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Monday, July 15, 2013

Afternoon in the BB House

Good afternoon, BB addicts! Today, the houseguests are in total calm/chill mode. Lots of bonding & getting to know each other, no real game talk. With Jeremy being Kaitlin's replacement nom, it seems pretty much set in stone that Jeremy will be the one getting evicted this Thursday. So unless Jeremy has something magical up his sleeve (**Dan's funeral from BB14, anybody? lol), then we might be looking at a calm 3 more days in the bb house. you know, this is Big Brother, expect the unexpected! ;)

Currently on the live feeds...

12:17pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

Jeremy/Amanda had a quick convo about Aaryn. Jeremy said he told Aaryn to not worry and that her friends will know she's not racist. Amanda said she hasn't called Aaryn racist, but she's being perceived as one, just based on the questions she's getting in the Diary Room.

12:25pm BBT:
HOH Room

Helen/Andy talked in the HOH room. Helen said she was afraid that Kaitlin wouldn't use the POV today & now she wants to try to keep Kaitlin safe for a few weeks. Helen then apologized (via the cams) to Jeremy's mom saying sorry, but he has to go.

They then talked about how if Aaryn or Howard went home next week, they think Spencer would be more loyal to their group. They then question whether or not if they want Spencer/Candice in the jury.

12:35pm BBT:
Talk between Helen/Andy continue.
They're worried that GinaMarie will win HOH because they don't know what she'd do, she's a "loose cannon".

Meanwhile, outside...

12:35pm BBT:

Jeremy is being himself again. lol He said he's going out in the blaze of glory, head held high, etc. Talk starts about David's eviction (Week 1) and who was the driving force of getting David out.

Candice: "Jeremy, you did not vote for David."
Jeremy: "I swear..."
Candice: "You couldn't have possibly voted for David.."

They go back & forth, it gets heated pretty quickly.

Amanda: "Candice, did you say that I was...(Candice interrupts)"
Candice: "No."
Jeremy: "You are fibbing through your teeth."

Candice gets up, jumps in the pool, and gets in Jeremy's face.

Candice: "Look me in my eye and tell me..I do not lie..(talking to Aaryn) When I came up in the room, who did I say y'all should put up? The one person y'all should put up?"

Aaryn: "Uhh..."
Candice: "Did I throw Amanda & McCrae's name under the bus?"
Aaryn: "No."
Candice: "Thank you!"

Definitely worth the flashback.

12:53pm BBT:
HOH Bathroom

Both are happy that Jeremy's going this week & that they Moving Co. alliance is no more. Elissa tells Helen about Jeremy picking a fight with Candice in the pool. The move into the HOH bedroom and talk. Helen said that most of the houseguests want Howard gone. Helen tells Elissa that Aaryn said she wouldn't put up them (E/Helen) if she won HOH. Elissa wonders if she'd stick to that.

1:24pm BBT:

Jeremy was telling Kaitlin what happened during his argument with Candice. Kaitlin tell him he (Jer) is for sure going home now, Jeremy said he already is. Kaitlin said he could've had a shot to campaign against Spencer.

Kaitlin tells Aaryn that she hates Candice and wants her gone next week.

1:45pm BBT:

Jessie told Helen that she met Lance Armstrong & Matthew McConaughey one night.

2:26pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

They came up with a name for their alliance (Andy/Amanda/McCrae/Judd/Helen): The Goof Troop. They say that Jessie is a "honorary member"...

Amanda: "...but (Jessie) can't know the name."

McCrae said they should think of a fake alliance name, since they're gonna have to pull people in & out of it: "The Knockouts".

3:33pm BBT:
Lounge Room

Amanda is telling the Lounge Room crew about the Candice/Jeremy fight & how neither of them would back down.

3:35pm BBT:
Aaryn joins the lounge room crew. Aaryn said she didn't know what Candice was talking about.

