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Friday, July 26, 2013

Morning in the BB House

This morning is already starting off with loads of game talk! If you haven't yet read The Overnighter, you might wanna take a peek at it before starting with the Morning post.

As HOH, Aaryn will be making her nominations today. Also, the HG's will also be having their Have Nots Comp sometime today. It's gonna be a jam-packed day, so let's get right to it! :D

Currently on the live feeds...

9:31am BBT:
HOH Bathroom

Candice/Aaryn had a long talk this morning in the HOH bathroom. Candice told Aaryn that she heard that if she (A) didn't win HOH, then it would've been Aaryn/Gm on the block this week. Candice tells Aaryn that the deal that was made with Aaryn by the other side of the house, was just in case Aaryn won HOH but if she hadn't won, then she'd be going up & out this week.

Candice said she wants to work with Aaryn & wants to get rid of McCrae/Amanda. Aaryn tells her that she has to make the majority of the house happy with her nominations & even if she put Amanda up & she didn't go home, she'd gun after her (A).

9:50am BBT:
Talk continues.

Candice warns Aaryn that Amanda is not keeping her safe & in fact, she (Am) wants Aaryn out. Candice fears that if McCrae/Amanda stay, then they will continue to run the house. Aaryn then told Candice that she made a deal with Helen/Amanda that if she (Aa) won HOH, she'd put up whomever they wanted her to.

9:57am BBT:
Have Nots Room

Howard/Candice talk. Candice tells "Howie" about her convo with Aaryn.

Candice: "She said people are mad at you. There's nothing I can do. She seems scared."
Spencer: "People mad at me for what?"
Candice: "I dunno. You'll have to talk to her. She seems like she's gonna hold up her end of her deal (with Helen/Amanda). Amanda & McCrae did a really good job as mind-f**king her."

10:21am BBT:
Talk continues.

Howard is telling Candice that his loyalty is to her (C) & that he doesn't talk game with anyone else but her & that everything he does in the game, is for the both of them together.

10:25am BBT:
Jessie walks in & Amanda calls her out for not wearing flip flops when going to the bathroom & tells her she has "pee feet". (*lol)

Talk turns to about Facebook. Judd thinks all people do on Facebook, is complain. (**lol)

Meanwhile, Candice/Howard's convo ends. Candice said they'll talk again after Nominations are done. Candice thinks Aaryn's gonna backdoor her this week & she's upset.

Howard goes up to the HOH room to talk to Aaryn, but Aaryn doesn't answer. (No cams were on her, not sure if she heard him knock or not.)
Howard goes back downstairs.

10:43am BBT:
*Helen/Judd are chatting (non-game).
*Spencer/McCrae/Jessie are in the bathroom.
*Elissa/Candice are in the kitchen.

10:46am BBT:
Candice is now in the bathroom as well.

10:49am BBT:
*Andy joined Helen/Judd in the living room.
*Spencer/Jessie still in the bathroom. Jessie is blow drying her hair.
*BB just called Howard into the DR.

Andy jokes to Howard: "Don't me up for MVP (nom)!"

11:15am BBT:
HOH Room
Aaryn is talking about her convo with Candice & how she wanted her (Aa) to get Amanda/McCrae nominated this week. Aaryn also mentioned how Candice said that Amanda is the one "spearheading" to get Aaryn out. Amanda found that funny.

Talk turns to Pandora's Box & then MVP.

11:19am BBT:
Aaryn wants McCrae/Amanda to talk to Elissa & get her to put up GM/Spencer next week (if Elissa wins HOH) so that she doesn't put Aaryn up.

Aaryn: "If (Elissa) comes after me when I kept her safe this week, I'm gonna go ballistic."

11:32am BBT:
Spencer is now in the HOH room, too.
Amanda is still pissed about Candice throwing out her (Am) name.

11:40am BBT:

Talk is about how Elissa claims that her sister, Rachel, has never said anything bad about anyone. They all laugh.

Talk turns to about how Candice said she could've won the 1st endurance HOH comp of the season but didn't wanna win HOH.

