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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday Night BB Episode

Welcome to the Sunday Night BB Episode party! Tonight I will have the chat room open (blue button on the right side of the blog), so pop on in & say hi! :D

Tonight's show could be delayed, but that won't stop the viewing party from happening. ;) It's scheduled to air at 8pm EST, so make sure to get your snacks ready in time for the show to start!

There was something I missed in the Overnighter, so I'll just mention it here:

There was a convo between Nick/Jeremy at 4am BBT on Cams 1 & 2. Here's an excerpt from it:

Jeremy: "If anyone besides the 5 of us ("The Moving Company") makes it to Final 5, I'm gonna be pissed."
Nick: "It can't happen! The moving company is in the best position.."
Jeremy: "Yea, because we're hidden."

Jeremy goes on to say that his loyalty is 100% with The Moving Company and that he'll "kick that b**** (Kaitlin) out" as soon as he needs to. He told Nick so that he, nor the rest of "Moving Company", had any doubts where his loyalty is.Nick says something similar.

Nick: "GinaMarie is my boat to sail to the Blondetarage. This is a game."

Okay guys & gals, the show starts at 8pm EST!
See y'all in the Chat Room! :D 

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The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Sunday, y'all!! :D I was gonna make a post before bedtime last night but as I looked to see what we've missed for the 4 hour time span that I was gone, I saw that nothing really happened, so I figured I'd just do the Overnighter in the morning...and now, here I am!

While I slurp down my iced coffee, I'm gonna go through the feeds and see what all we've missed and I'll start posting my findings.

It seems that Operation Save Elissa is still going strong, but now we have Nick/Spencer/Jeremy on board as well.

12:15am BBT:
HOH Room
Cam 1
The two of them are going over votes to get David evicted this week. Helen said they need to get Candice on their side. Talk switches gears to Amanda; McCrae is worried that she could be a risk. Helen tells him she's worried about the amount of time that Amanda is spending with the other alliance, but McCrae says it's the other alliance that's always "cornering" her. McCrae mentions (and has actually told Amanda last night) that she needs to stop being so abrasive with others. Helen tells McCrae that he needs to try to control Amanda a little more, McCrae agrees & said that Amanda is a control freak.

Helen thinks that Jessie will go nuts after the blindside eviction of David this week, and that's their chance to pull her over to their side.

12:26am BBT:
Cam  1

GinaMarie: "Come step into my office, it'll only take a minute..I just got a quick question...are you voting for Elissa (to stay)?"
Spencer: "Yea."
GinaMarie: "Oh you are? OK. That's all I wanted to know!"

Spencer laughs.

GinaMarie tells Spencer the votes they have to vote out Elissa so far:

12:36am BBT:
Backyard Lounger

Jeremy and Kaitlin did some flirting, he tickled her, and then comes the a way that only Jeremy could deliver.

Kaitlin: "Awwkwardd...whatcha thinkin'?"
Jeremy: "That I wanna choke you out & kiss you, at the same time."
Me: O_o

Well, whatever floats their boat, I guess.

Meanwhile upstairs in the HOH room, McCrae is telling Amanda that she's his sanity in the house.

12:43am BBT:
Cam 3
Retro Bedroom

Candice comes in and tells David/Jessie that Aaryn went off on her about her hat being bent & asked Jessie is she's the one who told Aaryn that she (Candice) sat on her hat. Jessie said no and she didn't know about it until David just told her.

Candice said she had her hat for "like 5 minutes" and was gonna put back on the counter, when Aaryn saw her hat was bent and got mad.

1:10am BBT:
Cam 2
Helen told Candice that there's a reason why she (C) was taken off the block, and there's also a reason why David is still on the block.

Helen: "Aaryn is bummin' around like she owns this game, but trust me, she's gonna get a big f***king surprise at eviction, so don't even worry about it."
Candice: "Okay."
Helen: "You don't know anything.." (aka "don't tell anyone you know this")
Candice: "Promise."

*This is Helen trying to get Candice to "their side", per her convo with McCrae @ 12:15am BBT.

2:33am BBT:
Cam 3
Have Nots Room
Helen is telling Elissa that Aaryn is gonna be stunned when David gets evicted on Wednesday and that's gonna make her (Aaryn) fight hard to win HOH, but they (Elissa/Helen) can't let Aaryn win HOH because they're gonna be her #1 targets for eviction if she does.

Helen: "We have to win (HOH)."
Elissa: "Ok."
Helen: "You need to buck up, put your mind in the game, just ignore (Aaryn)..."
Elissa: "Yea."

2:34am BBT:
Cam 2
Lounge Room

Jeremy/Kaitlin are talking about how they know that David's probably going home this week, but Jeremy said it's out of their control but to not let that get to their heads or let it effect their fight to win HOH.

