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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Afternoon in the BB House

Good afternoon, ladies & gents! :D The BB house has been pretty calm today. Kinda figured it would be since the plan to get Elissa out is still pretty solid.

HOH Aaryn got her camera a little bit ago and was taking pictures around the house of the HG's. (Those will be up probably tomorrow on .

Okay, let's dive on into the Afternoon post & see what the houseguests are up!

Currently on the live feeds...

2:47pm BBT:
Quad Cam

*HOH Room: Aaryn & GM. Aaryn was just going through the pics on her HOH camera.
*Other HG's roaming around the house at the moment. Light chit-chat all around. :)

2:49pm BBT:
Nick goes upstairs to the HOH bathroom to go #2. Kaitilin is changing in the shower & says she'll be out in 2 seconds so he can do his business. lol

Meanwhile, downstairs...

Jeremy: "I have my b*tches do my cooking." (**I don't think he's cooked a meal himself in that house yet. Have any of y'all seen him cook?)

Howard joins them.

Jeremy: "Amanda needs to go soon. Sooner than later."

3:09pm BBT:

Amanda shouts to Elissa in the BY that she had a dream about her sister, Rachel, last night.

Amanda: "Maybe (Rachel) was channeling me and wanted me to tell you that (I dreamed about her)."

McCrae is talking about the live feeds. (He's a superfan of BB.) He said he started watching BB during Season 6 but just got the feeds for the first time last season.

Talk turns to Evel Dick & Season 8.
Elissa, who is in the BY doing Yoga, is weighing in on Season 8.

They're all talking about previous HG's, such as Chicken George & Renny.

3:15pm BBT:
Lounge Room

Aaryn: "If I'm not making you proud, hopefully I'm making you laugh. I haven't done anything out of my ordinary life. But, my parents don't know my ordinary life."
Spencer: "I told my parents not to watch the live feeds."
Jeremy: "My mom knows everything about me, so.."

3:19pm BBT:
Judd/GinaMarie join the lounge crew.
Aaryn is talking about what she put in her HOH blog & HOH tweets. (**The tweets aren't up yet but should be soon. They'll be on the HOH Twitter account.)

3:34pm BBT:
BY Couch

Talk is about current events before they entered the house.

3:54pm BBT:
BY Couch crew still talking, light chatter all around.
The camera pans over to catch Jeremy/Kaitlin in a moment of their own.
Jeremy: "I can watch you smile all day."

His charm then switched to not-so-appropriate (nor charming lol) remarks.

4:14pm BBT:

Kaitlin: "What's going on outside, McCrae?"
McCrae: "Nothing. 12 more days until my birthday."

Kaitlin asked what he wants to do for his birthday, he said nothing & that he's just grateful for being in the BB house. Kaitlin hopes he gets a cake & the house gets booze to celeberate it.

Andy pops in for a minute and says he's going to bed & waking up at Midnight when the Have Nots can eat normal food. He said it'll be like "waking up on Christmas morning" and that he's trying to pass the time by taking a nap until when the HN's can eat.

4:29pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

Talk is about Jeremy's tattoos & colleges.

Jeremy: "Where's Harvard? Is that in Boston?"
Nick: "Massachusetts"

4:31pm BBT:
Kaitlin joins the BY couch crew.

4:33pm BBT:
McCrae is napping on the bathroom couch.

Amanda gets called into the Diary Room.

McCrae wakes up.
McCrae said his tummy hurts from eating hot dogs.
Amanda leaves to go to the Diary Room.

McCrae goes outside.

4:39pm BBT:
McCrae lays down and says he's not sleeping, his eyes are open.

Non-game talk. Light chatter.

4:45pm BBT:
Jeremy/Kaitlin show off their best "Dirty Dancing" move from the movie.

Kaitlin bombs it on the 1st try...
 But they nail it on the 2nd try.

4:46pm BBT:
Amanda brought up the idea of holding a square dance later on for fun. She said she'll try to round up 8 HG's needed to do it.

4:50pm BBT:
HOH Room

Amanda is telling Aaryn to "be mindful" of her racist comments and that she knows she's "joking" but to others, it's not funny to them. She said she's telling her as a friend to be mindful of the comments. Aaryn is downplaying that she's been making racist remarks and is blaming it on Candice & saying that Candice is just trying stir stuff up.

Aaryn is defensive, not apologetic at all.
Aaryn: "When you have blonde hair & blue eyes, people will always make a deal."

4:58pm BBT:
McCrae enters the HOH room. Amanda/Aaryn still talking about the racist remarks.

Aaryn: "I haven't said anything racist." (**face-palm*)

Aaryn: "They call me barbie and sh*t about being blonde all the time, so what's the difference?"

Feeds go to fishies & when they come back, topic has changed to about cheese & McCrae feeling sick. McCrae leaves.

Aaryn thanks Amanda for bringing the racism to her attention, then starts bashing Elissa.

5:25pm BBT:
McCrae/Amanda/Aaryn are talking about floaters and people in the house that don't know how to play BB.

Aaryn: "Kaitlin didn't even know what this is, she was picked out at a bar."
McCrae is annoyed that there's people in the house that were cast & not actual fans of the show.

5:29pm BBT:

Andy joins Mc/Aaryn/Amanda & tells them the house is quiet. He goes through who's napping, who's outside, and who's playing chess.

Andy's mad because he tried to sleep until midnight (when the Have Nots can eat again) but was mad that he only slept an hour and now he has to eat slop for dinner.

**And that's it for the Afternoon post!! :D If you wanna see what you're missing (and trust me, it's a lot if you don't have the feeds!), then go take a look for yourself!! The feeds are super duper cheap this (only $26.99) for the ENTIRE SEASON!! You get to watch all the endurance HOH comps, 24/7 live feeds of inside the BB house, & get to watch anything you missed by using the Flashback feature. So whatcha waiting for??? Get the live feeds!!! See y'all tomorrow morning!!

Stay tuned...
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Jennifer Shidler said...

Jeremy was actually cooking breakfast for the houseguest this am. the sad part was that it took him asking every houseguest how to cook eggs and bacon. Who doesn't know how to cook eggs and bacon?!

Jamie said...

Oh okay, I missed the morning, so thats why i didn't see that. He doesnt know how to cook eggs and bacon? lol oh boy. :P

Keri Bovkoon said...

Why do the feeds go to fishes and trivia?

Keri Bovkoon said...

Why do the feeds go to fishes and trivia?

umm-hmmm... said...

Yesterday morning on the feeds, Aaryn was saying GM and Nick hooked up the night before. Poor Nick.

Razldazlrr said...

OK - 1. Jeremy is just a pig and stupid. 2. Howard is always hanging around with the guys and their mean comments, wonder what he thinks. 3. They picked Kaitlin from a bar for the show? She didn't apply? 4. I think Elissa may actually be happy to leave, she doesn't seem to fight to hard to stay - thoughts? 5. McCrae is sleeping in the bathroom? yuk!

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