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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Morning in the BB House (updated)

Good morning/afternoon, everyone! The live feeds haven't been that exciting yet today, but there's still plenty of time in the day for some action.

As I write this (11:37am BBT), Helen/Howard are the only 2 HG's currently awake. Helen & Howard both got in their morning excersise routines and now they're having light chatter at the dinner table as Howard eats.

 There are 2 cams on Helen/Howard, and the other 2 cams are on sleeping HG's.
Considering that most HG's went to be around 5am BBT, I'm not expecting them to wake up anytime soon. I'll be back to blog in the early afternoon when they all rise & shine, and have a little caffeine in them. ;)

12:28pm BBT:
A few more HG's are now starting to slowly wake up for the day.
I'll be back around 3pm BBT for the afternoon post! Don't worry, I'll get us all caught up on anything/everything that'll happen between now & then. :)

Stay tuned...
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UnionGrl said...

That 'Saga Continues' is insane. Way to go Wil!

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