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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Wednesday, y'all!! Don't forget that BB is now on their new schedule of Sun/Weds/Thurs (live eviction day) starting this week, so tonight we will see the Veto Comp/POV Ceremy. Then tomorrow is live eviction day! w00t!

At this point, Elissa is still going home tomorrow. She just simply does not have the votes. So unless the BB gods do something today or tomorrow during the show, Elissa will be the one walking out of the BB house. As someone in the comment section stated, maybe Elissa would be happier at home. She doesn't seem to fit this cast (that's a compliment to Elissa) and she's targeted for no reason other than who she is related to.

Last night, nothing game changing happened, so I'll do a mixture of normal Overnighter reporting mixed with highlights.

Let me go gather up last nights happenings and I'll start posting! :D

**You can watch everything posted below on the Flashback Feeds, which comes with your live feeds subscription!

6:55pm BBT:
Storage Room

Amanda tells Howard about her talk with Aaryn (yesterday at 4:50pm BBT in the HOH room) and how she told Aaryn to be mindful of her comments (basically told her to tone down the racist stuff).

Amanda: "I made it a point to go to (Aaryn) & told her she makes comments that are offensive to people, so I'd be more aware of it and she like, victimized herself & I was like listen, I'm just trying to help you...It was like talking to a f**king wall. I told her to maybe go appologize..but I just wanted to let you know.."

Amanda said that any comments that she's personally made herself, she was just joking around and didn't mean any harm by it. 

Howard: "That's cool, I appreciate that. It is what it is. I just pray for her. The things (I wanna say to Aaryn) would jack my game up, it's gonna make my game be personal, so..I knew that was gonna happen coming into the house.." (Howard hints at, as Amanda verifies, that they were both asked by production before entering the house what would bother them.)

Howard: "Sometimes you & GinaMarie's comments..are funny, they're slick..ya know? It's done in peoples faces. But when you say it behind someones back, then it's real stuff. Just gotta look over it. I pray for her (Aaryn). Be as nice I can be to her, that's what he (God) tells me to do, so that's what I do." (**Good for you, Howard! :) )

There's more to the convo, but you get the idea. Highly recommend you watch this convo yourself. Good stuff.

8:00pm BBT:
Jeremy told Judd that Nick voted David out.

8:32pm BBT:
Lounge Room
Cam 2

Judd talks about how he doesn't trust Spencer. Amanda said she feels good about Howard. Amanda then said she trusts McCrae/Judd/Andy the most. Judd tells her that Andy spends too much time with Spencer.  Before Judd leaves the lounge room, Amanda tells Judd that he's not a target on anyone's radar, so to stay cool and he'll be fine.

Judd leaves.

Amanda tells McCrae that truly trusts Judd & want to work with Judd/Andy.

8:37pm BBT:
Judd told Jessie (in the Storage Room) that their Final 2 deal is still good. (**Didn't know they had one. lol)

10:53pm BBT:
Storage Room
Cam 3
Jeremy w/ Spencer, then Howard (separately)

Jeremy pulled Spencer, then Howard afterwards, into the Storage Room to run the idea by them of making another alliance that would include: Howard/Spencer/Jeremy/Aaryn/Kaitlin. This is so that they have numbers against McCrae/Amanda because he thinks Amanda is trying to turn Aaryn against him & this would make Aaryn trust Howard/Spencer more.

11:10pm BBT:
HOH Room
Cam 2

Jeremy asked Kaitlin if she wants to be part of a "secret alliance" with Howard/Spencer/Aaryn/Jeremy. He lies to her and tells her that it was Spencer's idea.

Jeremy: "Spencer came up to me and was like 'why aren't we cool with Kaitlin & Aaryn like you are'. "
Kaitlin: "I mean, it's not gonna hurt (to join that alliance)."
Jeremy: "That's what I'm sayin'."
Kaitlin: "It'd have to be super-secret."

