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Monday, July 15, 2013

The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Monday, y'all!! :D Today is Monday, which means it's Veto Ceremony day in BB land. Kaitlin, POV winner, will take herself off the block (though a few HG's are still worried she won't) and then Helen's plan of backdooring Jeremy will go into effect by making him Kaitlin's replacement nom.

Speaking of Jeremy, he did some campaigning last night, but it didn't go very well. Though he's being unusually nice (**perhaps he's eating humble pie?) to everyone in the house, the damage seems to be already done. If you were watching the feeds last night, then you probably caught Jeremy trying to campaign to Jessie, and that didn't go very well.

Not much happened in the BB house overnight, but I'll cover everything that is noteworthy. :)

**You can watch everything posted below on the Flashback Feeds, which comes with your live feeds subscription!

9:32pm BBT:
Cam 4
Jeremy tries to campaign to Judd/McCrae/Amanda, though it didn't work. (*Note: Nobody told Jeremy to get dressed up in the baby costume. He just did it. On his own. Kaitlin, for the record, hated it & asked him to change out of it.)

Jeremy: "I'm going after Spencer, I'm going after Howard, I'm going after Jess.."

He also told Mc/Am/Judd that he wouldn't put them up on the block if he won HOH.
Convo ends. Jeremy leaves.
Amanda says Jeremy has to go this week & that she's worried that Howard & Jeremy would work together & rally the troops (GM/Candice/Kaitlin/Aaryn) to form an alliance to go against their side of the house.

10:40pm BBT:
Have Not's Room
Cam 4

Jeremy: "I know 7 people that don't want me out before Spencer or Howard. We can rearrange the house, but everyone's scared to. I'm playing better (than most HG's) and I'm still leaving."

Judd is non-committal, saying he's "definitely thinking about it". They leave the room.

11:05pm BBT:
Lounge Room
Cam 2

*Note: they are currently "working with" Aaryn and brought her into their alliance, however, this is just a safety net for their alliance in case Aaryn wins HOH next week.

Amanda said that if Kaitlin doesn't use the veto, then she (Kaitlin) will be going home. (*The original plan is/was that Aaryn would go home if Kaitlin didn't use it.)

Andy then said that if Spencer gives them any kind of sign that he's working with "them" (Jeremy & Co), then he'll be gone this week.

11:18pm BBT:
HOH Landing
Cam 4
Aaryn joins Kaitlin/Jeremy playing chess.
Kaitlin: "This whole house doesn't know that I'm using the veto, but I am. People think that I won't use it on myself, to protect Jeremy."
Jeremy: "I wouldn't want you to do anything other than save yourself."
Aaryn: "Are you asking people to vote Spencer out?"
Jeremy: "I've asked 2 people to vote for Spencer."
Aaryn: "They said no?"
Jeremy: "They said they'll think about it."

11:25pm BBT:
Lounge Room
Cam 2

Aaryn fills in Amanda/McCrae on her talk with Kaitlin/Jeremy a few minutes ago.
She tells them how Howard told Kaitlin to use the veto on herself & says that he did that because Howard/Jeremy hate each other now (*Howard is mad that Jeremy blabbed about the Moving Company alliance, in which Howard originally lied to Helen about, which got him in trouble.)

Aaryn also said that she was will keep Am/Mc safe for as long as she can, with votes and/or keeping them off the block if she wins HOH.

Aaryn then mentioned how Jeremy said that he talked to 2 people that might wanna keep him.
Aaryn: "Nobody knows I talk to you guys. Kaitlin said if she won HOH, she'd put up Howard/Spencer. She hates Howard."
Amanda: "Good."

11:40pm BBT:
Lounge Room
Cam 2
Andy said that if Kaitlin doesn't use the veto, then she'll go home. He then tells Judd/McC/Amanda that Helen's loyalty is definitely to their alliance. Amanda agrees.

Amanda: "The reason I'm using Aaryn and providing her safety, just so we are safe next week. It's not like i won't put her up next week."

