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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Wednesday, y'all!! :D Last night, the live feeds were on fire!!! Holy moly! I have a lot to cover in the Overnighter, so just bear with me this morning. (I hope this coffee kicks in soon! lol)

If you were watching the  live feeds last night, then you saw the fight that Elissa created. If not, you really, really need to watch it. I'd be here for days if I tried to transcribe it! It's truly one of those things you need to watch in full.

Here are the times that you need to flashback to:
* 7:34pm BBT:

Elissa: "I'd rather you stay than Aaryn, but not if you're working with Howard/Spencer. I'm telling you, Aaryn's trying to flip the vote."

*7:38pm BBT:

Aaryn tells McCrae/Amanda that she just overheard Elissa telling Kaitlin that she (K) is in a secret alliance with Spencer/Howard & that she (K) should confront Aaryn for saying she's in a secret alliance. (Aaryn never said anything, though. It was Judd, who told Elissa in confidence.)

*7:40pm BBT:

Kaitlin tells Andy about what Elissa told her. 

*8:06pm BBT: The fight between Elissa/Aaryn/Kaitlin begins.

Aaryn: "Why you trying to stir things up?"
Elissa: "I'm not stirring anything up!"

Enjoy watching this on the Flashback Feeds!! (By the way, the live feeds are just $9.99/month for the next 2 months of BB we have left! If you've been waiting to get the feeds, now is the time to get'em!)

Now let's get to the Overnighter...

8:59pm BBT:
HOH Room

Judd: "Elissa needs to go!"
Amanda: "Yea."
Judd: "Now Howard/Spencer are gonna be after me next week."

Amanda tells Judd that they're all after H/S next week and that's why it's important to get rid of Kaitlin because it strengthens them by working together.

McCrae mentions how Elissa always claims that she doesn't "talk about or think about Aaryn", but yet all she does is talk about Aaryn. (*true.)

Andy said that Elissa pulled all of this stuff because she doesn't like Aaryn. 

Talk goes on for awhile, but the main focus is to get Elissa out ASAP & they need to win HOH to protect Judd from being nominated next week if Howard/Spencer win HOH.

9:39pm BBT:

Elissa told Howard Aaryn has "poor character", that "they" are making fun of her religion (*as I covered last night, nobody was making fun of anybody's religion), making fun of her family, & that maybe she's not cut out for BB.

10:10pm BBT:

Elissa tells Amanda that Aaryn is a "trouble maker", she plays a "personal game" (**ironic coming from someone that wants Aaryn out for personal reasons), everything Aaryn says "is a lie", etc.

Elissa: "Aaryn can't keep my name out of her mouth."
Amanda: "Aaryn has hardly talked about you in weeks."

10:55pm BBT:
HOH Room
Amanda wants to clear her name because Candice thinks that it was Amanda that told Elissa about the fake 5 person alliance (Howard/Spencer/Kaitlin/GM/Judd). McCrae says don't because it'll just put a target on her (Amanda's) back.

11:16pm BBT:

Amanda & Helen talk to Candice/Kaitlin. Amanda tells them she knows they (Candice/Kaitlin) are pinning everything on her (Am) & that she's the one who started everything.

Candice: "Who told you that I said (you started everything)?"
Amanda: "It doesn't matter..multiple people have told me that."

Amanda: "Just please keep my name out of your mouth because I don't say anything about you, ever."

Amanda gets nowhere with Candice and ends up leaving the hammock saying that she doesn't "have any balls" when she's confronted and that they should be able to talk things out.

11:28pm BBT:
Helen tells Amanda that Candice wants her (Amanda) out. Helen said that Candice thinks Amanda went to Elissa about the whole plan of evicting Kaitlin (it was actually Helen who told Elissa.)

11:52pm BBT:
Kaitlin asked McCrae if she's going home & said that she wants to be told if she's going home. McCrae (lies) and tells her she's not going home. (The plan is to blindside her.)

12:36am BBT:

Elissa tells Candice that it was Amanda that who started the rumor of the secret alliance.

A couple minutes later, Candice finds Howard/Kaitlin and tells them that Elissa just told her it was Amanda that started the rumor. (**Just to be clear, it was not Amanda. Elissa is lying.)

Kaitlin is shocked.

1:09am BBT:

All were talking about the events of the day. Andy said they should just say "ok whatever" and walk away whenever Elissa tries to tell them something. Judd has a better idea.

Judd: "No, just say 'I didn't like the 2nd season, so I just stopped watching". (re: say something total random as a response to anything Elissa says.)

