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Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Overnighter (Quickie Version)

Gooooood morning, BB addicts!!! :D Happy Saturday to y'all!! BB woke up the HG's super duper early this morning at 6:30am BBT. What the deuce?! lol So I'm gonna do a quickie version of the Overnighter & then start the morning post.

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The MVP this week is:


9:15pm BBT:
Elissa/Amanda/McCrae talked in the Storage Room. They're not happy that Howard wasn't a nom this week. (The noms are Aaryn/Kaitlin, with the plan to backdoor Jeremy. Plan B is to get Aaryn out.) McCrae told Elissa that Howard should be the MVP nom. Elissa is not happy that Helen is basically forcing her to nom Howard, instead of her (H) just putting him up on the block. Amanda tells Elissa that Howard voted against Elissa on Thursday and that's a good reason to put him up. (**McCrae/Amanda/Helen talked about this yesterday and McCrae said he'd tell Elissa to nom Howard if she won MVP again, which she did.)

9:35pm BBT:
Aaryn wanted to "clear the air" with Elissa and tell her that she's not gunning after her, but Elissa didn't wanna talk to Aaryn.

9:54pm BBT:
HOH Room

Howard & Spencer talked to the HOH crew. (They waited for Helen, who was in the DR at the time, but Howard said they'll fill her in later.) Basically Howard/Spencer came clean on their involvement in the Moving Co. alliance. (**Spencer confessed yesterday, Howard did not.) They both hope the group can trust them from here on out. Howard said he can beat Jeremy in comps, he just hasn't wanted to up to this point. Spencer also mentions how they know how Jeremy is, and they don't like it...he's a bully. Talk then turns to how to get Jeremy out this week.

Howard proclaims his 100% honesty from this point on. He was tired of lying so much.

10:35pm BBT:
After the HOH covo, Helen/Elissa hug & say they love each other, Helen tells Elissa she's her best friend in the house and she's not just using her (E) for her MVP status.

10:52pm BBT:

Spencer asks Candice for forgiveness, says he's not a "scumbag" and he's sorry for aligning with people that talk down to women. Candice says she forgives him, but doesn't look too thrilled.

11:10pm BBT:
HOH Room

Elissa tells Amanda/McCrae she doesn't want Howard to go up as MVP nom. Amanda is not happy about that, at all. She wants Howard up & tells Elissa that he lied on the bible & voted to get her (E) out, then lied about it. Amanda/McCrae said they'll lie and say one of them is MVP and they nom'ed Howard, so Elissa doesn't get the blood on her hands. Helen offered the same. Elissa wants to know why Helen didn't put up Howard as an initial nom, Helen said because she couldn't decide between Spencer/Howard.

Helen leaves HOH.
Amanda/McCrae press Elissa harder to get Howard up as the MVP nom. Elissa wants to put Spencer on the block because he's less of a threat than Howard if he comes after her.

11:30pm BBT:
HOH Room
McCrae (lied) and told Candice he won MVP. (**The rest know it was Elissa, of course.) Amanda tells Candice that Howard lied to her (about the Moving Company alliance), Candice said "so did Spencer". Candice said she just started to get close to "Howie" 3-4 days ago and that she's gonna stick with him, no matter what, and doesn't care if it puts a target on her back.

Candice leaves a few minutes later.
McCrae mentions how dangerous Howard is, and that he already has Candice so close to him (H) after only a few days.

11:51pm BBT:
HOH Room
Amanda/Howard clear the air. McCrae tells Howard he's MVP and he has to put him up, Amanda tells Howard he is not the target. Helen tells Howard to win veto so they can get Jeremy out.

11:57pm BBT:
Howard told Spencer/Judd that McCrae is MVP.

12:01am BBT:
Helen/McCrae/Amanda talk in the HOH room. Amanda is still mad at Howard for saying that Howard was in a "minority alliance" & that she's only with McCrae because he was the first HOH. Helen disappointed that Howard isn't who she thought he was.

Helen: "We gotta focus on getting Jeremy out this week."

