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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Overnighter

Good morning & welcome to our 1st live eviction day of the BB season!! Starting July 11th, the BB15 season schedule will change back to familiar territory and will be on Sun/Weds/Thurs (live eviction day).

I have to go to work in 30 mins, so the Overnighter is gonna be short & sweet this morning.

I woke up to the news that Aaryn has been released from her Modeling Agency, due to her racist remarks on the live feeds. If you wanna check out the story for yourself, it's on

Yesterday, Jeremy took Elissa's hat and wiped it on his bare bottom. He later got called into the Diary Room and was scolded for doing that. If you wanna flashback to that, it's at 6:55pm BBT Cam 3.
Since I'm running late for work, I gotta leave the Overnighter for now, BUT..I will be back around 11am BBT to finish it up, so check back then! :D

The Overnighter:

7:51pm BBT:
Airplane Bedroom

Aaryn apologized for yelling at Candice about her hat. They mended fences. Candice joked around saying that if she did sit on Aaryn's hat, it would have been "tarnished" because she knows she has a big behind.

11:12pm BBT:
Lounge Room

Jeremy tells Elissa that he got in trouble with BB for rubbing her hat on his butt & said that he's sorry, she just "got the best of him" earlier and that the BB house is "making him crazy".

Jeremy: "They're dry cleaning your hat right now and (BB) said if you don't want that hat, then they'll take it out of my (stipend) and buy you a new one."
Elissa: "My hat??"
Jeremy: "Yea, your North Carolina hat."
Elissa: "Ohh."
Jeremy: "I mean, it was stupid, immature, I feel horrible about it, ashamed kinda..that's not me. And I..I don't know what to say to you. I vandalized something of yours, where it was personal to you or not, I was definitely wrong."
Elissa: "I think you're a 23 year old boy.."
Jeremy: "I'm a very immature boy that has a lot of growing to do..but I do hear some rude things and maybe I need to check my sources..."

Jeremy goes on to say that he's apologizing on his own accord, though BB did tell him he had to tell Elissa about the hat and that they're cleaning it or she can have a new one.

Elissa: "I feel sorry for you because you're 23 and this show is on National TV, (you say stuff) that is not appropriate for a family show."
Jeremy: "Well we all have opinions on what's appropriate and whats not."
Elissa: "Can I speak? I would never go into the Diary Room and talk badly about you because it would make me look like there's something wrong with me. You being aggressive towards women is pretty concerning."
Jeremy: "I think things I say can get misconstrued and I'd never hit a woman, I've seen my mom get hit, I would never do that in my life. But I did come (into the house) loud and hostile and I can see how you feel that way."

This is ongoing and worth the Flashback. Elissa remained classy and mature during the whole conversation. Kudos to her! She did accept his apology, by the way. (For the record, Jeremy kept saying he only "tapped his butt" with her hat, but in reality, he rubbed it up & down in between the cheeks.)

12:00am BBT:

Jeremy tells Kaitlin about what he did to Elissa's hat. She said it was stupid, he admits it was stupid, she's happy he can at least admit that much. Then they start making out.

12:16am BBT:
HOH Room

Talk is about Nick's new 'stache. lol He shaved but left a mustache. BB called him to the Diary Room. (They made him shave it off. This for editing purposes, so he looks the same in clips.)

1:08am BBT:
HOH Room

They're trying to come with a name for their alliance. They throw a wide variey of names. Ghost town, Area 51, The Outsiders, etc.

Amanda: "I like Area 51. It's top secret, never been used, nobody knows about us."

**I'm so lost on alliances this year. lol

Elissa comes in.

Elissa: "They (Jeremy/Kaitlin) are having sex."
Spencer: "Good for them!"
Amanda: "No way!"
Elissa: "They could be just making out, but.."
Spencer: "Let's go down there and look."
Elissa: "It woke me up and I was like oh my god, I can't.."

Feeds go to fishies & when they come back on, Elissa is gone. Talk turns back to an alliance name.
Spencer: "How about The Devils Rejects".

Talk switches gears a few times to how Judd forgot to request Holy Water for Aaryn's exorcism (*lol), Amanda thinks Nick should go next, while others think that Aaryn needs to go next.

At around 2:17am BBT, Howard/Nick/McCrae had a brief meeting in the bathroom where McCrae said he's nervous that Amanda wants to target Nick but he thinks he can control her and get her to not target him. Nick said that Amanda is the only one after him, so he'll talk with her and tell her she's cool & he won't put her up if he (Nick) wins HOH.

It's also noteworthy that Amanda wants to backdoor Jeremy soon.

2:22am BBT:
HOH Room

Talk is about how it's in their contracts that if there's a fight in the house, they're not allowed to defend themselves. McCrae said that's fine & that he'd take a punch if it meant someone was going home.

McCrae thinks that Jeremy will end up getting himself evicted by production at some point. He thinks Jeremy should've been expelled for the Elissa-hat thing earlier.

Talk switches gears to about how Andy still thinks Nick is gay and how he admitted to watching Andy sleep while in a towel. (There's also been various flirty comments that Nick has been making at Andy here & there.)

They also talked about how Nick told GinaMarie that he just wants to be "friends" with her and that they think GM's tantrums the other day (over the whole "bb took my stuff" incident) was a way to get attention from Nick because she's crushing on him.

2:54am BBT: 
They're curious to what Aaryn & GinaMarie's reactions are gonna be when David gets voted out tonight during the Live Eviction. 

And that's it for The Overnighter!! :D So it looks like David is still slated to go home tonight. The real question is: Who's gonna win HOH & what will they do this week? It's gonna be an interesting week!!

I'll open up a new post an hour before tonights show. I'll see y'all then!! 

