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Friday, July 12, 2013

The Overnighter

Good morning, BB addicts! Happy Friday to y'all!! I was supposed to work this morning, but after seeing what went down last night, there's no way I could miss doing the Overnighter. (I still have to work, just switched hours.)

From a bed being flipped, to Aaryn being..well..Aaryn & fighting with Candice, then GM fighting with Candice, the live feeds were insane last night!!

Let's dive right in!

**You can watch everything posted below on the Flashback Feeds, which comes with your live feeds pass! (Canadians, you can now get the feeds, too!! w00t w00t!!)

7:40pm BBT:
Cam 1

Howard/Spencer had a quick meeting last night. Howard told Spencer to make people believe that it was Jessie that didn't vote to evict Nick last night. (**It was actually Howard.) Spencer said that even though the Moving Company alliance is done, he (S) still wants himself/Jeremy/Howard to work together. Spencer said he's glad that Jeremy isn't blowing up after Nick getting evicted and he's acting good right now.

7:52pm BBT:
Living Room

GinaMarie still having a meltdown about Nick's departure.

8:00pm BBT:
Lounge Room
Cam 1

McCrae: "I'm so f***ing pissed right now..."
Amanda: "Why?"
McCrae: "Because Spencer & Howard are f***king snakes!"
Amanda: "They did it on purpose!" (re: their wonky voting & pinning it on Jessie. They know it was H/S.)

8:03pm BBT:
Judd tells Jessie that she's his Final 2, and wants them to be with Amanda/McCrae/Andy for a Final 5.

8:04pm BBT:

Andy joins McCrae/Amanda in the Lounge Room.

Amanda: "Jeremy should be our target, but put up Spencer/Howard/Aaryn and backdoor Jeremy." (paraphrasing)

They also talk about how it was Spencer/Howard that was the wonky vote. (**Andy will bring this up to Helen later on to try to get her to see that Howard/Spencer aren't trustworthy.)

Andy mentioned that he would like to see Howard/Aaryn/Kaitlin go up as the 3 noms (assuming one of them from their side gets MVP) and then backdoor Jeremy.

8:10pm BBT:
Aaryn/GM/Kaitlin talked about the 3 of them self-evicting. (Obviously they didn't.)

8:16pm BBT:
Aaryn about Elissa: "Give her the money, she'll need it. When she gets out of here, no one will hire her." (**Ironic, considering Aaryn is unemployed now.)

8:29pm BBT:
GinaMarie: "I have pageants to look forward to. (**Again, ironic. lol)

8:36pm BBT:
Aaryn, GM, Kaitlin know that Howard voted to keep Nick. They said it's them 3 + Jeremy/ Howard.The girls then talked about Jeremy is in an alliance with everyone and Aaryn said she overheard Jeremy tell Jessie that they (Jer/Jess) were still in an alliance together.

8:52pm BBT:

Yep, GinaMarie is still having a meltdown over Nick leaving. She's wearing his blue hat, holding his chapstick, with his coffee mug beside her.

9:00pm BBT:
Cam 2
Have Nots Room

Andy said "the 5 of them" are solid. He lists who the 5 are: Andy/Helen/Elissa/Amanda/McCrae. Helen agrees & asks "what about Candice?", Andy says no..Candice is a loose cannon, let her put a target on her own back.

9:05pm BBT:

Spencer told Elissa in the Lounge Room that Jessie was the wonky vote. (*Lie.) Elissa said she didn't wanna talk about it & walked away. She's not buying it.

A few seconds later, Elissa told Judd in the bathroom how Spencer is trying to pin the vote on Jessie.
Judd: "That wouldn't make any sense (if she did).."
Elissa: "I know."

9:09pm BBT:
Meanwhile, Candice who is totally fooled by Howard, tells Helen that she's almost certain the wonky vote was Jessie.

9:22pm BBT:
Cam 2
GinaMarie confronts most of the HG's.