Amanda also said that she's been making fake deals, though her loyalty is with them + Helen. 

12:08am BBT:

Jeremy tells Andy to get Howard out next, after he (Jeremy) leaves this week.  Jeremy said that Howard is trying to throw him (J) under the bus. 

12:40am BBT:
Cam 3
Aaryn is talking to GM about that Nick could've been playing her. GM doesn't understand why Nick would do that, Aaryn tells her he could've been playing her for her vote.  Aaryn tells her to stop talking about Nick and stop crying about Nick, until she gets out of the house and sees what's up with Nick & her. Aaryn warns her that people in the house are annoyed at how all she does is talk & cry about Nick. 

*And that's it for the Overnighter! Nothing much happened, nothing game-changing. If you want a funny Flashback Feeds moment, go to 8:38pm BBT, Quad Cam was the best view for me. Helen/GinaMarie/Elissa dressed up, Jersey style, to do a faux veto ceremony. It's worth the flashback! lol

Starting the morning post shortly! :D

Stay tuned...
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Keith Martin said...

I read on another forum that things got heavy with Candice and Howard last night. With pleasurable breathing from Howard before the feeds switched to something else. Is this true?

If so I think they are way more involved than they are admitting to.

Jennifer Pinkney said...

I'm so glad Jeremy is going home. However I wish it was Aaryn instead I can't stand that girl. She's gonna have a rude awakening when she gets out of the house. After Sundays show I truly believe she's off her rocker. She honestly believes she doesn't sound racist. I love watching her scramble :)

James said...


I've been a Helen fan, but her behavior during the last few days as HOH has been utterly intolerable. She has developed one of the most severe cases of HOH-itis I have ever seen. She talks about the people's HOH and has gone on several tirades about Jeremy that are just embarrassing (and I'm certainly no fan of Jeremy). It worries me that there seems to be no balance in the house during at least the next few weeks and I think this MVP twist needs to end or change. I almost hope Jeremy stays just to add drama and bring Helen down from her high horse.

That said, Helen is sitting very pretty right now despite quite a number of mistakes she has made. She is in fact almost untouchable in the many weeks to come and is the favorite to win, IMO.

In addition, she has received the most unbelievably good edit by CBS. I guess they need a hero to go along with the villains in the house.


Tanya L said...

Hi Jamie - Just wanted to thank you for your blog. I check it so many times a day while I'm at work to see what's going on. I don't know how you do it, but PLEASE don't stop!!! I'm so addicted!!! :)

Stephca33 said...'s true, it was all Candace on Howie and it was very visible for everyone to see what was happening under the covers. Cameras switched pretty quick once Howie became audible. That bond is sealed now!!

gigicatz said...

So let me understand--it is OK for Aaryn to tell GM that talking about Nick annoys everyone in house. But it's 'obnoxious, for Amanda to tell Aaryn that her racist comments insult everyone in the house.

Renee said...

James re: your thoughts on Helen I completely agree! Her unrealistic promises to protect everyone? What's with that lol She wants everyone to come to her side of the house if that were to happen who is left to put up? Oh that's right Candice she's in for a rude awakening! She may want to consider a secret alliance with Aaryn no one would ever see that one coming

The first time Jaime posted the Candice/Howie showmance I checked it out on the flash back. There was a lot of hand movement going on under the covers so that bond was sealed long before last night lol

Keith Martin said...

Thanks for the confirmation Stephca33!!!

Looks like I'll be buying the feeds RIGHT NOW. I didn't realize I was missing all the juicy stuff like that.

All Jamie had to do was mention that was going on...and I would've clicked that link 3 weeks ago!!! LOL LOL LOL

Keith Martin said...

Hey Renee...well I hope Candice saves a least a little of her hand strength for the comps. LOL LOL

Renee said...

Keith to funny
If it's a girls endurance where they have to hold on to something, as the house predicts. Then she's in good shape lol

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