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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Afternoon in the BB House (UPDATED: Breaking News!)

1:06pm BB time
Feeds are back!!!

POV Winner is


Elissa & Helen in airplane room
Elissa says it was a girls's comp.  Mentions bears (teddy bears)
Candice enters.  Candice said Nick almost won that comp.  She says at first he seemed like he wasn't trying, but later, it was like his competitive spirit kicked in.
Helen is running, doing jumping jacks, makes it hard to hear them talking.

HOH room - Jeremy & Kaitlin - celebrating with a heavy make-out session.
Andy, Aaryn,  & Gina Marie enter.
Jeremy said anyone who doesn't vote for Elissa to leave this week, he's coming after them.
GinaMarie said she (Elissa) should have been gone last week.
Jeremy said after Elissa is evicted, the other HG's will know who America likes.
Jeremy says that if Elissa stays this week, someone's voting is shady. (he said it's a red herring).

1:26pm BB time
Spencer & McCrae - storage room (briefly)
talk is too soft & McCrae is crushing something with his feet, making noise.
It has to do with Jeremy, something about keeping him in check (?????)

1:32pm BB time
GinaMarie & Aaryn got called to the D.R. together.  (Hmmmmmmmm......)

1:34pm BB time - cam 1 & 2 - Photobooth lounge
Spencer & Howard
They are hoping Elissa will put Kaitlin up as replacement nom.
Spencer says that McCrae wants Amanda to stay until jury.  Howard and Spencer think that McCrae is getting too involved, and worry about the MC, though Spencer said that McCrae said he (McCrae) is true to the MC.

1:50pm BB time - photobooth lounge
Several discussing the comp.
It seems they had to balance stuffed animalson something.  They said they thought it would easier but it turned out to be harder than they thought.

1:56pm BB time
Spencer says how Elissa doesn't deserve to be there, starts talking about other HG's in an unpleasant way (I'm being kind), then feeds switch off that room for a couple of minutes.

1:59 BB time
Jeremy said he can ignore anyone, but what made him mad was when Elissa talked bad about his mom.  Per Jeremy, Elissa said his mom couldn't be proud of someone like him.

2:05pm BB time
4 of the MC are now alone in the photobooth room.
Some stealth whispering about strategy, asking Nick about something, and Nick's response is that everything's good.  He says this as if "wait until you hear the details, trust me, everything is good."  Then they quickly talk about drinking, in case someone is nearby or comes in suddenly.

From the time the comp was over until about 2pm bb time, HG's were eating, made some hot dogs, etc.
As of about 2pm, some girls in the kitchen cleaning up.

2:17 BB time

2:20pm BB time
Feeds are back.

2:26pm BB time - HOH Room - Jeremy, Kaitlin, Aaryn
They are all suspicious of Amanda because Amanda brought up the question of "What if Elissa doesn't go home?", as if she wants to keep Elissa around.  They say that even without Amanda & McCrae, their side has the votes to get Elissa out.  They keep suggesting that Elissa would be smart to put Nick up, so that it isn't obvious that Nick is working with Elissa.

2:32pm BB time  (maybe a few seconds before)
Aaryn:  (sighs) "How much longer do I have in this house?"
Jeremy:  "A long time cause I'm taking you to the final 3."
(oh brother!  lol)

They talked about how angry Helen was (about that Elissa didn't win).  They say that Helen would be smart to not stay with Elissa's team.

2:46 pm BB time
Jeremy bragging about how he has everything all set up, that if the vote to evict Elissa isn't a landslide, he will find out who didn't vote his way and come after them.  The arrogance continues as he says he has ears in every corner.  Then he says he's going to ensure himself more by leaving to go do more game play.  He leaves the HOH room, leaving Aaryn & Kaitlin alone to nap (but they have a girl chat session!)
Kaitlin says the reason they call Nick to the D.R. a lot is because production wants him to describe every comp (for promos) because he speaks so well.

2:56-57pm BB time - Kaitlin says she thinks Nick threw the POV comp.

Internet buzz about Spencer's job.  His employer, Union Pacific,  put out a statement that he is on "unpaid leave" while on Big Brother, in accordance with the collective bargaining agreement, and that his views do  not align with the company's.

Update on the comp:  they all wore footy PJ's for the comp and got to keep them.

Most HG's are laying/napping after getting up early, playing in the comp, eating, and being amped up for a while.  I'm going to call it a day for blogging, at least for now. 

Have fun watching the feeds!  While you're there, pop into Jamie's chat room that she has set up there and chat while watching the feeds.  That's a nice new feature this year!
If you don't have the feeds yet, just click on a link here in the blog (that helps support Jamie's blog) and get the whole season, with flashback ability, for about 3 cents a day!  Can't beat that for value!

See ya again sometime!
Stay tuned...
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Debbie C said...

Not even sure if I can watch it knowing that Jeremy won POV......they have really started this season off horribly and I am very turned off by these nasty people getting so much air time. This could be the end of my loyalty to BB. The fact that Jeremy, Aaryn and Kaitlin are so arrogant and nasty so early on (and that coincidentally they should win the HOH and POV back to back) really turns my stomach. Can't wait to hear about their "lives" after BB. Aaryn seriously said the other night that they better become famous and make money after this. I can't wait for her talk with Julie on the night she is tossed out and the news reports that follow about her losing her job. I am sure she has no real skills besides "looking good".

BBroFanAllSummer said...

Elissa should put up Kaitlin. She might as well stir the pot more since she is the target. Maybe all the drama that would ensue from nominating Kaitlin would give those on Elissa's side time to dream up a plan to save her.

James said...

It is either Elissa or Kait out this week. I Elissa puts up Nick, Elissa will be gone. Someone just needs to convince her to renom Kait and they there will be a fighting chance for her to stay, since Spencer, Howard and McCrae don't want to blow the MC's cover with the large face alliance with Helen, Andy, Amanda and Judd.

Besides Kait would fit the perfect description of the 2nd week evictee (pretty girl) as is tradition.


SandyW said...

Thanks Suzie. Nice Job.

Anonymous said...

@Debbie C

Unfortunately there'll be nothing much to look forward to in Aryan's post eviction interview with Julie as none of her derogatory comments have been a part of the show so they and especially the real world aftermath won't be part to the discussion. Especially if she isn't one of the 1st few out and makes Jury you're gonna have a long wait till post finale night to see an interview like that. And it certainly won't be with Julie as unless it airs on CBS then it never happened as far as she's concerned.


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