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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Overnighter

Good morning, BB addicts! A lot happened yesterday in the BB house and it was one of those days that if you had the live feeds, then you were in luck!

As I reported yesterday, there was a house meeting, where Candice called out Spencer and exposed his lies. There was a lot of aftermath that followed, mostly rehashing the meeting and what was said. Then at 5:10pm BBT on Cam 3, Howard whispered something to Amanda.

What was actually said? Nobody knows because the audio on Howard couldn't be heard. But Amanda's audio was on and you could here say "Thank you!" and smile before a smiling Howard walked away.

A minute later (5:11pm BBT), Amanda told Judd/Andy in the kitchen what Howard said:

Amanda: "He said 'You know when we're both outta here, I'm gonna f--- the s--- out of you."

She then goes on to tell Judd/Andy that...

Amanda:"I think what he wants to do, is derail what's actually going on with that comment or whatever, so just don't say anything."
Judd: "What?"
Amanda: "I think he's trying to take the focus off of (what happened earlier) and onto something new, just don't..don't talk it about it anymore."

After that, people in the chat room on the feeds & on Twitter blew up with speculation...did he or didn't he say that?

Amanda ended up going into the Diary Room to talk to production about what Howard said. (She told a lot of people, including Elissa/Helen/McCrae, what happened but to not let Candice know.) Then Amanda made her 2nd trip back in the DR around 6:45pm'ish.  In between Amanda's DR sessions, her & McCrae went to the Hammock to talk (6:11pm BBT) after she soaked in the hot tub for a little bit, but all cams auto-switched to the HOH room as soon as they got in the hammock, so we don't know what Amanda told McCrae.

**You can watch everything posted below on the Flashback Feeds, which comes with your live feeds monthly pass!

6:23pm BBT:
Lounge Room

Andy & Helen did some plotting against Judd & when to take him out. Helen told Andy that she doesn't think Elissa is gonna get too far in the game & she might be the 1st sent to jury. She thinks that she'll go a lot further in the game with him (Andy).  Helen then told Andy that Judd approached her yesterday morning (11:43am BBT) to confirm that they are still planning on getting them out soon.

7:16pm BBT:
HOH Room

Spencer: "I know Howard is toast this week."

Spencer said he hopes to stick around at least 1 more week and maybe an extra vote. Other than that, he has no other plans.

Aaryn: "Things change in here all the time, every week."

Spencer says he's gonna lay low for the next couple days, but hopes that she will still talk to him, despite him not being that social in the house. She said she will. He says he wishes that Howard would've came in the house

Spencer: "He's made a couple of speeches in the past couples of days that don't make any sense." (**Amen. lol)

Spencer wonders if someone will vote for Amanda (to get evicted) and then pin it on him. Aaryn doesn't think so. Spencer said he's gonna vote Candice out because he doesn't wanna be a vote for Howard to go, though he knows it won't make a difference. Spencer mentions how pissed he is that Howard didn't speak up for him during the house meeting.

Aaryn: "He's not a man. Howard is not a man."
Spencer: "I thought I handled it pretty well." 
Aaryn: "He should've told Candice to stop. But he wants the target to be you. Anybody but them."

8:13pm BBT:
Lounge Room

Fast-forwarding to....

10:30pm BBT:
Lounge Room

The girls are talking about getting rid of Candice instead of Howard tomorrow.

Jessie: "All we would need is 3 votes and then you (Aaryn) be the tie breaker."

*This is an important convo, but I'm on limited time this morning. I only have 45 mins before I have to leave for work. Use the Flashback feature on your live feeds to hear it. If you have headphones, I recommend you using them for this conversation.

10:57pm BBT:
Storage Room
Candice tells H/E that she knows there's a plan to get her out of the house, with Aaryn being the tie breaker and since Aaryn hates her (C), she will be going home instead of Howard.

Helen: "Who told you that??"
Candice: "Nobody told me, I'm just really smart...if I go home, I go home! I have a beautiful life!"
Helen: "That's not gonna happen, I'm gonna stop it."

11:06pm BBT:
Lounge Room

Helen tells Andy how Candice said there's a plan to evict Candice.

Andy: "That's a lie. It's gotta be!"

They start getting paranoid and talking about Judd/Jessie, and how they can't trust Judd because he's shady.

11:17pm BBT:

All are talking about the plan of evicting Candice over Howard.
Amanda: "That's not gonna happen, I'll make sure of it."

11:50pm BBT:

Amanda goes to confront Aaryn/GM about the plan to evict Candice. GM says that Candice is "making sh*t up". Andy thinks it could be a master plan of Howard/Candice's to make sure Howard goes home this week.

12:06am BBT:
HOH Room

McCrae said that they'll push to get Candice out next, but Howard's gotta go this week.

McCrae: "If Howard goes, both Spencer/Candice are on the outs."

