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Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Overnighter + Live Feeds Available in Canada!!

Good morning, BB addicts!!

I have GREAT news for you Canadians out there, you can now get the live feeds!! w00t w00t! *Happy Dance* :D I just got the email this morning. So go ahead & click the link to get'em! Thank you for getting them here on the blog, it supports me blogging this summer & keeps me coming back! I appreciate the support!

Okay, so a lot happened last night & it seems that McCrae & Jessie have flipped & will be voting to KEEP Elissa!! Now, this all comes down to "will they or won't they" tonight on the live show, but as it stands, it's looking really good for Elissa to stay!

Let me go brew some coffee, and then I'll start posting the Overnighter! (Give me about 20 mins.)

Okay, so at 5:57pm BBT, Amanda/McCrae were talking in the Lounge Room. Amanda asked McCrae if he's on board with getting Nick out.

McCrae: "If Jessie is 100%, then yea."

He says this multiple times throughout the night, but this was the 1st time. 

Fast forward to...

6:52pm BBT:
Cam 3
Have Not's Room

Helen fills in Andy about her talk with Jessie.

Helen: "I think (Jessie) is good!I mean, she's scared but she said she's gonna tell (the other side of the house) that she's voting with them, but she's voting with us because she's scared Nick's gonna take her out."

(**This is per Elissa's convo with Jessie yesterday to try to get her to vote Nick out.)

9:38pm BBT:
Cam 1

Judd, who jokingly said earlier in the day that he was seriously thinking about starting a showmance with Jessie to pull her over to their side of the house, worked on Jessie for her vote to get Nick out. He succeeds.

10:32pm BBT:

Not game related, but thought it was funny when flipping through the Flashback Feeds. The HG's were blowing bubbles, or at least trying to, and Jeremy's pouty face made me laugh when he couldn't get a bubble to form & it splashed back on him. lol

Moving on...

11:03pm BBT:
HOH Room

McCrae seems excited to get Nick out tomorrow. He said "the best part" is that the other side of the house is "so confident", and it's gonna be a huge blow to them.
He wasn't sure they could get Jessie but is happy they were able to get her vote.

McCrae: "This is gonna be f***ing FUN!"
Amanda: "They (the other side) is gonna freak out!"
McCrae: "They're all gonna go f***king nuts!" *big smile on his face*

McCrae is excited to be switching sides of the house because it's with the people that he wants to see go far in the game.

McCrae: "I'm going to have to lie my f***ing ass off if this doesn't go the way we want." (**As long as Jessie is on board, you're golden!)

McCrae told Amanda that maybe he should tell Helen to make sure that Candice is still on board. Amanda doesn't think she'll be a problem but agrees that Helen should stay on top of Candice to make sure she votes Nick out.

11:19pm BBT:
Andy walks into the HOH room.

Amanda tells Andy to make sure that Howard doesn't try to sway Candice right before the vote. 
Andy said he will but thinks there's "no way" that Candice would flip on them.

Andy & McCrae talk about how GinaMarie is gonna go ballistic. (**I can't wait! lol)
Andy also said that he's gonna make sure that Jessie is still with them as well.

11:34pm BBT:
Judd feels like being playful. He hid behind the hallway wall and waited for Amanda to come out of the bedroom to scare her.

Amanda & Judd both laugh.

Amanda: "Oh my god!! You scared me so bad!" (laughing)

11:47pm BBT:
Cam 3

Elissa is making sure that Jessie is still on board to vote Nick. She is for sure. Jessie asked if Howard/Spencer are for sure voting Nick out & Elissa said no..but they don't need them. They have the votes as-is. They go over them: Jessie/Judd/Candice/McCrae/Amanda/Andy).

11:55pm BBT:
Have Nots Room
Cam 1

Andy said that he'll stick to Jessie to make sure she's still on board & Helen will make sure that Candice is still on board. Helen still thinks there's a chance that Howard will vote Nick out, too. (**He won't. And the votes will expose that.)

Helen said they won't depend on Howard for his vote, but they'll see if he actually votes with them or not.

1:20am BBT:
Cam 3
Howard tells Nick that Judd is "50/50" on which way to vote. (**Judd is keeping Elissa safe.)

Howard: "So I'm gonna tell Judd and Andy at the last minute that McCrae/Amanda flipped.."
Nick thinks that's a good plan.

1:26am BBT:
HOH Room

Talk is about how mad they'll be if Elissa stays. Jeremy assures her that Elissa is going & that he has them "wrapped around his finger".

1:46am BBT:
Quad Cam

(the sound of a truck backing up + a semi truck horn mixed together)

Kaitlin: "WHAT THE F*** IS THAT?!"

Elissa: "Oh my god, this is FREAKING ME OUT!"

GinaMarie thinks America has something to do with the noises.
GinaMarie: "F**K YOU, AMERICA!"

The HG's start getting up & freaking out.
They roam around the house & see the backyard patio door screen is lifting (**they were on inside lockdown).

The horns stop.
A minute later, the horn noises start back up again.

