said...

Jamie, am I the only one that finds Elissa to be too gullible to Howard's fakeness? I was shocked when she hurt McCrae in order to save Howard.

Razldazlrr said...

There really wasn't a lot of reason to put up Howard if the goal was to take out Jeremy. I do agree that for Helen etc game, Howard should be the next to go. However, if I was living with those crazy people (Aaryn, GM) I might have to vote them out for sanity reasons.

Sarah Terwilliger said...

Good one!

gigicatz said...

@Union Girl

Not only is that a wise lesson to the BB game, but to life in general.

Bullying and racism are plagues that we will never eradicate, but can only rise above. Kudos to those who do!


Jen P said...

Is Jessie still in the house? LOL.

So, Helen says she wants to have Elissa in an alliance, but then she's saying by the end of the convo that Elissa might be a wildcard/extra member? Seems like she's gone back and forth on being close to Elisa and then going with others.

I feel bad that Elissa seems to be being used for her MVP.

Lindsey TX said...

I think if Elissa would have nominated Howard and if kaitlyn still won veto and Jeremy was put on the block then the house would have more control then Helen on who goes home. If Jeremy could convince the others that Howard is a bigger threat than he could save himself, when Helen and Elissa's goal this week is to get Jeremy out. I think Elissa made a smart move.

enb said...

Ginamarie is no better. I like the way she talks behind people back then a few minutes later she laughing in their face. I guess with looks like that she has to be two-faced. Zing

Neche said...

Hurt McCrea? Wtf, its her power and she shouldn't be bullied into doing something she doesn't want to do

enb said...

Mccrea 2 Elissa. 1 that is the way I see it. I like how him and amanda are so righteous and trustworthy now.

Nancy said...

There must be a potential alliance between any and every combination of people!

Jef Rosen said...

Yeah Neche, I get that 100%, but after she agreed to put howard up and let mccrae take responsibility, mccrae went and told howard that he (mccrae) will put howard on the block, then Elissa goes and flip flops in DR and puts up spencer!

If Elissa had simply said "no its my power and i disagree, i dont want to put howard up bc he is religious" or whatever, then fine I have no problem. But why did she have to make mccrae look like an idiot and expose him to Howard? Especially after everything Amanda did for her...

rbjjb said...

Not So Sure I'd Call It Bullying? But His Attitude Sure Changed When The Power Changed. The Attitude He Now Has Should Have Been His Attitude When He Had The Power.

rbjjb said...

Come On America? Vote Someone Else For MVP. I Think Production Is Manipulating The Vote!

Robin Jackson said...

I am voting Howard. I know his game hasn't been great and my vote might be pity, but I applaud the way he handled himself the night ayran (however you spell her name) flipped the mattress. I don't know if I could have remained calm and not let the tension get to me. I probably would have hurt that girl. I will say that he played the game more so than Elissa.

Jeff said...

I'm so sick of this MVP crap, game has no suspense if majority is on mvp's side. They get whoever they want out every week. Garbage

rbjjb said...

I Agree! The MVP Doesn't work

Erika C. said...

The reason Aaryn doesn't recognize that what she's saying is inappropriate is because she wasn't taught about other races within her household. This goes on more than you think. Education is gained either through the media, music or assumption and so you now have young people who are desensitized to what's appropriate and what's not. It's not that they don't care.....they don't know enough TO care.

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