Kaitlin: "I though the whole house was up for (getting rid of Elissa).."
Jeremy: "I did, too. Until about 2 o'clock today."

Jeremy said they can't tell them (David/Aaryn) because they'll both  freak out & that will really put a bigger target on them (K/J).

Talk turns to about Andy wanting to get Jeremy out, which is making Jeremy wanna go after Andy. 

**And that's it for The Overnighter!! :D

So it seems that David is still a goner this week. I'm more interested in seeing Aaryn's reaction & who wins HOH on Wednesday.

Today is "Summer Sunday", which is my "off" day for the week from BB, where I go out & do something outside...away from the computer...far, far away from the computer. lol :P But I will be back tonight for the 8pm EST show tonight! I'll make a new post about an hour before the show begins. See ya then & if you're dying to know what's going on in the house, then have a look for yourself on the live feeds!! Later, gators!

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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Afternoon in the BB House (Veto Ceremony Results)

Good afternoon, BB addicts!! Today is the Veto Ceremony where McCrae is set to take Candice off the block (and then tell her to vote the way he wants her to on eviction night to ensure David's departure this week), and then put up Elissa in her place. While it may appear, at least to half the house, that Elissa will be going home, that is not the case. David will be going home this week. At least that's what the plan is right now.

At 12:30pm BBT, Aaryn caught Jessie rubbing sunscreen on David's back and Aaryn got mad at that. Jessie apologized. 

At 12:50pm BBT, BB told the HG's to go outside for a lockdown. This all part of the veto ceremony process. Ever since then, there's been fishies on the feeds.

1:01pm BBT:
Feeds still on fishies! Looks like we have a Veto Ceremony underway! :D As soon as the feeds come back, I'll post the results below.

1:27pm BBT:
Feeds are back! Hang tight while I gather info...

Candice is wearing the veto neckalce!

The Veto was used to save:


The Replacement Nom is:


Candice was saved from the block by McCrae. Elissa is acting sad that she's up on the block. (It's an act to fool the other HG's that aren't part of the Save Elissa plan).

1:45pm BBT:
HOH Room

Jeremy is in the HOH room talking to McCrae & Amanda about how Elissa "needs to go", and they're playing along by agreeing. Amanda asked who Jeremy is gunning for, he said if he won HOH, he'd probably put up Candice again.

Jeremy: "I wanna get the floaters out. I wanna play the best with the best."
Amanda: "The worst is having a floater make it (to the end) because like, they don't deserve.." 
Jeremy: "Nobody is gonna be safe when I'm (HOH)."

Jeremy & Co are now talking about 'when Elissa leaves'. Jeremy hopes America votes for a player in BB for MVP, rather than a floater or someone who has a famous sister like Elissa.

Jeremy: "I have to make sure I'm not one of the first 4 out, I have to make it to jury."
Jeremy/McCrae tell each other (playfully/being competitive) that they're gonna go after each other in the game. 

**It's a slow day in the house, so I'm gonna go make dinner & then go out to a movie. My brain is begging me for a change of scenery. lol ;)  I'll probably make a quickie post before bed tonight with any/all juicy details from the late afternoon. Enjoy the rest of your Saturday, y'all! :D Those of you who already have the feeds, enjoy!

Those of you who don't, whatcha waiting for?! They're only $26.99 for the ENTIRE 3 months season!! Get your feeds & get addicted like the rest of us! ;)

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Morning in the BB House

Good morning, HG's! It's time to wake up, scheme, get paranoid, and hopefully fight a lil bit. ;) hehe BB woke up the houseguests at around 8:10am BBT.

When the live feeds came back on, we saw Howard praying, Judd trying to talk to Amanda/McCrae in the HOH room (Amanda wasn't having it though, she didn't want to hear game that early), & Adam/Jessie/Aaryn getting ready in the bathroom.

The feeds soon switched to Elissa/Helen in the Have Not room talking.

8:40am BBT:
Have Not Room

Helen gives Elissa solid advice & advises her to not freak out, stay calm. (Basically, don't rock anybodys boat.) Talk switches gears to why David would throw the POV Comp. Helen's not sure if he actually threw it (**pretty sure he did.) and wonders why he would do that so early in the game. Elissa then talks about Aaryn being on a medication called adderall (which is used for ADHD). Elissa said she wonders if Aaryn isn't mentally all there. (She was more concern, than slamming her for it.)

9:00am BBT:
Helen is jogging in the backyard.

9:07am BBT:
Dining Room Table
Howard/Andy were talking about their memory wall pics, then about morning joggers.

Andy: "When I see people jogging early in the morning, I just wanna scream "Why aren't you back in bed? What's wrong with you??"

