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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Afternoon in the BB House

Good afternoon, BB addicts! It's been a pretty uneventful Tuesday afternoon inside the BB House. We truly didn't miss much.

*Amanda mentioned to McCrae that she doesn't like that there's a story line being made with herself & McCrae. (I'm guessing she came to this conclusion from Diary Room questions she's been getting asked.) Amanda's not too happy because she had a boyfriend prior to entering the BB house.

*In other news, David thinks that GinaMarie has "gone to the dark side" (the other side of the house) & wants to call out GM for it, but Aaryn didn't think it was a good idea.

*Jeremy/McCrae talked earlier in the HOH room & Jeremy brought up the idea of a 4 person alliance that included themselves (J/Mc) and their cuddle partners, Kaitlin/Amanda. I'll keep an eye out for that possible alliance to form in the future.

*Elissa asked Nick how he's voting tomorrow & he said he's just going with whatever the house does.

A current look at the feeds as of 3:57pm BBT:

HG's are in total chill mode today. Rarely any game talk happening. The calm before the storm, if you will. ;) Tomorrow is when the game changes (live eviction + new HOH). Don't forget that tonight at 9pm EST is another BB episode! The show will be the Veto Comp + POV Ceremony. I'll be opening up the chat room here on the blog tonight for the show, so hop on in & say hi!  :D

Sidenote: I just saw on twitter (thanks @BB15newsupdates) that the BB15 show schedule will be changing back to it's original format of Sunday/Weds/Thurs (live eviction) starting July 11th.

Also, the HOH Pictures are up! Go check'em out! :D

Enjoy the feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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Dana Lynn said...

Any idea as to why GM's stuff was taken from her yet?

James said...

I bet the guys will try to pin one of the votes against David after Wed's eviction on GM in an attempt to "explain" the votes. She will then have a total meltdown.

Also, I'd like to reiterate what I said yesterday that Spencer is a total pig. He's every bit as bad as Aaryn and Jeremy. He keeps saying that he wishes Elissa would die and then calling her ugly and saying her husband is probably cheating on her. He disgusts me.


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