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Thursday, July 18, 2013


Gooooood morning, BB addicts!! :D Happy Live Eviction Show Day to y'all!! Tonight, we will watch Jeremy get evicted & then the HG's will battle it out again for the title of HOH this week. Who will win? Who do you want to win?

Okay, so I have to work super duper early this morning & won't have time to do a full Overnighter post, but I wanted to update y'all on a few things before I took off for work.

Okay, let's get to it!
(Sorry for the short descrips, limited on time today!)

**You can watch everything posted below on the Flashback Feeds, which comes with your live feeds subscription!

6:33pm BBT:

Amanda told Aaryn that Jeremy/Kaitlin were throwing her under the bus. This upset Aaryn.

7:20pm BBT:
Lounge Room

Jeremy talked to Helen & Elissa, promising them everything under the sun. After Jeremy leaves, Helen/Elissa talk. They're not sure if they can trust Jeremy.

Helen asked Elissa if she won HOH, would she put up Howard. Elissa said yes. They then decide to stick with the plan of getting Jeremy out.

8:50pm BBT:

McCrae/Amanda getting sweet on each other. (*Am I the only one loving this relationship? *swoon*)

8:55pm BBT: 

Aaryn tries to talk with Elissa. She tells her that she's not gunning for her (E) at all and that if she (A) wins HOH, she'll see she's being honest. Elissa told Aaryn that she doesn't like, nor dislike, her. Aaryn then told Elissa that she didn't appreciate her saying that the BB house is a "whore house" (referring to Jer/Kait having the room alone last week when Aaryn was HOH), all while looking directly at Aaryn. Elissa said she didn't direct at her.

Aaryn then tells Elissa that she hurt when she (E) made a comment about Aaryn taking adderall (presc. meds). Elissa brushed her off & said she doesn't want to talk anymore, and that they're just 2 completely different people.

9pm BBT:
HOH Room

Aaryn tells GM that she's upset about her talk with Elissa. She said she's tried several times to talk to Elissa & now she's done trying. Aaryn then complained that she's alone in the game & that she doesn't have anybody close to talk to. GM said she has her.

9:13pm BBT:
Have Nots Room

McCrae shows GM his handmade"engagement ring" that he made for Amanda. (**Awww!)

McCrae: "Doesn't it look good?"
GM: "It looks awesome!"

Gm: "You gonna get a real one afterwards, or ?"
McCrae: "We'll see. Depends if I win or not." (*lol)

9:30pm BBT:
Kitchen/Dining Room
All HG's

The houseguests' version of 'The Talk' ...welcome to the BB house talk show, "The Veto"!!

**This is definitely worth the look on the Flashback Feeds!!

Helen, the host, called herself "Helen Chenbot". :P

Best Moment of "The Veto":

Candice: "What is the biggest lesson you have learned in the Big Brother house?"
Aaryn: "To invest in a grade-A muzzle." 
Candice: "That's a really good lesson!"

It's truly something that is 1,000,000 times better to watch, than I could ever describe it!! It was fun, light-hearted, and the HG's were thoroughly enjoying themselves. I loved it!!!

***Okay guys & gals, I'll be back an hour before tonights live eviction show at 9pm EST!! I will make a new post an hour before the show. Until then, enjoy the last minute game play on the live feeds!! See ya then!! :D

Stay tuned...
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Kim M said...

Elissa got a WAY good edit for last night's show. They completely ignored McCrae agreeing to get the blood on his hands by claiming to be MVP (since Elissa was worried about how she keeps putting up big players with the MVP) and how Elissa then screwed him over by putting up Spencer after McCrae had already told Howard he was MVP and was going to have to put him up.

Kim M said...

I'd like to see Howard win HOH this week. For one, I think he's in trouble if he doesn't and I want him to stick around. And secondly, it will force him to truly pick a side and I think he'll pick the "good" side of the house which should help them to trust him more.

Sarah Terwilliger said...

Jaime, you are definitely NOT the only one loving McManda. They seem genuine to each other and they can be in the same space with each other without constantly making out like Jeretlin (lol). Best BB showmance since Jeff and Jordan!

brittany b said...

Is it just me or are the live feeds down? When I log in, there is no where to click on the cams to watch, someone help! Thanks!

brittany b said...

