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Friday, July 26, 2013

Afternoon in the BB House Pt 2 (Have Nots + Pre-Noms)

At 2pm BBT, the live feeds went to trivia, which means we have ourselves a Have Nots Comp underway! (Nominations will be later today.)

When the feeds come back, I'll post who the Have Not's are for the week. (Expect the feeds to be done for 1-3 hrs.)

Off-topic, we have a new alliance chart, courtesy of @89razorskate20!! Yayy!!

The Have Nots for the Week are:

Food for the Week is:
 Ramen Noodles and Raisins
3:57pm BBT:
Feeds are back!!

Currently on the live feeds...

Time for the HOH meetings pre-Nominations!

4:10pm BBT:
HOH Room

Aaryn told Howard she's not gonna backdoor him & asks the same if he stays and wins HOH, to give her a chance to play for veto as she's giving him the chance to play for veto. She tells him she will either put up him outright or not gun after him at all.

Howard wants Aaryn to make a "power move" & get someone else out this week. Aaryn tells him she knows that he tried to flip the house to get her out last week.

4:16pm BBT:
Aaryn, again, tells Howard that she won't backdoor him & that she has too much respect for him to do that to him.

Aaryn: "If I put you up, it's not personal at all. It's because people in the house want you up. So now I have to follow through with the deal so that they trust me." (paraphrasing)

4:21pm BBT:

Howard tells Aaryn that he wants to work with her but if he gets put, then it's ok..he still respects her.

Amanda/Andy comes to the room.

Amanda: "I tried to save you, sorry I'm too late."
Aaryn tells Amanda that they had a good talk.

Aaryn mentions that Howard wanted her to make a "big move". Amanda wants to know what it was, Aaryn said he didn't say but she thinks that he wanted her to work with the other side of the house.

Aaryn: " we'll see if he puts up if he wins HOH."
Amanda: "He'll be GONE!"
Aaryn: "We'll see. He could win veto."
Andy: "Yea."
Amanda: "He'd probably put me & McCrae up. You're just one person, so why would he put you up on the block."

Aaryn: "I'm gonna put up Spencer/Howard." 

Amanda is making fun of how many alliances Howard has, including one with herself & McCrae. Aaryn said that Howard wanted to make one with her if he stays. Amanda laughed.

4:34pm BBT:

Amanda/Aaryn went back & forth for a moment because Amanda is saying that Howard is gunning after Aaryn, and Aaryn said he's not but it doesn't matter, she's putting him up either way.

McCrae enters for a minute then leaves.
Amanda: "You have to think about the people that are protecting you." (in other words, Howard is gunning after Amanda, who she's working with, so protect her.)

4:38pm BBT:

Aaryn said she's nervous about putting up Howard but she's gonna do it anyways. Amanda is reassuring her she (Aa) needs to trust her & go with "what a majority of the house wants". Aaryn said she has the most loyally to her (Am) and McCrae, and Helen.

McCrae re-enters.

Aaryn said she really wants Elissa/Candice to go home, but she'll put up Howard/Spencer for them.

4:44pm BBT:

Helen/Amanda have a quick convo to make sure they're on the same page with getting Howard out.

4:47pm BBT:

Andy is lying his butt off, saying he doesn't know what Aaryn will do and that he'll have to vote with the house but hopes they both don't go up.

BB comes on the loudspeaker: "Welcome to the Big Brother evidence room, where you will be competing in a two part brain busting challenge."
Me: "What the..?"

Feeds cut to fish for a moment.

Aaryn is in the Diary Room.

4:54pm BBT:
The HG's are acting as if nothing happened, so I'm not sure if it was a mic leak or what.

UPDATE: It might have been a leak from the Have Not Comp that accidentally played over the loudspeaker.

5:00pm BBT:
Lounge Room

McCrae is telling Helen they can trust Aaryn, Helen wants them to make sure that Aaryn won't gun after her (H) anymore. McCrae tells Helen that if Elissa wins HOH & puts up Aaryn, that they have to make sure that Elissa would put up someone that they can vote out, such as Spencer.

5:04pm BBT:
Helen wants Aaryn gone when they get to down to jury & says that Aaryn is not "a part of the 6" of them. McCrae/Andy agrees.

Helen: "Aaryn does not deserve to make it to the end!"
McCrae: "Completely agree!"
Helen: "I cannot let (Aaryn) win this game!"

5:09pm BBT:
HOH Room

Aaryn said she's putting him up because he lied to her, he said he's sorry & had to do what was best for his game.

