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Monday, July 29, 2013

Afternoon in the BB House

Gooooood afternoon, everyone!! Last night on the live feeds was insane and this morning was just as intense! But, it seems that the HG's are taking a bit of a break from the game and are off to a relaxing early afternoon thus far.

Currently on the live feeds...

2:02pm BBT:
Quad Cam

*Helen/Howard have been playing chess for awhile now.
*McCrae/Amanda are in the lounge room.
*All other HG's are either napping or outside lounging around in the sun.

2:07pm BBT:

GinaMarie/Aaryn on talking on the backyard couch. (Nothing really noteworthy at the moment.)

2:10pm BBT:

Amanda/McCrae are talking in the lounge room. Amanda thinks everything is work out & she'll stay. (**She's safe this week for sure.)

Meanwhile, Aaryn is in the kitchen looking for..something? lol

She's opening/closing cabinet doors. Goes outside, gets a cup, fills it with ice from the fridge.

2:14pm BBT:
Spencer is sleeping.

Candice put (Howard's bible?) in the Have Nots room & then goes to grab a snack from the storage room.

2:17pm BBT:
Judd: "You voting Howard out?"
Elissa: "I'm voting you out."
Judd laughs.

Elissa: "Is it Wednesday?"
Judd: "No, it's Monday." (*lol)

They just  made a Final 2 deal together, saying nobody would suspect them working together.

Elissa: "You serious about making a Final 2? Like 100%?"
Judd: "Yea."
They pink swear on it.
Elissa: "(Our F2 alliance) should be called "BB South."
Judd: "No names. Names are a curse."

2:36pm BBT:
Lounge Room

They're talking about the wake-up songs BB played for them this morning. They think "Oops! I did it again." by Britney Spears was for Candice because Howard's playing her.

*SideNote: If you see Howard and/or Spencer approaching other HG's to vote Amanda or Candice out, and they seemingly agree that they will, just know it's just an act. Whomever they (H/S) approach, is gonna lie & tell them they'll go along with their (H/S) plan but it's just to shut them up & keep them from trying to make any new plots against Amanda going home. Howard is most definitely going home this week.

2:41pm BBT:

Howard is doing dishes, as Aaryn is making something to eat. No words being exchanged.

2:50pm BBT:
Have Nots Room

C/H are bickering, again. Candice is pissed that Aaryn said she "respects" Howard enough to give up a shot at POV but didn't do the same with Candice. She feels like she's been backdoored.

3:01pm BBT:
Lounge Room

Amanda/Aaryn talk about Howard using his race & relgion in the game.

Aaryn: "If you use your race to get ahead, that's racism!" 
Amanda: "He has no morals."
Aaryn: "Then how did he (Howard) win MVP?" (*head-desk*)

Aaryn said she thinks he's being portrayed "as this big racist". Amanda talks about how Howard is "throwing (Candice) under the bus" in order to stay in the game.

Aaryn said that Howard's not loyal to Candice, and even though she doesn't like her, she still feels bad about Howard using her. 

3:08pm BBT:

*Judd goes to take a nap.
*Helen is getting something to eat.
*McCranda still in lounge room.
*Aaryn just got done doing dishes.
*Elissa/Aaryn are talking about how everyone in the house is taking naps.

3:17pm BBT:
McCrae/Amanda share a few kisses & cuddles in the lounge room.

3:44pm BBT:
Quad Cam

*Elissa/Aaryn in kitchen.
*McCranda talking about how "shady" Judd is.


5:58pm BBT:

The 3 girls have been talking for awhile about how they all think Judd is the MVP this week. They agree that Judd has to go before Jessie, but that Spencer & Candice need to go 1st...then Judd.

Stay tuned...
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Trevor said...

So for the past 3 weeks we have had the Howard bash fest. Next week on Big Brother get ready for the Candace bash fest (its already starting) it will be relentless..

Anonymous said...

Judd and Elissa making a deal, interesting. Amanda better not freak out and make the house flip!
At this point I would like to see Howard or Candice go, then Spencer, GM, Jessie, Aaryn etc

Razldazlrr said...

If you are a have not, can you only nap in that have not room? Can you snooze in a lounge chair out by the pool, for example? If so, seems like it would be more comfortable than those chairs!

I liked Candice but she is being such a brat. she needs to make a few friends if she has any plans of staying after howard leaves!

AmiLrn said...

BB has made warning announcements to the HGs telling them that they aren't allowed to sleep anywhere except in the bedrooms. I would imagine then that the have nots can only nap in the HN room.