Howard chuckles. (**So do I. lol)

Talk turns to what this seasons BB schedule is (veto comp, pov ceremy, etc.)

Sidenote: We may have the POV Ceremony today, hence why the HG's were woken up so early.

9:19am BBT:
A look at the Quad Cam...

9:24am BBT:
HG's are slowly gathering on the BY couch.

Andy is talking about how he "love love loves" his job, but only makes around $28k a year.

9:29am BBT:
HOH Room

Jessie just confirmed that today's the veto ceremony. Production told her.
Jessie asked McCrae why is Candice coming off the block & not her. McCrae told her not to worry, she's safe, he's only taking Candice off because she'd be mad and mess up the votes.

Jessie walked back out of the HOH room a minute later.

10:03am BBT:
Quad View on the feeds...

McCrae/Amanda are lightly chatting in the HOH bed.
Candice/Helen/Jessie are in the kitchen.

10:26am BBT:
Living Room

GinaMarie comes stubling in, tired as all heck.
Andy makes a joke to GinaMarie.

Andy: "Did you wake up on the wrong side of the cl**t piercing, today?"
GinaMarie: "No, I'm just really tired."

McCrae/Jessie/Spencer/Howard  are in & out of the kitchen area.

10:55am BBT:
HG's are waiting around for the veto ceremony, no game talk going on.

11:01am BBT:

McC & Helen are playing a game of chess.

12:18pm BBT:
Storage Room

**Note: If it seems that Elissa is mad at Amanda, remember it's just an act.

The girls are in the storage room, they're going over the game plan to save Elissa this week.

And that's it for the Morning report! I'm taking a break, but I'll have the feeds on and will keep tabs on what's going on. The Veto Ceremony is happening today. When? Who knows. Enjoy the live feeds!! :D (Psssst..they're only $26.99 for the ENTIRE SEASON!! Super duper cheap this year.)

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The Overnighter

Happy Saturday, y'all!! :D What a crazy past couple of days on the live feeds!! I've never seen so many alliances formed (I think we're up to 352 alliances in the house at this point lol ;) ), soooo much game talk, mixed with paranoia and's great entertainment, I'll tell ya that!!

Okay, so let me try to get everyone caught up speed here:

*Elissa will be saved this week. David will be going home.

*McCrae will tell Candice that he'll pull her off the block if she'll vote the way he wants her to.

*Candice is currently alliance-less & is considered a "wild card".

*Hopefully Candice complies & does what McCrae wants, because she'll be the 7th vote to save Elissa if she does.

*The 6 HG's voting for Elissa to stay are: Howard, Spencer, Amanda, Helen, Andy and Judd (which is part of the "Older People Alliance", which also has McCrae & Elissa in it.)

Of course, it's only Saturday and eviction is on Wednesday. That's a looooong time from now & things can (and most likely will) change between now and then. Not to mention, everytime I blink, there's a new alliance being formed. (I think the rubber ducky in the pool is even in an alliance).

If you saw Amanda being "mad" at Elissa last night, that was just a hoax to throw people off so that the other half of the house doesn't suspect she's in on the plan to save Elissa.

Moving on...

*The "Older People Alliance" wants to save Elissa because they believe she'll win MVP every week because she's Rachel's sister. This is their way of "controlling" the MVP vote.

*Amanda told Elissa to act like she's still going home, even though they're saving her.
*Amanda wants their allaince to go after Jeremy next week.

*Andy said his "Gaydar" (aka gay radar lol) was "pinging" when he first saw Nick. Nick denies being gay and says that often people think he's gay because he's picky with girls. Both Spencer/Andy think that Nick is "hiding something".

*Amanda told Elissa that she needs to "come clean" to those saving her about her being Rachel's sister. (Why she's hiding it when the cat is already out of the bag, is beyond me.)

*Jeremy/Kaitlin did more kissing last night.

*Spencer told Nick that he's in an alliance ("mega alliance") with Amanda/Judd/Andy. (**Add that one to the list of alliances.) Nick said he thinks Amanda and Helen are threats. Spencer told Nick that Amanda thinks Nick is a "floater" & is working with GinaMarie.

*Spencer told Nick his loyalty is still with "The Moving Company" alliance. (Nick, Howard, Spencer, McCrae, and Jeremy) Nick said he wants Amanda out. Spencer agreed & added that he also wants Aaryn, Kaitlin, Andy gone pre-jury. They both think that Amanda/Andy/Helen/Judd are clueless.

If you wanna watch the Nick/Spencer convo (it's a long one!), Flashback to 4:15am BBT.
Their convo goes on for nearly 2 hrs.

