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Monday, July 29, 2013

Morning in the BB House + Veto Ceremony Results

Good morning, BB addicts!! Happy Monday to y'all!! :D I had to skip the Overnighter because I took Miss Bella (my dog) to petsmart today so she could pick out a toy for her 5th birthday! :D

A lot happened last night, and even if I were to try to do cliffnotes, I'd be missing a lot of today's morning pre-veto ceremony talks, so I'm gonna have to skip it. But, in short, Howard has been trying to get Amanda out this week instead of himself, though it appears that Howard is going home at this point.

Candice will most likely still be the renom at the veto ceremony today.

Also, McCranda had a fight about lack of trust last night. In other news, Helen/Elissa are gonna try to make Jessie mad at Aaryn by having them (H/E) pay more attention to Aaryn so that Jessie will want Aaryn out soon. (They feel that Jessie is getting too close to Aaryn and won't wanna vote her out in the near future.)

In conclusion, it still looks as if Howard will go home this week unless something happens between now & Thursday's live eviction.

Currently on the live feeds...

9:42am BBT:
HG's are getting ready for the day.
Amanda's wearing Judd's bear shirt today.

9:46am BBT:
Pool Table
Spencer told Howard that Aaryn is still putting Candice up as the renom today. Spencer tells him that he (S) is gonna tell Aaryn there's a plan to get rid of Candice. Spencer also said that Judd/Andy are "down" for "the plan".(**Judd lied, though. Spencer/How think they're gonna be able to flip the votes but they're not. Howard is still this weeks target.)

Spencer said they'll talk later.

9:50am BBT:
Spencer tells Aaryn in the HOH room that there is a possible plan to vote Candice out instead of Howard. He said he'll keep her posted. GM then joined Aaryn, as Spencer left.

10:03am BBT:

BB: "Spencer, please go to the Diary Room."
Spencer: "Here we go." (*veto ceremony time soon?)

10:08am BBT:
Feeds on trivia! It's Veto Ceremony time! (Feeds will be down for about 45 mins.)

Spencer will take himself off the block with the veto.

The Replacement Nom is:

10:53am BBT:
Feeds are back!!

10:53am BBT:
Lounge Room
Helen: "I really don't think Jessie/Judd/Andy will sway."
Spencer: "It's not that I'm against Amanda, I'm just for Howard (staying)."
Helen: "I'm just telling you, I don't think it's gonna work."

Helen is telling Spencer that his wants to get Amanda out aren't gonna work & that McCrae has been "so loyal" to her, so she's not gonna go against him.

Helen: "There's a time & place for everybody. I don't think it's this week."

Helen is telling Spencer that nobody is gonna get Amanda out this week, despite what anyone might be telling him.

10:59am BBT:
Storage Room

Andy is telling Amanda that even if Judd has truly flipped (to get Amanda out), that it still doesn't matter because they have the votes to keep her.

Andy: "Worst case scenario, we have 4 votes plus Aaryn to keep you here."
Amanda starts crying.
Andy: "Calm down, I will figure Judd out."

Amanda: "I'll tell McCrae." (my feeds keep buffering, missing some of this convo.)

11:02am BBT:

Amanda fills in McCrae.
Amanda: "...Andy won't flip, so even if it's a tie.."

(refresh periodically...)

11:03am BBT:
Backyard Patio

Amanda tells Helen that Judd formed an alliance (**though its a fake one) to flip the votes to get Amanda out.

11:08am BBT:

Judd: "I'm telling you, you don't have to worry."
Judd said it's not in his best interest to get Amanda out, she's safe this week.

Amanda: "Why didn't you tell me?"
Judd: "I didn't wanna scare you, you're on the block. I didn't wanna make you nervous or anything. Don't worry. Don't even think about it anymore."
Amanda: "Ok, I won't."

11:10am BBT:
Candice/Jessie are fighting in the bathroom downstairs...

Candice: " if you wanna go & tell people that I'm attacking you, go ahead..I'm a matter-of-fact kind of person.."
Jessie: "Everything I say, you're shooting down."
Candice: "I'm a very strong person.."
Jessie: "If you would've put it to me differently...the way I was approached, (I didn't like)."
Candice: "I thought I could come to you and ask you one simple question."

Candice tells her she (Jessie) is gonna have to pick a side of the house eventually.
They're going back & forth.

Candice: "I'm on the block. I was defending Howie.."
(They're talking over each other a lot.)

Candice said she defended Howard because he has defended her, no matter if he's talking about her (C) differently behind her back.

Jessie: "It breaks my heart because I know you have feelings for him..and I see you getting screwed over (by Howard) you let your guard down for one second and (he screwed you over) and it pisses me off." 