1:48am BBT:
BB: "Houseguests, the lockdown is over."
The HG's run outside.

Feeds switch to trivia for a few minutes.

2:01am BBT:
Cam 4
Nick: "It spells out...
Spencer: "RKAMYLP"
Kaitlin: "And they're open from Monday to Thursday from 1:30-9pm, Friday 9am-5pm, Saturday 10am-1pm."
Spencer: "Ok."
Kaitlin: "Sunday they're closed. And they'll only hold the package for 72 hours. They are 75 gallons of slop, 48 cans of Big Brother Cola, 7 boxes of fragile.."

Spencer: "We need to study."
Kaitlin: "We're gonna learn today!"

The HG's keep going over facts: how many colas, shirts, gallons slop, etc.

BB: "This is a lockdown. Please go inside and close the sliding glass door."

2:10am BBT:
Elissa/Helen are studying, using objects they have to assist them.

Nick is making pancakes.

Aaryn/Jeremy/Kaitlin went back to bed in the HOH room.

2:36am BBT:
Feeds go to trivia again.

2:52am BBT:
Feeds are back.

**For the record, expect Helen/Elissa/Andy to do very well in this comp. Howard said he has a photographic memory, so he could do pretty good, too. But Helen/Elissa/Andy studied a lot & know their facts.

3:00am BBT:
Lounge Room
McCrae/Elissa..then Helen

McCrae is telling Elissa that he's 100% voting to keep her in the house and to stay on top of Candice and to not trust Howard. Elissa said she thinks Howard is with the boys alliance, McCrae said yea. Helen said that Candice hates Aaryn, implying that she would never wanna work with her side of the house.

3:06am BBT:

McCrae: "YEAAAHH!!!"

Helen runs over to the patio door, opens it, and runs right into the screen. lol (BB didn't open the backyard yet.)

3:07am BBT:
HG's are studying...trying to see what's different from the last time they were outside.

We finally get a good look at what the HG's are looking at!

3:42am BBT:
Judd/Spencer are studying together.
Judd: "I think Andy or Helen will win it. Maybe Howard."

Spencer: “There’s something happening that I just can’t put my finger on it.”
Judd: “Not that I know of."

The HG's continue to study all early morning, and more horn noises set off from time to time.

Fast forwarding to...

5:08am BBT:
Cam 1

Andy: "What's up with Howard? He said he wants to talk to me in the morning about Amanda or something? I don't wanna have meetings tomorrow, I don't want people leaving as soon as I walk in the room...we're voting Nick! ...I know we already have Amanda & McCrae on board, I know you (Spencer) are on board, Helen, I am on board, and umm Howard is on board. That's 6 right there! And I think Candie is on board, too. Done! Oh Judd is 8!"

They walk out of the room together towards the living room.
Andy: "We have 8 votes, so even if 2 stray, it's still done!"

5:18am BBT:
Lounge Room

Candice comes in, whisper-yelling, telling the lounge crew that she's tired of bring threatened (being told she's the next target), and that she's voting Nick out and so is "Howie" (Howard), though she's not sure about Spencer. But she is "100% sure" that Howard will vote Nick out. (**Highly doubtful.)

**Annnnnd that's it for The Overnighter!! Holy moly, that was a doozy!! lol :P Okay, I'm gonna finally eat breakfast now! haha! I'll be back tonight for the Live Eviction Show! I'll start a new post an hour before the show starts. Until then, enjoy the live feeds!!! :D

Stay tuned...
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latishadanielle said...

You've probably mentioned it, but if E stays who are they voting out, Helen or Nick?

Dannielle Burciaga said...

Latisha, I think they are going for Nick!

... Jamie.. please dont play with my emotions like this!! I'm really excited about the news this morning; that it is looking good for Elissa! NOW, I'm super anxious for later tonight after reading your post!! XD !!!

Sarah Terwilliger said...

Is McCrae really going to flip on MC? Would be a great blow if he up and out: Jeremy!

Debbie Sutterfield said...

Nick. It would be so nice if they vote Nick out instead if Elissa. It would serve Jeremy right for being such a bully. The mean girls alliance deserves another blow. Justice!

Victoria said...

They are going to vote Nick out if Elissa is really going to stay.

Brittany Bowie said...

Please tell me I'm not the only one who reads this blog 1st thing in the morning and keeps refreshing every 2 minutes to see your updated posts? LOL I'm addicted!

Razldazlrr said...

Love it! Let's hope they can pull it off. think jeremy caused this himself by being such a bully with mc crae. can't wait to see the smugness of nick disappear! and the look on jeremy and gm faces? I hope andy doesn't have a nervous breakdown before the show.

I read an article this morning that said bb ratings are up due to the press on the racial comments.

Rahma Omar said...

First off thank you for taking the time to blog! I came across your blog this season and i have defiantly been missing out lol. with that said if they pull this off I will be very impressed!!!!!! I really hope they do

Vicky P said...

Omg I am so excited to see if everyone actually sticks by their word and votes Nick out tonight! I would love to see the under dogs come out on top this week! I would so love to see Amanda/Elissa/Helen get HOH this week!

