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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Overnighter

Good morning to all you BB fans across the land & Happy Tuesday to ya!! Last night was rather uneventful in the game-changing talk was had, just a few pranks between houseguests. I like to call this the "Calm before the storm", the couple of days leading up to the live eviction night. Jeremy is going home Thursday and truth be told, he seems to have accepted his fate.

So with that being said, let's dive into the Overnighter & see what happened last night in the BB15 house! :D

**You can watch everything posted below on the Flashback Feeds, which comes with your live feeds subscription! (Psst..comes with a 2 free trial, too! ;) )

10:10pm BBT:
Line of the Night:
"You're not somebody until there's bad stuff about you online" - Aaryn

10:37pm BBT:
HOH Room
Shockingly, Aaryn has been acting somewhat normal yesterday. She's been social, funny, and her head seems to be in the game.

Aaryn: "The last 2 days have been unusually very well for me. Like, me & Elissa actually exchanged words for the 1st time since I got here, Candice told me that we should forgive each other for what has happened already & we're actually talking again."

Helen: "I know you've caused drama, and Elissa has caused drama, and everyone has done their own thing, I think there's good in everybody, and I was hoping that with friendship, drama (in this house) would go down, and then we could play a game." (**Noooo, I don't want the drama to go down! This is BB for crying out loud! lol)

Helen: "We're competing, but we don't need to fight." (**Oh yes you do! lol)

10:56pm BBT:

Helen tells Elissa that she hopes all the drama in the house will be gone on Thursday. She's hoping by having a nail party later on with the girls will help bond/build friendships and end some of the drama in the house.

10:57pm BBT:
Just to give you a sense of the fun mood in the house last night...

Howard tickling Jessie...

Jessie/Spencer/Andy/Judd have throwing pillows at each other...

GinaMarie is working out in her pink hat...

As Elissa/Helen are playing volleyball with Andy/Candice...

Meanwhile, inside the house, Jeremy/Kaitlin are playing a game of chess...

11:23pm BBT:
Kaitlin is asking Aaryn what her & Helen talked about in the HOH room.

Aaryn: "(Helen) pretty much told me that Howard & Spencer aren't even targets anymore..people have been civil to me, I haven't been in any fights, the past few days I've been trying really hard...I think Helen is just telling me that she'll protect me so that I won't put her up (if I win HOH)."

11:41pm BBT:
HOH Room
Spencer told Helen that her HOH reign was successful, because she's getting out one of the biggest threats in the house. Helen mentions, again, how they're all competing but don't need to fight. Spencer mentions that if he won HOH, he'd put up Aaryn/GinaMarie. Helen tells him she'd like to keep Kaitlin safe for a little while, Spencer understands why (because Kaitlin used the POV to take herself off, so Helen could backdoor Jeremy).

12:58am BBT:
Lounge Room

Talk is about how scary GinaMarie is acting with Nick's eviction. How she has Nick's chapstick, wears his hat all the time, how she has Nick's coffee cup & refuses to wash it, etc. Andy said that GM took all of Nick's stuff and held it during the Veto Ceremony.

Aaryn joins the Lounge crew.

Amanda said she's gonna take Nick's stuff from GM & hide it.

Amanda leaves to go steal Nick's stuff. A minute later, she walks back into the lounge room and hands out all of Nick's stuff to everybody to hide them. (Nick's hat, chapstick, sunglasses, etc.)
They put everything on top of the photo booth, saying how mad GM is gonna be. They're all laughing.

Amanda goes back & gets more stuff, including a cereal box that Nick ate out of that GM won't throw away.

BB: "Amanda, stop that!" (*lollll)
Everyone is lauging their butts off.

Amanda: "This is our new alliance, it's called "Moving Sh*t".

2:33am BBT:
GinaMarie is crying because all of Nick's stuff is missing.

Amanda comes into the bedroom and tells GM that they hid Nicks stuff and she's so sorry, and tells her to go with her to get everything. Amanda hugs her on the way to the lounge room to get Nick's stuff.

2:40am BBT:
All of them are laughing at the prank, even GM.
Amanda asked GM why she doesn’t wash Nick's coffee cup he used to drink out of &GM said it's because she’s not drinking out of it, so she doesn’t need to wash it. Amanda asks her if she knows Nick isn’t dead. (*lol)

2:50am BBT:
Candice/Howard told GM they should have a mourning service for Nick tomorrow & have GM put all of Nicks stuff in a crate and put it in a drawer. GM agrees.

3:24am BBT:
Lounge Room

Talk is about how Aaryn didn't wanna tell GM where they hid Nick's stuff. Amanda thinks Aaryn is "mean spirited". McCrae whole-heartily agrees.

**And that's it for The Overnighter!! :D Btw, there was a accidental flash of Howard's no-no parts at 2:29am BBT Cam 2 while he's in a towel. Use the Flashback feature on the live feeds to see it, if interested. I'll be back to do the Morning post once the HG's wakeup & get moving for the day! Currently (8:04am BBT), all HG's are still snoozin'.

Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...

I am a big fan a enjoy this blog very much.
I am taking this oppertunity to share my oppinion. While I think that Elissa diserved the help that we gave her as fans the last few weeks I think it is time to vote for the real BBMVP players in the game. There are severial that have really stood out as MVP players over her. They have actually worked to make big moves and change the game. I dont what to push who I believe they are on you so I am not going to a say name. I just want you as fans to relly think about the power we have been given and to use it for what it is.