OMG I LOOOOVE the McManda showmance. I think they are PERFECT for each other. I find my self watching their cam more than when anyone else is on. Such a genuine connection. I do not feel bad for Amanda's BF back home because she seems to have a connection more with McC than she talks about with her bf at home (ex now).

Kristin M. said...

Love love love McManda!!!! They are definitely my favorite since Jeff and Jordan!! They need to show them more (ESP on the afterdark feeds!!) super cute!

Anonymous said...

Has Amanda talked about her BF back home? I'm curious if we just knew that she had one going in- or if she has talked about it with anyone on the live feeds.

umm-hmmm... said...

I miss Jeff and Jordan.

Anonymous said...


They also didn't show how Elissa at 1st tried to lie to Amanda and McCrae and tell them she didn't get MVP rather than have the guts to tell them she put up Spencer instead of Howard.


Trevor said...

I guess im the only one that cant stand Amanda.

Kim M said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kern's Kreations said...

I'm diggin the McManda showmance too. Mainly because Amanda is always hilarious. And also because, well, yay for the pizza delivery guy. haha

Razldazlrr said...

OK - I was messing around while I was listening to a boring conference call and happened to see this on Candice - - looks like she was Miss Louisiana and an NFL cheerleader for the Saints and then another team. She might be the one that really has the most glam going on.

Razldazlrr said...

WOW - I also watched the interviews with her and her birth mom from the Oprah show for Candice. She was so nice and put together. Thinking Howard may be a lucky one here. Do people in the house know everything about her?
Here are the interviews if you want to see:

Kim M said...

@Jennifer - she has a little bit. She said they'd been dating for ~2 months I think. And they didn't live in the same city so they weren't seeing each other all the time.

She also said he was kind of controlling, especially about what she ate and he'd make comments about her food all the time.

Robin Jackson said...


I don't hate Amanda yet, but I am really starting to dislike her. I have a feeling she is going to be the one to start rubbing people the wrong way one Jeremy is gone. Amanda's abrasive nature will start to show more without Jeremy's had attitude to overshadow it. Also, someone is going to figure out how much she and McCrae manipulate people. Elissa already questioned their motives regard the Howard/Spencer nomination. Amanda pushes too hard and a lot of the people in the house don't like that. it's only the people that Amanda knows she can't control, particularly Howard and Candice, that she wants gone. Elissa's is in that same group.

cballz79 said...

Right!! How dare she try to lie. She needs to confess ... CONFESS!!! I'm with Brian on this matter, lying is NOT allowed!
.....oh wait, this is Big Brother!!!

RCW504 said...

Love the show but it's getting predicable, the only 1 I really dislike is Amanda.Let's get Howard the MVP..... But overall good job with this cast

Nancy said...

Thanks for posting the Candice linksRazidazirr. The one with her birth mom and the scrapbook had me crying.

Debbie Sutterfield said...


I agree 100% with your entire statement. Although I love the McManda romance (I think it is beyond a showmance), Amanda is quite pushy. She forgets that people need to play their own game and make their own decisions...not hers.


If Amanda keeps this pushy attitude up, many more are going to start disliking her.

christyh said...

Am I the only one who would like to see Jeremy stay? I think it will be boring with them picking off all the strong physical people. And I truly don't underatand how they can keep Aaryn! With all that she has said and done, I can't believe Helen isn't pushing for her to leave.
I would love to see McCrae and Amanda and Howard start working with Jeremy and Kaitlin. They could win every week and get rid of the weaker players. Would make it fun!

James Adams said...

Thanks as usual. :-)

Anonymous said...


I have absolutely no problem with lying in BB. My comment was a reply to someone else about the entire storyline BB chose not to show involving Elissa agreeing to put up Howard if McCrae took the heat and then going back on it by putting up Spencer and the subsequent fallout from it.

Although I really don't heap any praise on Elissa for this particular lie or more accurately miserably failed attempt at a lie cause they didn't by it for a second and she then just ended up copping to it. Plus she was only doing it cause she didn't have the guts to stand up for this supposed strong conviction she had so she was trying to avoid dealing with the repercussions. There was no major strategy behind it.

That's the only issue I have with people who give high praise to Elissa for being strong and standing up for herself against her own alliance who worked hard to keep her the 1st 2 weeks while she did virtually nothing but get given MVP by her sister's fans. If she actually was instead of being wishy washy and going along with McCrae taking all the heat and then going back on it and then trying to weasel out of it with a weak attempt at a lie not as many people would've taken issue with her.


rbjjb said...

