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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Afternoon in the BB House

Goooood afternoon, y'all!! :D And welcome to the Afternoon post! Today's BB agenda will be HOH pics & Judd will write his HOH blog. Other than that, I'm not expecting too much action today..but then again, it is BB. ;)

Some highlights from the morning are:

*Judd is not telling Howard/Spencer anything except to get rid of Kaitlin because "she's a strong" competitor. If you remember, Judd is in a fake alliance with Howard/Spencer/GM/Kaitlin.

*HG's talked about GinaMarie downing 2 tablespoons of cinamon last night. (Details in the The Overnighter).

*Judd thinks Candice is a nice person, but she's annoying.
*Judd told Andy: "I'm so confused, there's so many alliances." (*Us too, Judd. Us too.)

*Andy/Judd know that Howard/Spencer have an alliance with pretty much everyone in the house.

*Andy will put up Spencer/Howard if he wins HOH.

*Judd's trust in Helen is slipping away, due to him seeing Helen/Jessie talking & when they saw him, Helen walked away. Andy tells him Helen/Jessie are loyal and to not worry about it.

*Judd wants to "work on" GM in case she wins HOH.

Okay, now let's dive into the Afternoon post! :D

Currently on the live feeds... 

**Psss...the live feeds are just $10/month!! We have 2 months to go, sooooo totally worth it! Still not sure? No problem! It comes with a 2-day FREE trial so you can see whatcha been missing. ;)

11:52pm BBT:
Backyard Couch
Talk is about getting Howard/Spencer on board with voting Kaitlin out. Judd informs Jessie of his fake alliance with them & how they (H/S) have other alliances with Andy, McCrae/Amanda, and Helen & how H/S doesn't think anyone knows about all their alliances.

12:32pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

Talk is about the next HOH comp.

Andy: "It can't be Howard/Spencer/Candice.
Judd: "Or Elissa."
Andy: "Aaryn's gonna win this f'ing game, just watch." *He laughs.*
Judd: "Aaryn better not make me regret keeping her."

12:42pm BBT:
Amanda & Helen join.
They're talking about telling Howard/Spencer about voting Kaitlin out. Amanda said to tell them on Thursday so that they don't try to change the vote.

12:51pm BBT:
McCrae has re-joined. Helen left.

They talk about how often Howard has been called in the DR. (They think he might be MVP this week.) Amanda comments about how Howard is using his religion in the game. Judd said Spencer's trying to use it now, too. They all agree to nominate H/S if they win HOH.

Everyone but Judd/Amanda go inside.

Judd tells Amanda how he found a couple of shirts of Nicks and decided to keep them because they're his size and doesn't want them to be a part of GM's shrine for Nick. (*lol)

Judd talks about how he has to write his HOH blog today. McCrae comes back out & says the HOH is locked so BB might be setting it up for him now.

Judd: "F**k! I wanted to take a shower. I'm gonna take a quick one downstairs."
Judd goes inside.
BB: "Judd, please go to the Diary Room."
Amanda: "Ha! They knew he was gonna take a shower."

McCrae tells Amanda about his dream last night. Howard is nearby on the elliptical.
Amanda: "I'm gonna grab my bathing suit. I'll grab you're cigarettes."
McCrae: (yawning) "OK."

McCrae (to Howard): "What's good?"
They chit-chat.

1:04pm BBT:
Judd comes back out. 
Spencer is outside now, too.

Judd: "I'm just gonna tweet 'Spencer's a motherf***er, Spencer's a motherf***er.."
They all laugh.
Judd goes back inside.

Howard is talking about truthful with himself (*he's kinda all over the place with whats he saying). He's talking about how people don't think he's smart, but he is but he's not gonna brag. He's "been preparing since day 1 to be smart."...???

Howard: "I know power can switch anytime. It's a battle. At that time, my team will be ready to battle."
Howard said he's a target...

1:09pm BBT:

McCrae: "I haven't heard you being a target, but I heard Amanda is, which scares me."
Howard: "You can't hustle a hustler, you can't con a con man. I can see the BS. I know who I got..the thing is, it's hard to hang around (BS) and fake it. Whoever got a good heart, shows."

McCrae: "I like your bible a lot.."
Howard: "What, the things at the bottom that explain it?"
McCrae: "Yea! That helps a lot!"
Howard: "My pastor gave me that bible. I've had it so long."

1:13pm BBT:
Howard: "Big HOH coming up."

1:15pm BBT:
Amanda comes out in her bathing suit, with McCrae's cigs in her one hand.
McCrae: "Going swimming?"
Amanda: "Yea."