McCrae starts talking about Sam (Diary Room production) and feeds cut to fishies.

11:43am BBT:
Feeds come back. Everyone in the HOH room is talking about how loud Helen is when she talks.

Aaryn: "I can hear (Helen) in any room of the house."
Andy: "I have to tell her to "shh!" sometimes."

11:47am BBT:

Everyone's talking about using the word "retarded". Amanda said the word itself isn't offensive, it's the meaning behind it & the way in which it's used. They start talking about if Aaryn gets a pandora's box during her HOH, it'll probably be Rachel.

Andy hopes if he gets a pandora's box, it'll be former BB alumni Ragan Fox.

Jessie said that it's been awhile since they've "had something happen in the house" (as far as a twist goes), though others think that last week's MVP was a twist. 

Andy: "Wake up, Amanda! No sleeping."
She's cuddled up with McCrae in the HOH bed.

12:01pm BBT:
Aaryn is telling a true ghost story that happened to her.

Jessie now tells her own paranormal experience.

McCrae said the pizza place he works at is haunted.
12:05pm BBT:
Aaryn wonders what Jeremy thinks about Kaitlin getting evicted last night. Andy said he's probably not happy.

Meanwhile, downstairs...

Candice/Helen are talking about past ex's & dating experiences.

Cams auto-switch to all 4 feeds being on the HOH room.

12:25pm BBT:
HOH crew have been talking about movies for awhile now.

12:25pm BBT:
Lounge Room

They're talking about how Spencer will go home over Candice, if both C/S are on the the block. Helen assures Candice they have the votes to save her.

Helen is telling Candice to win HOH and backdoor Amanda.

12:48pm BBT:
Candice is crying, saying that her & Howard will be playing separate games & she knows they'll be friends outside the house.

Candice: "I don't want to fight (Howard's) battles, and I don't want him fighting mine. I just want to be separate. Can't do that anymore. It's just too hard."

**Lunch time for this blogging gal! I'm gonna take Miss Bella for a little walk before the rain starts up again & then have some lunch. I'll be back with the Afternoon post very shortly!! :D

Stay tuned...
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Razldazlrr said...

thanks for the update jamie - good lunch break reading! it always cracks me up how people sit in the bathroom and talk. If I was Jessie, I would be weirded out by spencer sitting there while I got ready but I guess they are used to it. Judd and Andy look like little kids sitting there on the bench in the bathroom screen shot! I want to tell Andy - eat, eat, eat while you have the chance! LOL

Jamie said...

LOL!! Yea, I'd be telling Spencer to stop starring at me, espeically after knowing that he said that he bets Jessie's no-no area probably "tastes like butterscotch". What a pig!

Dannielle Burciaga said...

I think she should put up Candice and Spencer, back door Howard. GM or Elissa will probably be MVP pick again but it wont matter because if they are smart and stay focused they should get out Howard.

Looks like another successful week for the majority of the house. XD I know, I know; "expect the unexpected" but they are setting goals up and they keep following through. I dont think they are going to slip up now. lol. Its gonna be another guy this week. I also applaud Amanda for running the game. haha.

RCW504 said...

Jamie I love your blog . I think that this week I'm only gonna read you blog n no bb after dark for me. I have been a fan since season 1 but this season is not the same its what the house wants (Amanda) and not the what the HoH wants something big needs to happen are I feel that BB will be losing some viewers... Thanks again for this blog.

Nancy said...

Great minds think alike. I too find Spencer disgusting and wonder why Jessie doesn't avoid his leering.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised they're not using the backdoor strategy with Howard like they did with Jeremy and have Aryan nom Spencer & Candice and hope Howard isn't 1 of the 2 other names picked to play POV. The way BB always seems to work if Howard is on the block the comp will just happen to be something right up his alley and he'll win POV to take himself off the block.


Sarah Terwilliger said...

A lot of Aaryns in that last convo, Jaime. Ha! Think you meant Aaryn's convo with Candice and she wants Amanda/McCrae out. Anyway. .. thanks for keeping up the blog--good work!