4:48pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

All 3 of them are talking about what happens in a double eviction, Aaryn doesn't understand how they can do 2 evictions in a 1 hour show.

McCrae: "It's crazy."

Talk turns to McCrae looking weak due to being on slop.

McCrae: "I know. It's killin' me."
Aaryn: "Amanda's not doing very well either, she's snappy."
McCrae: "I'm just tired."
Judd: "You hungry?"
McCrae: "No. I dunno. Just tryin' to be calm."

5:03pm BBT:
Poor McCrae doesn't look so good. Slop is taking it's toll.

5:05pm BBT:
Jeremy/Spencer are now with McCrae/Judd on the backyard patio. Non-game convos.
Talk turns to about smoking weed.
Jeremy: "If I get evicted Thursday, I'm smoking a big fat blunt."
McCrae: "Hell yeah."
Spencer: "I'm pissed my company piss tests. I mean, I get why they do it."

(*Kaitlin failed her drug test for the show & almost didn't make it on.)

**Alrighty guys & gals, I'm outta here for the night! See y'all tomorrow morning with The Overnighter. Until then, enjoy the feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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Kim M said...

I hope Howard is able to do something to get all the heat off him for the next couple of weeks. He is one of my favorite houseguests but most of the house seems to want to see him gone soon!

Robin Jackson said...

@ Kim M,

I don't think BB production will let that happen. They will most likely have competitions that cater to Howard. After Sunday's episode CBS would look like real jerks if Howard (one of the offended parties)went before Aaryn (the person who has caused the most outcry against the show and network).

It really trips me out how everyone, particularly Amanda and McCrae, are tripping on Howard and Spencer for doing what they are doing right now. A-freaking-mazing!!!

I have a feeling the super alliance is going to implode really soon. Amanda is so paranoid about everyone and everything. Also, the mini alliance (goof troop) is not all that secretive when they get together. Someone is going to over hear them. Helen is going to be really hurt when she finds out Andy has made a final four alliance without her.

What is it with Andy and Amanda thinking that people have to make decisions that are best for the group (in other words whats best for Andy and Amanda/McCrae). Oh excuse me, how dare someone (Elissa) make decisions that are best for their own game.

enb said...

I don't know why candice keep trying to hang around people who don't care for her. I know its everybodys house but she know they will try to pick a fight. And. Jeremy has nothing to loss now so he just might got out with a blaze. Candice you have start playing smarter.

Razldazlrr said...

Spencer is lucky he's part of the union, or he probably would have lost his job too. He works on the railroad - yea, think they need to drug test..............

2boysmom said...

Jaime how do you know Kaitlyn failed her drug test? Just curious, oh wise one. How do you get your scoop? Regardless, I appreciate it! Love your stuff!

Random World said...

Which is why Howard needs to win HOH.

Jamie said...

lol Kaitlin said she failed it :) i'm not that "wise", I just watch a lot of the feeds! lol

Tracey Renfro said...

One night on BBAD Kaitlin commented that she is much funnier at home because she stays high all the time.

Debbie said...

Helen is driving me N U T S. I liked her soooo much better before she got HOH. She is making so many side deals and seems to truly believe that she is the mastermind and is completely in charge of how the next few weeks are going to go. Shut up already!

Erica Iles said...

Hmm, I can definitely imagine Kaitlyn being one of those kind of fits her...

Stephen O. said...

The house wants him gone bc his gameplay is lying straight to every one's face. I know it's BB but he seems to have no strategy

geoff magnus said...

It amazes me the idiotic and stupid things these people say and do. 1 - everything you say and do is being recorded and broadcast. 2 - you will eventually leave the BB house and go back to the real world. Grow up people......on 2nd thought, stay stupid and immature - it makes for a better show!!

Great work Jamie - THANKS!!!!

Jim Ruda said...

Ithink this is the first year of BB that there isn't any nudity going on. Whats UP with that?? Or have I missed it.

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