Anonymous said...

Well congrats Aryan! If that's your definition then you're the biggest "somebody" in the history of BB!


Jennifer Pinkney said...

GinaMarie needs to get over it. She is acting like a crazy stalker. She only knew him for a few weeks but she's acting like they were married for years. If I were Nick I would run far far away. Also Thank-you Jamie for your great blog. I check if several times a day. I'm proud to say I'm addicted :)

Jamie said...

totally agree about the MVP thing. Elissa has zero game. I get the rachel connection thing, but honestly, she doesn't belong on BB. maybe she thought she'd dig it but now regrets it? she just doesn't seem into it, at all.

i'm really hoping that America gives it to someone else for week 4. Anybody, i dont even care who! lol just ANYBODY ELSE.

& @Brian...LOL!

Razldazlrr said...

Yep agreed - I bet BB asked Elissa if she would be interested and said ok, she really just does not seem to be really playing the game.

GM - yea - a little whacked - I understand you are really isolated and may get a little crazy in there but she is really close to the edge.

Aaryn - "mean spirited" by Amanda is a nice way of saying evil b.....

Howard huh? hmmm - almost tempted me to get the live feeds! LOL

I must say that as much as I don't love this cast, I like it better than all stars. I like it in the beginning when they all try to figure out who the other people are. I just wish they had more diversity in age and backgrounds.

tessie said...

I thought I heard Spencer saying something disgusting to Judd while they were sitting outside on the couch. Did I just mishear? Did anyone else watch at that time?

Debbie Sutterfield said...

Hi Jamie! This is my favorite site for BB updates. I cancelled the live feeds, so plz keep up the good work. I still want the info, but couldn't watch the feeds because of Aryan & clan. I may pick up the feeds again after the 4 are gone. Then all I have to stomach is Spencer...but I can handle that (somewhat).


Anonymous said...


I believe you're talking about when it was brought up that Jessie may be on her period and Spencer said something along the lines of he'd like to chew on her tampon.


hummingbrd said...

Good morning Jamie ... hey was wondering if you have seen Wil from last seasons BB15 skit on you tube this season.. it is called Big Brother 15: The Saga part 1 - 2- 3 with 4 to come soon .. u need to see this if u haven't it is so funny .

CC said...

Amanda is funny and she's playing a good game.

Debbie Sutterfield said...

Without repeating what he said, what was it about?

geeksgirl said...

Is it just me or is Helen getting annoying.....she is always talking like she is the leader. I realize she is HOH but She seems to be on a control high.

Stephca33 said...

Tessie, Spencer made an inappropriate comment about Jessie's monthly cycle and how he would "consume" the product she uses after she was done. It was foul and I threw up a little in my mouth. His comments all
last night were very uncomfortable to watch...I switched camera several times.

Erica Iles said...

GM is making herself seem creepy beyond belief...okay, even if Nick wasn't lying when he said he actually had feelings for her (which I doubt) then what is he going to think about when he sees her acting like that? I'm pretty sure his reaction isn't going to be "aww, look how cute she is taking everything I ever touched and crying all over it."
But I could be wrong, everyone loves a good obsessed stalker, right?

Gross said...

Helen didn't get the memo that BB isn't worth watching if everything is hunky-dorey.

I'm so over Helen.

When she's on the block and heading out the door....let's see if she's in the mood for a nail party to relax and have fun and "take a break from the game". Hahahaha.

tessie said...

Thank you Brian and stephca33. I thought...hoped...I was hearing things.

Rachel said...

U heard right. It was very disgusting. Spenc asked Judd if he messed around with Jessie yet, Judd said no. Spencer said as soon as Judd does to let spencer kno she can smell Jessie on Judd! So gross and made me hate spencer even more. Spencer went on to say how hot Jessie is in her short shorts and how she don't wear a bra and he can see her nips thru her shirt. He's such a creep!!

Rachel said...

He also said he wanted to smell Jessie on Judd's fingers if he ever touches Jessie down there. Seriously made me hate spencer even more. What a sick creep!!!

Anonymous said...

It's not just you...she's getting on my nerves. She is trying to be buddy buddy with everyone. ugh

Rebecca McCamish said...

Spencer is just as horrible as the 4 everyone wants out of the house. Certainly worse than some of them. I saw him saying to one of the women at the kitchen island that he respects women... and I almost vomited.

rbjjb said...

Production Just Have Her The MVP. She Did Not Really Win It.

Jennifer Pinkney said...

That's disgusting and it shows he has no respect for women. He also uses the C word and no one should EVER use that word. No respect at all!!

Debbie Sutterfield said...

Eeewwwwww!! Now I KNOW that I couldn't handle Spencer more the clan (Aryan, GM, Kaitlin, Jermy). I wrote the above comment before I found out what sick things he said. I remember one night when Howard and Spencer were playing pool, and Jessie was in the jacuzzi, they were commenting on how they could see her nipples through her bikini top and how big they were. But, the more recent things are gross! Most of these people have no class whatsoever...

Lindsay Kenneda said...

He also said when him and Howard were playing pool that he thought Jessie was about to start her monthly and how he would like to chew on her tampon!!! Almost made me throw up when he said these things. He said several disqusting things like that and this lastnight about Jessie!!! He's a nasty perverted creep!!!

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