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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Tuesday, BB addicts! Tomorrow is the 1st live eviction of the BB15 season and I can't wait! As it stands, David is still going home.

Before I get to the Overnighter, I wanted to let y'all know that Wil from BB14 is making more BB parody videos! His first video parody for this season is: BB15: The Saga (Part 1) It's hilarious and worth the watch.

The Overnighter:

It seems that after Jeremy's ugly behavior with the whole 'I stole wine' thing the other night, Kaitlin is no longer attracted to him. She told Nick this last night in the Storage Room (2:10am BBT Cam 3) and also revealed that Jeremy has been sharing info with her about his alliance that he shouldn't of.

This will not end will for Jeremy, though Kaitlin isn't yet letting on Jeremy that she's done with him, but only because it's for her own well being in the game & they need him right now.

While we're on the subject of showmances & in case you missed it, McCrae/Amanda are in a showmance and they've been definitely "progressing" in their in-house romance with lots of smooching behind closed doors, including late last night. (4:41am BBT Cam 1)
By the way, Amanda had a boyfriend before entering the BB house. She talked about him last night, but also told McCrae how much she likes him. McCrae said the same back to her.

And it looks like we have a showmance break-up! Aaryn/David are no longer in a showmance. Aaryn broke it off with David last night (11:12pm BBT-12:17am BBT Cams 1 & 2)
During their break-up, Aaryn is...well...her natural charming self *[insert eye roll here]*, and cuts him down to size. She tells him she feels like the guy in the relationship, he's up her a** all the time, they're not compatible, he's trying to force her into a relationship, she'd rather "have an ugly guy with a brain", than a stupid good looking goes on & on. She even told him that she has more in common with Jeremy, but that she's never do anything about it because she'd never do that to Kaitlin.

After their convo, they go inside to find food in the kitchen. Aaryn comments about (either Candice or Elissa's) "fake voice" makes her wanna, well, throw food on the ground. lol She picked up a box of food from the counter and threw it on the ground.
Aaryn: "I hate her. I. Hate. Her. It makes me wanna.." *stomps on the box on the ground."

Moving on...

GinaMarie had meltdown #3 last night (3:32am BBT Cams 1& 2) over her clothes being taken away from BB, including her razor, socks, shoes, tanning lotion, curling iron, makeup & makeup brushes. (*The reason why is still a mystery at this point.) This time, she had Jeremy talk her off the ledge.

Yesterday, Nick was the one to talk her off the ledge (she has a major crush on him) & he told Spencer last night that him spending time with GinaMarie should prove his devotion to the Moving Company Alliance because she annoys him.

Speaking of Nick, it seems that most of the HG's are skeptical of Nick's sexuality. He flirts with Andy a lot when they're alone & seemingly not that into girls (or at least the ones in the house). An example would be yesterday when Andy was showering, Nick walked in to use the toilet and has his sunglasses on. He took them off and told Andy that he took them off because Andy was showering, referring to wanting to be able to see him shower. Aaryn, who was on the bathroom couch, and Andy both made "what the heck?" faces to each other. lol Nick also admitted to flirting with BB production in the Diary Room, which Kaitlin replied "They're all dudes.." and Nick said "Exactly."

Andy/McCrae/Amanda talked in the HOH room last night (1am BBT) and all agreed that they're scared if Nick wins HOH because he is "the definition of a wild card".

They're not sure what he'd do as HOH. (Kaitlin told Nick the same thing during their Storage Room convo last night). During Andy/McCrae/Amanda's talk in the HOH room, they mentioned that typically the 1 person you don't want to win HOH, usually ends up winning it. (*so true. lol) This makes them wonder, and scared, that Aaryn could win it this week.

Okay guys & gals, that's it for The Overnighter! I'm off to work but I'll be home before Noon BBT and I'll start blogging the Morning/Afternoon post then. Until then, enjoy the live feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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Jen said...

I really wish Nick would talk to the feeds when he's alone...I'd love to know his strategy.

Skeeter Bug said...

Wait... tomorrow's the first live eviction? Did you mean Thurs or am I just confused? :P

Trevor said...

I dont even think production would want Aaryn to win this week. Shes not a game villian shes a terrible human being creating bad press for the network.

stephanelson said...

Going into BB15 and reading the profiles, and watching the intro videos, I honestly thought that these house guests would be so different compared to how they actually act. Especially Aaryn, I thought she was going to be a nice sweet girl, but that is far from the truth. I am so excited to see how the season plays out!

Jamie said...

the new schedule for this season is:
Weds (live eviction)


-JDP said...

Ewww - Just found the clips of Nick 'flirting' with Andy. Just makes squirm. So creepy - and I'm a gay man!

Skeeter Bug said...

Oh wow! Thanks Jamie, I had no idea. I'm glad you set me straight about that! :)

Jamie said...

anytime! :)

UnionGrl said...

I'm thinking that A used too much bleach and her mind rotted. What a nasty, hateful little girl. Thanks for the comments on the feeds. I always liked watching BBAD on SHO but I don't get the new channel and was considering the feeds. Now not so much.

UnionGrl said...

What is wrong with that child? Too much bleach rotting her mind. Nasty, nasty, nasty.
Thanks for the comments on the feeds. As I don't get the new channel I was considering it but from what I've read, not so much now.

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