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Friday, July 19, 2013

The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Friday, y'all!! :D Last night, we watched Judd win the title of HOH for the week, after Jeremy got evicted from the BB house. So...who will Judd put up? Who is his target? From last nights convos, Judd seems to (1) not wanna put up Aaryn (2) Possibly backdoor Elissa. Judd also made several comments on how he wishes the "stupid MVP twist" was over with now because it's screwing up his game, and on top of that, it's making people float more than ever.

The HG's have no idea that this week America is the MVP and we will get to decide which houseguest we wanna see be the 3rd Nominee. Click here to go vote for the houseguest you want to nominate for eviction this week.

Okay, let me go gather up last nights happenings & I'll start posting them below! :D

**You can watch everything posted below on the Flashback Feeds, which comes with your live feeds subscription!

11:59pm BBT:
Everyone is gathered in the kitchen, waiting for the clock to strike 12am when the Have Nots become Haves again.

12:00am BBT:
Have Not's are now Haves again!! Yayy!!

12:59am BBT:
Lounge Room

The girls have been talking about relationships. Amanda, who had a boyfriend before coming into the house, gets advice from Elissa to "do whats best for your life" (as far as being with McCrae). Elissa asked Amanda if she's in love with McCrae, she said they love being together, he makes her happy, and she loves the way he looks at her. Elissa thinks he's in love with her, by the way he looks at her.

1:15am BBT:
Aaryn told Judd that if she stays, she won't ever gun after him. Judd told her that Elissa wants her nominated this week, but that he won't put her up. (**Sounds like he'll put up GM/Kaitlin this week.)

1:41am BBT:
Lounge Room
McCrae asked Amanda what her/Elissa were talking about while he was upstairs playing chess. She said about falling in love for someone (McCrae) for who they are & not money. (Her ex had money & was more accepted to her family because of the stability.)

2:40am BBT:
Lounge Room

Spencer tells Judd that Elissa wants to put up Aaryn (assuming she'll be the MVP this week, which we know is wrong, America is the MVP this week. But I have a feeling Aaryn will still nominated. lol)

3:28am BBT:
HOH Room

Judd tells Jessie that he's putting up Kaitlin/GinaMarie. Jessie mentions she thinks that "they" (*mostly Amanda) are trying to get Judd to their dirty work for them by getting up Howard up on the block. He said he's gunning for GM to go this week. Jess asks him why GM over Aaryn/Kaitlin. He said because he doesn't feel she deserves to go jury. (**GM has been getting on Judd's last nerve the past week with all her crying about Nick, how he can't talk to her without her mentioning Nick, and how she was eating all the Have Nots food.)

3:45am BBT:
Spencer/Judd..then Howard

Judd: "It might be time to make a different kind of move."
Spencer: "What are you thinkin', bro?"
Judd: "I dunno. I'll have to talk to a few people & see."
Spencer: "You know you can tell me anything & I'm not gonna tell anybody what you say."
Judd: "I just feel that there's a couple people running this game that aren't getting blood on their hands, no matter what they do. And they're just getting carried along while sleeping all day."
Spencer: "Yea."
Judd: "The whole MVP thing creates floaters, instead of getting rid of floaters."
Spencer: "I totally agree."

They talk about Elissa.
Spencer: "Dude, (Elissa) hates me. She hates my guts."

Judd: "I didn't wanna get HOH until the MVP thing was over."
Spencer: "Just something to remember before you make any decisions, GinaMarie can't win sh*t."
Judd: "Yea."

Judd says he'll wait until after veto & then talk to Spencer/Howard/McCrae to see what the best option at that point would be to get out this week. (He told Jessie the same thing up in the HOH room during their 3:28am BBT convo.)

3:55am BBT:
Howard has joined

Judd: "If I think Ellissa doesn't work with us (by putting up who we want), I think we need to cut her off. Backdoor her ass."

4:13am BBT:
Judd tells Amanda/McCrae that if Elissa (who he assumes will be MVP) doesn't put up Candice as the 3rd Nom, then he wants to backdoor Elissa. Amanda kept pushing for Howard.

**And that's it for The Overnighter! I'll start the Afternoon post at, or before, 12pm BBT when the HG's will be up and coherent. ;) lol Until then, enjoy the feeds!!!

Stay tuned...
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Kim M said...

I split my votes between Elissa and Helen. I'd be quite happy to see either of them gone.

Dannielle Burciaga said...

I cant believe only 3 people have been evicted. It feels like so much has happened already (even with the slow week last week).