They both head to the pool.
Amanda: "I wanna lay in the sun."

1:22pm BBT:

Kaitlin is telling Andy that Helen/Elissa told her (K) that GM is safe this week and that she (K) needs to campaign, which is making her think that she's going home.

Andy: "That's news to me! F**k, that makes me nervous." (*way to play it off. lol)
Kaitlin: "I feel like my days in this are numbered just 'cause of who I was associated with." 

Andy is totally playing it off.
Kaitlin: "Helen/Elissa told me they're worried about Candice & how Howard/Spencer are going around making deals with everybody, which I didn't think was true. I think they're telling me that in case H/S talk to me..."
Andy: "I'll keep my eyes and ears open for you today."
Kaitlin: "I thought I was a pawn when I put up!" (*pawns go home, darling.)

***Breaking News ***
If you guys & gals have Time Warner Cable as your provider (like I do), then you need to call 1-888-TW-CABLE and tell them you want them to keep CBS. TWC could drop them as early as next week. This info is per

1:49pm BBT:

McCrae (in the pool) is talking to Andy (poolside) about non-game stuff. Current topic is Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Inside the BB house, Helen/Kaitlin/Candice/Jessie are in the kitchen.
The girls are talking about last nights cinnamon trick some of the HG's did last night. Kaitlin said she's done it before and it sucks. lol

Kaitlin: "It becomes a giant clump of clay!"
Helen: "That's disgusting!"

1:56pm BBT:

The backyard couch crew are talking about Broadway shows, specifically "Little Shop of Horrors" and the music in it.

2:06pm BBT:
The girls are talking about Survivor, The Amazing Race, and passports.

2:14pm BBT:
Judd is finally taking his shower that's been wanting for a couple of hours now.

2:26pm BBT:
HOH picture time!

2:32pm BBT:

2:39pm BBT:

3:26pm BBT:
Inside lockdown. (**If it's for BB to build an endurance comp, then the HG's will be on lockdown until Thursday's live show. We'll see! :) )

4:00pm BBT:
HG's on HOH lockdown. (*Not sure why.)
5:00pm BBT:
HG's off of HOH lockdown & inside lockdown.

Stay tuned...
CBS Interactive Inc.


Emma B said...

if we've learned anything this week it's that judd is too dependant on the other guests to get very far, but one of thoes vile girls is going home this week so.. go judd? i really want to see Haward play without Spencer(who needs to go ASAP)

rbjjb said...

This Is One Year Where "Your Word" Means Nothing!

rbjjb said...

This Is One Year Where "Your Word" Means Nothing!


Spencer is Howard's only real ally, and vice versa, so it would be interesting to see what would happen to the other with one of them gone.

Jamie said...

yea i'd love to see Howard/Spencer play without each other.

Angela Foster said...

Wow, you really don't know what's going on in the game If you don't have the live feed. Just joined this blog and I love reading it. I always said I wanted to get the livefeed one day. I was rooting for McCrae/Amanda but Amanda seems to be a pushover, and I did like Elissa/Helen but they did seem to think they controlled the game. And Judd is all over the place. I do like Howard's game even though he needs to lose Spencer. And Aaryn has GOT to go. She is a disrespectful brat.. I'm 21 and she makes our generation look like spoiled brats. I don't claim her! haha, love your blog btw!!

Ste ven said...

I hope BB gives them sunscreen as these guys love to bake. Amanda looks to have quite a rack

Melissa Housel said...

I just wanted to give u a big thank you Jamie for ur blog..even with watching the feeds, anything I cudnt catch or quite understand..ur blog explains it all..n I enjoy ur (comments) Thank You!!:-)

Melissa Housel said...

Just wanted to say a big thank you Jamie for ur blog!:-)...even with watching the feeds I miss stuff or don't understand what they r saying n ur blog cvrs everything, ur awesome, thanks again!!:-)

Jamie said...

Thanks Melissa & Angela!! :)

andrea said...

Steven, it is a "nice rack", money well spent I'd say!

Am I the only one that is severely disgusted with Elissas behavior as of late? I mean really, its just nasty.

Love the blog.

Jamie said...

thank Andrea! :)

Jessica Duran said...

Hey Jamie! Just wanted to say thank you for all you do! I've been following your blog since I think the Donatos were in the house the first time. You do an amazing job and I really appreciate it! I know you've talked about your beautiful dog Bella before and I was just curious as to how she was doing? Thanks again!

Jamie said...