GinaMarie: "Nick made me feel smart and I felt a connection with him in 3 weeks, more than I have with anybody in years! If I like you, I'll smile at'cha. If not, I'll put my head down. I have a heart of gold...I've never said anything negative about anybody! I've had such a connection with (Nick) that it's retarded! We didn't need to express our feelings to everyone, we did it to each other. We didn't need to show anybody else!" (**She's delusional.)

9:44pm BBT:
Amanda told McCrae & Judd that right after the votes last night, Spencer said it was Jessie. Anyone else would have said "it wasn't me".

9:47pm BBT:
Lounge Room
The 4 of them all agree that they, plus Helen, are solid with each other. They talked about how Howard/Spencer are slimeballs for blaming Jessie for the wonky vote & tried to play both sides of the house. Andy said it was stupid for H/S to split their votes.

9:56pm BBT:

GM tells Jeremy/Kaitlin that she put a tampon on Spencers bed because he's a "p****". They laughed.

10:11pm BBT:
Kaitlin/Aaryn/Jeremy confront Jessie about lying about how she was gonna vote. Kaitlin is doing the yelling. Jessie saying that she gets more respect from the other side of the house.

Judd enters.
Kaitlin: "Judd, get the F***K outta here right now!"
Jessie: "Whoaaa!"
Judd: (calm) "Come on Jessie, let's get outta here."
Kaitlin: "That's ok, Judd can be your 5th chance at a showmance!"

Judd takes Jessie by the hand and they walk out of the room together.

10:16pm BBT:
Jeremy/Jessie have a little tiff. Jessie said that Jeremy is taking her bed and that's not fair. Jeremy said she didn't say which bed he was taking. Judd stands up and stands beside Jessie.

Judd: "I don't know what went on before I went in there (the bedroom where Jessie was being verbally attacked by K/A), 2 girls goin' ballistic like animals, not even like human beings, and it was the most disgusting people I've ever seen in my life!" (**I love you, Judd.)

Jeremy said he wasn't saying anything, he was just laying there while K/A ganged up on Jessie. 

Judd continues.
Judd: "That's my room, just like this is my house, your house, Howards house, Elissas house, everybodys house! And for someone to tell me to get out of a room? We all worked hard to be here!"

10:42pm BBT:
It's Helen's HOH Reveal time!!!
Helen is so excited to see pics of her kids.
Helen: "I have seen my kids in like a month!"
Elissa: "This is so exciting!"

Helen walks over to grab a pic of her kids.

Helen: "This is Henry, and this is Charlie.."

10:51pm BBT:

More bed drama. Jeremy won't leave Jessie's bed, Kaitlin said that those are their beds now and they've been there for an hour. Jessie is mad that Jeremy won't get off her bed.

10:53pm BBT:
Cam 3

Candice: "All I know is someone flippin' my bed one more time and it's gonna all hell in this house!"
Aaryn starts mocking Candice, using a twang in her voice, snapping her fingers, etc.

Aaryn: "Whatcha gon' do, gurrl?!"
Candice: "I will!"
Aaryn: "Do somethin'. Do it right now. (mocking again) I wanna see it right now!"
Kaitlin: "DO IT!"
Aaryn: "Then don't talk. And first of all, I wouldn't get in your bed with all those crabs..."

Howard walks in.
Candice: "I came in here, they flipped the mattress and threw all the pillows on the floor."

GinaMarie: "Howard's a man, he's not gonna fight girls!"
Candice: (inaudible)
GinaMarie gets in Candice's face, as Howard is trying to get Candice to leave.

GinaMarie: "What you gonna say? What you gonna say? What you gonna say?"

Howard picks up Candice and takes her into the other room.
Howard talks to Candice.
Howard begs Candice to avoid the situation and that he has a bad temper and doesn't know if he can just talk verbally like she does.

Candice wants them to sleep in her bed. Howard refuses.