If America puts up Aaryn, it gives her the chance to win Veto.. But if she is up against Kaitlin I think she would lose the veto comp... I see Kaitlin as a HUGE threat competition wise. She does really good and is usually one of the last few people still in the game.. I think she has no social game though. I havent really seen much from her other then spending time with Jerm, I wonder if this will change now that he is gone.

LOL I can see why Judd would want GM out. Its borderline ridiculous at this point. I wonder how Nick will react to her out in the "real world"...

Razldazlrr said...

Funny Judd said that about floaters - I think of him as a floater! LOL I'm sure GM is crazy annoying but she's not really much of a threat. They think Elissa is a threat because she keeps getting MVP.
Spencer said GM can't win sh... - well, I don't think he can either!
It will be interesting to see who he puts up - I agree with others that Aaryn will be the 3rd one on the block.

rbjjb said...

Why Mess Around With Success? Not A Fan Of The MVP Or 3 On The Block.

Debbie Sutterfield said...

Check out Aryan's Facebook page. You'll probably be as upset and disgusted as I was. Her friends, especially Briana and Allison, made some Extremely racist remarks that made Aryan seem tame. Who are these people?! There were some comments about asians that literally made me sick to my stomach. It seems that Aryan has surrounded herself with racist, homophobic people who share their disgusting beliefs publicly without any hesitation. Ignorance is rampant with this clan. I hope that karma catches up with these people and kicks their racist asses! Apologies for swearing...I'm just so angry.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Judd but America is MVP this week so Aryan is gonna be the 3rd nom. Hopefully they don't tell the HGs that America is MVP cause if they don't I don't think anyone will believe Elissa when she says she isn't MVP especially with Aryan as the nom. Should create some drama with a potential Elissa backdoor.

I think BB called an audible with the MVP twist cause it was ruined with Elissa and we never got to see it in action as it should be. Elissa was seemingly gonna win MVP every week cause of her sister's fanbase and she told people she was MVP which removed the best part of the twist the ability to remain anonymous. Hopefully they give the twist another try with a different cast in another season to see how it goes when used properly.


Ste ven said...

I pray to God that Julie wont end up telling the houseguests that America chose the MVP this week. The twist has been such a trainwreck with Elissa winning every week that Im sure Grodner and company said we need to change things. If hopefully they dont tell the H ouseguests, that will be great because it will stir up paranoia, although I think theres a 100% chance that the nominee will be Aaryn. I want Elissa to get backdoored because if they dont the MVP has to stop. I still dont understand why viewers are picking her- her only strategy is that she's Rachel's sister. Is that really a reason to win ? Its so so so frustrating. This years nerd herd has got to start turning on itself soon. Amanda and Mcrae need to be targeted soon for their alliance - same with Helen and Elissa. kaitlin seems to have gotten an advantage by taking herself off the block and winning a veto...thats ironic. But if the MVP is kept secret, it will cause parnoia because everyone will assume it is Elissa but she will deny it and no one else will come forward and they probably wouldnt believe that someone else got it. Im still also mad that only Aaryn has gotten the bad edit when Spencer has said some pretty bad things too - I dont think homophobia should be tolerated when racism is not. But thats BB for you - same ole story ...Why do they need a disclaimer when no other network or show (including Survivor) never does that even when their contestants say racist stuff.

Stay-At-Home Mom said...

has anyone thought that if America puts up Aaryn as this weeks 3rd nomination that she may take it the wrong way and thinks America "loves" her??? her thinking so way off she may just take it the wrong way. :-o

Joabann said...

I think BB was giving America a chance to show which of the contestants- Aaryn, Gina Marie or Spenser you want rid of most. every article you read has people critizing CBS for not throwing them off the show. so they are giving America that opportunity. I hope they do tell them we, the viewers, were the ones who chose
Let these people know what we truly think k of them. Spenser got 8 of my votes. I gave Helen two for making promises to everyone and thinking she is such a great.player.

Hollywoodeasy said...

Amen. Elissa has been a complete fail. She hardly gets tv time cuz she doesn't do anything game related. It's a joke that she gets MVP and personally I think it hurt the game and CBS/producers are realizing that by changing the rules this week. She was arguably the least deserving of MVP each week. She has been a super floater all season and is being used by those in power. I am also frustrated by her superb edit this week not showing how she royally screwed over McCrae. I voted for her to be 3rd nom. If she is 3rd nom and BB doesn't announce we were MVP, how confused would the house be?

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