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Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Overnighter

Goooood morning, BB fans!! :D Happy Sunday to y'all! Yesterday, we learned that Jeremy won the POV and that means that he will pull himself off the block and Elissa (MVP this week) will have to put up another nom. The 2 names that were being thrown around last night as the re-noms, were Kaitlin and Nick.

It's not looking good for Elissa at this point, but we'll have to wait & see. Keep in mind that this weeks live eviction show has moved to Thursday's for the rest of the season, so we still have a lot of days until then. Tonight's Sunday episode will start at 8pm EST as usual and I'll have the Chat Room open here on the blog for that.

Okay, let me start drinking my iced coffee and I'll start posting the Overnighter! :D

6:23pm BBT:
HOH Room

Kaitlin tells Candice that she (C) is "guilty by association" by hanging out with Elissa/Helen all the time. Candice said she hangs out with them (A/K), too, so it's "unfair" to say that. Kaitlin said they used to hang out, but they don't anymore.

Candice: "When you came into this house, you were just Kaitlin. Now, you're Kaitlin & Jeremy. I'm not a c**kblocker..what, am I supposed to lay in between you two?"

Candice starts crying & says that she isn't gonna not hang out & talk with people just because she's "guilty by association" and be by herself.
Candice: "What am I supposed to do, talk to a f***ing tree?"

Kaitlin tells her they (K/A) were told that she (C) got people to vote against David. Candice chuckles and says "that's crazy".

7:16pm BBT:
Cams 3 & 4
HOH Room

Howard was making sure that Elissa is still going home this week, the girls confirmed that she is. Howard then mentioned how Candice went downstairs and told them about her convo with Aaryn/Kaitlin (at 6:23pm BBT) and how she cried to them.
Aaryn is shocked.
Kaitlin: "I even hugged that b***h! I felt bad for her."

Howard leaves.
Kaitlin says she thinks Jeremy had Howard come up to the HOH room and say all of that.

*The girls think that Jeremy is playing them.

Kaitlin: "I literally feel like throwing up & crying."

9:39pm BBT:
Cam 4
Have Not's Room

Helen told Elissa that putting Nick up (instead of Kaitlin) as the renom would be better. Helen doesn't understand why the other half of the house wants to work with Jeremy just so that Jer doesn't target them, but they're actually helping Jeremy move further in the game and he'll just turn on them at some point anyways.

Candice walks in and says that "them upstairs" (HOH crew) said that Amanda/McCrae said she (C) was the one who planned to get David out last week.

Meanwhile, in the bedroom next door, Howard/Nick are talking. (Cam 2)

Howard tells Nick that he's probably going up as the renom but to not worry because they have the votes. Nick said he's not scared to go up because he knows Elissa's going home.

9:50pm BBT:
Have Nots Room
Cam 2

Howard talked to Elissa alone and also suggested that Nick be the MVP renom. He thinks Elissa could get votes to sway in her favor because she's percieved as "the villian" (to the other side of the house) and it's better to get a "swinger" (someone who plays both sides of the house like Nick) than a target like a villian.

*Amanda/Andy/Judd want to save Elissa, but McCrae/Howard disagree.

*Spencer also wants Elissa out this week. 

*Aaryn thinks Jeremy has secret deals with others in the house & he's sketchy.

*Elissa told Helen that she asked Nick that if she (Elissa) put up Kaitlin as the re-nom, would he vote her out. Nick said "I'll have to think about that one." To Elissa, his response means that he (N) will vote her (E) out. She also thinks Nick's response means that he's working with Jeremy.

*Speculation through the house on both sides of the house that Nick might have thrown the veto comp. (Apparently, he didn't try hard in the beginning, but did in the end.) Though Nick told Howard that he did not throw it.

*Kaitlin is still really worried that she'll be the renom. She heard that it'd either be her or Nick as the re-nom and since she thinks Elissa/Nick have a deal together, she thinks she'll be the one going up.

*Kaitlin wants Candice out next week. Jeremy said that Candice "will be gone soon".

2:00am BBT:
Have Nots Room

Helen is pep talking Elissa into winning HOH next week if she stays. Elissa says she's grateful for the opportunity to be on BB but she's in a house full of people that don't like her sister (Rachel).

3:03am BBT:

Elissa asked Nick if they can talk tomorrow because she's so tired and was just called into the Diary Room.

Nick: "Sure! Can I ask you something real quick?"
Elissa joins Nick.

Nick: "What is your cut off time?"
Elissa: "I dunno, why?"
Nick: "Because I just wanna talk to you and see where your head is at and what you are thinking."
Elissa: "What are you thinking?"
Nick: "I'm thinking that you should go up against somebody who is a floater and that people would not have a problem pushing out."
Elissa: "Like who?"
Nick: "I was thinking on the lines of a Jessie or a Candice or somebody who's already been up and didn't get out the first week. "
Elissa: "They wanted me out. We'll talk tomorrow, I'm gonna go to bed. I can't even think straight right now, I'm so tired."
Nick: "Have your (put in your replacement nom) yet?"
Elissa: "No. Not yet. But you want to keep Kaitlin here?"
Nick: "I mean, do you have time?"
Elissa: "We'll talk tomorrow. I am so tired."
Nick: "Alright."

And that's it for The Overnighter!! :D Usually I take Sunday's off, but if the feeds are hoppin' today, I'll be making an afternoon post for y'all a little bit later. Otherwise, I'll see you guys back here tonight for the Sunday episode! :D Enjoy the live feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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dannyb said...

The only chance for E is to get Jeremy to stay on the block. Someone needs to convince Jeremy it would be a power move to stay. It would show who is runnin the house. With his ego he would probably do it. Then back door him.

Jamie said...

lol! i'd laught for a week straight if he didn't use the veto on himself. :P but you're right, his ego is big enough to do it!

Lisa Berendt said...

That would be hilarious & another huge blow to the sin sisters... A&K

Dolly Smith said...

You might want to like to this article. It's a thoughtful look at the mechanics of BB and racism.

Dannielle Burciaga said...

I think Jeremy is all talk for the most part. I doubt he would leave himself in any compromising position. I think in his mind; he comes first; HIS safety comes first - before his show-mance and bro-mance (MC Alliance). Egomaniac or not, I doubt he would let that plan fly. Although I could be giving him a little too much credit. LOL I hope I'm giving him too much credit, because I agree it would be hilarious!

Dana Lynn said...

I would love to see that! And then see him go home on Thursday! LMAO!!!

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