Howard: "They're just gonna keep f***ing with you, and them I'm gonna have to defend you, because that's what I'm supposed to do. We ain't gonna fight that battle." (**I applaud Howard for being totally in control. I'm not so sure I would've done the same in that situation. Kudos.)

11:09pm BBT:
Amanda yells at Kaitlin/Aaryn/GinaMarie.

Amanda tells all of them that they've talked sh*t behind each others backs & to stop picking on Jessie. (This is soooo worth the flashback! Heck, half of the night is worth the Flashback on the feeds! lol)

Amanda: "Kaitlin! You've said sh*t about Aaryn, and Aaryn!.you've said sh*t about Kaitlin! So why don't we all just stop saying "We don't talk sh*t about each other" & jut f***ing STOP! If you have something to say to someone, say it to their f***ing face, don't pick on (Jessie)...that's why she came over to the other side (of the house), it just makes sense!!"

Amanda turns to Aaryn...

Amanda: "They're picturing you on the show as VERY RACIST! I've been questioned..." (feeds go to fishies for a minute because Amanda is talking about production.)

Aaryn: "What you just did right now, that's trying to help me?"
Amanda: "Absolutely! What did I tell you upstairs (in the HOH room a few days ago)..."
Aaryn: "That was f***ed up what you just said.."
Amanda: "It's the truth!!"
Aaryn: "I didn't say anything racist.."
Amanda: "I just find it funny how they've asked every single person in this house about your racism."

Aaryn: "Oh really?!"
Amanda: "I wouldn't lie! I'm tellin' you the truth!"

Aaryn doesn't believe that BB would "portray" her as a racist.

This is ongoing but I gotta move forward with the Overnighter.

11:20pm BBT:
Howard prayed with Candice.

11:26pm BBT:
GM tells Kaitlin/Aaryn that Howard is mad and Candice is crying. This made Kaitlin happy.

11:28pm BBT:
Howard is crying & praying.

Howard: "Help me lord. Praise your name."
BB: "Howard, please go to the Diary Room."

Howard doesn't move. He's struggling to compose himself.

 (**I got emotional watching this. I feel so horrible for him & Candice. Breaks my heart.)

11:31pm BBT: 

Candice is crying to Elissa/Andy/Helen in the HOH bathroom about the racist remarks, her bed being flipped over, etc. :(

Candice: "Who ever Aaryn's parents are, you did a horrible job."

12:02am BBT:

Aaryn is crying for being called a racist. Jeremy said "America will see" the "truth".
Jeremy: "The people that know you, know you're not racist."

Aaryn is still denying saying anything racist.

12:17am BBT:
HOH Room

Andy: "Howard and Spencer can NOT be trusted."
Helen: "That's disappointing."

Andy suggest they act like they're friends with them for the time being, but to get'em out when they can. Helen agrees.

Helen: "If Aaryn, Kaitlin, Jeremy are on block and Jeremy wins POV, Spencer is going up."

Andy/Helen wanna go to Final 2 together.

Helen is convinced that Spencer was the wonky vote. She tells this to Candice later on (12:56am BBT).

1:06am BBT:
GM is still crying over Nick going home.

1:26am BBT:

McCrae told Amanda there was a boys alliance called "The Moving Company" and named himself & the other boys in it.

Amanda said she still trusts McCrae.

2:13am BBT:
Judd wants to see Jeremy/Howard/Aaryn out first.

2:17am BBT:HOH Room
Cam 4

Helen said she needs to find out who the wonky vote was. Howard lied and said it wasn't him, he voted to keep Elissa.

**I gotta head to work and since nothing game changing happened the rest of the night, this is where the Overnighter stops. I will point out that Kaitlin/Judd made up, Kaitlin suggest to Jeremy that they "break away" from Aaryn but Jeremy said they just have to "make the right moves" in the game. 