Kaitlin keeps rubbing her butt on him while straddling him, trying to kiss him while he's's clear that she was more interested in making out than talking game at that moment.

Meanwhile, downstairs...

Elissa/Candice hid the wine in the Storage Room so that they Have Nots could have some. (**At midnight, the Have Nots became Haves again.)

12:08am BBT:
McCrae/Howard talk by the hot tub. McCrae (lies) to Howard and says that he doesn't "feel anything" for Amanda & he could cut her loose at anytime. (He's basically telling Howard that Amanda isn't messing up his game or the MC alliance. This is McCrae's way of keeping Amanda around for his own game, while making sure she's not targeted by the MC alliance.)

12:40am BBT:
Storage Room
Cam 4
Andy tells Helen that he heard that Helen suggested to put up Amanda. Helen jumped up & down saying "no no no, Spencer made that up!" Helen tells Andy the real story as he listens and eats fruit loops out. Helen wants Spencer to go soon.

1:25am BBT:
Helen told Howard about how Spencer lied & that Elissa will backdoor him if she's still around. She tells Howard that they can't let Spencer know that they're on to him. Howard told Helen that she should trust Spencer & that Amanda is the one that shouldn't be trusted & made up a big lie about how Amanda told Aaryn that Howard/Helen/Candice has a "minority alliance". Helen leaves the conversation with Howard with even more trust in Howard & giving him a big hug.

2:10am BBT:
Howard told Spencer the convo he had with Helen. Now Spencer wants Helen out.

2:13am BBT:
Lounge Room
Cam 2

Amanda tells McCrae about her convo with Helen (about Spencer). Amanda said she doesn't trust Spencer or Howard. Amanda then asked McCrae if he knows anything about a boys alliance in the house because it keeps getting brought up in the house.

Amanda: "You know anything about (a boys alliance)?"
McCrae: *shakes his head no*
Amanda: "You swear? On your life?"
McCrae: "Yea."
Amanda: "On my life.."
McCrae: "On everyones life."
Amanda: "On our future babies.."
McCrae: "Yea."
Amanda: "You don't know anything about that? Jeremy brought it up twice today. And Howard just brought it up."

Amanda then mentions how she wants Spencer out because he's "one shady motherf-----".

2:17am BBT:
Andy joins McCrae/Amanda. Amanda mentions that knows, by their reactions & defending Spencer, that Howard/Spencer are with the other side of the house. Andy said they have to vote for Elissa to stay & mentions that if they don't have Spencer/Howard, then the votes to keep Elissa aren't there. (**He's right.) Candice joins them & their convo stops.

2:26am BBT:
Elissa campaigned to Jessie. She asked Jessie if she has her vote, she says yes. (*She doesn't.) Then Elissa said they need to get Jeremy/Nick/GM/Aaryn out.

2:39am BBT:
Andy (to Amanda & McCrae) is questioning if they should "risk it" by voting to keep Elissa, if the votes aren't there to keep her anyways.

2:40am BBT:
Elissa asked Howard if he's still voting to keep her. He lies & says yes.

2:42am BBT:
McCrae mentions that he wants Jeremy gone. Andy is afraid of Jeremy winning HOH.

2:51am BBT:
Amanda tells McCrae that she thinks Jeremy/Spencer/Howard are in an alliance together. She mentions how she at least wants them (Mc/A) to make it to the jury house so that they can spend more time together. Amanda brings up a good point...there's only been 1 eviction so far and how intense the game is this early. McCrae mentions how he wants to win MVP "so bad".

3:10am BBT:
Pool Table
Cam 4

Howard: "I gotta get the thinkers out of her. Aaryn & Amanda. Both of'em can't stay."
Nick agrees.

Howard: "What we're tryin' to do is, to hide it even more, is me & Spencer are gonna try to get Andy to flip and vote, too. Because we're tryin' to get him (Andy) & Helen to believe that we're trying to create an alliance of 5, with Amanda out. That way, even if we do win it, Amanda's gonna go up on either side."