This Is My Journey said...

You just made my day! I always wind up rooting for the underdogs but they usually don't band together, instead they latch onto stronger players and wind up getting booted. I'm really happy this group has decided to shake things up a bit. Hubby doesn't read the blogs so I'm really excited for the surprise tonight.

Rahma Omar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jess Harmon said...


Trevor said...

So weird that Howard chose the side of racist and biggots...

Brittany Bowie said...

G Marie is stupid. She is never going to get MVP. Idiot.

Erica Iles said...

If Elissa stays, Nick will be the one out the door.

Razldazlrr said...

so glad mc crae said not to trust howard. hopefully elissa will tell the others.

Jen said...

@latishadanielle - Everyone is voting out of Nick in order to keep Elissa and Helen.

If this goes down and Nick gets voted out, I will be yelling in my living room and giving invisible high fives. Personally, I like Nick. But he's aligned him with a-holes. Howard needs to wise up.

Razldazlrr said...

Oh wow - andy told spencer they are voting nick??? I thought it was all hush hush???

Dannielle Burciaga said...

@ Trevor about Howard.

I think Howard is a very trust worthy individual. I feel that he has made promises and he feels that it is in his interest to honor them. Even he himself has mentioned that the racist comments have stung him. I don't think he is in the Moving Company because he wants to be on Aaryn's or GM's side. Ultimately I think he believes in the all guy "secret" alliance -- At least thats my take on it. :)

Michelle Drake said...

I hope they pul it off

Mike said...

Candice/Helen/Andy/Ellisa winning an HOH? I'll believe it when I see it.

This game isn't about making friends or hanging out with the "good people." It's about playing strategic and putting yourself in position to go far in the game. Right now, nobody is targeting McCrae - he's in a strong alliance with big personalities/imposing competitors who will be targeted long before him. But he's willing to jettison that why? Because of a showmance with Amanda?

I'm all for shaking up the house, but this is a dumb game move by McCrae.

April Gamble said...

I'm so loving this! I hope Elissa stays. It looks like the decent people will be on top!!! Yeah! I can't wait till tonights show..

Lorelle Orum said...

Nick goes, Candice wins HOH and Elissa gets MVP again. Jeremy, GM, Aaryn and Spencers face when it all goes down would make tonight and the week Priceless!

Erica Iles said...

Okay, I'm with Razldazlrr here, why would Andy yell to Spencer that everyone is voting out Nick? I don't know how many times I've read on here that Spencer is the wild card and you can't trust Spencer etc. I really don't understand why he'd tell the "wild card" that when Candice knows for sure about the boy alliance and knows he's on Nicks side. If they think they have the votes by having Judd, Amanda, McCrea, Jessie, Andy, and Candice then that's all they need right?
Because that leaves Howard, Spencer, Jeremy, Kaitlyn and GM.
If everyone votes the way they say then Nick will go home...I'm glad Elissa is getting out strong players with her MVP and taking down the bully side of the house. However, she needs to start winning some conpetitions!

Erica Iles said...

I don't think its a bad game move by McCrea.
If Nick goes home and McCrea flips, that only leaves the MC with Jeremy, Spencer and Howard. If you want to throw Kaitlyn, Aaryn, and GM in there you can too but I don't see GM being a threat for HoH.
That means the other side of the house is going to have the numbers even if they don't win HoH. MVP is going to get to put up a nomination and with everyone going crazy with GM, Aaryn, Kaitlyn and Jeremys bullying and racist behavior they're not going to win MVP.
So if Jeremy wins HoH next week it doesn't matter who he puts up because as long as the "underdog" side of the house sticks together the MVP nominee will go home.
That gets McC further in the game because he has more of a chance winning HoH once the "mean kids" are gone and just the underdogs are left.
Just my opinion though.

Salman Mirza said...

I think you mentioned it before but what are they studying for?

Kim M said...


I agree. McCrae taking out Nick right now really doesn't seem to be in his best interests. If he really wanted to save the MC alliance (which I think is a good strategy for him), he ought to have worked to get people to vote out Helen instead of Elissa. That way Amanda and the MC alliance could still be happy with him instead of putting a target on his back.

rigs said...

Nick made his bed when Elissa offered him a safe place and he refused it. Nick chose his team and now he has to live with that choice. Same goes for Howard. The MC alliance was doomed from the start. This is BB15. The bullied may be slow to learn but eventually, by watching past seasons, they are proving they do learn. Jeremy's behavior is classic bullying and good for McCrae that he wised up. Helen and Elissa are trusted votes, Nick is not.

Jennifer Petru said...

Agree w the comments about Andy saying something to Spencer. why???

Skyler_bb said...

I saw the bubble part in the after dark an they were doing it for a long time because McCrae decided to make them and him and Jeremy were trying and other HG decided to try here and there like Nick Jessie Aryan. Also Helen and Spencer said that they think Howard and Candice would be good and they could hit it off but they don't think Howard would on tv because of his religion.

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