Jamie said...

haha FIXED! Thanks! I was listening to Aaryn, while Amanda was saying "Aaryn" and thinking about Aaryn/Candice convo..brain overload with Aaryn!

Anonymous said...


"Aaryn is talking about her convo with Aaryn & how she wanted Aaryn to get Aaryn/McCrae out."

That sure is a lot of Aaryn's in that conversation. That sentence is so obsessed with Aryan you sound like Elissa! Haha


Jamie said...

LMAO @ Brian!!!! Hahhahaha!!! Omg, I'm dyin' over here...that was funny!

laserkat said...

Spencer is creepy & a jerk. Did anyone listen to him talking about birthday & Christmas gifts he gave his gf.....or should I say lack of gifts? I hope she sees all he has said. I wonder why her family does not like him???? LOL

laserkat said...

I wonder if Aaryn promised McCranda her HOH noms & her HOH bed?

rbjjb said...

Amazing How Each Season Finds The Mojo. This Season Will Be Remembered For Losing Viewers And Not Finding The Mojo.

James said...

Having 3 nominees needs to end soon. This season is becoming too predictable. Power shifts are nonexistent this season except for the fall of the MC.


Fernando Serrano said...

I am not sure why everyone doesnt like Howard...What has he done to make everyone in the house upset. He Lied...Hello everyone in that house has lied to someone...Cause he stayed true to his original alliance even after his own members didnt... seems like he is getting the raw end of the deal here.

Razldazlrr said...

I was thinking the same thing about McCranda being back in the HOH bed!
Thinking the same thing about the 3rd nominee, they can't do it too much longer.

Trevor said...

Howard is getting the raw end. I hate to bring up race but they way they just pile on to him and believe anything negative said about him (without even asking him) makes me think its because of his race. They dont even associate with him. They just keep coming up with gossip about him based on falsehoods. Its sad to watch.

Trevor said...

one more thing it doesnt even matter who the MVP nom is. These minions do whatever Amanda says and will do everythign in their power to vote Spencer/Candace/Howard out.

enb said...

I thought the amanda show came on teenick not cbs. I am amaze how she controls everything and hasn't won nothing. She has no blood on her hand, everyone she wants gone has left. They might has well give her the money. Congrats Amanda

Kim M said...

Aaryn's paranormal story is creepy! I love hearing stories like that.

Jamie said...

Trvor, it has nothing to do race. It has to do with Howard's constant lying & him/Spencer making a gazillion alliances. They got caught.

Ricky said...

I love how everyone thinks howard is the biggest threat HELLO Amanda and McRae are running the damn house have some balls and break that shit up.... Amanda is bullying every week who she wants out she hasn't won anything riding the coattails of mcrae... this season sucks...Aaryn as soon as ur not HOH ur gonna be gone so dumb of u to not make a move... forget ur promise u say whatever needs to be said to not go home u have the power u make the move!!!!

Kim M said...

Why does everyone keep says that Amanda is running the house?!?! She has been trying to get Howard out for 3 weeks and he hasn't even been put on the block. That doesn't sound like running/controlling anything to me....

Ricky said...

Love bb but wake up everyone lies and gets caught up... Howard had won nothing I guess I'm suppose to believe he is the biggest threat whatever

enb said...

Everyone has lied. Howard just lied with muscles. Also everything he tells someone, gets told to everyone, spencer and candice included. They should call the goof troop the spineless.

missnita said...

I hope Aaryn puts Elissa and Jessie up on the block. Jessie is a floater.Elissa is not a very good player and she won't get to play in the POV comp so if they really want Elissa out nows the chance. She (E) could get taken off the block if whoever wins POV uses it to save Elissa. Even Helen is ready to send Elissa home. Will Aaryn make a bold move and not keep her promise to let H/E or A/M choose the nominees? Let them wait till they get HOH and do the durty work themselves.

laserkat said...

I agree Jamie. I think if he had ditched Spencer early in the game & made a TRUE alliance without him, he could have had a chance.

enb said...