Nominations are today and as of 9:30am BBT this morning, Helen's plan this week is to backdoor Jeremy. If that doesn't work, then Aaryn will be going home this week. Simple as that. Helen also realizes that Howard/Spencer are big time liars, but warns the group to not let Candice know that they are "on to" Howard (it'll get back to him if they do) and to focus on getting Jeremy out this week and H/S another week.

Howard also lied (again) to Helen/Elissa by saying he was not the wonky vote. (This was at 10:30am BBT this morning.) Helen said she hopes the "mole" (wonky vote) fesses up soon. (Helen mentioned last night that she would forgive whoever the wonky vote was, as long as they were honest about it now.)

I will be back after work (I'm only working 2 hrs today, so I'll be home quickly.) For those of you wondering what I do for a job, I'm a maid. Don't hate on my glamourous life. ;) lol So I'll be back home shortly and get us all caught up!! :D

Today is the Have Not comp & Nominations. So if you see the feeds on trivia, that's why. Okay guys, I'll back shortly! Until then, enjoy the live feeds!!!

Stay tuned...
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Christina said...

Ok, I get that reality is suspended to a degree when you are stuck in a house with no outside interference. I can understand that relationships can form quickly. We crave contact and validation. But come on!!! One week with David and Aaryn freaked, and now GinaMarie has lost her mind over Nick. They weren't even in a showmance!!

It reminds me of when Jessie was booted in Season 11 :)

April Gamble said...

Those three should self evict! At least BB should if they don't. I can't believe the way they are treating people. It is disgusting!! Gm Aaryn and Kaitlyn that is! Come on BB CBS do something! Out em!! I love team Mom !!

Joni said...

Good grief GinaMarie! It's worse than the Jessie funeral scene. I wonder if she will self destruct like Chima did? The guy didn't die he got evicted from A GAME!!! you will see him again.

Kim M said...

Even though Howard didn't vote with the "good" side of the house, I still really like him. He seems like a genuinely good guy. And he seems to be very mature and well thought-out in the way he handles things.

And his showmance with Candice is actually pretty cute. I didn't like it at first just because there are SO MANY showmances this season, but they've grown on me.

Jennifer Pinkney said...

Yes!! I'm so happy for Helen. She deserves to be HOH and I hope she can get rid of Aaryn. I can't stand that girl. Her and GM are going to have a rude awakening when they get out of the house. #Ilovethemomsquad#

Neche said...

I think they will blame the vote on Spencer rather than Howard cause they trust him more.

Anonymous said...

I think Helen should nom Aryan and Kaitlin. Then Elissa who I assume will be MVP again should put up Howard or Spencer. This way as long as Jeremy isn't 1 of the 2 names picked from the hat to play POV it'll be used and Jeremy can be backdoored. GM could also be an MVP nom but I think Howard or Spencer are better this way if they play in POV they'd use it to save themselves or each other. If neither were nominated and they were picked to play they most likely wouldn't use it as to keep Jeremy from going up.


Nancy said...

GM is definitely a weirdo but I don't think her, Aaryn or Kaitlin should be targets now. They are really annoying but they won't win. (I hope!) They should really target Jeremy, Howard and Spencer - although I do like Howard and he is definitely a strong competitor. Hmmm, although they don't want any of those nut cases on the jury or in the jury house! LOL

Mrs WonderBoy said...

Oh man. I read on TMZ this morning that there was a LOT of racist comments made last night. Like really not good stuff. :(

James Adams said...

Thanks for the update. :-)

Roy Joke said...

Nice One Judd No Need to Argue with a bunch of Babies (Pov Challenge Reference]

Clay London said...

Aryn jeremy kaitlin ginamarie need to go they r disgusting and racist, they already been fired from there job, A/GM and they r not gonna win this game so they r screwed lol

Ashley Bronander said...

I stayed up until 2:00am watching live feeds and I kept switching from camera to camera and thinking, "I don't know how Jamie does this..." There's just so much! You do such a great job!