Helen: "I really think something must be wrong (with Elissa) to set her off to do that. That's not normal."
Judd: "Wish I could slip her a Xanax, but.."

1:41am BBT:
Lounge Room
Amanda is telling Elissa she just wants Candice to stop mentioning her (Am). Elissa then said that it was Kaitlin who started everything, but then changed her story and said it was Aaryn.

Sidenote: Amanda/Helen/McCrae/Andy agreed earlier to continue to keep Elissa close because they're afraid that she'll tell others about them being in the "Knockout" alliance. It's a "keep your enemies closer" thing."

1:53am BBT:
HOH Room

Elissa is downplaying her convo with Kaitlin in the kitchen (that sparked the fights for the night). She said just asked asked Kaitlin "a simple question" and then Kaitlin said she was gonna call everyone out & she encouraged Kaitlin to do so because otherwise she might go home.

**The HG's are up so I'm gonna stop the Overnighter. Kaitlin is still going home tomorrow, at least as of right now. Let's see what today brings!! :D

Stay tuned...
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Razldazlrr said...

Very interesting!
Is it just me? It would drive me crazy if everyone was laying around in my bed when I was HOH. (and god knows what else they are doing! LOL)

Chelle Wilson said...

Hello! I commented on the last post but noone responded with all this elissa chaos lol. Did anyone else notice GM sneak cooki dough last night on after dark? Isnt she a have not and arent eggs and butter against tge rules then?? Ps. What would I do without this blog!!!?

Chelle Wilson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Robin Jackson said...

GM isn't a have not. The have nots for the week are Candice, spencer, Andy, and Jessie.

Anonymous said...


GM isn't a Have Not this week. She was the champ at guzzling down the fro yo and looked pregnant afterward. I don't think GM has ever been a Have Not. It's the only things she's won and I guess the reason she thinks she's such a competitor and that everyone's scared of her. The Have Nots this week are Andy, Jessie, Candice and Spencer.


Ryee said...

@ Chelle, GM is a "have."
Btw, really starting to dislike Amanda. Team Candi!

AlwaysLumi said...

Hey Chelle! GM is a have this week. She ate some much frozen yogurt in the Have Not competition that her stomach had doubled in size. Kaitlin, Aaryn and GM have not been Have-Nots at all this season.

Barry Johnson said...

The have nots this week are Candice, Spencer, Andy, and Jessie

Michelle Drake said...

I hope E wins hoh and watch the whole house kiss her a..... even more

enb said...

Everyweek something different is going on. Everyone saying elissa playing personal wanting aaryn gone, hello helen and jeremy. Elissa is acting crazy to get results she want aaryn gone, she dont know who to trust. And she just might be a mole for spencer and howard. Also elissa has more blood on her hands then anybody,she been on the block more then anybody she deserves to go crazy. I might be crazy, help jamie help.

Erica Iles said...

So I got the live feeds this morning to see all of the Elissa drama but I don't have a computer, just an andriod cell phone. Well, if I'm correct, having the live feeds on an android cell phone is almost pointless because there is no flashback feeds.
Does anyone know if I'm wrong...and if I'm not can I borrow someone's laptop? lol

Neche said...

You forgot to mention how mean Amanda was being calling Candice names behind her back....Good job on getting all this together tho.

Michelle Drake said...

I really do feel bad for E because everyone has been against her from the start so I'm glad she did this I hope she wins HOH and makes a big move l admit she is a little crazy but I think we all would be if we were in a house that no one likes

Jamie said...

yea theres only so much of 7 hrs that i can squeeze in. this is why having the feeds is so important.

Shantilla said...

Me too!! You want to lay in that bed you better earn it by winning HOH

Anonymous said...


Helen wasn't playing personal in getting Jeremy out. Her whole alliance wanted Jeremy out as he was the biggest physical threat in the house and he was on the opposite side.

Elissa wants Aryan out solely for personal reasons as she's not even the biggest threat on the block let alone in the house. And she went against everyone in her alliance that have stuck their necks out and worked hard to keep her in the house to try to do it. Perhaps as part of a continuation of a spiteful temper tantrum after a misunderstanding with Andy and McCrae earlier.


Chelle Wilson said...

Thanks everyone I was confused

Polar41 said...

I asked a question on the previous blog in concern to your comment, maybe I will have better luck here.

You commented on Elissa's meltdown and then you mentionned Amanda had one that was WOW....can you give me details about Amanda's meltdown? Thanks.

Jim Ruda said...

Where is the nudity, this season?

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