When howard does go up her second choice leaves.

AmandaHater said...

Does anyoneone beside me wanna see Amanda on the block?

Susie said...

I used my ten votes to get rid of Spencer, he is disgusting, I really wanted Aaryn but she is HOH

Ricky said...

Amanda is running the house u must be blind, she has push for Howard for 3 weeks doesn't mean she won't eventually get her way. She and McRae are sleeping in people's hoh bed I mean who gets away with that. She constantly lies and stirs up the house.she always telling people what she would do.... Ugh America put her up

Jef Rosen said...

'Candice: "I don't want to fight (Howard's) battles, and I don't want him fighting mine. I just want to be separate. Can't do that anymore. It's just too hard." '

So glad to read that! I think Candice is a very perceptive player. Even more than Helen and Amanda. She can go so far if she drops shady Howard.

BB is about lying and plotting and scheming etc, but you've gotta have a reason to do it. Dont just do it randomly lol. If you do it stupidly and make yourself look all shady, no one will trust you at all. And Howard has made himself super-shady. And Howard's decision to "not speak game" just makes HGs think he is even more shady.

Rebecca McCamish said...

#1, Howard ignores people. Jamie even said in the recap that Howard only wants to talk gameplay with Candice (lie: he talks it with Spencer). But watch when people try to talk to Howard... he's very disengaged.

#2, And I think this is a point that can't be overstated: Many people think that Dr. Will was the best or one of the best players in BB history ever. If I'm not mistaken, he NEVER WON A COMP, and he did so on purpose, throwing everything in the seasons he played.

Somehow, Dr. Will is an absolute genius for never winning a comp, but Amanda is a weak player for having a strong social game and not winning comps? How does that compute?

Check yourselves, yo! ;)

Robin Jackson said...

I get that this is a game and what not and Amanda is good at getting people to do her bidding (or at least to go with her second choice). One of the many things bothering me about Amanda is her mean spiritedness. She laughs at other people's pain. Today she is laughing at how upset Candice is and saying things like good I'm glad she is upset. It's just down right hateful. She talks trash about everyone even her alliance members. She is acting a lot like Jeremy did when aaryn was HOH. Also, Amanda seems really irrational at times in her thinking. She is quick to dismiss something if it doesn't fit into her hatred for anything associated with Howard.

I don't know....maybe it's just me but this season of BB makes me really sad. It's boring and predictable. The hatefulness and derogatory comments (racial, sexual-orientation, gender based)

Robin Jackson said...

....continued from above:

...have gotten beyond old. I don't remember last seasons cast being as hateful and derogatory toward one another. Those of you who watched the feeds from last year know how Mike Boggie was and how much Frank and various members of BB 14 disliked each other. However, I don't remember any of their comments about each other being so mean and ugly.

Okay I am done with my rant for the moment. Just had to release that.

Renee said...

I think its obvious that Howard is in over his head and doesn't know what he's doing which is why he doesn't talk game. He will take information he receives back to Candice and ask what their next move should be. If you ever sat and listened to him talk game you would have a headache! He talks in circles and makes no sense. If Howard leaves good it allows Candice to focus on her game. If he stays great its a vote for Candice.

Amanda's do as I say not as I do mentality is what annoys me. She constantly talks about Candice and Howard yet gets mad when she's talked about.

I'm still puzzled as to why everyone thinks McCrae is such a great player. He strikes me as just someone that's a fan of the show.

Rachel said...

I knew ppl were goin to start disliking Amanda after Jeremy left. I knew she'd become the next arrogant bulky who thinks She runs the house and others game. I use to like her but now I'm voting for her to go up on the block! Itd b great to see her up there with Howard and spencer! And then to see the house flip on her and vote her out! I truly think they'd be able to pull it off too! Lol that'd be amazing to see!!!!!!!! It'll be boring to watch howie or spenc go. This game needs to get better. So boring when everyone is voting the same way so they don't "ruffle any feathers" !!!! It's BB, bring on the crazy !!

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