Darren said...

im really starting to grow bored of the monotony of the house. Its just always the floaters follow the bosses of the house. Next week, Eventhough I want Amanda out, needs to be a floater eviction week. Judd/Jessie/GM/Andy all just sway to where the house is at. Once these people leave. I think the game would be Interesting.

nwoot said...

I am really confused. Does Howard care for Candice or not.

nwoot said...

I am confused. Does Howard care for Candice or not? He seems genuine when I watch but then I hear otherwise

Kayla said...

Cares..... YES! Loves....NO!!

Kern's Kreations said...

Oh my word. Aaryn is so freakin delusional. Its sickening. Enough of the drag her along because she's a target crap. Get rid of this horrid person next week please.

Anonymous said...

Howard does care for Candice but they agreed they were going have to each try to save themselves. They know it's a game and they have to play it. All of that McManda nonsense about how they have closer relationship is just immature BS. Howard and Candice started as friends and should continue to be friends after the show. McManda is a walking disaster even though she is planning their BB wedding. Talk about middle school!!

Brian Wallace said...

Hope your puppy (I know, 5 years old, but they are always puppies) liked the new toy!

John Gray said...

Amanda and MC are going to just walk through this competition. Hopefully something cray happens

John Gray said...

Amanda and MC are going to walk through this competition unless somebody makes a power move.

Sheri Baka said...

I agree whole heartedly!! I can not stand that little girl. Yes drama makes for good entertainment but NOT when it involves racism. She makes me sick and I sincerely wonder if it is even possible to be THAT clueless.

Sheri Baka said...

Oh and I wanted to thank you Jamie for this blog!! I'm going through a tough time after the loss of my mother and friend in the past 4 months and my roommate is constantly watching GSN so I rarely get to watch the show as often as I'd like. For blog is a godsend because it keeps me informed and makes me laugh. Thanks so much for all the work you do and Happy Birthday to Bella!!

Debbie Sutterfield said...

I truly do not have much of an opinion at this point...strange. LOL #bored

pretty-aisha-xoxo said...

omg amanda is really mean now , she needs to go home!

i hope something happen on thursday so howie can stay!

AmiLrn said...

I agree that the McManda showmance is immature. While she is locked away from the world quite apart from real life, it is easy and fun to play pretend with McCrae. But Amanda is a mature, smart, successful and driven woman. She is going to have little to no patience with a slacker like McCrae once they return to real life. She takes care of him in a very motherly way in the BB house (fixing food for him, telling him when to shower etc) and I just can't see a woman like her doing that for man/boy on a day to day basis. She has even given hints to that - when talking about him moving to Florida with her she said "You WILL have to get a job" and he came back with "I can deliver pizzas in Florida" and she was like uh that won't fly. McCrae is cute but he is vastly less mature than Amanda is and reality will hit them hard.

tommy miles said...

I agree!

robere11 said...

This season sucks. If people were smart on the other side this would be the week to flip this house. I can't stand the people who are in controll this season is so boring and predictable


Howard has done nothing in this game. He stuck with the MC alliance even when it was all blown up and everybody knew he was lying, he's done nothing in any competitions, he has been allied since day one with the skeeviest guy in the house, Spencer, both feeling so intimidated by Amanda they have been gunning for her ever since (to very little effect I might add). Why would anyone align themselves with a guy that hasn't done anything, even admitting he's been throwing competitions? He claims there are only 6 adults in the house, which of course includes him, Skeever, and Candice, who's been wearing a bathrobe for 2 days. This is the weakest alliance I've seen on BB, who would jump ship to join that crapfest? They detest and look down on the people they are trying to get on board, and would surely dump them as soon as they could. It's this attitude of moral superiority that really galls me, that they are convinced that they are much better people being victimized by bad people, so they are going to be martyrs. Maybe more honesty and a better social game would have gotten him farther. Hooking up with Candice destroyed both of their games.

Anonymous said...

As a Christian, I am tired of hearing everyone say Howard is using his "religion" (better known as faith) to get further in the game. Is it possible that perhaps he really is just a good guy who wants the best for others and actually cares enough to take time to pray with those who need/want/ask for prayer? He's an incredibly strong man physically...wanting him out because of that is understandable.

Maria Gree said...

I love this blog! I read it every day :-) thank you....

Maria Gree said...

I like Howie!! I too wish he could stay....

Candyce Miller said...

Why is everybody so scared of Amanda? I am going to be highly upset when she ends up in the final 2. And what has Howard done to make him such a big target? I been watching the live feeds & still havent figured that one out. On the other hand Amanda talks so damn much that she should be out the door this week. These people are to scared to do that!! WTH

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