I Predict GM, Aaryn, Or Kaitlyn Will Win MVP.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else think it's ironic that this season's twist was supposed to prevent floaters, but Elissa keeps getting MVP and she is the biggest floater of them all?

Debbie Sutterfield said...

I bet you that it would never happen. Too many people vehemently despise those girls. Although I don't agree, Elissa will probably continue to get MVP. I would like to see Andy or Judd get it. Take it or leave it, that's what I think.

pmh said...

am I the only one that thinks amanda is just about as arrogant is Jeremy

pmh said...

again I am I the only one who thinks amanda is just about as arrogant as Jeremy???

Shoba13 said...

Can someone please tell GM to shut up! I watched a little big of after dark last night and she kept going on and on about all the modeling (or whatever) jobs she's had and she's just so infuriating ! Also tell her she's from STATEN ISLAND!! She gives us true New Yorkers a really bad name... And that's saying something.

Oh.. Thank you so much Jamie and as alway I love hearing what Brian has to say.

Trevor said...

I didnt start disliking her until she suddenly wanted Howard gone. I dont even think its smart gameplay. He hasn't won anything. The only challenge ive ever seen that favored a physical man was when Jeff won one . Its always quizzes or hanging on something for as long as possible. Saying hes using his religion and race to further himself in the game?? When was this?

Trevor said...

My fearless prediciton for the week. Andy, Amanda,or Mcrae win HOH. They target Howard.The racist will continue to stay in thouse. Another no drama boring week in the worst season of BB ever produced.

Polar41 said...

I think Elissa gets MVP because she is an underdog, just think the first season people hated Rachel then the second time around she became loved mostly because she was an underdog. I think she is at a HUGE disadvantage and she is trying to lay can she be a floater if she is constently a target. GM, Judd, Andy are much much more floaters, even Candice is a floater.

Kim M said...

I wouldn't mind seeing Jeremy stay simply for the drama (even though I know this won't happen). But for pure entertainment, I'd prefer him in the house longer.

@iteachk123 - It is kind of ironic and I agree that Elissa has been totally floating through this game up to this point. She isn't even the one who worked to save herself from going home last week!

Ste ven said...

If any of you vote for MVP, choose someone besides Elissa. Youre making the show so boring and predictable. Now I know no one on the 'other side' of the house will win, but vote for someone who might spice things up or might NOT tell the others and who actually is playing the game. Id want Amanda to get it.

Jen P said...

And the purpose of the MVP is that the person can choose to be anonymous. She shouldnt have to confess anything. Most of them are using her for the MVP, acting like its their MVP. Good for her, sticking up for herself!

Robin Jackson said...

I wouldn't say she is as arrogant but she isn't too far behind.

AmiLrn said...

I don't see how Elissa fits any definition of a floater.

AmiLrn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bridget Floyd said...

I agree, I do not like Amanda at all. She runs her mouth to everyone. That whole McManda relationship disgusts me. I want to see them go down!

Lonnisha Thomas said...

Jen P thank you! Wasn't it MCcrae who told her secret of being MVP 1st week and he (they) put her up on the block *side eye* this is a game where white lies are going to used to get further in the game. They have all lied at one point so why throw stons at Elissa.

Denise said...

Elissa never said she'd put up Howard she kept saying she was really uncomfortable with the idea it was McCrae who said he'd tell everyone he was MVP she never asked him and it was McCrae assumption that E would put up Howard and you know what they say when you assume something.....

Charmion Turner said...

I can't stand Amanda either. It seems like all the showmances are being broken up, so i really hope Amanda and McCrae get put up this week. I didn't like how they were trying to bully Elissa last week either.

Anonymous said...

I see Elissa as a floater namely because the only time we even know she is in the house is when she gets called to the DR to get her MVP card.

@Polar41-She did not do anything to keep herself in the house when she was on the block, others got her the votes she needed. I agree there are other floaters, but I definitely do alo see Elissa as one.

MVP is meant for the person playing the best game. She clearly is not. Not playing the game is not what I consider playing the BEST game. Just my opinion.

pokerchamp55 said...

I have seen her have discussions with mc about a bf at home but she says she really has genuine feelings for mc

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