11:17am BBT:
Backyard Patio

Before Judd joined them, Helen/Amanda were discussing how it's good that Judd "came clean" to her (A) but they still have to watch out for him.

Talk turns to how they can tell what a HG ate/drank all the time because once they leave, there's plenty of it left. They mention how Jeremy always drank the Have Nots chocolate milk and now they always have plenty.

Feeds auto-switch to Amanda/Spencer in the Lounge Room.
Spencer said he'd like for Howard to stay but knows that won't happen. Amanda leaves the room.

11:22am BBT:
Candice/Jessie are now talking normally and working things out. They hug it out, Candice said it's "water under the bridge", Jessie says that she's not voting against her.

Candice: "Thank you, doll."
Jessie: "Love you."
Candice: "Love you, too."

Jessie leaves.

BB: "Spencer, please go to the Diary Room."

11:26am BBT:
Lounge Room
Amanda fills McCrae/Andy in on her convo with Judd. Andy tells Amanda to not let on that she knows about their (Judd/Andy) fake alliance with Howard/Spencer because they don't want it getting back to them and after Howard's gone, it won't matter.

Judd enters.
Andy tells Judd that they (J/Andy) should tell Howard 30 mins before the live eviction that they don't have the votes and to vote Howard out.

Judd, again, tells Amanda that he didn't tell her because he didn't want her freaking out over nothing.

11:32am BBT:
Helen joins.

Judd said it doesn't matter if they tell Spencer how to vote. Andy disagrees & says it'll be better to tell him in case he (Spencer) wins HOH, he'll feel included.

Aaryn enters.

Aaryn mentions how obvious they all are by being in a room together.
Helen leaves to make it less suspicious.

Aaryn mentions how Spencer was hinting at wanting to get either Amanda or Candice out.

11:45am BBT:

Cams 1 & 2: Amanda tells GM about Howard/Spencer trying to get votes to keep Howard & will try to get her (GM) to flip, too. GM states that she's with Amanda & Co. and will keep her. Amanda tells GM that if that deal come to her & Judd truly tries to flip, to let her (Am) know.

Cams 3 & 4: Candice is laying into Howard a little bit. They're bickering. 

11:57am BBT:
McCrae tells Amanda to lay low this week, stop going around to everyone & panicking, he'll make sure everything is still okay with everyone voting Howard out, and to just relax. She said ok.
 They kiss, hug, Amanda said she's scared, McCrae tells her everything's gonna be all right.

***Lunch break for this blogging chicky! :D Be back with an afternoon post shortly!

Stay tuned...
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Krissi said...


Is there a possibility of a special veto power or are the Hg just paranoid?

Krissi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Donna Parker said...

Happy Birthday, Bella!!

Sabine - Barry said...

Happy Birthday Miss Bella and many many more :D

Jamie said...

the HG's are just paranoid. lol Theres no secret power.

thanks for the birthday wishes for miss bella!!

Trevor said...

Can BB just send Howard,Candace, Spencer home so we can see the game played. These sheep seem to think that once these 3 houseguest are gone that they all win 500k..

Jef Rosen said...

Jamie, can you explain mcranda's fight last night? I just saw amanda keep apologizing and crying and crying. Mccrae was barely saying a thing. What happened there?

Jamie said...

it was a fight about lack of trust. i didnt read the details but i'm sure they'll be fine.

laserkat said...

It sounds like Howard is willing to get Candice voted out if it will save him....I think she has been waaay more loyal to him. I think Candice is gonna have her heart broken & I wish she had kept her heart in the game instead of laying it on the altar of "showmance".

Anonymous said...

@Jef & Jamie

Here's a recap:

"Alone on the smoking patio, Amanda confessed to McCrae that she told Andy that Judd definitely lied about the "Kaitlin wants Helen out next" story, even though the pair agreed the night before to keep it a secret. That's what kicked it off. McCrae was upset because earlier he had a chat with Andy during which he faked not knowing, when clearly he did know. Now he thinks Andy will consider him shady. This led to Amanda lumping McCrae in with Andy&Judd, calling them "all pussies". About an hour later we discover this really stuck in McCrae's craw because he brought it up again (Amanda considering McCrae a pussy in the game). After that McCrae got really sulky and that got on Amanda's nerves, because she considered what she did as minor and irrelevant. McCrae kept harping on Amanda's inability to keep herself from spreading confidential info and for not trusting/respecting McCrae's game judgement.

