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Friday, July 5, 2013

Afternoon in the BB House

The morning in the BB house has been rather uneventful, but let's see what this afternoon has in store for us! :D Currently, the HG's are on outside lockdown but it's not for the Nomination Ceremony (Aaryn would've stayed inside as the other houseguests went outside). So it could be BB giving the Have Not's their food for the week that America voted on.

Currently on the live feeds...

12:24pm BBT:
Feeds on fishies...

12:25pm BBT:

Yep, I was right. The Have Not's got their food for the week: Liver & Lima Beans. Helen is happy they have a meat to eat. Talk is about how they can cook it to make it taste really good.

Helen: "Thank you America, for the Lima Beans! I'm still not sure about the Liver.."

12:30pm BBT:

12:39pm BBT:
Jeremy heads outside after being in the storage room & announces to Spencer/Jessie/Amanda that the food for the week has been re-stocked. Spencer heads inside with Jeremy.

12:41pm BBT:
HOH Room

Talk is about who to nominate for eviction. Kaitlin is still really paranoid that she's gonna go up on the block per the MVP vote. McCrae suggests putting up Candice because she's "go nuts".

Aaryn: "But we don't want Candice to go. We want Elissa to go."

Kaitlin is in pain on the HOH couch (she has a UTI, she was peeing blood early this morning.)

12:51pm BBT:
Aaryn is gonna have Jeremy come up to the HOH room to talk, then have everyone else come up to talk before Nominations take place. 

Jeremy enters the HOH room with Aaryn/Kaitlin.
Talk is about who to nominate. Kaitlin keeps saying that if she's nominated by the MVP (whom they think is Elissa), and she (K) wins veto, she's not taking herself off because then Jeremy will go up in her place and be sent home.

Jeremy doesn't know what they should do.
Aaryn is gonna nominate Elissa for sure, but not sure who to put up as the 2nd nom: Helen or Candice.

1:01pm BBT:
Feeds on fishies for a few minutes now...

1:03pm BBT:

McCrae tells Jeremy that if he gets put up on the block, that he (Mc) will keep Jer safe.

1:06pm BBT:

Jeremy is confronting Judd by saying he's been told that he's working with Elissa and relying info from "their" side to Elissa. Judd said he hasn't said anything and that he tries to only talk to Elissa with someone else around so nobody thinks they're working together.

1:10pm BBT:
Jeremy said that he caught Elissa behind the production door in the storage room and that she ran out when Jeremy went in there. Jer said that production is rigging Elissa to stay in the house by giving her MVP every week and "wouldn't it be nice to see if you'd win MVP?"

1:15pm BBT:
Jeremy/Judd's talk continues.
Jeremy: "Vote her a** out." (re: Elissa)

1:38pm BBT:
HOH Room
Jeremy told Candice he wants her to vote Elissa out this week, she said she's okay with that. He said "If you don't, I'll find out."

Next up to the HOH is Andy.

Andy suggested that Candice go up. Jeremy said he thinks Helen should be the 2nd nom next to Elissa.

2:12pm BBT:
HOH Room
Jeremy is telling Amanda to get Elissa out.

**Okay, so Jeremy is acting as if he's the HOH. Aaryn isn't really saying much during these convos. He wants Elissa up & out and he's making sure that people will vote the way he wants them to, mainly by using threats (ex: "If you don't vote her out, I'll find out") as his scare tactic.

Jeremy/Amanda/McCrae/Aaryn just made a Final 4 deal. (**Add that to the ever-growing list of alliances this season. lol) And yes, Jeremy excluded Kaitlin.

2:24pm BBT:
HOH Room
Next up is Judd.

Judd said he's only talking game with Aaryn/Jeremy/Kaitlin from now on. He said he's mad at people in the house saying that Judd is talking game with Elissa when he's not. (**This is per his convo with Jeremy a little bit earlier today.)

Judd said "100%" he's gonna vote out Elissa.
Jeremy: "Us 4 (Judd/Jeremy/Kaitlin/Aaryn) can go really far in this game. We'll back you up, if you back us up this week."

Judd leaves.

2:33pm BBT:
HOH Room
Kaitlin is freaking out that she's gonna go home this week. Jeremy assures her she's safe. She leaves the HOH room.

Aaryn/Jeremy talk about how Kaitlin is an "emotional bomb" right now.
Jeremy leaves.

Nick is now in the HOH room. Jeremy re-enters. Nick leaves. Kaitlin comes back.
The HOH door is a revolving one today.

2:35pm BBT:
HOH Room

Jeremy is telling Kaitlin to calm down. Kaitlin doesn't even wanna talk about it anymore and said she's not freaking out.

Jeremy: "I promise you that you're not going anywhere!"
"But you can't promise that!"
Jeremy: "I promised you that we (Aaryn/Jeremy) would HOH and we did it!"
Kaitlin: "I don't feel well! Something is going on inside my body and I don't feel well."

**Dinner time for this blogging gal! :) Enjoy the live feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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James said...

Spencer just repulses me. I almost can't watch or listen to him on the feeds. He made another racial slur this morning about Candice that I won't repeat but it is the same language that Spencer, GM, Aaryn have been spewing numerous times. He also talks about how he likes to dump girls once they have sex with him, how it's time to move on to the next.

I also just don't get how he is even good at manipulation when he is so shady and it seems so obvious, but of course I'm not there. I have really lost some respect for Helen for falling for his lies. I wish she would just get away from him sometimes and get a clue. I think Candice may be the smartest HG that is not a part of the MC.

I love Elissa but fear her heart is just not in it. Rachel desperately wanted to play and stay, Elissa want's to please Rachel and her fans but is not in it to win it. I can imagine a scenario where El/Hel go on the block and Elissa wins and gives the veto to Helen who then breaks out crying. Then Elissa gets evicted and Helen (after more crying) sees her as a martyr for the rest of Helen's stay.


Jamie said...

totally agree with you james.

brittany b said...

I agree with Jer when he said the MVP is rigged by the BB production. Because I think BB paid E to be on the show since Rachel had so many fans and viewers; they wanted to get ratings by adding her sister to the house. Also I think BB production just tells America to vote so they think we have a say in it. But we don't. I am with u on the "warming up" to McC and Amanda showmance. I really like them both and think they will be go far. I was not surprised they hooked up because she was spending so much time in his room when he was HOH, it was a matter of time.

Erica Iles said...

I wish there was an actual game going on instead of everyone playing Mean Girls Simulator 2013.

BamaGirl said...

I wonder if Jeremy is going to get Kaitlyn out and then try to hook up with Aaryn.

brittany b said...

I would laugh if Jer got Kaitlin prego. I wonder if that has ever happened in the BB house....?

Joni said...

I dont know if this was discussed already. But if you are voted MVP you shouldnt be able to be niminated. Big brother seems to be dropping the ball this season! Come one!!

Chris Cole said...

they can't do that without exposing the MVP to the rest of the house. remember the MVP was intended to remain anonymous

Just me said...

I read somewhere else that Kaitlin was having an issue using the restroom. These people are filthy enough to be passing around VD.

Dana Lynn said...

I have to totally agree with you James!

Dana Lynn said...

Kaitlin has a UTI. That's not VD.

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