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Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Overnighter

HAPPY 4th of JULY, bb addicts!!! :D Welcome to your Thursday morning and the 1st Overnighter with Aaryn as this weeks HOH. *shivers in digust* Like most of y'all, I am not a happy camper about her winning the HOH. But, on the bright side, maybe this week will make her an even bigger target and she'll be sent packing soon. ;) hehe

I'm gonna do some quick notes & then the HOH reveal.

*Aaryn will either nominate Elissa for eviction or possibly try to backdoor her.

*Aaryn told Elissa "You can't get MVP every week, you crazy b*tch!"

*Helen/Elissa/Candice are gonna try to stay away from Aaryn this week.

*Spencer called Elissa a c**t when talking to Kaitlin.  He was referring back to her speech before the eviction voting started last night.

Candice & Helen: 9pm BBT Cams 3 & 4:

Helen figured it out: that Spencer/Jeremy are working together. Candice also wonders if there's a boys super group working together. (**DING DING DING!!)

12:15am BBT:
HOH Room

Kaitlin: "The fact that they booed you when you voted to evict Elissa, really makes me nervous."
Aaryn: "Was I the only one who got booed?"

Aaryn then talked to America...
Aaryn: "Suck my d**k now, bitches!"

Aaryn: "F**k you!"

*Aaryn gave the finger to America who voted for Ellissa for MVP, but then asked America to vote for them (Aaryn/GinaMarie) for MVP. (**that's sooo not gonna happen lol)

*Helen wants Jeremy to go home this week & ironically, Jeremy volunteered to go on the block because he's "gonna win POV anyways". Then he started to push for Helen/Elissa to go up on the block.

*And the best line of the night: Aaryn: "I better get a good job out of this."

*Aaryn doesn't know who to trust anymore, doesn't know why David was voted out.

The HOH Reveal:

10:58pm BBT:

Aaryn: "Who wants to see my HOH room?!"

All HG's go upstairs.

She got a Spice Girls CD, a creepy clown doll from her childhood, Miller Lite beer, and a letter from her step-sister.

And that's it for The Overnighter!! :D

Today is the 4th of July and besides me working this afternoon, I have plans for tonight to do some grilling, hanging out with the boyfriend & his family, and see some fireworks. I encourage y'all to do the same! Go outside, get some air and sun (I try to tan once a week so that people don't think I'm a shut-in when I go grocery shopping. lol ;) ) Most importantly, HAVE FUN today, whatever you do!!

I'll see y'all back here tomorrow morning! Happy 4th of July, everybody!! :D

Stay tuned...
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Erica Iles said...

Omg, really Aaryn? Flipping the bird to America and yelling suck my d***? What is wrong with this girl? And she wants to win MVP? I don't think so. Neither will GM or Jeremy. Idk, the house seems like mostly a bunch of bullies. I'm just disgusted every time I read these updates...what is wrong with these people?

Annie Z said...

morning jamie! watching flashback from late last night (this morning - 7/4 @4:10 - 4:15am) in the HOH room. we can add making fun of overweight people to the list for the mean girls club. kaitlin and aaryn went on a short rant about candice's "fat a**" and eating food in front of her this week to make her crazy since she's a have not. kaitlin's comments even stirred a gasp of surprise from jeremy. what is wrong with them?! how did they become so mean.

D Brown said...

Happy 4th Jamie! Enjoy your day.

Jennifer Pinkney said...

I'm disgusted that Aaryn won HOH and I'm a little shocked because Jeremy gave it to her. I want to know what Aaryn, GinaMaria, Kaitlin and Jeremy's families think! I'm sure their ashamed but then again they learned that garbage from somewhere! I hope Elissa gets MVP again.

Razldazlrr said...

There are truly some mean and vicious men and women (or boys and girls) in this house this year. Thank god for the mvp!!!

shannon72283 said...

Y is nobody here talking about jer/aaryn cheating in the hoh comp???????

shannon72283 said...

I wanna start off with this is my FAVVV bb site :) now i have a lil bone to pick lol every site u look on for BB everyone is going nuts over how aaryn/jeremy cheated in the hoh comp!!! Nobody on this site is talking about it so im curious y!?!?! Did u guys not see it or ur just choosing to ignore it?? Im pretty upset that bb isnt fixing this sit!!!