Amanda is saying she wants Candice gone & so does everyone else, but they gotta get Howard out this week & get Candice out next week.

3:15am BBT:
HOH Room
Amanda/Aaryn are going back & forth...Amanda wants Howard out, Aaryn really, really wants Candice out.

Andy: "I feel like we're talking in circles. Can we just move on now?"

**And that's it for the Overnighter. Sorry I couldn't be more detailed, but I have to jet off to work. Howard is still going home, though the target on Candice for next week is huge. Speaking of, Candice was not told about the plan, she just has good intuition and figured it out..the same way she figured out The Moving Company alliance weeks ago.

Aaryn said last night that they're gonna be on an inside lockdown today & won't be off of lockdown until the HOH Comp. All signs are now pointing to an endurance comp tomorrow!! :D Yayyy!! My all-time favorite thing to watch on the feeds!! (They're only $10 bucks/month now!)

 Ok, I'll be back for the Morning/Afternoon post though! See y'all then! :D

Stay tuned...
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Z said...

Did Howard say that in the sexual sense or the I'm gonna get you back for what you did sense?

laserkat said...

Even when Aaryn is not being overtly racist, she manages to get in little jabs. The calling Howard "not a man" is just the old southern way of demeaning a black man by calling him "boy". I loathe that girl & while people were grooming & tweezing each other, why didn't they fix her wonky eyebrows. They are so uneven, my eyes are always drawn to them.

rbjjb said...

This Is The Game Play BB15 Needs Right About Now. Amanda Seems To Think She Is HOH? Aaryn Fulfilled Her End Of The Deal. Now She Can Try To Get Votes Her Way. If She Can Get GM, Jessie, Judd, And Howard In HOH Room They Can Get The Votes Needed To Send Whomever They Want. Amanda Or Candice.

Anonymous said...


Amanda said Howard whispered to her he was gonna f the s out her when they get out of the house cause she's so f'ing hot.


James said...

I would just like to say thank you to Jamie for the updates, and thank you to everyone who posts here, because having read other Big Brother sites with comments, I am so glad that this one is full of people who don't just post derogatory comments all the time

Michelle said...

I would love for Amanda or Candice to go home this week! I don't really care for Howard since he is not much of a game player at all. However if Helen and her gang don't keep their eye on the prize and keep getting paranoid and trying to get out threats like Howard and Judd then We will have Aaryn, Gm, Spencer and Jessie as the final 4! LOL! I really don't care who goes this week, i'm happy with any of them I'm really looking forward to the next HOH competition! I would like to see Jessie win maybe. If Candice is here she would put her up. I'm disappointed in Andy turning on Judd. He has given his alliance valuable information. I really hope he makes it to the end!

Sarah Sheffield said...

I don't understand why they hate Howard so much. We never see him do or say shady things on the show and I don't remember you posting anything about it, so why do they seem to think he's a terrible person? I like Amanda, but she really wants him gone so I can see her making that up to get him out. But still, why do they hate him so much?!?!

Rebecca McCamish said...

In the late evening hours, every time Amanda began to discuss with a house guest what Howard said, it was instafishies until that conversation was over. Or they would switch all 4 feeds to another room. Production does NOT want it getting out that Howard said what he said. There could be a few reasons for this.

What I want to know is if they ever pulled "honest" Howard into the DR to confront him and ask him if he said what he said.

Hollywoodeasy said...

I think you are reading too much into the comment. I didn't take it that way at all. Maybe some are being hyper sensitive.

Hollywoodeasy said...

Also..many people have made harsh comments about Howard's character. Why not comment on Amanda, Andy, etc.


Now we see why Howard feels so threatened by Amanda all this time, she's a temptress and he's just a poor sinner who is bedeviled by temptation.
I get a kick out of Candice's repeated declarations that "I'm a strong person", "I'm really smart". They sound like daily affirmations that psychiatrists give their patients to recite in the mirror to build their confidence, because when she says it she doesn't sound like even she believes it.

Ryan Long said...

Why can't anybody say anything without it being racist. That's actually racist so look at yourself. Howards a sell out and a wanna be plain and simple he just happens to be black who cares let it go.

BB Super Fan said...

I don't believe Howard said that. Amanda would have had a different reaction if he had. I don't know a single woman that would have replied with a "thank you".

Razldazlrr said...

You watch - that creep Aaryn is going to be in the final 2.

Ste ven said...

This shows the problem with BB schedule. So much happens AFTER the veto. Tonight's episode will end with the mvp nominee. So all this which has happened the last few days, attempt to get Amanda out etc are relegated to the first 15 or so minutes of Thursday show xuz they have to do live eviction, interview, HOH. They like airing house meetings but so much critical stuff from this week will never be known by the audience. And no doubt the editing is gonna make certain people look better or worse than they really are as the caricatures are molded. Was interesting hearing Aaryn worry that BB is portraying her as the bitch. Yep

Robin Jackson said...

