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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sunday Night BB Episode

Gooooooood evening, everybody!! :D Welcome to the Sunday night viewing post. Tonight's BB15 episode will show Judd getting his HOH room, the Have Nots comp, plus Judd's nominations of Aaryn/Kaitlin. It all starts at 8pm EST.

Judd has nearly completed his 24 hrs in solitary confinement. He gets released at 5pm BBT tonight. Houseguests have been visiting him all day & talking to him through the crack between the floor and door.

At 5:15pm BBT, Judd was released from solitary confinement!! Yayy!!

All the houseguests cheered, hugged him, and even gave him a beer right away. 
There's been some drama today on the live feeds. Amanda/Elissa hashed things out from last night, and then there was a little bit of tension between GinaMarie/Aaryn, and lots of talks about what happened last night.

Okay guys & gals, I will see y'all in the comment section and/or in the chat room for tonights BB show & then I'll be back in the morning with The Overnighter.

Until then, enjoy watching the awesome live feeds!! (Canada, you guys & gals can now watch them as well!) :D

Stay tuned...
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Denise said...

Oh Amanda I use to like you now you are just annoying if you want H out so bad win something like HOH and do it yourself!!

hummingbrd said...

Hi Jamie ,Do U know when Or what time the Aaryn & GM thing happened on feeds Ican not find it, Thank u for your help .

James Adams said...

FWIW, here is the order I want them evicted, Aaryn, GM, Howard, Spencer, Kaitlin, Elyssa, Candice, Amanda, Judd, Jessi,Andy with Mc Rae and Helen final two, Helen wins. B-)

robere11 said...

Man it's like half of the house I like and the other I can't stand the problem is some of these people are with people I can't stand. Even though Aaron needs to go bc you know I don't have to say it but Amanda if she says Howard one more time I want two jump through the tv. Do your own dirty work it makes no cense that Judd should putt Howard or Spencer up or to back door them the longer their in the game it's better for him. And I can't believed Amanda and mc crea would just take Judd bed without even asking. Helen not being able to talk after 8 has helped her game. I just want Amanda to be that replacement nominee so bad. I want Judd Spencer Howard Candice Jesse maybe Gm maybe Alissa to just wipe out the other side of the house but that might be wishful thinking. Those are the Hg I can stand. Not to say the other side aren't good players I just don't like em . Andy I can't stand but he's playing the best game he's playing everyone and he's not anybody's target. Those are my thoughts I got alot more I just can't stand texting. Someone please let me know when the replacement Nom goes up tomorrow goodnight to all


I have a question that's a little OT. What is with all the houseguest's medications? I've heard Adderal, Xanax, so far. Is this a generational thing? And they mix it with alcohol. Aryan can blame it all on her Adderal. Judd takes Xanax, Amanda takes Adderal. It makes me wonder who in the house ISN'T on something.

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