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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Afternoon in the BB House (UPDATED!!)

Good afternoon & welcome to the afternoon post! Today, the hg's were woken up at 10am BBT, but didn't really start to crawl out of their beds till 11am BBT or so.

Before I get to the Afternoon post, take a look at Part 3 of the BB15 Saga, by former houseguest Wil Heuser, it's hilarious!!

(If you missed the first 2 videos, here is Part 1 & Part 2.)

Okay, let's see what's going on inside the BB house! :D

Currently on the live feeds...

11:50am BBT:
Judd/Jessie talked on the backyard couch. Jessie said her arm is really sore and worries about Thursday's HOH comp if it's gonna be an endurance. (The HG's think it will be.) They talk about how Kaitlin needs to go home before Aaryn, simply because Kaitlin is such a tough competitor. (**Don't be surprised if Aaryn is dragged to the end...what a great person to be sitting next to in the Final 2, don't cha think?)

12:15pm BBT:
Storage Room

Judd/Aaryn tell each other that they're watching out for one another. Aaryn said she hasn't heard his name being brought up, but will let him know if it does. Judd comments about sending Kaitlin home & Aaryn mentions how Kaitlin is in an alliance with Helen/Andy/Elissa.

1:09pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

Jessie is talking about Kaitlin & Jeremy how "all of a sudden, they're in love". (They've been spending a lot of time cuddling/kissing/spending time with each other.)

Jessie: "Who do you think she'll go to after Jeremy's gone?"
Spencer: "Probably Aaryn."
Jessie: "She's scary to me (game-wise)."
Andy: "You have nothing to worry about."
Jessie: "I feel like she's gonna have a really good social game after Jeremy leaves..she's fun, pretty..with my shoulder right now, I'm pretty useless."
Andy: "I don't want you goin' anywhere."
Jessie: "I just hope everyone sticks to the plan, ya know what I mean?"
Spencer: "I'm sticking to the plan, 100%."
Jessie: "Kaitlin didn't even watch the show before coming here."
Andy: "From a game standpoint, there's nothing to worry about (regarding Kaitlin)."
Jessie: "Ok. If I were her, I'd be trying to hang out with other people before Jeremy leaves."

Andy/Spencer talk about how GinaMarie is gonna have a "Mourning for Nick" ceremony later on today and put Nick's stuff in her drawer. (**I can't wait to watch that! lol)

1:17pm BBT:


The kitchen crew are talking about whoever has not yet been a Have Not, should be Have Nots this upcoming week. Elissa said she was in so much pain from being a Have Not (tummy issues) that she couldn't even lay down for 4 hours & she almost wanted to go to the hospital.

1:21pm BBT:

Judd/Aaryn/Jeremy are swimming, as Kaitlin sunbaths poolside.

Meanwhile, in the retro bedroom...

Candice: "You ok?"
Howard: "I just wanted a hug."
Candice: "Ok."

1:25pm BBT:
Have Nots Room

1:28pm BBT:
Backyard Couches

Spencer is giving stellar advice about relationships...that when you find the right one, you'll realize that all your other past relationships was like trying to "stick a square peg in a round hole, because you wanted that person to the one and you were ready for it". So true. :)

1:35pm BBT:
Spencer is rubbing Jessie's injured shoulder with lotion for her.

1:52pm BBT:

Spencer asked Candice what her plans are for the day. Candice lists them off:
*praying with Howard (Spencer wants to join.)
*Mourning ceremony for Nick with GinaMarie.

1:54pm BBT:
Spencer/Jessie are folding laundry. Howard is nearby. Talk is about how many towels they use in the house.

Howard: "Damn it's hot out."

**This just in:**
Britney had her baby girl!!! :D Yayyy congrats, Brit!!

2:06pm BBT:
*Spencer is gonna run laps in 30 mins.
*Judd plans on taking a nap later.
*Helen is doing her HOH blog & will be doing HOH pics soon.
*Howard is inside the house, eating.
*Hg's can be heard from the pool, but not currently on any cams.

2:10pm BBT:

Aaryn brings up an idea to pass the time (for possibly tonight): she thinks the girls should make their hair big & crazy looking, into sculptures, and have the guys do their makeup, and have girls put makeup on the guys. Candice thinks that'd be fun & maybe even have a dance, too.

2:32pm BBT:
HOH picture time!! Helen is going around with the HOH camera, taking pics.
 Aaryn told Andy to hide behind the corner because that's what he does all the time. lol (The HG's call him "Pop Goes the Andy" as a nickname.)