They went to the cockpit where the spat continued. Amanda tried everything to resolve the argument - bullying, switch-on switch-off tears, intimate coaxing, debate. Nothing worked so she marched out to the hammock alone, presumably expecting him to follow and apologize. He didn't and she eventually returned to him in the cockpit. Eventually they both got tired and made up, but never really dealing with the core dispute, just agreeing to drop it. The potential exists for the same issue to bubble up again in future. They went to bed together."


Jamie said...

thanks Brian!

pretty-aisha-xoxo said...

Howard does not deserve to go home. I hope that people in the house will realise that amanda is way more dangereous. Helen is so good at this game but she's becoming really kinda "mean".

Shereda Cromwell said...

I hate when people call Howard and Candace a showmance. It' not like they came in the house, saw each other and then decided to start hooking up. Their connection started because of a horrible event. What I don't think some people understand is "being black" is not apart of the game. It's apart of thier life. You never know what someone has been through. As a African American woman I know how it feels when someone tries to make you feel like your less then because of my race. And despite everyone feeling bad for Candace, in her mind no one understood her more in that moment than Howard. To never feel that kind of hatred is to not fully understand it.This is some she probably not thought she would go through in the BB house. So to me I don't look at it as a showmance. I look at it as support on the highest level. And Jamie keep up the great work hun :) love this blog!

Jef Rosen said...

Thanks Brian and Jamie

Heat said...

If the theme of this season holds true, Howard will go home because only the relatively interesting characters have been voted out.

Andy, Aaryn, Jesse, Candice, GM have all been useless and have done nothing to show they have any game, and Ellissa has proven that she has the worst game in the house by always giving away her alliances secrets and not winning anything of importance.

laserkat said...

I did not mean the reference to showmance in a negative way. I am a huge Candice fan & when Howard picked her up & carried her from that room my heart cheered. I thought he was there for her in a strong & beautiful way. Now I just want her to work on saving herself in the game. I would love to see her win!

Jef Rosen said...


I think Andy definitely has game. He has the strongest social game in the house right now. He can go all the way. Not sure why everyone hates on him...

Candice has game but Howie has screwed her. If Howie goes, Candi will show her game better. She has a very amandaish game actually- in your face, loud, and persistent. She makes herself a target just like Amanda.

But I can't deny that Elissa, Jesse, and GM are useless.

Joshua Farmer said...

Firstly, I just want to say thanks! I am working offshore this season and can only catch shows once a week and the internet is too bad for live feeds. I found your blog and its almost better than the show.
Secondly, Im curious if anyone feels this season hasnt been as good as previous seasons. I feel like the MVP allowed for one of the best potential players(Nick) to go home way too early.

Im really rooting for McCrae and love his play of having such a obvious strong player right in front of him for others to target.

hummingbrd said...

Happy Birthday Bella enjoy your new toy!
Hi Jamie ,Wow last night was a good night for feeds,It is very humorous to see Amanda freak out the way she is & she is the one supposed to be so secure in the house Rotfl!This should be an interesting week. Thanks for all the great info as usual U rock !

enb said...

After howard leaves candice won't have an allie, so she might as well cut her losses give up and self-evict herself. If helen and elissa still had her back I would think differently but this week they have showed their true colors. And if you think aaryn and ginamarie was mean to her before you haven't seen nothing yet. But it would be fun to see her stay and do what Janelle did season 6 shake things up.

Polar41 said...

Jamie, are you going to do a poll for who we want evicted this week? I really enjoy seeing the stats.

Ste ven said...

They really do have a reason to convince the House to vote Amanda out while they have a chance. Shes part of the most loyal couple Even if she hasn't won anything yet. Especially if they think Howard is Mvp, then they have no guarantee she'll be nominated next week. She has the numbers and her side is stoll afraid of McRanda. For some reason, Candice has been getting on my last nerve. She keeps repeating she's super strong yet I feel she's coming across weak & insecure. Even though everyone is telling her that "Howie" doesnt seem to feel about her the way she does, she's becoming the typical stereotypical BB female. The other girls were trying to explain it all to her last night After Dark, telling her she's plating too emotionally & while not as bad as Gina Marie, she's still not seeing things clearly. Mvp will probably end when we get to jury & America will probably vote from now on cuz having Elisa everytime was ruining the twist. But Aaryn will be #1 choice mist likely But to the HG, what is the big Mvp twist they were promised if it isn't America's vote

Random World said...

I hate the fact that everyone wants Howie out. Like how the hell is he a target, he hasn't won shit! & he's not the only one who has taken a back seat in the comps. It's just a game, I know I know. It just irks me so.
Andy does have the best game, for sure at this momeny of time. So, it'll be interesting if he ever does take the front seat in this game & see how he does.
Amanda irks me so also. She's not playing a good game anymore I think. She's making it all about her and making everyone think about her to the point people in the BB house are prolly getting tired of the "Amanda show." Mmmhhmm just sayin.