Okay, that's it for now! Since there was so much to cover, and it's already soooo confusing this early in the game, I figured I'd just do a lighter version of the Overnighter. I hope y'all are okay with that. With so much info, 16 HG's, alliances forming every 5 minutes, it's a lot to take in for only Day 3 of the feeds. :P

I'm gonna make breakfast as the HG's are still sleeping (as of 8:05am BBT, but it seems BB might be waking them up because we have fishies on the feeds.) Either way, I'll be starting the morning post shortly! :D

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Friday, June 28, 2013

Evening Post

Good evening (or afternoon, if you're on the West Coast). Nothing game changing happened since the last post, but there's a ton of paranoia & crazy floating around in the house. That much is for sure!

David is super paranoid that he's gonna get evicted this week. Aaryn went a little coo coo on David again..saying how he doesn't trust her, she can't trust him, you're not listening, etc etc.  Ooooook then. 0_o
If you wanna watch that, go to 3:35pm BBT. It is interesting to note though that during their convo, David told Aaryn that Jeremy is suspicious of Jessie/Aaryn knowing each other outside the house & thus working together in the house. This leaves Aaryn to wonder if Jeremy is gonna wanna get Jessie out of the house. David also mentioned that Jeremy said maybe they shouldn't trust the girls (he thinks the girls are in an alliance). Aaryn's response to that is that she thinks Jeremy's paranoia is gonna ruin his game as well as David's.

Moving on...

4:01pm BBT:
Storage Room

Nick & Spencer have a quick little pow wow in the storage room. They agree that David needs to go this week, but how to get the votes. Spencer's worried about exposing the votes. Nick wants Candice to swear that she'll vote out David.

4:19pm BBT:
Jeremy/David talk while working out in the backyard. David asked Jeremy if he'd have votes to save him this week. Jeremy wonders if they'd try to take him (David) him out so early in the game. They discuss that they could possibly get Judd or Howards vote.

4:47pm BBT:

Jeremy/Aaryn hash things out as Aaryn showers. He tells her he just wants things back to normal.

Jeremy: "I see what you're saying, I need to come to you if I have a problem. And I will."

4:50pm BBT:
Storage Room

Kaitlin is angry at Jeremy because of his suspicions of McCrae/Kaitlin being related somehow. (**I must of really missed something earlier while making dinner. I'm lost on this one. lol) She goes on saying that she spends every night with him and kisses him (Jeremy) and why won't he just talk to her about it instead of telling Aaryn stuff.

**This all sounds like petty stuff to me & too many people are over-reacting. I'm moving on.

Alright guys, I've hit a wall. I'm outta here for the night! I'm still gonna watch the feeds, so I'll post if something major goes down. Otherwise, have a wonderful night & see y'all tomorrow!

Enjoy the live feeds!! :D

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Afternoon in the BB House

Most of the day has been pretty far. ;) But that seems to be changing the past few minutes with a little bit of game talking. Let's dive into the afternoon post!!

Currently on the live feeds...

2:20pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

Elissa said she thinks Aaryn is just being nice to her because she thinks she (Elissa) is going home. (In case ya missed it, they mended fences earlier today.)

2:25pm BBT:
Storage Room

David is telling Jeremy that he thinks Elissa won't go up on the block & that he thinks either Jessie or himself is gonna end up going home. Jeremy said that McCrae is for sure putting Elissa up because that's what he told him last night. David doesn't understand why McCrae would want to take Candice down but leave Jessie up on the block. Jeremy reassures David that he "doesn't have the votes to get evicted".

They both agree that Amanda/Candice will be their targets next week & then leave the storage room.

2:35pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

Elissa is telling Jessie that she's a "wife and mom" and "doesn't have girl drama at home". They talk about their families and what they might be thinking. Jessie said her family is probably worried that she's on the block.

Jessie: 'I just wanna be off the block."
Elissa: "Who do you think should go up in your place?
Jessie: "I don't care. I really don't care. I competed my heart out in every comp."

2:41pm BBT:
Meanwhile across the yard, half of the other HG's are in/around the pool. Light chatter all around.
Finally got some good shots of Jessie's super cute bikini!

 Love it.

2:50pm BBT:
Lounge Room

Jessie is scared that McCrae won't put up Elissa. (**don't worry, he will.)

3:02pm BBT:
Kaitlin and GinaMarie are talking while in the hammock. Kaitlin tells GinaMarie that McCrae told Elissa to her face that she's getting backdoored. (*not true. he told her he's putting her up on the block, though.) GM thinks that Jessie should be the one going home. She also wouldn't mind Howard leaving (she said "he's so quiet") or Candice.

Kaitlin tells GM that Jeremy said he'd put Amanda/Candice up together if he was HOH next week. GM then makes a crack at how short Jessie's arms are and called her "T-Rex", but does think that's she's pretty.

**Dinner time for this gal! Until then, enjoy the live feeds! ;)

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