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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday Night BB Episode

Welcome to the Sunday Night BB Episode party! Tonight I will have the chat room open (blue button on the right side of the blog), so pop on in & say hi! :D

Tonight's show could be delayed, but that won't stop the viewing party from happening. ;) It's scheduled to air at 8pm EST, so make sure to get your snacks ready in time for the show to start!

There was something I missed in the Overnighter, so I'll just mention it here:

There was a convo between Nick/Jeremy at 4am BBT on Cams 1 & 2. Here's an excerpt from it:

Jeremy: "If anyone besides the 5 of us ("The Moving Company") makes it to Final 5, I'm gonna be pissed."
Nick: "It can't happen! The moving company is in the best position.."
Jeremy: "Yea, because we're hidden."

Jeremy goes on to say that his loyalty is 100% with The Moving Company and that he'll "kick that b**** (Kaitlin) out" as soon as he needs to. He told Nick so that he, nor the rest of "Moving Company", had any doubts where his loyalty is.Nick says something similar.

Nick: "GinaMarie is my boat to sail to the Blondetarage. This is a game."

Okay guys & gals, the show starts at 8pm EST!
See y'all in the Chat Room! :D 

Stay tuned...
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DiamondEye SevenRecords said...

the live feeds have been extra racist today...

Jamie F. said...

Is it me or did they delete those feeds that discuss racism?? around 11:41 ish.

cballz79 said...

Hey Jaime!!! Fancy seeing you here, thanks for stopping by!!!

Dana Lynn said...

I don't think they should (if they did remove them)! People have a right to see and hear what is actually said in the house, not what CBS wants people to see and hear!!! Just my opinion though.

August (Zach) said...

how can i get a live feed using paypal or google wallet? i dont have any credit cards on me

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