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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Overnighter (Summary)

Good afternoon, BB addicts! I just got home from work (10:20am BBT) & the HG's are sleeping with the exception of Helen, Judd (off-camera) & Jessie.

Current pic of the feeds @ 10:24am BBT:

The HG's think that tomorrow will be an endurance comp. Usually if it's endurance, the HG's will be on inside lockdown by Weds afternoon, so it's not looking promising at the moment.

Last night before I went to bed, I saw that Jeremy was talking to Helen about the possibility of staying another week, but it doesn't seem to have worked.

Let me go through the happenings of last night & I'll post a summary of what happened! :)

The Overnighter:

Last night, Jeremy campaigned to Helen/Elissa (8:15pm BBT).
Jeremy tried to sweet talk Elissa/Helen into buying him 1 more week. He said he'd ditch the other side & work with their side of the house, he'd win comps for them, etc. (**He's lying.)

Jeremy fills Kaitlin in on (9:06pm BBT) what him/Elissa/Helen talked about (making deals) & how he plans on "Not honoring" the deals, and thinks his talk with them worked.

(*It didn't. Helen told him she'd think about it, but will tell him on Thursday that he's still going home.)

Note: During the Jeremy/Elissa/Helen convo, Helen basically outed the "Knockouts" alliance (Judd/McCrae/Amanda/Andy/Elissa/Helen) by asking Jeremy if he'd keep them all safe. This will come back to bite Helen in the behind very soon, as "The Goof Troop" alliance (Andy/McCrae/Amanda/Judd w/ Jessie as honorary member) now want Helen gone for saying too much.

The 2 alliances are:

The Goof Troop:
(w/ Jessie as honorary member)

The (Fake) Alliance "The Knockouts"
Goof Troop + Helen/Elissa

10:40pm BBT:
Amanda told Andy that Helen outed their alliance to Jeremy. Andy is dumbfounded. (Helen has also been making deals with every person in the house while she's been HOH.)

*HG's know that Howard has been throwing comps to make it appear that he's not "that strong".
*Amanda talked GM out of putting up Judd if she (GM) wins HOH.
*Jeremy is still leaving tomorrow.
*Jeremy/Kaitlin kissed a lot last night, as usual.
*Elissa made "Slop Cupcakes" last night. (*gross. lol)
*GM revealed that her dad is paralyzed due to a back surgery gone wrong. 

**And that's it for this Overnighter summary! I'll be starting the morning post once the HG's wake up & get going for the day. (I only see Helen/Candice/Judd/Howard moving around at the moment.)

Stay tuned...
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Kim M said...

Why am I not surprised that Helen is (yet again) saying too much and getting herself in trouble?!?

Razldazlrr said...

This would be a tough place to live if you are used to getting up in the morning, it seems like all the real negotiating goes on in the middle of the night! LOL

Agreed - Helen has hurt herself while being HOH, she seems to have made alliances with about everyone

Spencer - after people mentioned it I went back and looked at the comments on the overnighter - YUK YUK YUK

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