Thanks Jessica!!
Miss Bella is doing AWESOME!! Her 5th bday is next week. Every birthday, I take her to Petco or Petsmart and let her pick out her own toy. lol ;) I'm also gonna get her a slice of doggy-friendly cake. I'll take pics! Maybe I'll post one of the blog. :) Thanks for asking about my fur-daughter!! She's very, very spoiled!! haha

DirkKouglas said...

Hey Jamie, if Time Warner does drop CBS try getting a TV antenna. ABC, NBC and CBS broadcast their channels over the open airwaves.

And all the episodes of Big Brother are put on usually about 5 to 6 hours after the episode airs on tv.

Michelle Cowart said...


I am a long time reader of you blog and I remember every year during Big Brother it's Miss Bella birthday and you always take her to Petco or Petsmart. She is very lucky to have you as her owner and that you love her so much.
Love the blog and thanks for all of the hard work that you put into it for us.

Jamie said...

Hi Michelle! Thanks for being with me all these years! :D I am just as lucky to have Bella in my life..she's my heart!!


Jamie said...

Thanks Dirk! I got the rabbit ears just in case! ;) LOL

Anonymous said...

I thought the networks switched their broadcast signals over from analog to digital and the rabbit ears don't work anymore?


taylor326 said...

I just recently found this blog and Jamie you do an awesome job! Its the first thing I do when I wake up and drink my coffee I have to check the blog


If your TV has a digital tuner (and whose doesn't these days?) all you need is an antenna, if you are reasonably close to the source. If your TV has different inputs, leave your cable or satellite hooked up to one, and connect the antenna to another. You then have to go through the auto tuning rigamarole so your tuner can find the stations. You can't move it around like the good old days or you might have to go through the tuning search again each time you move the antenna.

AuntCookie said...

You still have to have the antenna with the digital you just don't need to have the converter box. :)

Jessica Duran said...

Awww yay!! Good to hear! She's sooo adorable and from what I read very spoiled! Lol. I'm sure she deserves it though :)

DH said...

I really don't understand why Amanda wants Howard out sssooo bad! Every one in the house has been dishonest and tried to make a deal with someone to advance his/her game. What is the big deal? Really, one is no better than the other, it is a game of honest/dishonest, truth/lie, strong/weak, etc. I must have missed something with the Am/H.

DH said...

Someone please tell me, "what is the deal with Amanda wanting Howard out"? I must have missed something! Amanda is going through great lengths to get Howard out.
Also, everyone there is trying to win the money and they all have lied and crossed one another. So, who is right and who is wrong?

robere11 said...

Im sorry Emma I disagree not about the girls they need to go but Amanda I can't stand I want Howard Spencer or Candice to win and put up amanda and mc crea. I just want amanda gone so bad. But I'm sorry that I disagreed with you Emma you seem really nice do you lke Amanda? I just want to see that side of the house take a major hit and change up the game alittle

Shantilla said...

Yup, she did say they are implants haha

Debbie Sutterfield said...

You are right Brian. I remember when I had to get a box just to get those broadcast channels because of the kind of tv I had. That was before I got flat screens and dvr's (those were the days). I think it was around 7 to 8 years ago. I guess we'd have to watch BB online. However, TVGN broadcasts after dark, and they just started airing "catch up episodes" on Fridays. You'd have to wait for it, but it would still be aired.


It is because Howard and Spencer have been trying to evict Amanda since day one. Anytime they are asked who they want to send home, Amanda's name ALWAYS comes up.

Queen Mel said...

Howard is a huge threat, the possibilities are endless, once he gets his head out of hit butt (I said butt not bible) :)

Marie Ann said...

Hi Jamie! I've been reading your BB blogs since season 9, and just wanted to give you a GIANT thank you for all the time you spend on keeping us "in-the-know"; I honestly live for summertime to watch this game, and you make the experience so much more FABulous!!

Nicole Donmore said...

as much I have I have been rooting for McCrae (and I love the showmance with Amanda) I'm starting to feel like he's not really playing the game anymore. I think he knows that she has a bigger target on her head between the two so he's not in real danger. it would be interesting to see if McCrae left who would Amanda befriend? She grabbed on to him EARLY in the game so she hasn't really gotten close to anyone just friends with everyone crap. It is a smart choice to get Kaitlyn out because she is a strong competitor, but of course that isn't the reason the main alliance is gunning for her to go home. Just to be able to use Aaryn. I think I'm now rooting for Judd. Besides Amanda he seems like he's the only one that is actually is trying to play HIS game.

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