Alyssa said...

Was it just me or did Jeremy and Aaryn switch cups instead of pouring their liquid into the others cup during HoH comp?

cam4 on live feed at 6:49pm

Shouldn't they be DQed?

Sabine - Barry said...

They need to take away the HOH from Aaryn, bc Aaryn & Jeremy cheated at the HOH competition, they switched cups ( the rule was to pour the sauce into the others players cup ). Amanda & Kaitlyn got penalized for just suggesting it. Aaryn and Jeremy need to be disqualified but they got rewarded for cheating... How is that fair to other houseguests ??? CBS/BigBrother need to fix it. They did it in the BigBrother from Canada.

Victoria said...

I watched after dark only and I am trying to follow what Helen thinks. Can anyone clear up whether Helen really trusts Spencer or does she actually believe that he is working with others? I saw her talking to Candice about him possibly working with Jeremy but then later on I saw her telling him how much she trusts him.

Nancy said...

Jeremy gets the HOH room and can play for HOH next week which is better than what Aaryn gets.
Aaryn mentioned her mom made the little costume she got in her HOH basket. I just saw it on the live feeds and I don't think her mom made it since its identical to the Disney Tinkerbell costume my daughter had.

**Alea73** said...

I know you've asked to not have "Negative remarks" posted of the Houseguests on this Blog, but what about the Houseguests such as Aaryn who is allowed to continue on the show & has shown her "True Identity"?
Is she still deserving of the same Respect that she does not give to her fellow Houseguests or anyone for that fact?
This is just my personal opinion:
I sure hope America NEVER VOTES for that Horrible, Disgusting, UNCLASSY, IGNORANT, Trashy, & FOUL MOUTHED, UNEMPLOYED, Clown
Aaryn as MVP EVER!
She will NEVER b deserving of that & quite frankly, I can't believe CBS still has her on the dang Show!!!
Someone puh Leeze take that trash outta the House...

**Alea73** said...

Can't stand the Fake Aaryn!
She may have another Week in the House, but hopefully her days are numbered after that...
Especially since she can't play n next weeks HOH Comp...
Karmas a B**ch!

Suzie Thomson said...

RE: the HOH comp & poss cheating.
While I agree, what Jer & Aaryn did seems like cheating, BB HAD to see that too and didn't say anything over that long comp time. Also, we didn't hear all of the rules for some reason. For these reasons, I can't be sure it was really cheating (though I wish it was something that would cost them!)

RE: inappropriate talk by several HG's.
I saw a good point raised somewhere: that since CBS isn't showing that on TV, viewers who vote and don't have the feeds and don't know of this going on may be voting for the offending HG's to be MVP. Hopefully America has seen the various news reports and other TV shows that are pointing this out, so that everyone can be an informed voter.

Joni said...

Did anyone see the video posted on youtube of Aaryn & Jeremy cheating? They were switching cups & not filling his cup!! How about BB stepping in there!!!!

Skid Rock said...

If BB does not throw the DQ flag out there for the HOH Comp, and Aaryn and Jerry's disregard of the rules, why will anybody follow the rules in future comps. It has to be done.

Of course,it is just my opinion, which means less that diddly squat in the BB game.

UnionGrl said...

In checking some of the other BB sites it seems that there is no question that A and J cheated. There is a huge uproar starting and it has been suggested that fans flood with request that the footage be checked and if there was cheating, A and J be kicked out and #2 be HOH this week.
What do you thing?

Ste ven said...

I just turned on the big brother after dark and I had to start laughing. In the first 10 minutes I think the girls said like you know like like like like about 100 times. These houseguests for some reason are more annoying than ever before. Aarynis the typical pretty girl who once you get to see her personality becomes the ugliest person ever. Typical mean girls but as usual Grodner will hide & manipulate and then give us the same editing, challenges, and diary room scripts we get season after season

shannon72283 said...

I really hope bb addresses the cheating! If not i might finally give up on bb after all these years! This house really ruined my feelings for the show :(

DJS Mema said...