12:07am BBT:
Coming out of a Diary Room session, Elissa tells McCrae/Amanda/Helen that she DIDN'T get MVP.

Amanda: "Bullsh*t. You're lying..tell me you're lying.."
Elissa: "No!"

12:10am BBT:
Amanda is getting mad at Elissa because she thinks she's lying about not being MVP.
Amanda said that if she (E) put up someone else other than Howard, then to come clean. McCrae is mad because everyone thinks he's the MVP because he was trying to take the heat off of Elissa. Amanda tells Elissa that she's screwing over the 2 people that helped save her from going home (McCrae/Amanda).

12:14am BBT:
Elissa admits she is the MVP and put up Spencer, not Howard.

12:17am BBT:
Amanda is heated at Elissa. She said they all risked their own games to save Ellissa & that it was Howard that voted to send Elissa home and she doesn't understand why Elissa would put up Spencer, not Howard. Elissa said she wasn't comfortable with putting Howard up, she wanted Spencer. McCrae is fuming because now people think he's the MVP.

12:20am BBT:
Elissa starts crying.

12:24am BBT:
Elissa tells Helen that she doesn't feel "involved" enough with the group to make decisions.
Elissa is sad that McCrae/Amanda are so mad at her & that she cares a lot about them.

12:28am BBT:
In an attempt to do damage control, McCrae cut a deal with Howard. Howard said if he wins HOH next week, he will not put up McCrae, Helen, Amanda or Spencer.

12:35am BBT:
Amanda tells Elissa that McCrae is cutting a deal with Howard and to still let others think he's MVP this week. 

12:50am BBT:
Amanda is still livid about Elissa (1) lying (2) putting up Spencer, not Howard. She said that she's messing up McCrae's game. Amanda told Helen that she no longer trusts Elissa.

1:07am BBT:
Amanda/Elissa hug it out. They apologize to each other.

1:10am BBT:
McCrae told Spencer that he's going up at the MVP nom becuase he (McC) & Howard made a deal. Spencer is okay with that & that he trusts McCrae.

1:29am BBT:
Amanda told GinaMarie that Nick was playing her the whole time. GM upset that she looks like the biggest idiot crying over him.

**And that's it for the Overnighter!! The HG's are up, so I'm starting the morning post now! :D

Stay tuned...
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Charmion Turner said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Charmion Turner said...

I feel like McC and Amanda were ganging up on Ellisa last night. They were being big bullies in my opinion, telling her she f**ed up McC game. Why should Ellisa care about McC game when she has to worry about her own game. She told them several times she wasn't comfortable putting up Howard, she wants Jeremy out. I think she was afraid if she put up Horward they would take the focus off of Jeremy and they'd leave Jeremy in to get out Howard. I'm glad Ellisa went with her own gut this time. I'm still confused about McC saying he got MVP this week. I think he said it so people would feel better about getting Ellisa out next week.

Erica Iles said...

I think McC was telling everyone he was MVP so when Elissa nominated Howard (like McC and Amanada wanted) Elissa wouldn't have the target on her back from people like Candice who is all in love with Howard. McC was trying to take the bullseye off of Elissa for constantly being the one getting all the big players out.

Sarah Terwilliger said...

What was so telling about Aaryn's bitchy personality was that (at 9:35 BBT) when Amanda told her it might be better to go apologize to Elissa, Aaryn said she didn't want to apologize--she just wanted to clear the air. She really has no feelings for anyone other than herself and always blamed everyone for her own flaws or mistakes.

I saw Howard's confession/apology on BBAD and felt he was genuine. Wonder if he would have taken that route if he had won HoH. Doubtfull...

Denise said...

A little disappointed in Amanda I was liking her until she started bullying Elissa how dare E vote who she wanted and not how THEY wanted!!! Mc C didn't do a noble thing saying he was MVP which no one asked him to do he just wants the others to think he's most liked its sickening E is screwing McC game really? Kinda like what he did to E the first wk when she confided in him about being MVP and what does he do blabs it to everyone and puts her up WOW is all I can say

rbjjb said...

Elissa MVP Again? Come On America!

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