Ste ven said...

Paranoid. They could return to the regular America voting for Mvp instead of the 3rd nominee & have a special veto or coup... The HG were promised a twist and really didn't get any. Some speculated already it was America's voting... Or they could have America vote for a hidden power. Grodner has a way of spontaneous twists to help get her the outcomes she wants. It was also interesting at today's TCA to hear Les Moonves says he's very involved in BB casting, was surprised by what was being said inside the house, and watched and discussed every episode with Julie. I doubt when Aaryn, Spence or GM are evicted that she'll ask or tell them about their employers reactions. I dont think they ever evened aired Spencers.. It seems ok to say fag but not axed. (if Candice does say that, it's surprising as a speech therapist. I don't consider axed being just a cultural word... Its not proper a English and no African American person I know says it

James Adams said...

Yaaa! Happy 5th for Bella!

Ste ven said...

Enjoy her.. My first dog ever has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. Hes on six medicines currently, expensive prescription food which I can only get him to eat if I mix it with lots of chicken and tuna. Hes gained almost half his weight in fluid and I recently discovered Walmart filled one of his prescription incorrectly for 3 months, giving him 3x the dosage. He was predicted to die last January so he's made it far but he's slowly deteriorating and could die in his sleep of organ failure or heart attack any day. I never thought you could feel so much unconditional love for an animal. Its gotten to the point where I just can't afford any more expensive vet bills. So happy birthday to your pup and may you enjoy her for years to come

Ste ven said...

We've seem it all before. Women playing way too much with their hearts and often being bamboozled by their showmances.. Real or fake. Its to the point that HG are coming into the house hoping for one. The gays are always saved cuz they never have any potential love interests. I'd like to see 2 masculine gay guys and 2 feminine lesbians..

Ste ven said...

She seems selfish. Somehow I feel she'd turn on him before hed turn on her.

Ste ven said...

While I agree with everything you've said, it seems clear despite her denials that she has some other feelings for him . It would be nice to also focus on other races and minorities like Survivor once tried. 2 African American, Hispanics, Asians, 40+,gays,lesbians, Jews, Muslims etc

Jamie said...

Steven, that is horrible! :( I am so sorry to hear. My heart aches for you & your doggy. :(

I do enjoy her every single day and never take a day for granted. my grandparents dog young from cancer and that was the first animal that i really bonded with, it was gut wrenching & devastating when he passed. Ever since, I've learned to never take them for granted. Each day is a blessing & I am so grateful for every minute with her. She is my fur-daughter and I love to make her smile & happy. :) she's my heart.


Howard doesn't 'deserve' anything. Candice claims to be a 'strong woman', but she's not. She's an emotional wreck, her hyper-sensitivity, sense of entitlement, and her feelings are all sabotaging her game. Howard and Spencer really messed her up. She says she realizes its a game but she really doesn't because she can't understand why all the other HG wouldn't band together to evict Aaryn because she made her feel bad. Maybe she should try winning something so she can exercise her moral outrage by evicting those who have hurt her delicate feelings instead of drowning them in tears of impotent rage.

Ste ven said...

Yep... Thought we weren't supposed to have any floaters. Andy at least is playing a good social game. Hes not on anybody radar. It seems good to lie low, not win anything & seem non threatening. If you win HOH, your nominees are likely to put you on their and their alliance's hit list. And with MVP so far, you've riskedbboth of your nominees surviving. And we know in BB, you can be at the bottom of the totem pole one week and in the penthouse the next

Ste ven said...

Elissa was useful until production took her MVPaway bbecause they twist had backfired on them by making it son predictable and boring.. Plus her telling everyone she had it so there was no paranoia or mystery around it. Might have been better if the MVP couldn't tell anyone

Ste ven said...

MVP got ruined because they didn't forsee that casting Elissa would get her all Brenchel votes... That Rachel would use social media to push her sister. Unless they did a season of all relatives...

Ste ven said...

Showed her true insecurities. I'm still fascinated by her attractions to McRae. Does he go to school or anything? His saying what his paycheck was is quite different from the lifestyle of a high end real estate agent

Random World said...

By the way Jamie, Happy birthday to your dog Bella! What kind of dog is she? I apologize if you have said before, & I just never paid attention. :'(

Jamie said...

She's a golden retriever. :) i adopted her at 6 months old right after BB9.

here's a pic of her playing with her toy about 10 mins ago:

Revis615 said...

