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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Quick Evening Post

Suzie Q here with a brief update for the late afternoon/early evening.

7:00pm - if you have the feeds, turn 'em on!!!
HOH room.  This started a short while ago, (maybe an hour ago), where Kaitlin & Aaryn were starting to question things, raising possibilities of who is being true, etc. Kaitlin & Aaron are suspicious of Jeremy, that he may be playing them!  And just now, they had a 2 second chat with him that leaves Kaitlin & Aaryn feeling that he was very sketchy.  It is unfolding now!  Tune in!

Generally, there's been some great game talk since they are all rested from naps!
Pre-7pm BB time
* Talk with Andy & Helen in lounge.  Andy is saying that Jeremy said he would come after everyone who voted to keep Elissa this week.  Andy is suggesting to consider allowing Elissa to leave.  Helen said that makes no sense because they have the numbers and that's why they put Jeremy up in the first place.  Talk goes back & forth, leaving it with they have time to think about it more.

* Kaitlin, Aaryn in HOH room, talking game.  Candice enters, basically on an information-gathering session.  In short, she gets info, and shortly later, she gives Howard a brief update.  Candice found out that when Kaitlin/Aaryn ask questions, Jeremy diverts the topic - Candice knows he's up to something. 

* A little later, Candice gets a brief moment to talk with Howard alone in lounge and tells him what happened in the HOH room.  She tells him that Jeremy has been diverting Kaitlin & Aaryn's questions, telling her Jeremy has a bigger plan.  Andy walks in, talk stops.

Starting at about 7pm BB time - flip between all cameras! 
BY - Candice is giving Elissa info (briefly)
HOH with Kaitlin & Aaryn, and chess with Jeremony & Howard, talking strategy about the MC
7:15pm BB time - Howard enters HOH.  Says that Elissa is stirring the pot.  Howard tells the girls that Candice just told him how she came up to HOH and cried - Aaryn's mouth dropped open wide!
Howard leaves.  Kaitlin says Jeremy totally sent Howard to say that, then said she's going to be sick.
(as jamie says, "DING! DING! DING!  LOL!!!)

7:17pm BB time - Jeremy & Spencer in Storage Room - Spencer is filling Jeremy in on what's going on.  Suspicious about Nick. 

7:23 or 24pm BB time - storage room, cam 3 - Jeremy & Nick
Jeremy said he heard Elissa and or Candice is making deals with Nick - Nick denies.
Jeremy says how he will come after everyone who keeps Elissa, because in that case, someone in MC didn't vote with the group.  Nick confirms Elissa approached him about throwing the comp, but he didn't, and wouldn't, because he's with MC.  Nick confirms Elissa/Helen/Candice are working together. 

7:33pm BB time - BR
Jeremy has brief chat with Judd in shower about staying strong with him (Jeremy) and he'll take Judd far.

7:34pm BB time - Jeremy in loung with McCrae
Same thing - tells McCrae stuff is going around, if Elissa stays, it means someone in MC didn't vote with Jeremy and he'll be ANGRY.

So..... now that Aaryn & Kaitlin seem to have figured out that they are being used by Jeremy, things should get very interesting!


Stay tuned...
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JChism said...

I cannot understand why the rest of the house doesn't vote out Jeremy. He's a bully, and likely to dominate all comps. He's EVERYONE'S biggest threat and has openly stated his intentions to come after everyone who doesn't vote the way he wants. The playing field would be a lot more level with Jeremy gone. Aaryn and Kaitlin are pathetic hangers-on, not able to make any independent decisions without their Lord God Jeremy to guide them. This season is disappointing to watch with the majority of the HouseGuests lacking class and spines.

This Is My Journey said...

Jeremy is seriously starting to sound like a sociopath. He is definitely a casting mistake on BBs part. Bullying and threatening people to vote the way he wants them to, it is disgusting and immature. Elissa needs to put up Kaitlin and get her out this week.

Dannielle Burciaga said...

Sounds like things are really getting exciting. I think Elissa might in fact go home this week, but going forward now that the "mean girlz" alliance knows what Jeremy is up to, I hope they can help the other players shake things up (power-struggle wise). Maybe even jump ship and be more numbers on Helen/Andy's side. They arent my favorite players but their is strength in numbers and Jeremy IS a strong player but for personal reasons I would LOVE to see that guy go ASAP.

Moe said...

I think Aaryn is Evil Dick's daughter. She looks and sounds like Danielle

Nancy said...

I think Jeremy came back and lectured the girls about doubting him. He even said something threatening to Kaitlin if she went against him They acted like they agreed. Not sure where they stand. Howard did tell K nicely that J was playing the game for her which bothered her. We shall see but I don't think the girls will get a clue until its too late.

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