3:18am BBT:
Elissa told Jessie that if Nick doesn't go this week, then Nick/Jeremy will go to Final 2.

Annnnd we have another possible showmance, ladies & gents!
Candice & Howard!! :D

Howard & Candice shared a sweet smooch last night, then proceeded to cuddle all night. Awwww! :)

**And that's it for The Overnighter!! Starting the morning post shortly!!

Stay tuned...
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brittany b said...

Jamie-I just wanted to let you know I am completely addicted to your blog (just started reading your blog this season) and I check it like 1 million times a day! lol I am so addicted to BB!

David Torres said...

If Elissa does get voted out this week (and it looks like she will) I am very interested to see who America will pick for MVP going forward.

brittany b said...

I am too David! I think it will be Nick. I think Nick might win this whole thing! He is so much like Dan and I feel like is master minding this whole game. Even Jeremy listens to him.

UnionGrl said...

Jamie, this morning on the inside page of the Orlando Sentinel, above the fold, was an op piece about the racism on BB. They really took CBS to task for not having the guts to either tell the whole story (no cleaning it up in editing)or in some way address what's being said.

When the newspapers are commenting on it you know it's being noticed.

My Mom always said that pretty is as pretty does and that is so true here. That little girl is rotten to the core. Not only is she a racist she is just plain mean. If CBS doesn't have the stones to deal with her nasty mouth they should throw her out for cheating at least.

Anonymous said...

I think it took a lot of guys for Amanda to confront Aaryn about her comments and she did it in a classy way. I hope that America will support her and give her MVP next week. Plus it looks like she may need it if the MC turns on her.

Rob Hoover said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rob Hoover said...

I was thinking the thing myself and I wonder if Elissa will (or has) made any comments about who she would want America to pick if she is gone.

I also agree that she might be happier at home. She just doesn't fit in with the majority of these people (which IS a compliment!)

Vicky P said...

I am interested to see what Amanda would do with the MVP. I kinda like her and how she will not allow herself to be bullied. I like Howard, also, but hate the fact that he is in an alliance with Jeremy and Spencer (gag).

Kim M said...

Maybe Spencer wanting Helen out can swing the house so that she goes home instead of Elissa. I don't dislike Helen by any means but I'd prefer to see Elissa in the house longer over her.

Renee said...

I wish Amanda and Mcrae would go to Spenser with the idea of getting Helen out this week while they can. Howard and Spenser vote for Helen the rest of the group vote Nick out the door! Jeremy, Kaitlin, Jessie, and GM's vote for Elissa all null and void!

Nicole Thibodeaux said...

Helen Candice or Andy I think. America loves an underdog. They have been have nots the most and since CBS hasn't done anything to help the Bullying situation I think it'll be their way of trying to "make things right". Since as I said before I don't think America actually votes, I thinks it's the producers way of having more of a hand in everything. What would be really interesting is to know the questions they ask in the diary room. They can change the game with just one question..

rigs said...

Elissa came into this game handicapped, that is, her sister. If it were not for the chance to win MVP, she would have been at such a high disadvantage that she would have been gone the first week. MVP is hers to lose, let her lose it on her own or let someone else in the house prove to be MVP. The next MVP should be the one using Elissa to their greatest advantage and that advantage lies in her being in the house for the foreseeable future. At some point her current allies will have to separate from her but not until Jeremy is gone.

I believe she said she would help the bullied if she could but that she didn't want to be stuck in the jury. The bullied deserve to go home if they don't use her as long as possible and they deserve to see Jeremy possibly win if they don't use Elissa.

Jennifer Winchel said...

I agree and have been voting for her all along...

Anonymous said...

Me too. my guilty pleasure!

Candice Watson said...

It would be hilarious if they let rachel back in the house to visit this season

Candice Watson said...

I think it would be hilarious if they let rachel come visit the house this season

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