All you are upset with Aaryn but she isn't any meaner than Rachel was. If Spencer called one of the girls a c*** why isn't anyone complaining about that? It's because this is America and people are entitled to think what they want and say what they want. You can't have it both ways. I know they seem over the top mean but that's all part of the game and intimidating each other.
My favorite BB houseguests are Jeff and Jordan and they were sweet and kind and then people complained that they were boring. Just keep voting for your favorite for MVP and hopefully everything will even out. Now just enjoy the show.

Ste ven said...

I don't think she should be removed. That is not breaking the rules. However, CBS should definitely air this stuff and incorporate into the storyline. Especially with the MVP, the audience needs to get to know these houseguests . Most people aren't reading blogs or watching a live feed. They could also capitalize on the recent celebrity controversies regarding the same issues. Survivor incorporates the stuff so why can't Big Brother? This is supposed to be a social experiment and that's why they cast a diverse group of people. So why ignore the reality of the situation unless Grodner to manipulate the game as always.

Jennifer Petru said...

Yowsers. If I didn't have this blog and social media, I would have a completely different view of the HGs, based on the show alone. I really like Elissa, but the show seems to show only snarky faces and odd remarks--like they're trying to make her Rachel.

I think where this cast crosses the line is that in previous seasons MOST of the hateful comments were to fellow HGs. But these houseguests make a day out of racist and sexist remarks that apply to groups outside the house and make no sense as a part of game play. It's disgusting.

I wondered why we weren't seeing much of Howard with the other HGs. At first I thought it was because he was naturally quiet--and he still might be--but what would most people do if they overheard offensive remarks about their culture, ethnicity, gender? Many people (like myself) might just stew about it, pray about it, and try to overcome it. I'd also stop hanging around those people and just try to push through. It's a sad thing.

Erica Iles said...

I'm not complaining about the HoH cheating because I know they're not going to do anything about it. It would just be a waste of oxygen...or finger movement in this case. Would I love to see Aaryn kicked out of HoH? YES! Will it happen? No, because they know the last thing most of America wanted was for her to win so to them, this is what makes interesting television.

BB Bopper said...

I don't watch the daily feeds but I do watch After Dark, but I haven't seen why people hate Elissa. It can't just be because she's Rachael's sister is it? Or are there things I haven't seen? Please tell me, why such hatred towards Elissa?

**Alea73** said...

*****SMH***** Aaryn cheating.... Why am I NOT Surprised.........
The BiG question will be if this continues to be ignored by those who pull the Puppet Strings at BB...

LJ said...

This season may well be my last for US BB. Bad casting, even worse behavior, and some really poor representations of human beings. I actually feel sorry for Elissa. I know she signed up for this. Reminds me of Amber a little. Bullying. And why do I keep watching such a negative show?

**Alea73** said...

I am upset to say the least with Aaryn
because calling someone a C**T is completely different than calling someone a "Queer" because of their Sexual Preferance OR
Saying Gov't Welfare is "N Insurance" because of someones Color !!!
Being Mean and being a Bigot
R 2 different things!!!
Now being Mean AND just plain Dunb
Is flipping America off (ON THE 4th of July) and telling us ALL to and u quote Aaryn
Who apparantly is Equal Oppurtunity on this,
To "Suck My D**K"!

Vicky P said...

I cannot believe that they cheated and got away with it. Jeremy and Aaryn both get on my nerves so bad! They both have the ugliest personalities in the house! And I am with some of you in not understanding why people hate elissa so bad... What has she done to anyone?

Stylas said...

@ DJs Mema.. Aaryn is different from Rachel. Yes a Rachel would talk about other houseguest, but Aaryn is racist in her remarks. I am not a huge Rachel fan but seeing you compare the two upset me. Aaryn seems quite evil and ignorant if you ask me.

Terri Manni said...

I get that BB won't do anything about the live feed comments, the nature of the show is to capture comments and actions like these, however disgusting. Although the cheating is something they should address. This is a game, everyone should be held to the same rules. Elissa, Amanda and Helen seem to be decent people, lets hope they put these horrible players out the door. If they don't,this will be the worst season of BB to date. :(

Dana Lynn said...

OMG, You had me laughing my butt off with the "like like..." comment!! Thank you, I needed that!!!!

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