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Friday, July 5, 2013

Morning in the BB House

Welcome to the morning post! The HG's were woken up at 9:50am BBT this morning. We will have the Nomination Ceremony to look forward to at some point today, where HOH Aaryn will put up 2 HG's for eviction.

Currently on the live feeds...

11:13am BBT:
HOH Room
Kaitlin is still nervous about being the MVP's nomination this week, almost to the point of paranoia. The girls are talking about nominations. Even though it's clear that Aaryn wants Elissa gone, they're talking about who else to put up (though it looks like it'll still be Helen as the 2nd nom.)

Kaitlin said she's gonna "freak out" if she's the MVP's nomination. Aaryn tells don't freak out. Kaitlin said she won't, she's just preparing herself just in case.

Kaitlin: "The whole reason we want Elissa out is because she's gonna be MVP every week. But if she's not, then why would we vote her out?"
Aaryn: "It's not just that. She stirs the pot."

Aaryn: "Who else would we put up (inside of Helen)? Candice?"
Kaitlin: "I think we backdoor her if that's the case."
Aaryn: "I do too. I'm sick of looking at her."
Jeremy enters. 

BB: "Houseguests, this is a lockdown. Please go outside."

11:27am BBT:

Aaryn: "What should I do? Noms are soon and I don't know what to do yet..what does the house want?"

Spencer wants Elissa up & out. He doesn't think it's fair that Elissa will win MVP every week and it'd be fair to let others get it.

11:53am BBT:
HG's are still on outside lockdown.

(**This is not the nomination ceremony. Aaryn would've went to the Diary Room as all other HG's go outside if it was. This could be the Have Not's getting their food of the week that America voted on.)

Stay tuned...
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King Marvin Mugabi said...

ELISSA’S BEST MOVE AT THIS POINT WOULD BE TO START A RUMOR THAT THERE IS ANOTHER HIGH PROFILE SIBLING IN THE HOUSE. And that she’s been trying to figure out who and it’s most likely the person that would deny the idea the most.

She needs to do this asap. This would drive the paranoia through the roof and get all the pressure and jealously off of her alone.
Also there is no way to deny it. Spencer could be Adam’s cousin, Andy could be related to Ragan…etc.

Her Absolute Best Move at this point!
It would probably result in Nick losing his low profile cause people would expect him to be Dan’s brother.

Dannielle Burciaga said...

That is a genius idea King Marvin .. I dont watch the live feeds so I dont know how clever she is.. But that really is a great idea!

micholodisco loeffler said...

Ditto dannielle! The house needs a nafarious plan, King.

micholodisco loeffler said...

Btw, Jamie your blog rocks!

Jamie said...

thanks mich!! :D glad to have you part of the bb addicts family!!

Mags said...

Is CBS gonna do anything about the cheeting that happened? Nothing has been said yet about it.

Mags said...

Is anything gonna be done about the cheating? I just want Aaron out!

Dana Lynn said...

Excellent idea!!! Send that idea to CBS!!!!

Dana Lynn said...

Mags, only CBS can answer that question for you hon. Sorry! :(

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