Spencer: "If I go up, am I the target?"
Aaryn: "No. But don't tell anyone."

Aaryn: "If you win HOH next week, do what ya gotta do..."

5:15pm BBT:
She tells Spencer that Howard is the target and that if she didn't put them up, then she'll become a bigger target than she already is. She then told Spencer to win the veto, take himself off, and Candice will go up.

Aaryn said she's not stupid, she knows that as soon as her HOH is over, she's gonna back "in the dog house".

5:24pm BBT:
Aaryn said if Spencer wins HOH next week & puts her up, she understands.

5:33pm BBT:
Trivia!!! Time for the Nomination Ceremony!!!

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Stay tuned...
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Claudia Sauceda said...

I hope Amanda is the 3rd nom. She is kinda on my nerves here lately but it will also bring some serious gameplay and D.R.A.M.A. to the house i think! :)

Claudia Sauceda said...

I hope Amanda goes up as the 3rd nom. I think it will bring some great gameplay and D.R.A.M.A. to the house! Plus Amanda is kinda getting on my nerves right now. More than Elissa! lol I was totally team Elissa initially, but after her comments to Amanda on McCrae’s bday and her fight with Aaryn and her HORRIBLE gameplay, im over her! lol

baileysays said...

I find it so interesting that some of the HG don't take into consideration that things are so unpredictable i.e. POV, MVP and HOH but yet, they make these deals that never hold. Helen told everyone not to put up Kaitlin because she helped them backdoor Jeremy that obviously didn't hold up!!!! I think Elissa is the only one that reads between the lines. She can see how things aren't adding up because she was an outcast and then the cool kid so she sees the amount of shit that is being shuffled around!!!! Amanda's game play is interesting. She has all the HG that don't mind being controlled on her side! but what she fails to take into account is that these HG are ok with other people taking all the credit...the good and the bad and that's why ANDY, JUDD and JESSE will out last her in the game. The thing about bb is that once you have the power you always have to have the power or you won't last very long. I'm interested to see what she'll do if Candice/Howard or Spencer are in a position of power. I wonder if she's talented enough to get them on her side. That's when I'll decide if she's as smart as people are saying. Howard's game isn't working for me. Since he has decided not to speak up and stay to himself people are deciding who is for him. I think he should give them something to chew on so they know where he stands. The strong and silent approach is getting him in a lot of trouble plus his overly muscular body puts him at a disadvantage. He completely lacks endurance so no one wants to save him because he doesn't seem to be especially gifted in anything!!!! I think its silly to give him all that credit. Spencer,Candice and Elissa aren't afraid to shake shit up which is obvious in how they have played so far. I would leave howard until the end if I was the GT.


I completely agree!

Stylas said...

When did Aaryn and GM become part of the majority house group? I though they were on their own. I would still love to see both of them out soon. I know they are have been calmer since Jeremy left but I still don't think they deserve to be in the house.

James said...

I worry that having three people up each week will mean that the most interesting housemates will go before the floaters, because each week one person (or America) gets a chance to guarantee a secret nomination, which will more than likely be more appealing than if someone put up two nothing players

Rachel said...

Funny his this was supposed to be a no floater summer but yet all the floaters are still in the toilet floating like logs!!!! Wtf?!?

Erica Iles said...

LOL! Love your analogy!
But I totally agree, every week a strong person goes home and if the trend continues we'll be left watching some kind of zombie movie with Jessie, Helen, and Andy...except it won't be a good zombie movie because there won't be any blood, or action, or pretty much anything at all. Just people standing around...what a finale! lol

hummingbrd said...

Hey Jamie here is a link I found on FB , someone is saying Amanda is slated to win, I trust U & your opinion do U think this is true.

Thank u for your time as always girl U rock :) Have a great weekend

Dolly Smith said...

I hope everyone eats the have not food in front of GinaMarie. She has been a total pig, and watching her dip into the dried mangos and touch them and throw them back in the bag was as disgusting as watching her chew with her mouth open. yecchhh

Erica Iles said...