Also - you know it's a good BB episode when my HUSBAND watches the feeds afterwards. He usually only wants to watch the actual show.

I'm so happy for Helen. So glad that side of the house gets a safe week for once!

September Phillips said...

You missed the part where GM asked Candice if her "black was coming out" when she was up in her face. In case someone only follows this blog and doesn't have live feeds a LOT of racial things have been said by Aaryn and GinaMarie constantly that you skim over (understandably so) that are contributing to Howard and Candace freaking out.

Razldazlrr said...

WOW - omg - those girls are unbelievable - what is wrong with them? this is a game, the other people have a right to vote for their side.
And then Jeremy taking over Jessie's bed and refusing to get up? GM putting stuff in people's beds. All of them act like they are in junior high (I won't even give them the benefit of high school).
I have never had the live feeds but watching them could be worth it. Can't do it though - I would never get any work done! LOL - jamie, i'll have to depend on you.

Keaco said...

Gina Marie said to Candice about going black?

Debbie C said...

The reality is BB isn't "portraying" Aaryn as a racist...SHE IS DOING IT HERSELF! She is delusional to say she doesn't say anything racist and I hope that when she gets out there is some sort of intervention for her. You can only hope that she watches the clips of the dozens of things she has said and that, combined with losing her modeling agency, will snap her out of it. She won't win $500,000 but maybe there will be a lesson learned this summer.

Mrs WonderBoy said...

I'm watching BBAD and I can't believe how they are acting to Jessie. They are trying to bully her about the bed. Seriously.

kkilloh said...

I'm absolutely disgusted by the way those 3 girls are acting, and Jeremy is not much better. Those racist bullies are downright apalling. I really truly hope CBS does not continue to allow this behaviour. It actually makes me sick to my stomach. Ugh.

Aside from that, thanks for doing such a great job blogging! I look forward to your posts everyday because as a student I can't yet afford the live feeds. Next year though! Thanks again!

drew said...

If GM acted like that with nick leaving what is she going to act when she finds our she got fired. I don't remember what season of big brother but they let the gay cowboy go because he was making remarks about Julie Chen

MeInTex said...

I was about ready to go to bed and couldn't help clicking on the feeds just one last time. OHMYGOSH, I was up all night watching these lunatics!!! Can you believe that Aaryn's degree is in psychology? That girl is going to need some help learning to own up and recognize the truth and GM???? Dang that girl is off her rocker too. Nick did not die (as her sobs would suggest). Does she really think Nick had feelings for her? These guys planned from the beginning to use these girls. They are going to get a rude awakening when they leave this house. With an uncommon name like Aaryn and a bold personality like GM's these girls cannot even hide when they get back into the real world. I don't wish them harm, but holy cow, they need to wake up and see how vile they truly are. Rant over.... :)

Rahma Omar said...

it breaks my heart that howard was so upset, aaryn does know how she is hurting ppl with her remarks. i hope she realizes before it is too late.

Jennifer Scott said...

Is it just me seeing things, or is Howard totally 'pleasuring' himself in the dark while having sex talk with Candice in the Have Not Room around 3:19a BBT on Cam 3 (July 12)?

Tina Proctor said...

It's so revolting how Aryn and her click behaves they are just as guilty by not saying anything about her remarks. This is 2013 and Candice was right aryns behavior looks like poor parenting. The click is made up of spoiled brats that always get there way and probably have never had to struggle in there life. In other words they don't need the money they were born with a sliver spoon.

Tammy Hunsberger said...

does anyone have any of the houseguests personal twitter accts? specifically aaryn's? i'd love to see/hear her reaction when she gets back to the real world.

Gross said...

Aaryn has classic Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I know because I've worke for someone that had it.

It's sad because there's no cure for it. She will leave the house and not be bothered by America's perceptions of her. She will just dismiss the viewers of BB as fat, ugly, and jealous of her.

