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Friday, July 19, 2013

Afternoon in the BB House

Good afternoon, BB addicts! I just got home from work & I see that the live feeds are on trivia for todays Have Nots Food Comp.

Before I start the afternoon post, let's see what we missed!

*Judd still plans on putting up Kaitlin/GM today during the Nomination Ceremony.
*Judd/Elissa both agree that Kaitlin is more of a threat than Aaryn.
*Helen got angry, and cried, because Aaryn was going around saying that Helen tells her everything & now she (Helen) wants Aaryn out.

11:33am BBT:

Judd comes out of the DR with bandanas for the HG's to play the Have Not Comp!

11:34am BBT:
Trivia on the feeds for the Have Not Comp!

2:15pm BBT:
Feeds are back!!

Have Nots for the Week are:
(The Have-Not food is Macaroni and Mangos)

GinaMarie is talking to Kaitlin in the Lounge Room.

GM: "So why they mad??"
Judd joins.

Andy joins.
Andy: "Nominations sign is up (on the living room tv)."

2:16pm BBT:

Judd/Kaitlin talk.

Judd: "I have a backdoor plan...I'm gonna use you as a pawn. I'm assuming the MVP will be Elissa & she'll put up Aaryn."
Kaitlin: "Pawns go home..I don't wanna go home.."
Judd: "Win the veto & then we'll backdoor somebody. I'm gonna try for the veto & take you off. I wanna work with you in the game. You're not my target. You're such a strong competitor. I don't have an alliance."

Judd tells her to win the veto, take herself off the block, he'll do his backdoor plan. Judd said that if Kaitlin hears anything different (than what he told her), to come to him and talk.

Kaitlin: "I got your back.

2:24pm BBT:

Judd/Spencer talk.

Judd: "I talked to Kaitlin, she's fine with being a pawn."
Judd tells him he wants to backdoor Aaryn.

**These convos are (1) hard to hear & (2) going lightning fast! Turn the feeds on!

2:27pm BBT:
Up next is McCrae.

Judd: "I think I can work with Kaitlin. Aaryn is always twisting things I say."
McCrae: "She's a compulsive liar."

Judd wants Aaryn gone this week.
McCrae: "Dude I support anything you wanna do this week."

Before McCrae left the room, Judd mentions that Elissa better put up who the alliance wants her to put up as MVP, or they're gonna have to backdoor her soon. Both agree.

2:33pm BBT:
Amanda's turn!

Amanda is pushing for Howard to go up on the block.
Amanda: "Put up who you wanna put up, but if you don't wanna put up Howard.."

2:40pm BBT:
Amanda still pushing for Howard.
Amanda: "Put up Aaryn & Kaitlin as pawns, backdoor Howard." (paraphrasing)

Amanda: "Everyone wants Howard out. It's a big move. I think Spencer is more dangerous than Aaryn..."

Judd: "(Spencer) is trying to work with me."
Amanda: "He's a good liar."

2:44pm BBT:
GinaMarie/Judd talk.

Judd: "Do you mind being a pawn?"
GM: "Are you f***ing serious? Pawns go home.."

Judd tells her the plan to take either of them off the block (Kaitlin/GM) and then do a backdoor plan.

GM is talking about how he (Judd) is a "last resort" for Jessie. (**I have no clue how this convo turned. lol)
GM: "I thought you were on my side...
Judd: "But the twist.."
GM: " don't know what the twist is, hunny."

Judd: "I want a pawn I can trust."
GM: "If you want someone you trust as a pawn, put up Jessie!"

Judd: "If I don't put you up, then don't put me up (if you win HOH)."
GM agrees.

2:50pm BBT:
Judd: "If I don't put you up, I want us to be like Bonnie & Clyde."

2:56pm BBT:
Next up, Candice.

Judd: I'm gonna put up Kaitlin & GM. I'm kinda leaning towards doesn't matter who Elissa puts up."

Candice said she wants nice people in jury & to basically get out the mean people now.
Candice is good with the 3 noms that he has in mind.

Meanwhile, upstairs..

3:01pm BBT:

McCrae/Amanda are talking.
Amanda is saying that everybody in the house, except for Candice/Spencer, wants Howard gone.  She doesn't understand why Judd is putting up GM when she won't go home & it's only gonna make her mad & gun after Judd.

Back downstairs...

3:03pm BBT:
Judd is now talking to Aaryn.

Judd tells Aaryn she's going up & that if he wins veto, he'll use it on her.
Aaryn said she's rather go up against GM, than Kaitlin.

*I'm in full blown brain melt. lol

3:13pm BBT:
Elissa/Judd talk.

Elissa tells Judd everyone wants Aaryn out this week. Judd said that Kaitlin is more of a threat. Judd tells Elissa if he doesn't put GM up, she'll vote the way he wants her to.

3:18pm BBT:
Next up, Andy & Judd talk.

Judd: "I just told Elissa not to put up GM. I don't care who Elissa puts up, just as long as it wasn't GM."

Judd thinks he wants to put up Aaryn/Kaitlin.