Alright, so I don't know if maybe I hold a grudge too long or something, but am I the only one who finds the behavior between certain houseguests a little off?
Example 1: Jesse was just told like 2 mornings ago that Spencer is always talking about her body and how she must taste like butterscotch. She flips out, right? Then Amanda says, "I've never hated anyone more than I hate him right now." Alright, I get that because he's disgusting! But Spencer and Jesse are found laying in the HoH bed together later that day, she's talking to him one on one, and apparently doesn't have a problem with him watching her get ready in the morning. Like okay, I know he's said disgusting things to me but I'm going to spend as much time as possible with him?? What?! Also, you can find Amanda and Spencer having long conversations, granted they are game talk but still, how do you hate someone more than anyone and sit that long with said person?
Example 2: It's been a few weeks since Aaryn and GM were total racists and bullies, but now it seems like everyone but Candice has just totally forgotten about it. For such strong comments that they made about people in the house I'm kind of surprised they've just blown over it so lightly.
Example 3: Aaryn was just talking about how she felt left out because Kaitlyn and GM were good friends now and Aaryn didn't mean squat to either of them. However, GM stayed up the latest with A last night just talking and all oh I love ya gurl and if you need anything you let me know okay, kiss kiss! Just completely forget about how you meant nothing to her just a day ago and now you're bffs!
I don't know, maybe there's just a problem with me and how I see things but to me it's weird.
Oh, also weird how Aaryn was a bully and it was NONONO but Amanda says things just as bad and its oh so funny because she's the joker of the house. However, if someone says anything bad to Amanda she turns into a puddle of tears and runs off to the bathroom!
It's just strange to me...

Erica Iles said...

I guess it could be true...but don't you think producers will realize so many people have caught onto this and change it up so as not to look like a big hoax?
I feel with so much speculation about Amanda being slated to win they will probably change it up so the entire TV show, which is already on season 15, won't look like a big huge joke to everyone. That's what I think though, who knows, BB might not even care anymore lol

Anonymous said...


I don't think Amanda going up as 3rd nom right now would necessarily create much drama unless maybe if Candice won POV and saved Howard or something. If not and she's up there with 2 of Howard/Spencer/Candice I don't see there being the votes to come close to getting her out.


shana said...

I don't understand why everyone is saying " I used to like Elissa, but not since she made comments to Amanda and starting that fight etc...." 1. Aaryn deserves everything she gets, she's rude,disrespectful and racists. I would want her gone to so I would do the same thing and try and get her out. 2. As far as Amanda comments yea a little rude but she said it to her face not behind her back and then smile in her face like everyone else does. 3. Elissa is a total outsider and can't trust anyone and knows people are using her, so I think she's trying to find someone (alliance) that will include her in on game play. I do like Amanda but she does need to know what the block feels like.

Renee said...

lol no Erica it's not just you. How about the night Amanda called them out for talking about each other. When she told Kaitlin what Aaryn said about her wearing her bikini. The the next day Aaryn was in the hammock with McCrae and Amanda as though nothing happened. Or Jesse saying she was attacked by them and they took her bed. Yet she is so so happy that not only Aaryn is still in the house but that she won HOH.


Anonymous said...


1) You still have to live and play the game with these people even if you don't like them. And part of playing the game is being social with everyone even if they make your skin crawl. Spencer almost won the last HOH so it wouldn't have been good for Jessie if he did and she had like told him off for being a disgusting perv or something. Some people have coworkers they can't stand but they deal with it for the paycheck. Jessie is trying to win 500K so if being nice to some perv who creeps her out for a few weeks to a few months can help her get there than it'd be worth it.

2) It's called playing the game strategically instead of personally. The majority of the house felt they could use Aryan to their benefit which is exactly what's apparently happening now. And as far as GM they don't feel in much danger of her winning much of anything so she isn't much of a concern compared to several others. Plus GM never really took any heat for her racist comments even though in some cases hers were worst of all. Guess she did a much better job hiding it then Aryan.

3)That's the game. Last week GM assumed Aryan was out the door so she didn't want to be associated with her by the others that'd still be in the house. This week Aryan is HOH so it's pucker up time for GM and Aryan is in no position to turn away friends right now. Although she may not like it she may understand GM was doing what she thought she needed to do to survive as long as possible. And even if she ditched her for a week she's probably still more of a true ally then anyone else in that house.


Anonymous said...


Elissa isn't a total outsider. She had a tight bond with Helen and was a part of the major alliance in the house with her Amanda, McCrae, Andy and Judd. They included her in on the gameplay for last week and she went and screwed the whole group by revealing their plans and starting drama for her own personal satisfaction. And all she accomplished was weakening her standing in the group but she did that to herself so she deserves the spot she's in now.


Erica Iles said...

