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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Morning/Afternoon in the BB House

BB woke up the HG's at 10am BBT this morning. Today should be a calm on the feeds, unless there's last minute scrambles to get an extra vote or two to keep Elissa tomorrow.

Speaking of votes, it seems that Jessie might have changed her mind & could be voting to keep Elissa. (Elissa has Amanda/Judd/Candice/Andy & maybe Jessie.) Jessie's reasoning for possibly flipping (to keep Elissa) is because she's scared Nick will go after her. This is per Elissa's convo with Jessie last night.

Helen thinks they have Howard's vote, but Amanda is almost certain that they don't & that Howard/Spencer are working together. 

In other news, if you want to read Aaryn's HOH blog from yesterday, it's up on CBS.

 Okay, let's dive into the live feeds & see what's going on! :D

10:30am BBT:
Judd tells Amanda that he thinks they might have Jessie because last night she said she wasn't sure how she should vote. Judd also mentions that he thinks Spencer/Howard are working together. So does Amanda.

McCrae enters.
Judd: "Hey McCrae, you wanna workout?"
They both laugh.
Judd: "Yea me neither."

10:50am BBT:
Helen worked out on the elliptical in the BY. Howard was running laps.

11:13am BBT:
Backyard Couch
Before Helen & Andy joined Mc/Amanda/Judd, Amanda & Judd talked about not trusting Howard or Spencer. Amanda tells Judd to keep close to Jessie. Judd brings up the idea of starting a fake showmance
with her. (**Not a bad idea. lol)

Andy joins. Then Helen, per Amanda's request.

Andy tells Helen they don't think they have Howard/Spencer's votes. They then talk about maybe offering Jessie protection for 1 week if she votes for Elissa to stay. Andy is nervous that if they all vote to keep Elissa and there's not enough votes, then the other side of the house will gun after them.

Amanda kept telling Helen that despite her thinking Howard is with them, he definitely is not.

11:17am BBT:

Howard comes out & lies to them all by saying he'll vote with them.

Candice comes out & tells everyone she had a really bad dream last nigh about her adopted mom. They assure her that if anything happened to her mom, production would notify her. (**They would.)

**Breaking News: The returning HG was Britney Haynes! She hosted the Veto Comp (which will air tonight).
11:42am BBT:
Lounge Room

Helen is now on the can't-trust-Howard bandwagon. Candice isn't so sure. She said that Howard is for sure voting Nick out.  (**Wonder if this all of a sudden showmance from Howard on Candice is just a strategic move on his part to pull her in. Looks like it.)

11:56am BBT:
Storage Room

Andy once again expresses his concerns with voting for Elissa to stay & what happens if the votes aren't there to keep her. He's worried about being targeted next week. Helen tells Andy about her convo with Candice a few minutes ago & how Candice is sure that Howard will be voting Nick out.

12:01pm BBT:
Candice tells Howard to tell Amanda/McCrae that he's voting Nick out.

Howard then said to himself: "Damn McCrae, control your damn woman. She's spoiling the whole frickin' party."

12:23pm BBT:

Candice/McCrae/Amanda all agree to vote to keep Elissa. (**McCrae is lying, he's with the MC alliance.)

12:52pm BBT:
No game talk going on. All feeds are on Amanda by the pool (McCrae is in the pool) & Judd/Spencer on the BY couch talking about music.

Jeremy walks outside. He's about to workout.

12:56pm BBT:
Amanda (poolside)/McCrae (pool)

Can't hear McCrae because he's not wearing a mic (he's in the pool), but they're talking about votes. Amanda wonders if it'd be smart for her to vote to evict Helen. She tells McCrae to talk to her in the hammock, but then he got called into the Diary Room.

1:02pm BBT:

Amanda: "There's no way Helen is leaving, and I think if McCrae votes out Elissa, he could lose the chance to win MVP. What if he was the only one to vote out Helen? It'd just be 1 vote, she wouldn't leave, and we'll know where Howard/Spencer (vote)..."

Andy: "Spencer never talks game to me..ever. Not even when we're alone." (*implying that Spencer is no longer with them.)

Jeremy walks over by the to start working out. Their convo stops.

