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Friday, February 22, 2013

Janelle & Britney BOTH pregnant!!

Happy 4 months until BB15, everybody!! :D It seems that there's a bit of a baby boom going on former BB alumni ladies;

Janelle Pierznia announced via Twitter that she is pregnant with baby #2 (a baby boy!)...

...and Britney Haynes announced that she too is pregnant with her first child (a baby girl)!

A big CONGRATS to both & here's to healthy babies for both ladies!!

Sources: E! Online & Janelle via Twitter

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

BB15 Countdown

I cannot begin to express how totally EXCITED I am that Big Brother 15 is starting 2 weeks earlier than normal! I think it's actually made me more anxious for the season to start, as compared to previous seasons. Come onnnnnn, June!!! Hurry up!!!

As I write this post, we have 134 more days to go! (You can keep track on the countdown ticker over to your right on the sidebar towards the top ---> )

There's "rumors" (and I use that term very lightly, because I think it's more of peoples wishing for it than an actual "rumor") that this season could be an All Stars 2. (Wasn't this last seasons rumors, too? lol)

---pauses to think---

...not sure how I feel about that! I think it's mainly because of last season. Maybe I'd just prefer 1 season without any former BB alumni coming back?? I dunno. But then on the other hand, how freakin' awesome would it be to see BB9's Crazy James? Or BB12's Lane? Or..[insert your personal fav here].  And since we have 2 extra weeks this season, it'd be the perfect time to bring back a ton of BB's most liked..or hated! ;) hehe But more weeks doesn't necessarily mean more houseguests.

Ooooh my brain is over-thinking again! I must stop.

Okay, so it's now mid-Feb, and we have just a short 4 months to go until BB15 airs on June 26th @ 9pm EST, and baby I'm ready! ;)

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