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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Last Minute Scrambles -Quickie Post-

Good afternoon, addicts!! :D Just wanted to do a quickie post for y'all between the Overnighter & tonights live eviction show.

It seems that the 6 voting Nick out are still solid, despite breach attempts! Tonight is gonna be insane on the live feeds if this all goes down as planned & I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

**Reminder: Canadians, we got the good word today that y'all are now able to get the live feeds, too!! w00t w00t!!! So happy for you guys & gals!!

Okay, so let's see what's been going on inside the BB house..

10:49am BBT:
Storage Room
Howard tried to get Andy/Helen not to trust Amanda, but Andy & Helen deflected Howard's attempt by telling him it doesn't matter either way because they have votes & that the votes will reveal who's with who.

11:06am BBT:
Have Nots Room

Next up, it's Spencer! This time, Spencer tells Helen that Amanda is a threat to his game and she goes around and stirs crap up in the house. He thinks that Amanda is gonna go around and tell everyone that Spencer/Howard "flipped". Helen tells Spencer that they have the votes, they don't even need Spencer/Howard. She didn't tell him "how" they have the votes, though.

Helen shot him down, left and right, saying it makes no sense to her why Howard/Spencer wouldn't get Nick out of the house and that being "Jeremy's friend" is not gonna win them the game.

So...then Spencer goes and talks to Jeremy.

11:11am BBT:
Storage Room

Spencer brings up the idea of maybe getting Helen out tonight, and getting Elissa out another week. He said that Helen is too smart. Jeremy shot his idea down and said they're getting Elissa out tonight (**or so he thinks lol) and that he'd rather lose against Helen than Elissa. They leave the storage room. (For the record, a lot of HG's came in/out of the storage room during their talk...Candice/Aaryn/Jessie and a few others that the cam never showed.)

11:21am BBT:
Have Nots Room

Jeremy tells Helen that there are "people on her side" who said that she's gunning for Jeremy. (Spencer told Jeremy that in the Storage Room). This is Jeremy's way of putting distrust in her group, but it's not working.

A few minutes later after Jeremy leaves, Andy joined Helen and Helen told Andy what Jeremy said. Andy said Jeremy's an idiot. Helen agreed and wants to backdoor Jeremy.

11:29am BBT:
Andy told Candice that no matter what anybody tells her/says to her today, do NOT flip to the other side...still vote Nick out. She said she will.

**Okay, so it seems like the 6 votes to get Nick out are solid!! Don't forget to get the live feeds so you watch all the awesome aftermath from tonights eviction!! Ohhhh I can't wait!!! :D See y'all an hour before the show starts!!

Stay tuned...
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Estela Perez said...

Omj I ♥ ur bloging my Hubby dont like to read cause he wants be suprise NOT ME I ♥ IT KEEP BLOGING... I HOPE NICK GOES HUT HOW WE KNOW MC NOT STICK BY MOVING COMPANY

Estela Perez said...

U ♥ ur bloging first off lol. But i just wondering u think pizza boy going really goubg turn on moving company??, n y did andy tell spencer they vote Nick out??,

Razldazlrr said...

thanks for the update - it should be interesting. it's about time they catch on to jeremy!

Rahma Omar said...

Omg this is too exciting for words! I hope they pull through!!!

weeping willow 2000 said...

I'm so excited for tonight ... I hope it all works out. Team Elissa :)

Debbie Sutterfield said...

I must have missed something. What happened that McCrae is now voting to keep Elissa? Did he bow out of the Moving Company? If so, it's a good move. I don't know why so many people are giving in so easily to what Jeremy demands.

Kern's Kreations said...

There are not words to describe how deflated I'll be if this plan falls through and Jeremy somehow gets what he wants. Agh!
On the flip side, good for Helen for not backing down or being intimidated by the walking tool shed in the slightest.
See ya tonight BB Addicts!!!

James said...

Despite Helen's big mouth and being overly trusting, I believe she has a strong chance to win BB15. Here's why:

1. This alliance that has developed to take out Nick is in a very good position and along with the MVP will likely get her to jury and with people that like and personally respect her. Those people will have a difficult time blindsiding her and she will continue to be well liked.

2. Elissa is not as interested in winning but will do all she can to assist Helen along the way, even if it means sacrificing her own game, using the MVP or using a POV on Helen.

3. Helen, like Ian, will likely be a competition force in the latter part of the game. She will also be a TV audience and production favorite which always helps.

4. Helen's weakness of being too trusting and talking may in fact lower her target size. Even Spencer and Howard don't fully respect her transparent gameplay, which is good.

5. She can certainly win in a final 2 against most people.

At this point I would say that McCrae and Helen are the two best positioned to win this season.


Erica Iles said...

I agree Debbie, and the "underdog" team has the numbers so whoever MVP puts up will go home even if the other side of the house gets HoH.

Anonymous said...

Na na na na na na na na hey hey hey goodbye...Nick! Tonight is going to be awesome!

Stephca33 said...

Hi Jamie, what time do the live feeds start showing in West Coast to see immediately after the live show? I know that sounds dumb but like if the show is over at 9:00pm, do they got right to live feeds or do the feeds go on earlier because the show is taped for East Coasters?

Kari Chadd said...

I hope this is all true and Nick goes. Jeremy is a bully amd needs to be put in his place. Good has to win over evil. I hope Elissa and Helen stay

Skeeter Bug said...

As happy as I am that Elissa's staying, I'm slightly disappointed that Nick has to go home... I feel like he could be a really interesting player to watch as the game progresses. Wish Jeremy could be the one going instead. Still, very happy with this turn of events!!

Kim M said...

@Skeeter Bug

I totally agree. I know tonight's vote is going to make for an entertaining evening on the feeds but I actually like Nick and wanted to be able to watch him for longer.

SandyW said...

I kind of like Nick too. But he picked the wrong team.

I'm gonna get the live feeds from Jamie's website tonight. So excited. For once I'd like to watch a season where the good guys win.

Who's our next MVP pick everyone?

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