Stay tuned...
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Jen said...

I'm so glad that there will be some repercussions for this awful behavior!

Dana Lynn said...

Karma's a beep!!!

Annie Z said...

Just watched the flashback of Jeremy telling Elissa what he had done with her hat and her reaction elevated my level of respect for her (I already liked her before, but now eve more so). She really did do a good job putting into perspective for him how he could be coming across as aggressive toward women to the public based on his actions in the house so far. I really hope he did hear her, takes to heart what she said and turns a corner. Jeremy's got some major growing up to do...

Razldazlrr said...

Can't stand Jeremy - think he's a pig and a bully

Kim M said...

What's up with the 5 minute delay on the "live" feeds now?!?

Donna Parker said...

Right on!

Victoria said...

I just saw on TMZ now that Rachel and Brendan (from BB12) are also speaking out about how racist certain people in the house have been. I am just glad that this is more public and not just on live feeds/after dark. Hopefully people who will vote for MVP now know who not to vote for! It would kill me if Aaryn won MVP.

Danielle Hunter said...

Jeremy is an a*hole and Aaryn is crazy and it sucks cause they are both from Texas and it makes us look like crazy a*holes haha

Kim M said...


Yeah - because Rachel asked Ragan if he "has to be the biggest bitch because he's gay?" and told him that he "can't even keep a boyfriend". Oh - and she told him he sucks at being gay.

And Brendan made Britney cry by telling her that her husband was cheating on her while she was in the house. And he asked Cassi if he "needed to draw pictures for her" to understand things.

I don't think they're really the most appropriate people to be commenting on the actions of other people in the BB house...

Amanda Kennamer said...

I am so ticked I can't watch the live eviction tonight to see all the drama! I will be clicking on the blog as soon ad my plane lands to get all the juicy news! Great job, Jamie.

jluvsturtles said...

Right on, Kim M!

Hi Jamie! I used to blog on your site way back when in Evel Dick's days, I've been back with ya this year since before BB but haven't said "HI!" yet!
Appreciate your blog, and glad to be back! :D

Okay so did we ever get info about GM's stuff getting taken away? The reason why?

Happy Live Show Eviction Day Everyone!

Razldazlrr said...

I'm sure glad you have the names and the pics at the top of the page because I can't remember who is who - most of them blur together as one big jerk!

MeInTex said...

While I don't wish harm or bad will on everyone, I am glad that Aaryn and GM will see what their words have cost them in the real world. I do think we have become too politically correct but their comments were completely over the line and unacceptable. Words have consequences and their words are going to stick with them for a long long time. See you tonight!!!

Erica Iles said...

Let me just say, as President of the I can't stand Rachel committee, I really like Elissa and don't understand why everyone hates her so much. But, at the same time maybe it's a good thing because if you're friends with Aaryn or GM you're pretty much going to go down as a despicable person at this point.
Maybe Elissa can pull thru this game on her own? Who knows but I really like her. What happened to her sister though? Geez!

Ste ven said...

They made him shave off his moustache because they fudge the editing to skew the truth. If thats not trying to manipulate what is actually happening in the House then I dont know what is. If he wants to look like a 70s porn star, then let him. Already this season, BB has shown theyre not doing anything differently. Same old challenges, some old manipulation of contestants, same old fake editing to tell their story and shield the contestants from their own words.

Anonymous said...

@Kim M

Far be it for me to defend Brenchel's actions inside the BB house however I do think there's a big difference between simply mean things said to someone in a fight and racist/homophobic comments made behind someone's back. I'm sure everyone has said something mean to and/or about someone especially in a heated exchange. Most hopefully don't make racist/homophobic comments with virtually no provocation.

I also think a large part of the uproar is that none of these racist/homophobic comments by several different HGs this season have or will air while I believe all of the Brenchel comments you mentioned did air since they were just nasty comments said in arguments. It's a general editing philosophy of BB that many disagree with. Especially in a season where the audience will be voting to give a huge power to someone every week the masses deserve to be aware.


Victoria said...

@ Kim

I am not saying that Rachel n Brendan's actuons were better or worse. I actually just started watching BB last year. I am just glad that there are reports of the casts behavior on other sources. I was getting the feeling last night that BB was portraying Aaryn to be such a good girl and we all know that ain't true.

Kaibelf said...

Before jumping on Rachel about her telling off Regan remember the WEEKS AND WEEKS he spent treating her badly, making fun of her looks, talking about her in private, and for what?

Cat said...

I agree with Brian. I think there is a huge difference between making a few off colour comments here and there - even golden boy Jeff did at times - and constant rude and unnecessary racist comments. Now this is all based off Jamie's blog because I am unable to get the feeds this year, but in some ways I'm glad I can't because of this. I believe in freedom of speech but these people signed up to be watched 24/7 and should therefore know exactly how their comments will be viewed by the public.

donna mann said...

Some of the houseguests are the most obnoxious and immature peple in the history of the show. Jeremy is such a tool. He needs to go and viewing would be more pleasurable. Heres a tip Jeremy, trying to be an Evil Dick clone will get you nothing but a quicker trip home. Kaitlin you look stupid and desperate for hooking up with him. Aaryn is a spoiled brat. Please strive to get more people like Ellen and Howard . I want to watch Big Brother not Frat Party.

donna mann said...

Some of the people chosen for Big Brother this season are the most ignorant and immature ever in the history of the game. Jeremy you are a tool. Trying to become an Evil Dick clone will get you nothing but a quicker trip home. And, Kaitlin you hooking up with him makes you look desperate and stupid. Aaryn you are a spoiled brat with a sense of entitlement attitude. You need to get more people like Helen and Howard. After all I want watch Big Brother not Frat party.

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