1:12pm BBT:
Jeremy talks to Amanda to make sure that Elissa is going. Amanda lies & says yes, for sure.

Jeremy: "I want Candice to go next week."
Amanda appeases Jeremy by saying she agrees.

Amanda: "Who would SPencer put up
Jeremy: "I'm not sure, that motherf***** is hard to read. Candice & ..someone else. I dunno."

Amanda: "Who would you put up?"
Jeremy: "I'm tyring to break up that alliance..Helen/Elissa/Andy/Candice."
Amanda: "You don't think Howard is a part of that alliance anymore?"
Jeremy seems awkward and walks away.

Jeremy: "I don't think so."
Amanda: "What makes you think that?"
Jeremy: "Conversations we've had. But I dunno."

Jeremy then talks about how he wants MVP and thinks that America should vote for who's playing the hardest & if America doesn't, then that's bullcrap.

1:20pm BBT:
McCrae is out of the Diary Room. He joins Amanda in the Hammock. Judd is sitting on the ground by them.
Amanda goes inside to get a protein shake.

**Blogging break!! :)

Stay tuned...
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hummingbrd said...

Hey Jamie How r U today ?
I was wondering when the HOH does the Blog does he or she get to read some comments or any response from America ?
Also I was wondering what Your take on all of the racist bull crap that has been happening , do u think production should step in & tell her to shut her mouth? I have been on and of the feeds myself ,It is hard to enjoy something that makes u sick to your stomach to hear! But I still do NOT go a day with out your blog ,See u in the chat room tonight. :)

Razldazlrr said...

Someone mentioned this and I wonder if it's true, that it's really production that picks the mvp, so they can manipulate the show. hmmmmm I wonder. i always wonder too if they don't give the vote totals

Razldazlrr said...

oh, and one other thing - Andy needs to quit being such a chicken and bowing to jeremy and the meanies!

Rob Hoover said...


I have always thought that reality show producers manipulate the voting to get the outcomes they want or push a show in a certain direction. If you look at the Terms for the voting rules you will notice multiple instances where they reserve the right to disallow votes for various reasons and/or suspend voting at their discretion.

Either way it doesn't bother me much as long as it makes for good television.

Trevor said...

Im almost positive the maniuplate the votes. There is no way Elissa should be getting MVP especially two weeks in a row, but then I think we may be wrong because production would have told her to put up someone other than Nick...

Dannielle Burciaga said...

LOL that convo with Amanda and Jerm cracked me up. She got him!! "what makes you think that?" This girl is growing on me. <3

Razldazlrr said...

Amanda is in their face - she's the one that deserves the mvp next week! if jeremy gets it, then the votes are definitely manipulated! LOL

Dannielle Burciaga said...

You know for a second I actually thought that I would vote for Amanda instead of Helen (Would have voted for her by defult - 1) dont care too much for any other players yet. 2) she was closes to Elissa, so since Elissa is going home Helen would be "someone to vote for" 3) She doesnt like Jerm, & 4) She seems smart to me - very likable.).. But her relationship with McCrae really has me apprehensive. Even though she has her own ideas and comes to her own conclusions independently of him, I just worry that he could taint her thinking just because they are in cahoots together (relationship). And we know who is in McCrae's ear... Just my thoughts.... (Its a personal thing with me.. I DONT like that Jeremy and wont vote for anyone that has any deals with him LOL - Being petty like that. I will totally admit it XD.. Although I really do like Howy and Nick. I just want the bad eggs out so I can focus on the game.)

But YES if Jerm wins MVP we will know the game is rigged for sure!! LOL.

Jennifer Petru said...

I voted for Elissa for my 10 votes a day (missed a few days of voting tho). If she goes, I think I'll do Amanda. The MC is targeting her because they can't control her like they can with GM, Aaryn, Kaitlin .

Jeremy....what a bully! One of the worst houseguests ever. I don't even love to hate him, like with past villains. I just plain don't like him.

Sara Rose said...

Thank you so much for this page! I am really obsessed... I check several times a day. I'm actually soooo excited to see this tonight and I might actually cry tears of joy if Elissa and Helen stay because I am so oddly emotional about this show haha it's ridiculous. I'm more happy to see that good can outweigh the bad sometimes!! Thank you so much again for the updates!!!

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