Want to give Jamie big Thanks for the work she does!! I found this blog during season 11 which was the 1st season I watched all the way through. (been hooked since)This blog kept me informed daily and its by far the best BB blog.
That season was a suspense filled roller coaster which was g8 tv. This season is boring b/ its so predictable and everyone seems clueless about what's really going on. Give me a coup de tat or gold veto pwr to spice it up or else its pointless until they get down to jury. I guess I'm just impatient but I'm ready for a night like when Jeff got backdoored in BB13 when Jordan went off. I know BB is strategy, social, mental, & physical but I'm waiting to be on the edge of my seat. That's why I said if they backdoor Amanda, then the game would begin.


Amanda loves McCrae because when the MC was going to come after her he chose to protect her and outed the alliance instead.

laserkat said...

Me too! The more diverse, the better the show.

Michelle said...

Okay Howard is clearly physically fit, it makes him a Target. They think he throws competitions, which he does. They know his potential, that is how he is a threat! For the people saying they're not a showmance that their relationship formed b/c they connected. Um, they connected on a show therefor making it a showmance! They will not be together after the show. They are the worst showmance ever! All they do if fight and bicker. They never have any fun and are not fun to watch. They would never actually be together out of the house! I'm really looking forward to the next HOH competition. It would be pretty funny if GM or Spencer wins HOH. I just want to see the house get flipped a little. I wonder if Candice won who she would nominate? I'm hoping for an interesting week!

Michelle said...

Oh Candice would nominate Aaryn but who would she put against her? GM? Aww that is kinda predictable.

mary copeland said...

It is a fun blog and I'm so Happy I found your blog by accident the other day and now I'm addicted, Lol...I have been a Hugh fan of BB since season one so its very nice to have a site to read with so many other fans....I'm gonna donate asap and please keep up the good work Jamie...Mary form NC

Jamie said...

thank you so much Mary!! :D

mary copeland said...

Hi Jamie, I came across this BB blog of yours by accident but I'm so glad I, I'm hooked and a huge fan of big brother so its nice to see so many other fans opinions....Keep up the great work and I do want to donate soon....Luv It !!

mary copeland said...

Hi Jamie, I came across this BB blog of yours by accident but I'm so glad I, I'm hooked and a huge fan of big brother so its nice to see so many other fans opinions....Keep up the great work and I do want to donate soon....Luv It !!

Razldazlrr said...

Bella!!! So cute with the toy! So, is she going to tear it to pieces? LOL - had two goldens that made it to 12 and almost 15 - love them! now golden and lab - all great personalities! and have 2 kitty kats (bf always says if there is an elephant one of my friends needs someone to take care of - it will be staying at my house! ha ha)

Razldazlrr said...

would guess that's Howard is a threat because of his physical strength and they probably think he is smart. More floaters will have to come to the gameplay as people are evicted.

I agree with the person who said C/H wouldn't make it out of the house - she is always bickering and being way emotional with him - give it a rest girl!

Random World said...

Mmmmhhmm amen honey! So bored of the "Amanda Show" give me something with a twist!

Rebecca McCamish said...

Ste ven: "Axed" is cultural for SOME African-Americans just like it is cultural for SOME Euro-Americans... and many other races. It's not about race, it's about where you come from. What neighborhood you live in in New York, for instance, can have a profound affect on your dialect. If you've never lived there, then you wouldn't know. And just because you've never heard of it being that way doesn't mean it isn't true. Once more: it's not about race, it's about culture. And those things are very, very different.


GM says 'axed' all the time. BB is a long game, you have to pace yourself. The strong personalities tend to come into the house with guns blazing and wind up taking each other out. "Floaters" is what the strong players call the smart people who stay out of trouble and are left to collect the money when the dust clears. No wonder they hate them. Howard could have done that but he was always scheming to get Amanda out, since Day One. Yet he was unwilling or unable to win anything that would put him in a position of power, and his social game is zero.

keesha harris said...

The fact that Aaryn is still in the house and Howard is being villainized by Amanda says a lot about what's wrong with this country.#bb15


It says a lot about what *you* think is wrong with this country. It's a game, it isn't real life, it isn't about "justice", the name of the game is 'screw your buddy before he screws you.'.

Shereda Cromwell said...

@ Laserkat I wasn't commenting specifically on your comment, but just in general. And @ Steven I agree her. (Candace) feeling have now evolved. And both you guys are right variety is the spice of life.

David Johnson said...

I was kind of shocked by his "paycheck" too. In willing to bet that that is just what he makes hourly not counting tips. A good pizza delivery person can make $20k/yr part time. Still nothing close to what she's pulling in but not the puny amount he quoted.

Also, I think he might be trying to make sure she truly understands what kind of life he leads.

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