I went back to listen and see what happened, but I don't remember them pulling him in to talk to him. I am curious about it as well. I don't think we will ever know. One thing is for certain, those who hate Howard will assume he said it and those who hate Amanda will assume she made it up. I do wonder why they cut to fish or something else when Amanda talks about it.

James said...

if someone says something strange and unexpected to you, sometimes you may say something in response (eg thank you) that you would not have, had you had time to reflect on it, just because you were so taken aback by it.
I obviously don't know what Howard said, but I think it's jumping to conclusions to say Amanda made it up. Personally I trust her more than Howard!

Nancy said...

BB Super Fan: agreed! We will never know what Howard really said. All we know is what Amanda said he said.

RCW504 said...

I really hate this season..... Too much is going on. 1 or 2 people controlling the house no major twist. BB production this year completely sucks.

Anonymous said...

I would lean towards Howard having said it since I think it's weirder for Amanda to have completely made it up. However we won't ever know for sure unless one of them gets asked and cops to it once they're out of the house. We'll get our 1st opportunity pretty soon as Howard's on his way out the door Thu but since the audio wasn't caught I'd imagine he'd just deny it whether he said it or not. The one thing I know for sure especially by how they've handled the feeds is that this will not air on CBS. Both Howard and Amanda have been presented positively on TV so either way they wouldn't show Howard saying something like that or Amanda making the whole thing up.


AmiLrn said...

Tonight's episode should not end until after the POV ceremony. Even so, you are right that a lot happens after that.

Renee said...

I really don't know if he said it or not...however it does make me wonder....

If this was really said why wouldn't Amanda want Candice to know?

She wanted her to know that Howard said negative things behind her (Candice's) back.

She wanted Candice to know that Howard was/is using her.

She wanted Candice to know that Candice was temporarily suffering from GMitis ( when you basically have a crush on a man yet he doesn't really care much about you).

So if at no other time Amanda wants to reveal who Howard really is to Candice. Wouldn't this be the most opportune time?

Anonymous said...

No one in the house saw Howard whisper to Amanda so she wouldn't have needed him to actually do that if she was going to make a lie up about him. So it'd just be too strange for me to believe she just decided to make that up on the spot when what he said was not picked up by the feeds which she'd obviously have no knowledge of.

I hope whoever the 1st person is that asks Howard about the comment doesn't let on that the audio wasn't picked up and give him easy deniability as he obviously wouldn't know that either. Like just ask him about saying it as if he did and see what his response is. However sadly I seriously doubt whatever media that covers BB that gets to ask him 1st about it will do their job properly.


Anonymous said...


It might be Amanda didn't want anyone to say anything to Candice because Candice hasn't believed a single negative thing said to her about Howard so why would she believe this. So all it would do would cause more friction between Candice and her just when things were looking more up with her declaring her dislike for Spencer at the house meeting and that she was going after him. This is the exact scenario they were hoping for so why risk blowing that. She was speculative as to if Howard was saying it to cause chaos so why feed into it.


Renee said...


I see your point, however Candice claims to be a rational thinker. As stated by Jaime in the overnighter she is very intuitive. I don't think that Amanda revealing what was said would change her target from Spenser to Amanda. I think she would think it out then confront Howard with what was said.

When Aaryn or anyone else makes racists comments do they cut to fishes? When they talk amongst themselves about the racial comments that were made do they cut away?

Again I don't know what was said but the way production is handling covering up the conversations about it could lead one to believe that Amanda may be less than honest about what was said.

I hope Judd catches wind of the fact that he is their next target before the end of the night :-)

Anonymous said...

Did Howard really say that or did Amanda make it up?
There are a couple ways to figure it out…

One thing is that all season long whenever Amanda has told a lie about a houseguest to any of the other houseguests she will always end it with, "Don't tell anyone else.." and she has done that so far with each re-telling of the incident.

The other thing, if the statement was actually said, it would violate the BB personal threat policy and the producers would've called Howard in immediately. Remember the producers have better audio than what is heard over the feeds and they know what was actually said. Also the reason for going to fishies when Amanda starts talking about it is that there is a flip side to that kind of statement if it was never said. It is one thing for us in the outside world to have views about a houseguest for the actual things that come out of their mouths (ie- racist remarks, etc.), but it is another to have views about a houseguest if we are not 100% certain that such a statement was said and are only going by the hearsay of it. (again Amanda has told lies about things the other houseguests have told her all throughout this game, especially concerning Howard for the last 3 weeks, so we can't be 100% certain if she is telling the truth in this instance or not)

One other thing to consider, go back to the bed-flipping night when Howard was talking to Candice in the Have Not room. He told her that there are certain things he cannot say or do while in the house because it would portray him as an 'angry black man' and that he would not let that happen. Why then would he go say such a statement to Amanda that would make him come across as an 'angry black man' knowing that she would tell others in the house? It just doesn't add up.