2:54pm BBT:
BB calls for an inside lockdown. (**HOH comp set up, perhaps? Hmm!)

3:03pm BBT:
Nope! BB just told them to go OUTSIDE for the lockdown.

**The Mourning of Nick ceremony has been postponed until Friday because GM isn't ready yet. lol :P


4:15pm BBT:
Hg's are on inside lockdown, possibly until Thursday's live eviction if BB is setting up for an endurance comp.

4:21pm BBT:
HOH Room

(Per yesterdays discussion (which I covered in yesterdays Afternoon Post, Andy/Amanda/McCrae/Judd came up with a name for their fake alliance called "The Knockouts". Their "true alliance" is named "The Goof Tropp". )

McCrae enters as Amanda leaves.
Andy: "The Knockouts, I like that name! ...(talking to McCrae) We just came up with an alliance name." (*This was pre-planned yesterday.)

McCrae: "The Knockouts."
Elissa: "Let's do it."

Helen enters.

Andy: "Our (alliance) name is The Knockouts."
Helen: "Oh I like that! That's a good one!"

Amanda/Judd enter.
Judd: "Who came up that name?" (**He's playing it off. Nicely done.)

The Knockout Alliance includes: 

(Yesterday, the Goof Troop...Judd/Amanda/McCrae/Andy... said that Jessie will be an "honorary member" but she can't know the name of the alliance. So they'll protect her, but she's not actually in any of the alliances.)

Judd mentions how he's getting tired of people, specifically GM, eating the Have Nots food & if she does it again, he's gonna have a meltdown.

Amanda mentions that each of them in their alliance should "manage" a HG that they're already close with. So, with that being said..

*Judd will manage Jessie
*Amanda will manage Aaryn
*Helen will manage GM
*McCrae will talk with Spencer

Helen thinks that Howard/Spencer will be loyal to them at this point in the game.

5:42pm BBT:

GM invited Jeremy to stay in New York to visit. Aaryn is scared of the outside world (re: racist remarks). Jeremy tells her that he's "too close to her to have something happen to her" and that all she has to do is call him & he'll be there in 2 hours.

GM leaves the bathroom.

5:44pm BBT:

Aaryn tells Jeremy that she thinks the other side of the house is gonna try to get them (Aaryn/GM/Kaitin) to turn on each other. Jeremy is telling Aaryn that "y'all 3" can beat them.

Jeremy: "They might have the numbers now, but they won't always have the numbers. Y'all stick together. Maintain communication."

**And that's it for me for tonight! :D I might/might not be able to do The Overnighter tomorrow, I have to work early in the morning but fear not BB addicts, I will be back here at the computer definitley by 11am BBT when the HG' are rolling out of bed for the day. So if you wanna know what's going down tonight in the BB house, go ahead & treat yourself to what I see everyday--the live feeds!! Plus you'll be able to watch Thursday's (speculated) HOH Endurance Comp (and all other endurance comps this season), plus flashback feeds, plus 24/7 access to the live feeds! See y'all tomorrow!! :D

Stay tuned...
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Razldazlrr said...

OMG - those Wil videos are hysterical! I was watching while working and I cracked up at the talk about the jumpsuit!! And his imitation of Paula Dean? He is so talented. Thanks for putting those on your blog!~

Skeeter Bug said...

How did Jessie hurt her arm/shoulder?

Jamie said...

i think just from sleeping on it??

Kern's Kreations said...

Anyone else find it a little creepy to see Spencer touching Jessie after his comments last night?

brittany b said...

Did any notice McManda did the deed last night?

Debbie Sutterfield said...

So what did Spencer say about Jessie last night? Just the basics...not the exact wording. I understand it was pretty bad.

Jen P said...

Totally creepy! He is one disgusting dude.

Jen P said...

I think they have a few times now...even though Amanda did have a bf outside the house.

Rachel said...

Debbie look at the comments under the over nighter update to read what he said, very gross and disturbing! He's a sick man and if I was his gf..well I'm sure he's single now lol.

Brittany Bowie said...

her dad posted on twitter that they werent serious and were only recently dating for about 2 months. she clearly doesnt care about him since she told McC that she is falling in love with him.

Jen P said...

Oh that is good to know!

Debbie Sutterfield said...

Rachel-Thank you so much! I went right to it. And I agree with you, he is one creepy, dirty old man! If he had a gf (which is unlikely), he doesn't anymore...

Lindsay Kenneda said...

Just thought I'd post this for any GM fans if their are any.. Lol... she was talkin bout it on tonights BBAD so I just thought I'd look it up. Might be the last gig she'll ever have since she was fired!!

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