People with NPD make the people around them crazy, too.

There is no talking to or with her either. Might as well argue with a concrete wall.

Gross said...

Additionally, NPD also is a result of the way she was raised. (in an "everybody lives you" environment).

I couldn't stand aaryn, but now I just pity her. Being mad or angry with her is like being mad at someone with a disease.

She is delusional, she always will be.

Anonymous said...


Aryan's Twitter handle is @aaryneliza however her tweets are apparently protected and only confirmed followers have access. I'd guess someone she left in charge of her stuff has done that for her since she's been in the house and all the shit has hit the fan for her in the real world.


Anonymous said...


Aryan's Twitter handle is @aaryneliza however her tweets are apparently protected and only confirmed followers have access. I'd guess someone she left in charge of her stuff has done that for her since she's been in the house and all the shit has hit the fan for her in the real world.


Dannielle Burciaga said...

I knew Jeremy would use Aaryns behavior to his advantage! I was reading while you were updating Jamie and I could just tell he was gonna do something like this. He knows if he stays quiet and let the girls (Aa/GM) run their mouths their target is only going to get bigger while Jerm is silent and clear of any nasty arguments (and new tension).

From a game perspective I would focus on getting Jerm out no matter what ---- but from a moral perspective I feel that getting Aa or GM would be my priority. In the event that production doesnt DO anything about these situations, if I were in the house I dont know which rout I would go in. I feel getting Jerm out would be the better move regardless of everything else just because Aa & GM arent all of a sudden gonna stop making enemies especially if they deny any accusations on their part (and honestly bad behavior seems to be in their nature). I think Jerm could cut ties and wiggle his way to the bottom of the totem poll on the other side. I know I dont want that!

And just because I am only human, I kind of hope they boot the mean girls off the show. Its breaks my heart to see people being treated so poorly. &&& I agree with Debbie C when she says there will be lessons learned this summer! Hope this is a rude awakening for them and they can change going forward once they see for themselves what they did. :(

JChism said...

People like her don't change. It is bred into them. Her parents are to blame. My daughter and my grandson don't see color or race within their social circles. They look for the goodness in someone's heart and soul. That is the measure of a person.

Anonymous said...


Amanda: @RealtorAmandaZ
Andy: @AndyHerren14
Candice: @candiestewart
David: @davidgirton2
Elissa: @ElissaReillyS
GM: @GinaMarieZ
Jeremy: @JeremyDMcG1
Jessie: @jessieclaire88
Judd: @JuddDaughterty
Kaitlin: @twitRless_kb
McCrae: @mccraechum
Nick: @Nickuhas


phillydwight said...

Howard can't be faulted for his vote...he is just playing the game. I applaud his restraint in dealing with the racial issues. Though I can hardly claim to know how they feel....I would hope I had the strength to deal with it in his manner rather than Candace's.

Anonymous said...

This was from David's Twitter last night who's obviously back home and not in sequester or anything:

After seeing tonights episode do I still feel the same way about Aayrn. Hate to say it but probably not! #BB15


brittany b said...

I would like to get Amanda's to see if her BF is pissed?! LOL!

Nancy said...

Amanda must not have had much of a bf - I don't think you can forget about them that quickly! LOL

Question - did HOH Helen pick the have nots????

Sarah Terwilliger said...

I think you may be right about the Narc PD... and there is no cure. But she could seek treatment and learn coping skills. She just needs to realize she has to admit her problem and that might be nearly impossoble for Aaryn. Sad, really...

Dana Lynn said...

It's not just how a person is raised, I know this personally, but also a choice they make. Yes being exposed to racism increases a persons chances of Choosing to be a racist or not. So ultimately, it is Aaryn's choice to degrade herself that way!!!

Dana Lynn said...

I have a feeling they have been talked to. And if they don't cool it then they will be removed from the game! :-D

Lisa Berendt said...

Can someone tell me how to view the flashbacks?

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