Andy: "Why don't you want GM up?"
Judd: "She's so weak and if i put her up, she'll be more bitter than ever."
Andy: "Elissa wouldn't put one of us up, would she?"
Judd: "No. And I'd have GM's loyalty. So if someone on our side starts acting shady, we can pull GM in."

Judd: "Maybe I can backdoor somebody, but I just have to see how the veto goes."

3:24pm BBT:
Have Nots Room
Helen: "At some point, we're gonna have to backdoor Amanda and not tell McCrae & Spencer/Howard would have to be on board."

They agree to not tell Amanda anything & to keep their convo between them 3 only. (Helen is mad at Amanda for telling Judd that she (Helen) told him that Kaitlin was the target this week.) They all agree that Amanda is covered on all sides of the house.

3:45pm BBT:
Amanda tells Jude she wants to talk to him real quick.

Amanda asks Judd who he's putting up. Judd says Aaryn/Kaitlin. Amanda thinks that's a good idea. She then asks if he's gonna backdoor Howard. He said he doesn't know. Amanda pushes the idea, again. (**His plan is to have GM on standby as a replacement nom & then let the house vote however they want.)

3:56pm BBT:
Judd heads up to his HOH room to take a shower before the Nomination Ceremony takes place.

4:34pm BBT:
Lounge Room

Amanda is trying one last time to get Judd to backdoor Howard this week. Andy is agreeing with Amanda. McCrae is silent.

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Stay tuned...
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Anonymous said...

MACARONI!!! Are you F'n kidding me!! What the hell kinda Have Not food is that?! I could eat macaroni for a week by choice nevermind being forced to haha. I saw who have nots were and was like damn sucks they got it again and not some of the scumy HGs then I saw macaroni and I don't feel bad anymore.


Anonymous said...

MACARONI!!! Are you F'n kidding me!! What the hell kinda Have Not food is that?! I could eat macaroni for a week by choice nevermind being forced to haha. I saw who have nots were and was like damn sucks they got it again and not some of the scumy HGs then I saw macaroni and I don't feel bad anymore.


Kelleigh said...

Amanda should climb out of bed with McCrae and win some comps so she can implement some of her big ideas. If Kaitlyn stays in the house after this week, I think she will go far. She's tough and will kick ass in the comps.

Doubting Thomas said...

Last week I voted for Helen to get the MVP, THIS week I voted for Helen to be MVP’ed….I have never gone so fast from loving a houseguest to hating one so much. How many times a day do we need to hear from Helen that she is a Mom (and that is the reason that she is being so controlling and manipulating in the house….).
Between her making deals for other people, not being able to keep her mouth shut and crying all the time (any one else get pissed off when she said that she controls her kids by crying? As a Mother myself I would NEVER dream of controlling my Husband or 4 boys [32, 25, 21 and 19] by using tears!!!)

kkilloh said...

I must admit... I'm really confused by what's going on. So who is Judd putting up? Cause one minute I feel like he is putting up GM, targeting Katitlin... then he is NOT putting up GM and is targeting Aaryn. Or did I read all of that wrong? Haha.

Robin Jackson said...

@ Brian

I was on BB 15's Facebook page and a lot of people were thinking that the Macaroni and Mangoes were for last week's have nots. They wanted to give them good food. What were the other two have not food choices?

Erica Iles said...

I posted a comment on here when I heard that she manipulates her kids by crying and how that annoyed me as well! I'm kind of surprised CBS showed that bit with how angelic they make her look most of the time!

Jamie said...

you read it right. lol it was confusing because he's lying to some, while not telling others the full plan, and then he switched his plan in mid-convos. lol :P

he's putting up Aaryn/Kaitlin. GM will be the replacement nom if A/K win veto.

Robin Jackson said...

Jamie I have to give you much credit and props!!!! I don't know how you were able to keep up with all of the game talk after the have not competition. I was trying to keep up with it as it was going, but I couldn't. Once again, much props!!

Finally!!! People are starting to catch on to Amanda. I think Amanda is funny at times, but her game play isn't too different from Jeremy's my way or the highway attitude. I was beginning to wonder if anyone in Amanda's alliance could think for themselves.

Also, does anyone think Judd is really trying to start an alliance with Howard, Spencer, and Candice?

Jamie said...

Thanks! It wasn't easy!! lol :P

Tanya said...

I don't understand why the hostile attitude towards Howard. From what I have seen/heard and read he really hasn't done anything wrong. Maybe he should have owned up to the Moving company alliance a little quicker, but other then that, what has he done? He isn't hateful, not even to the racist people.

Unknown said...

I really want America's nominee to be Aaryn! Don't screw this up for us Judd!!! Lol

Shereda Cromwell said...

He's only a target because he was the first person to tell Mccrae he needs to ditch Amanda. Mccrae told Amanda and he's been on here shit list ever since, trying to get him out.

Anonymous said...


I actually hope Judd noms Aryan. We all know she'll get the most votes against her by America. I'd like a little more suspense and see who got the 2nd most votes.


Unknown said...

@ Brian

We all know we hate Aaryn but I want her to know it too! I just pray that witch is out before jury!

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