Okay, I understand that and I would have put something in my huge post about you do what you have to. However, to me, it seems like these people have a problem one second and then bam its gone. Remember Britney, she had a problem with half the people in the house and she would say, she does what she has to in the house but she always had, imo, hilarious DR sessions because she would mention about how she wants to puke when she hears Rachel etc. Nobody this season does that! If it were me, the DR is where I'd really let my venting sessions out tgen put on a happy non creeped out face and walk out the door back into the house.

dannyb said...

500 K.....they are playing the game. They need numbers to vote people out and to protect themselves. Plus they are stuck in the house and you have to survive to get the prize. 500 K.....


I don't remember anybody describing Elissa as smart. She's neurotic and vain. Aaryn is living deep within her darkest monkey brain.
The word "hate" is bandied about the house quite a bit but I don't think it is meant literally. You hate ants that ruin your picnic. They hate players that ruin their game. Their options are limited, they can't walk away, they aren't privy to information, they can't beat anybody up, they can't sue, they have to coexist in the house, they have to live with the consequences of their actions. I think they use the word hate out of frustration and paranoia because they are forced by the game to screw over people they have come to like.
Go Amanda. Everybody says she runs the house yet she hasn't won a single thing, except McCrae's heart. That tells me she is playing by far the best game. I hope she steps it up when she needs to.

shana said...

They did include her in the alliance but it wasn't "real" she was and is expendable. That's not an alliance in my opinion. And nothing was really screwed since their plan still worked. She did however create drama but she was trying to get aaryn out

Anonymous said...


There's very few people that have played BB that have the ability to deliver funny DRs like Britney. They have hours of footage of DR sessions from all these people and only a few secs of it airs each ep. So what airs depends on how much time they have and what is most pertinent to the story they're telling. So if you don't have that natural ability to be entertaining and funny while venting that stuff isn't gonna make air.


Stephanie Williams said...

I saw that! She looked like a cow chewing cud!

SusieQ said...

Hi everyone it my first post, I'm SusieQ ..... I really like Amanda, I think she very good intentions. Either she understands the game or McRae had explained it very well! Although she does need to calm it down a notch! She is so funny tho!! Reminds me of a few friends!! I may be a romantic but hope the will marry or last like Jeff & Jordan! I have been a faithful reader of this post Carolyn thanking so much for keeping us informed! Usually don't want to go upstairs and get on Pc so using my iPhone! ... So happy to join u all! Although my fav is not Aaryn she can used for a good purpose this week!! ( not nice to say, I kno). This is really a cutthroat game!!! Got to remember its a game tho!!💭🎉🎊🎈 have lots of fun watching everyone!!!' Who r your fave?

Rebecca McCamish said...

Amanda gets the lion's share of DR 'cause she's funny. ;D Not Britney-level, but her own brand of funny. As was pointed out, they only have so much airtime for people. You can go for weeks without noticing Jessie in the house.

Elissa is not playing smart. People only like her because she's Rachel's sister. If she came into the house a nobody, she wouldn't have the fanbase. Absolutely would NOT have the fanbase. So if you want to talk about the game being unfair? Talk about that. Amanda isn't guaranteed to win any more than anyone else. Period. Oh, except for Elissa... for whom they basically tailor-made a special power. It was so obvious that it was unfair that they had to take it away from Elissa.

Now they'll take it away from America in the next couple weeks, I'm thinking, because all of Elissa's uninformed fans are using it to punish Amanda and Aaryn--who just so happen to be Elissa's enemies.

The fact is, Elissa couldn't survive in this game if she wasn't given special treatment. It's disgusting. At least Aaryn knows how to shut her mouth and be nice to people for the sake of the game if nothing else. And she has come to realize that maybe she hasn't been very nice...

Elissa is still a mean girl, and people pretend she isn't. I noticed Elissa HUGGED Aaryn now that Aaryn has HoH. A far cry from when Elissa pushed Aaryn aside and then lied to the HGs saying that Aaryn never hugged her. (Because you pushed her away, Elissa--that's the part you forgot to mention.)

Me? I'm annoyed that Elissa is getting special treatment. The rumor about the game being fixed for Amanda couldn't be further from the truth. Just look at who gets the special treatment. Elissa.

Tashika White said...

Def rite....Amanda has not won anything but she dominates every one in there...shes a major threat and needs to go soon

Tashika White said...

Erica u are so rite andy and jessie are two of the worst floaters ive seen since the start if bb...GM too!!! And it sad because they all are gona make it jury smfh

jayne said...

Well said Craig!

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