Amanda went in to talk with the producers, so why make it up when she knows he's already going home?
We all know that Amanda has been Howie's target since day one, he's wanted to get her out because she will always mess with his head. I think he wanted to announce his intentions while they were alone, while he was still in the house. Hey, he's got nothing to lose. He's going home.

Shereda Cromwell said...

First that is just false. If you look back the first person to ever mention Amanda as a target was Spencer not Howard. Because Spencer though she would interfere with Mccrea and the Moving Co. Howard jumped on that band wagon but Spencer brought it up first.

Second Amanda is super paranoid. And after she heard the plan that they (Aaryn,Jess,Judd and Spencer) were gonna keep Howard and evict Candace maybe spreading this story is her way of in sure Howard will go home. "Oh no the big black man has made advances at me. He a monster and must be sent home". And if it true have never seen him show any signs that he ever look at her that way.

Robin Jackson said...


I had a similar thought about the big scary black man thing, particularly since she has made some sexually explicit comments to Howard in the past. Having said that, Amanda actually made those claims against Howard before the "plot" to get Candice out ever came up. The incident with Amanda and Howard in the kitchen took place a few hours before Candice ever mentioned knowing about the "plan" to get her out.

I think it is possible that Howard might have made a sexual remark to Amanda, but was most likely not done in a malicious manner. Keep in mind that Amanda has flirted with him a little. I think this time she said something about being creeped out because Judd and Andy saw him whispering to her. She might legitimately be creeped out, but like I said in an earlier post I do wonder about her motives. We will never know for sure.

Anonymous said...


Candice has been a rational thinker and quite intuitive except when it has come to Howard. No matter how many people have gone to her telling her shady things about Howard she hasn't believed any of them. Even if she went to Howard about it he would've of course denied it and she would've believed him and she would've been angry with Amanda again for making up another lie about Howie. I have no idea why they've cut away from certain conversations since but they could just as well be to protect Howard's rep since they've portrayed him very well on the show. The whole thing is very bizarre no matter which way it ends up being is the truth if we ever even find out. I think it's ridiculous to cut the feeds for whatever reason they're doing it cause it just further drives the controversy and conspiracy theories.


Anonymous said...


Amanda didn't say not to tell anyone else. I believe she's told everyone and has only said not to say anything to Candice I believe cause she doesn't want to cause anymore drama between the 2 especially when Candice has come out strongly that Spencer is her top target right now. I don't see how someone saying they'd want to have sex with someone outside of the house because of how attractive they are is a threat. Nor do I see how him wanting to have sex with her when they get out of the house makes him an angry black man.

I'm sure the producers do know what was said or not said and if it wasn't true and they wanted to they could tell Amanda that she was no longer allowed to talk about it rather than cut away. Unfortunately we'll probably never find out what really happened and why they handled it the way they have. And if the game was more interesting we wouldn't even be wasting so much time debating whether a simple sexual comment that has no effect on the game was whispered or not.


Anonymous said...

@ Brian

Here's the thing, you don't make a statement like that to someone you are not sexually active with. For a man to say that he is going to force himself on a woman sexually and he is not in a relationship with that person then that kind of statement can be taken as a threat of rape. That is why there is such a seriousness to the comment. If Howard really did say it to Amanda then the producers would need to deal with Howard immediately after saying such a threat (unless they dropped the ball on their part which is always a possibility); if Howard didn't say it but Amanda tells the others that he did then that would be defamation of character on her part because she would basically be calling Howard a sexual predator against her (in which case production would try to block the feeds from her saying anything about it so as to protect her from a possible defamation of character lawsuit in the future). And yes, if the statement is false the producers could tell Amanda not to talk about it, but as we've seen throughout the season most of this year's houseguest are going to do and say what they want to do or say regardless of what production tells them .

If Howard was attracted to Amanda then he would have acted totally different from how he did the night she strolled around the back yard in her band-aids. Ever since that time she has wanted Howard out of the house.

Anonymous said...


Obviously no one knows what Howard actually said but I don't believe Amanda said he said anything about forcing her to have sex or raping her. She just said Howard whispered he wanted to have sex with her but obviously in more vulgar terms.

I think Howard finds her sexually attractive and they've been on opposite sides of the house and she's been in a showmance with McCrae but he knows he's going home so he wanted to let her know before he left now that his game is over he'd be very interested in hooking up outside of the house. So production would have no need to remove Howard. And if Amanda is lying I don't think it's defamation for her to tell people on a gameshow where people lie all the time that Howard said he wanted to have sex with her when they're both out of the house.


Ryan Long said...

Who cares if he said it. She's an attention freak. She loves it

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